Surprising FaZe Rug with Custom iPhone - tik tok

Jun 27, 2020
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  • marko you shouldn’t give a custome iphone to rich people you should give them to peoples that don’t have it or they can’t buy it

    Sako slapSako slap4 hours ago
  • I never realized Marko is tall till I see him standing next to other ppl

    LF_PSYCHOLF_PSYCHO4 hours ago
  • "IPhone" "California" Why because i have a really old and slow iPhone and would really appreciate a New update for school to do my work❤🙏 IG:@JENYFR.V

    moneybagg. jennymoneybagg. jenny6 hours ago
  • 3:13 red supra

    ERICK SanchezERICK Sanchez7 hours ago
  • "Daddy's still at the store getting milk for 7 years." -Marko 2020

    Soaring DogeSoaring Doge14 hours ago
  • can i have some ketchup for the water

    CalvaFitnessCalvaFitness17 hours ago
  • Bro the background music was playing with me with my AirPods on😂😂. Try it you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    Kin ZeKin Ze20 hours ago
  • I always tell you to give me a iPhone 😢😢 But u won't 😭😭😭 Marco broo one iphone please bro please 😭😭

  • Yo the subscribe part make me cry😭

  • Him and she should collaborate on something

    Chase WrightChase WrightDay ago
  • iPhone London because I absolutely love your vids and I am truly truly going to give it to my mum because she has a phone that is an samsung from 2005 or something and my mum cant really use it and she cant afford a new one

    Filomena IsabelFilomena IsabelDay ago

    Anthony VarelaAnthony VarelaDay ago
  • man start vlogging

    Saurabh PatilSaurabh PatilDay ago
  • I think that rug and Brandon has the best reactions compared to Addison or idk btw this isn’t meant to be hate

    Anna ForeverAnna Forever2 days ago
  • PLEASE MARKO that pineapple iPhone is my dream phone I LOVE pineapples sooo much my rooms filled with them and having that phone would just complete it! Your works incredible keep it up :) my instas @meggancolvan if u ever want to get in touch with me

    Megan ColvanMegan Colvan2 days ago
  • "iPhone" "New Zealand" Why:i bought my last phone which means it's mine right... Well not to my parents they took it off me and it's been almost 5 months just cause I was texting boys I'm sorry when was it illegal to talk to dudes in my house!

    Anabella Putan-HartAnabella Putan-Hart2 days ago
  • Ketchup with a water.👌🤣

    GoonsquiidGoonsquiid2 days ago
  • Anything United Kingdom (UK)

    Arvydas LadukasArvydas Ladukas2 days ago
  • Howdey yo i have 2 subs🔥 and a cry😭baby 🔥subscribebaby😭

    Bhalchandra SwamiBhalchandra Swami3 days ago
  • I love dat kid too

    Okwute CourageOkwute Courage3 days ago
  • That iPhone probably made that ladies day with all the annoying and demanding people that come through drive thru’s

    InnocenceInnocence3 days ago
  • I see you did You get her number

    Will SmithWill Smith3 days ago
  • The sub cry baby got me

    Reagan RockwardReagan Rockward3 days ago
  • Marko un should customize a Gucci short for faze rug 🔥

    Kevin AlvarezKevin Alvarez3 days ago
  • Será que tem algum BR aqui?

    Wallyson TomazWallyson Tomaz3 days ago
  • When did we go from lil ducklings to lil farts 😭

    Aniyah AlexisAniyah Alexis3 days ago
  • Make some for the whole team with their names on it with some airforces like how they got there jerseys

    paris!paris!3 days ago
  • WAIT..... YOUR ONLY 18!??!?!

    Gracie MontanezGracie Montanez4 days ago
  • Don't leave me

    Ali HamzaAli Hamza4 days ago
  • Custom for the funk bro’s

    Fusion SurgeFusion Surge4 days ago
  • 0.25 Adam sandler 😂😂

    CMF MEDIACMF MEDIA5 days ago
  • i need an customize i phone😟😟😟

    JOY worldJOY world5 days ago
  • Lit 😎

    Chan Hei Nga Ashley 陳曦雅 P6D3Chan Hei Nga Ashley 陳曦雅 P6D35 days ago
  • Hi marko 💜

    Norma RivasNorma Rivas5 days ago
  • Whats the song that you used?

    denolan rdenolan r5 days ago
  • Just gonna say, marko you are that cute

    Blame The HeroBlame The Hero5 days ago
  • Who else thinks Marko should start making videos at least 10 minutes long?

    Diana YunDiana Yun5 days ago
  • Marko u should customize phone cases instead cuz there just gonna put a case over the drawing

    ツQuickツQuick5 days ago
  • Hiiii Marko 💚

  • "iPhone" "Washington" Why: I'm 13 and I don't have money for stuff man

    XerxiXerxi5 days ago
  • ew I cringed at the grey impersonation 💀💀

    sophia gsophia g5 days ago
  • Why the intro remind me of Adam Sandler?

    Marie AndyMarie Andy5 days ago
  • Give me free custom iPhone

    Aneeq ShamsAneeq Shams5 days ago
  • Indonesia 🇲🇨

    SELTASELTA5 days ago

    Josannah ClayJosannah Clay5 days ago
  • Why does he sound like Adam Sandler?!😂

    General GucciGeneral Gucci5 days ago
  • I always wonder why he takes the screen protector off😭😭

    Ruthie RoseRuthie Rose5 days ago
  • 0:22

    haxer22326 playzhaxer22326 playz5 days ago
  • #ban tik-tok

    Arunim RaiArunim Rai5 days ago
  • I wish I was in san deigo last week i could actually have a phone again

    Smoke_or_get _smokedSmoke_or_get _smoked6 days ago
  • where did you get your shirt??

    OXYOXY6 days ago
    • the black and white one

      OXYOXY6 days ago
  • Stay with me stay with me

    KayzzKayzz6 days ago
  • Done🐦

    Marili HanniloMarili Hannilo6 days ago
  • What song did you use ?

  • "iPhone" "New Zealand" Why - Because I really want a phone but I can't afford one and I haven't won a giveaway before. Instagram ( just in case ) - @cady_lim

    mixio hilimixio hili6 days ago
  • "Iphone" "Ontario" Why: because i'm going to get bullied for having and almost broken 2nd hand iPhone 6 PS: You can save me from that terrible fate!

  • I subscribed may I have a phone please, btw love your vids they’re so amazing and funny

    kittygamergirlxxkittygamergirlxx6 days ago
    • "any of those" "hong kong" why: why not i mean most people dont give out phones and ipads for free

      mixio hilimixio hili6 days ago
  • I hope I get that one from yah😅

    Janezel TapiaJanezel Tapia6 days ago
  • Can i have the iphone pretty please with a cherry on top 👉🏽👈🏽🙁

    Miryam PalatoMiryam Palato6 days ago
  • How come he never drives the tesla?

    Cayden DavisCayden Davis6 days ago
  • Ini sangat bagus I from indonesia

    Aditya RozaqiAditya Rozaqi6 days ago
  • Si ma anche io voglio dei regali cosí, dai qualcosa anche a me per favore 😂

    Enrico MaestrelloEnrico Maestrello6 days ago
  • What games does faze rug even play for faze?

    h0ld0n _h0ld0n _6 days ago
  • “iPhone” “Delaware” because I bought a used phone and it doesn’t work.

    That one snek loverThat one snek lover7 days ago
  • Whÿ døėś hê øñłÿ gìvè tø ÿt âñd ñøt ûś ;-;

    Laura MayLaura May7 days ago
  • I'm from South Africa and I really like your vedios mostly the iPhone customs one 🔥

    Vhutali MutshinyaniVhutali Mutshinyani7 days ago
  • "iPad" "Poland" why: i practice drawing and if i win, i will become painter drawer. and this iPad looks really nice so i want to have it! grettings from Poland, Marko!

    VaderkaaVaderkaa7 days ago
  • best intro ever

    jess cartinjess cartin7 days ago
  • Hi markooo

    mrbell officialmrbell official7 days ago
  • This channel will easily be a 10 million subs by the end of 2020. Marko's talented AF and puts out awesome content.

    MonsterRacing 38MonsterRacing 387 days ago
  • That's messed she didn't have to like follow and subscribe 🤔😠🤷🏾‍♂️

    rampant ramajrampant ramaj7 days ago
  • This is how many iPhones marko and ZHC have customeized ⬇️

    aola wiliaola wili7 days ago
  • "any of those" "hong kong" why: why not i mean most people dont give out phones and ipads for free

    keddlenubkeddlenub7 days ago
  • "iPad" "Georgia" "Why- because I wanna make Roblox and other gaming videos on my channel ( Ladyariel21) and because I have never had an apple product ever. 🥺🤯✌️

    Ladyariel 21Ladyariel 217 days ago

      aola wiliaola wili7 days ago
  • yeah i have seen him he is soo cute

    Aaliyah Al KhateebAaliyah Al Khateeb7 days ago
  • Giving that phone to the fast food worker was so kind. You could see how happy she was.

    AnonymousUserAnonymousUser7 days ago
  • I wish u can shout me out your the best i always watch you

    Eli KienutskeEli Kienutske7 days ago
  • You made them so cool and you did good job

    Lina HaleyLina Haley7 days ago
  • He is so talented

    Micaella Gomez FiekMicaella Gomez Fiek7 days ago
  • You and zhc should have a competition

    Ilan RodriguezIlan Rodriguez7 days ago