[FULL] Ray Allen on leaving the Celtics, missing Paul Pierce’s ceremony & KG snub | First Take

Apr 29, 2020
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[March 29, 2018] Hall of Famer Ray Allen joins First Take to discuss the motivation behind releasing his latest book "From The Outside," which chronicles his journey through the NBA. Stephen A. Smith raises questions about Allen leaving the Boston Celtics and his former teammates Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce.
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  • Ray Allen was a consummate professional who quietly did his job while everyon else on that team was swinging their d!cks d!cks every chance they could. I dont blame him for leaving that shitshow of a team.

    nicknick4 minutes ago
  • Ray hasn't aged at all! looks in great shape! one of my fav!

    Pat MulPat Mul3 hours ago
  • They talking to ray like he at court😂😂😂

    The Fantastic3The Fantastic34 hours ago
  • class act

    LevatxtionLevatxtion4 hours ago
  • I gotta chill on the Chicago videos every time i hear rondo i think numba9 😈

    Theonly BucsFanTheonly BucsFan23 hours ago
  • Ray is absolutely correct in all his nba decisions. Their are some players that hold on to unwritten rules or laws and I get that too

    WouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeardWouldAnyoneElse LikedToBeHeardDay ago
  • They state this in 1:39in the video ray was chasing a ring

    TimSR_773 WE SWEATYTimSR_773 WE SWEATYDay ago
  • They offer him more money than the. Heat did he was on bs

    TimSR_773 WE SWEATYTimSR_773 WE SWEATYDay ago
  • Who’s wife he smash 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    3li T3li T2 days ago
  • Max Kellerman: “Shooting powers” 😂 love it

    Mac RiveraMac Rivera3 days ago
  • Classy dude in and out the court. Much respect for Jesus.

    Mark CoastMark Coast4 days ago
  • I gotta agree with Ray, how was Miami and Boston a rivalry if Boston never beat them

    DyltackDyltack5 days ago
  • Stephen. A is a moron

    munir shemsumunir shemsu5 days ago
  • Rayyyy

    Jeremiah DickeyJeremiah Dickey5 days ago
  • It’s all because he won with lebron lol they mad 😂😂😂😂

    Pressure_ Zone93Pressure_ Zone935 days ago
  • Memphis was paying more and Minnesota..

    Quinnell RhodesQuinnell Rhodes6 days ago
  • Ray Allen is a role model and he has a right to speak what's in his mind we all respect him cuz he has two titles...whatever it was arrival or not we're proud of Ray Allen for what he is today

    White DevilWhite Devil6 days ago
  • Ran into Ray Allen in Miami at Prime 112 ..Classy Guy

    DoGon SupremeDoGon Supreme6 days ago
  • Ray my boy, but I'm a true competitor and team player. If we set out to win and my heart is really with my teammates, in staying regardless of the negotiations. You leave and go to the Arch Rival Team at the time e.g. KD with the Warriors trade and Westbrook feeling the way he felt. You would take it personal if your friend, family, etc negotiated and left for the Arch rival. Plus Ray beard around the Bush on each question.

    Raymond RajonRaymond Rajon6 days ago
  • We don’t know all of the details that happened behind closed doors. Rondo has an attitude problem and that’s what ultimately drove him out of Boston. They’re not mad he left to any other team , they’re mad he left to Miami and won .

    DonovanDonovan7 days ago
  • Jarret Jack made the traitor tweet...

    SkylineZSkylineZ7 days ago
  • Pierce is a jealous guy

    hduke kunshduke kuns7 days ago
  • Disloyal

    Edgar EspanaEdgar Espana8 days ago
  • Mr . Shuttlesworth

    fia esteban larafia esteban lara10 days ago
  • Stephen needs to stop saying that heat arrivals with the Celtics if there is anything but rivals for the Celtics it would be Los Angeles Lakers that's the only team are the Nemesis than us

    White DevilWhite Devil10 days ago
  • Hold up hold up.... first and foremost the Heat never thought the Celtics. Never says every Eastern Conference. The Celtics were the nemesis... if Rajon Rondo didn't start some s*** Kevin Garnett as well then Ray Allen had to leave Boston the first place to us he was welcome what Open Arms that's something Celtics never had the chance with open arms.... cuz they got some jealousy team but they never work things their problem

    White DevilWhite Devil10 days ago
  • SAS in love with Boston. He attacking ray for doing the right thing. Glad ray got that ring and out Boston

    Rigoberto JackRigoberto Jack11 days ago
  • Why would they just toy with a hall of famer

    Carlos GomezCarlos Gomez12 days ago
  • molly look illiterate asf

    Tobias GarciaTobias Garcia12 days ago
    • Yee ! But she can get it , straight up !

      fia esteban larafia esteban lara10 days ago
  • Are they upset with Rondo now too?

    Poetik SweatPoetik Sweat12 days ago
  • Man I always hated the Celtics but I always respected KG..But Ray is right nd I can tell he’s genuine

    Z AZ A12 days ago
  • Ray is such a class act! Those dudes from Boston did him dirty. Wade didn't act like that when Lebron left South beach.

    John BainJohn Bain12 days ago
  • Now they even 😭💯 rondo got his ring 😎

    OG DenzoOG Denzo12 days ago
  • Ray Allen decision was perfect. He won his second championship in Miami Heat. People may don’t like it but Ray Allen deserves it.

    Billy BoyBilly Boy14 days ago
  • They hate Ray because of that shot he made that shot that carried the heat to the championship that shot will forever be historical.

    SADD22SADD2214 days ago
  • Yuuuup I'm glad Allen got them by joining a real teammate in LB... They need to get over their ego & squash the past.. Specifically nowadays with all this crazy stuff going on.. Get over it KG,Rondo,Paul etc... Give Allen his props for making the right decision to join the Heat & win a Title 😎😂🏆...

    Freddy RivasFreddy Rivas15 days ago
  • ray allen is fine asf

    Alice ChapmanAlice Chapman15 days ago
  • That's one thing Boston and we always in Miami always have respect for this man because if he did make that dynasty happen in these two things not of this would have happened? I still get my respect at Ray Allen

    White DevilWhite Devil16 days ago
  • I just do not understand why people get so mad when a player leaves one team for another. Basketball is a business. When one is not satisfied with their job you move on. If what Ray says is true, they were not going to pay him any more money, what the heck was he supposed to do stay not get paid and as he ages become a puppet on a string to be traded to some team that's going nowhere! I'm not staying anywhere that is not going to pay me my worth and Ray did the same for his family and himself! Same scenario with KD, he was not satisfied with OKC not making it out of the first round and Rus taking over so he moved on! That's what you do when you want to reach your goals move on when there is an opportunity to do so. Real friends would understand!

    Venoris ScurryVenoris Scurry16 days ago
  • 🗣CAP

    BlackBYpopularDemand UnapologeticBlackBYpopularDemand Unapologetic16 days ago
  • KOBE beat that Celtics team💪

    Jerry FuentesJerry Fuentes17 days ago
  • I don't think Ray was wrong no one get along with Rondo. I think he is classy.

    Rachel PowellRachel Powell17 days ago
  • stephen smith just killed the knicks!!

    Umo UmohUmo Umoh18 days ago
  • business. thats it. n their talking it personal. he tried to reach out but nothin works

    askew lifeaskew life18 days ago
  • KG is a child and a fake gangster. Dude hating if he dont got his way. Now i know he dont hate ray that much. If ray dies tmr like kobe KG and pierce will both be crying and saying they shoulda made up. Its over a fucking decade later now stop this drama and peace up and live the rest of your life as brothers

    crypto litecrypto lite18 days ago
  • Ray ''thats what i'm trying tell you'' Allen

    Larry SeLarry Se18 days ago
  • SAS try’s to be A Shark but sadly more a Slug putting BS in all in the Air..

    vinnyidol86vinnyidol8619 days ago
  • Once Again DOC RIVERS??? Is Not Leading A Team Dynamic, and Loss a locker room off egos and Carrying people and cut corners !!

    vinnyidol86vinnyidol8619 days ago
  • When the Big 3 was formed, Ray Allen was considered the 3rd best player. By the time it broke up, the league had been shifting it's focus and a catch and shoot sniper was actually more valuable than what KG and Paul Peirce were at the time. The Celtics still wanted to treat Ray like he wasn't worth it. He figured that if he was going to be underpaid, he might as well be underpaid on a team with players who were way better than him instead of being on a team with Paul Peirce talking about how great he thinks he is while they are struggling to be above .500 (the celtics finished 41-40 that year. their game against the pacers was cancelled because of the boston marathon bombing. They would have lost to the Pacers that year and finished 41-41). Rondo was never good enough to be the best guard on a championship team. I think he was salty about that. There is a lot of feelings here that need to be dealt with. If the Lakers win this game tonight, i can see Rondo getting over himself.

    Jourdan SarpyJourdan Sarpy19 days ago
  • quick break ?? hes talking. 🤦‍♂️

    Big KahunaBig Kahuna19 days ago
  • Steve A is being completely biased and working my last nerve

    Angela RileyAngela Riley19 days ago
  • Did not mention Brian Scalabrine? There is no big 12 without him

    Peter RizzoPeter Rizzo19 days ago
  • I was sooo hurt when ray left my boy's, but listening to this i understand

    Riannon BrownRiannon Brown19 days ago
  • Kg said ray aigh he still got money from He got game Denzel got dat n**** lol

    ride outride out19 days ago
  • Too much disection of private life for a book plug.

    goojo njachikugoojo njachiku20 days ago
  • this show is SUCH trash,provoking and yelling... good job on staying calm Ray

    Ron KošakRon Košak20 days ago
  • When your original team tries to trade you, you have earned the right to sign with any bitter rivals

    Stephen ChanStephen Chan20 days ago
  • ... end of the day, as an all star, you have to decide which path is best for your career... whether it's getting paid more money, or higher chance of winning championships, it all goes down to your principles and your goal... and i respect ray allen for this...

    Anthony RamosAnthony Ramos20 days ago
  • They tried to do him dirty just like they did lil Isaiah thomas smh

    Terry PopeTerry Pope20 days ago
  • Nothing wrong with his decision .orgnization treat player as merchandise why they can’t think the best for them . Come on

    karycooper1karycooper120 days ago
  • After this explanation you have to understand him if not you got problem ,

    karycooper1karycooper120 days ago
  • I feel like kg nem thought he was supposed to pick the brotherhood they had on and off the court over the money but at the same time you can’t hate ah man for his decisions especially if it helps him

    D'Andre MooreD'Andre Moore21 day ago
  • nobody is watching the lowest ratings in history.

    johnny richjohnny rich21 day ago
  • Paul Pierce class personified? Gtfo.

    chakadoochakadoo21 day ago
  • I can’t blame him for what he did he did with every other player in the NBA wants to do now if the money isn’t right I’m leaving just so happened he got a ring out of the deal and he actually worked hard and played a big part in that Miami championship. Now those whole gay allegations that’s another story 💀😂😂

    Mr PutnamMr Putnam22 days ago
  • 0p

    Romulo MartinezRomulo Martinez22 days ago
  • Boston has already made there plate before ray allen even knew there was a cookout, ray was only left the scraps. The Boston team knew what they did and where doing. They acted like it was “family” but they where doing the exact same thing ray did...it all about business.

    Justin FrankJustin Frank23 days ago
  • I meeean Lebron did the same thing, and yet they don't view him as a bad guy like Ray?

    Berserker76Berserker7623 days ago
  • Celtics did Ray Allen dirty. Add this to the list wit Isaiah Thomas sister’s death

    PC3 NATIONPC3 NATION24 days ago
  • Ray is the epitome of a professional. Seems like the rest of the Celtics squad just salty. Be mad at the people in your organization that didn't respect Ray, rather than get made at him.

    TLangz 2kTLangz 2k24 days ago
  • At 13:50 Ray demonstrates his greatness... Remains humble , in control, despite SAS being an instigator.

    Alejandro MáximoAlejandro Máximo25 days ago
  • I've been waiting almost 10 yrs for this 🙉☘

    R ER E26 days ago
  • Ray made the right choice to leave..Glad he did.

    soundbombin23soundbombin2326 days ago
  • Ray Allen

    Brick CityBrick City26 days ago
  • ray allen looks like lou williams with no hair

    Chris WilksChris Wilks27 days ago
  • Excellent Disicion Idol Ray Allen ur my 3 point shooter Best of the Best😊 Gudluck! & God Bless!❤️🙏🏿💪🏿☝🏿

    Christie Mae PatuboChristie Mae Patubo27 days ago
  • Stephen A is a clown. Why do they allow him to interview anyone. He sucks.

    Martin CondeMartin Conde27 days ago
  • My God listening to this and thinking "What if he never joined the Heat?!?!" Then my mind starts WOOOOOOOOSH!!!

  • It's funny cause KG and Paul Pierce tell a whole different story. Heck if you even watch the interview, Ray even stated that Boston reached out to make a deal during the season, but the asking price of what Ray Allen was asking was way too much. So 1) Ray refused to budge on his price (which he has the right too) 2) Danny Angie refused to increase his price (which he has the right too). It wasn't until Danny Angie saw that Ray Allen wasn't going to get his money from other teams that he asked him for, is when Danny Angie counter offered the Heats contract. At this point, Ray Allen didn't want to sign with Boston because he didn't want to be wrong.

    DJG37SDJG37S27 days ago
  • Ray Allen was playing like trash before he left. No defense and the threes weren't dropping. He lost his spot to Bradley. He was salty about it and he left. He wanted Rondo gone and they didn't agree. They sided with Rondo. He didnt like it. Ray did nothing but deflect during this segment.

    Malik SykesMalik Sykes28 days ago
  • The man has more rings than them that's why they mad.

    Shorndell SewellShorndell Sewell29 days ago
  • I take ray over rondo respect to allen

    Big ChumpBig Chump29 days ago
  • Kudo's to Ray for being super mature about this whole ordeal. Still love and support all the guys from the 08 Boston Celtics squad 07-08'

    Tank WestTank West29 days ago
  • This went nowhere

    Jake LangJake Lang29 days ago
  • garnett is immature

    Jake LangJake Lang29 days ago
  • Ray is smart man made right decision got the chip ,,,the was I see the team didn't have any respect,,

    Said HusseinSaid HusseinMonth ago
  • Dam I didn’t even know ray Allen has beef with rondo pierce and kg dam where the heck have I been?

    DreaLoves RichForeverDreaLoves RichForeverMonth ago
  • You tell me wt you would’ve done 😂😂😂😂

    Carlo VCarlo VMonth ago
  • Dam he really was on point wit everything he said

    Katero LKatero LMonth ago
  • Smh

    Rene GuityRene GuityMonth ago
  • Greatest shot in finals history

    Veji JahajVeji JahajMonth ago
  • Doc Rivers dont really know how to handle Allstars.

    Dexie DiazDexie DiazMonth ago
  • Why the analyst keep insisting that ray allen is wrong in going to south beach?

    Dexie DiazDexie DiazMonth ago
  • I wish they would just let the man talk fr.

  • Can Max talk 😆

    Derrick FranklinDerrick FranklinMonth ago
  • Stephen need to cool out...he obviously felt some type of way too bout Ray's move.

    antoine evansantoine evansMonth ago
  • You betrayed them and you expected them to call you and invited you???? Really??? Stfu Ray, when you betrayed someone you are the one who supposed to called and apologize.............

    Cool GuyCool GuyMonth ago
  • He said that he chose Miami because Clippers had signed Jamal Crawford, that was a big lie, after heat beat Celtics he did not get off the floor, he was talking to them like he was telling them he wants to join them, Stephen A. Knows he’s lying that’s why he’s questioning him like that, Ray is a snake just like Kevin Durant.

    Cool GuyCool GuyMonth ago
  • Shut up Molly!

    Francisco J. RíosFrancisco J. RíosMonth ago
  • God... Stephen A. is annoying

    TheGentlemanWakeTheGentlemanWakeMonth ago