YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dead Trollz [Official Music Video]

Sep 11, 2020
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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dead Trollz

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  • That’s 2 for 1 🐍👹

    GOAT WORLD 1GOAT WORLD 16 minutes ago
  • Who else like when he said "wig back"❕

    ItsyagirlniniItsyagirlnini16 minutes ago
  • Rondo bet not get Sacrificed!!!

    SunnyShae TLESunnyShae TLE26 minutes ago
  • When youngboy mad his face be like 👿😐

    NLS fantomzzNLS fantomzz2 hours ago
  • Its the HAHAAA 4 me

    NLS fantomzzNLS fantomzz3 hours ago
  • Ayooo that nigga Quando was wildin in this video 😭💯

    Chase CashChase Cash3 hours ago
  • Jaydayoungan diss at its finest

    Prettyboi EliPrettyboi Eli3 hours ago
  • This song make me wanna kill the uchiha clan

    Hokage_UchihaHokage_Uchiha4 hours ago
  • Why’s he so good 😭

    Simply RaySimply Ray4 hours ago
  • Tight

    Rasheed OneRasheed One6 hours ago

    Akem Le GendreAkem Le Gendre6 hours ago
  • rando doing too much

    AliDaGamerAliDaGamer6 hours ago
  • If I come to your house don’t kill me I’m nice and a blood

    niina londonniina london7 hours ago
  • This song make me wanna play GTA and shoot everybody

    Spx Is UniqeSpx Is Uniqe7 hours ago
  • Free ben

    7.627.6210 hours ago
  • This Gottaa’ Be For 69. He Tried Put Dirt On His Name With Akademics

    The Real AlexanderThe Real Alexander10 hours ago
  • Love form 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇯🇲🇯🇲

    Jimelle KadooJimelle Kadoo10 hours ago

      Money FeinMoney Fein9 hours ago
  • this nigga the best rapper he got me out my top im dat lil top #2

    SEAN WENTZSEAN WENTZ10 hours ago
  • Youngboy bout that gang he raps so good he a gangster

    chris vallierchris vallier10 hours ago
    • 4kt-38baby

      chris vallierchris vallier10 hours ago
  • Can someone tell me What Benz model that is?

    • Carlos Flores u right I cant 😂 but I can one day.

    • Like your broke ass can afford it😂😂😂

      Carlos FloresCarlos Flores8 hours ago
  • Why Did This Get Took Off Spotify!?

    δյααψTM YTδյααψTM YT10 hours ago
  • Drop the dirty stick video

    Nicholas NananNicholas Nanan10 hours ago
  • Plot twist: he's using a snapchat filter to make his eyes pitch black.

    ELEPHANTELEPHANT11 hours ago
  • 3:29 guess he never done a drive by with a Choppa

    $JayBravo$$JayBravo$12 hours ago
  • fire

    jojo kidjojo kid12 hours ago

      I love MusicI love Music11 hours ago
  • Boy

    Kemauri BlountKemauri Blount12 hours ago
  • Bro when da gun got stuck dat was funny yougbiy

    Kemauri BlountKemauri Blount13 hours ago
  • Bro did fie and when he say haha I think I’m da real one

    Kemauri BlountKemauri Blount13 hours ago

      I love MusicI love Music11 hours ago
  • Too Rawwwwwww 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

    Isaac WashingtonIsaac Washington14 hours ago

      Kid FlyKid Fly14 hours ago
  • He talking bout SIXNINE, he saying “DEAD TROLLZ” think about it

    CT Carolina TCT Carolina T15 hours ago
    • thats the only thing we can do think

      Carmin ScottCarmin Scott10 hours ago
  • The Introooo fireee

    Sarah MulugetaSarah Mulugeta15 hours ago
    • @Samuel Pierre 🔥🔥🔥

      Sarah MulugetaSarah Mulugeta11 hours ago

      Samuel PierreSamuel Pierre15 hours ago
  • First 90 people to look at this they will be successful in life

    15k subs before 202115k subs before 202115 hours ago
  • Y’all nigga really lit asf😂🐐

    Johnnae 2x._Johnnae 2x._16 hours ago
  • i wish i could be in that video session, shit fire asffff

    nebulanebula16 hours ago
  • I'm acting like you do some I see

    Basharia TuckerBasharia Tucker16 hours ago
  • Jesus Christ is Coming Back! REPENT of your your sins and come to him before it's too late

    Jerry Ngawana NgawanaJerry Ngawana Ngawana17 hours ago
  • Yb is da goat

    thenightmarekidthenightmarekid17 hours ago
  • I like this young boy muder 🔫🔫🔫🔫💵🚬🚬

    Jacob LopezJacob Lopez17 hours ago
  • Blitz sum🤫

    Moodyy SlickMoodyy Slick17 hours ago
  • go listen to it

    vhgg gjhvhgg gjh18 hours ago
    • you fire bro

      Lit EazyLit Eazy18 hours ago

    Ak CartiAk Carti18 hours ago
    • i rapped on a beat from 93' tupac remix

      Lit EazyLit Eazy18 hours ago
  • 4kt

    CJ so freshCJ so fresh19 hours ago
    • i rapped on a beat from 93' tupac remix

      Lit EazyLit Eazy18 hours ago
  • Head water

    Tarean SpencerTarean Spencer19 hours ago
    • i rapped on a beat from 93' tupac remix

      Lit EazyLit Eazy18 hours ago
  • Don Dada 😈

    Cedric WalkerCedric Walker19 hours ago
    • i rapped on a beat from 93' tupac remix

      Lit EazyLit Eazy18 hours ago
  • Fredawg

    Tizavier KingTizavier King19 hours ago
    • i rapped on a beat from 93' tupac remix

      Lit EazyLit Eazy18 hours ago
  • Don't come fishing around this way😂😂

    jacobyslapyt1 joinjacobyslapyt1 join20 hours ago
    • i rapped on a beat from 93' tupac remix

      Lit EazyLit Eazy18 hours ago
  • Song make me wanna go find 69

    Most Hated Nobody's MHNMost Hated Nobody's MHN20 hours ago
    • i rapped on a beat from 93' tupac remix

      Lit EazyLit Eazy18 hours ago
  • go lil top #FREE🔟

    Dee MulaDee Mula21 hour ago
    • i rapped on a beat from 93' tupac remix

      Lit EazyLit Eazy18 hours ago
  • 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓👍🏻😾😾😾😾👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Zion McCrimmonZion McCrimmon21 hour ago
    • i rapped on a beat from 93' tupac remix

      Lit EazyLit Eazy18 hours ago
  • I am a young boy😂❤️💯💯

    • @Niya Pierre i rapped on a beat from 93' tupac remix

      Lit EazyLit Eazy18 hours ago
    • i rapped on a beat from 93' tupac remix

      Lit EazyLit Eazy18 hours ago

      Niya PierreNiya Pierre21 hour ago
  • Fredo bang watch yo head🚭🧲

    Antonio StreetmanAntonio Streetman21 hour ago
    • i rapped on a beat from 93' tupac remix

      Lit EazyLit Eazy18 hours ago
  • this song want me to say to my grandma i ain't hungry

    AndreasAndreas22 hours ago
  • This is why I wanna be a rapper cuz of yb

    Nellie FullerNellie Fuller23 hours ago
  • King von stan down #deadrapper🤣😈🤙🏾

    liberal blackldudeliberal blackldudeDay ago
  • BLM entered the chat 👀

    jstandridge89jstandridge89Day ago
  • Love me some clowns xd

    Hardcore jewHardcore jewDay ago
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    MDM JrboyyMDM JrboyyDay ago
  • I love how youtube has all these censorship rules, but when it comes to gun violence they're all for it! Way to think about the kids youtube! Good lookin!

    TTDay ago
  • Fredo Jackboy Jaydayoungin King von Lil baby All there carreers are going down after this disstrack

    • He ain’t got issues with lil baby but everyone else

      Eva RanaeEva Ranae7 hours ago
  • 0:48 quando ate a booger

    Thouxan BroncoThouxan BroncoDay ago
  • Dirty iyanna

    it’s marriit’s marriDay ago
  • 7 murders my home town tell them I did that 👀⚠️💢💢💢💢💢💢💢💚💚💚💚💚💚

    Dashaun YoungDashaun YoungDay ago
  • kacey talk

    Nehemiah CosbyNehemiah CosbyDay ago
  • 💯

    naruto uzamakinaruto uzamakiDay ago
  • Who here before 20M?

    The 6th St SnakeThe 6th St SnakeDay ago
  • This song makes me want to ground and tell my parents to go to bed.

    Lil DLil DDay ago
  • People really hatin on this man 🤦‍♂️

    ImnotsureImnotsureDay ago

      JAY YoungJAY YoungDay ago
  • Bro throwing shots at king von

    Ant BAnt BDay ago
  • YB talkin his shit and don’t give no fuck💯🚦

    Assault GamingAssault GamingDay ago
  • anybody know where those jeans are from ?

    wadaslimewadaslimeDay ago
  • King von or durk must’ve wanted a feature

    Black KnightBlack KnightDay ago
  • I swear to god ima subscribe to yo channel ...... u said it not me

    MenaceYB PlaysMenaceYB PlaysDay ago
  • Playboy on this *doom doom doom doom*

    Shaquille GeorgeShaquille GeorgeDay ago
  • 0:49 um...

    Durell WhyteDurell WhyteDay ago
    • ...

      lll Kaylll Kay12 hours ago
  • he is

  • Who noticed quando ate his buggy 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Jalen BrownJalen BrownDay ago
  • I love you daddy top

    MiaBitch29 BitchMiaBitch29 BitchDay ago
  • I like it

    Young JasonYoung JasonDay ago
  • Don’t no that’s he’s favorite word

    Young JasonYoung JasonDay ago
  • Yeaaaaa quando

    celloutfyecelloutfyeDay ago
  • He caught some one lacking at the the car

    Blessed KingytBlessed KingytDay ago
  • This is total 💩 You are all being manipulated. Mind control in 2020. Don't believe it? Look at the comments....

    Knox JonesKnox JonesDay ago
    • lmao

      dasmotionsdasmotions16 hours ago
  • Everything is basically done for the Limited Edition rated G for gangsta. Took out the whole playlist on each Chapter altogether. I don't know none of them personally & don't know what their intentions are even though it gives my novel a sense of reality. They could of been blocking my blessings for all I know. Jealousy & Envy. Dead or Alive. Plus I don't want them thinking I'm making profit off their track or lyrics. I don't need them at all. This is my vision. I'm on a whole nother level than anyone of them. #RapOrDieRecords

    Brandon LuciferBrandon LuciferDay ago
  • I gotta deal with Jeff Bezos company Amazon unfortunately it's the fastest & quickest way to distribution & cheap. Their is a 72 hour wait period by than I will be paid & rush deliver 3 author copies to myself & keep it movin.

    Brandon LuciferBrandon LuciferDay ago
  • When You Live Yo Life By The Gunz You Die By Dem MF's DON'T SELL Yo Soul Cause Jesus Is Returning The Devil Is Taking His Down As Well As Jesus With His Children Up For Us To Be Happy With Him & The Father For Eternity😊💫 🙏

    Dre KirklandDre KirklandDay ago
  • 💩

    Knox JonesKnox JonesDay ago
  • I used to be a fan of him but after listening to this... Im a whole air conditioner

    NNDay ago

      Jay FiliJay Fili15 hours ago
    • Sup

      Zerone IrbyZerone Irby19 hours ago
  • Who got that Merch in 2020 cuz I do

    Cheyenne MeyerCheyenne MeyerDay ago

      Nba Justin V3Nba Justin V3Day ago
  • Put it on heapphones stay safe

    Ye DuviYe DuviDay ago

      Samuel PierreSamuel PierreDay ago
  • 🔥🔥

    Jay StacksJay StacksDay ago

      Samuel PierreSamuel PierreDay ago
  • That man quondo rondo crazy

    Damaged XDamaged XDay ago
  • Quando rondo nigga

    Marquita JacksonMarquita JacksonDay ago
  • 4kt 🔫🔥

    Brendan YT SupremeBrendan YT SupremeDay ago
  • You speaking my thoughts frfr G

    Christopher PerryChristopher PerryDay ago
  • Here before 10 million views😭💯💚🐍

    AjontheblokkAjontheblokkDay ago
  • Quando on some in this video bro putting the beam to his forehead and shi

    Kymir -Kymir -Day ago
  • Haha he said sound so cute 😍 😆 😄 🤣 😂 ☺ 😍

    Jacki LondonJacki LondonDay ago
  • Yb the goat 🐐

    TazipFATazipFADay ago
  • Mad Max😂😂☢️☣️🚨🚨🚨💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    lametrius Joneslametrius JonesDay ago