Jeffree Star Tweets Photo That Has Employee Fired On The Spot

Dec 10, 2018
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Jeffree Star upset a lot of people when he tweeted a photo of his new alien merch design. People were quick to call out similarities to an existing alien design by a smaller artist, but things escalated when the original artist confirmed that it was, in fact, his design.

Jeffree Star:
Happy D. Artist:
Satava v. Lowry:

  • The tea is steaming... 🍵 👽 Twitter: IG:

    SpillSpillYear ago
    • yes sis

      n o s t r i ln o s t r i lYear ago
    • The tea spilled all over me

      Odriew EditsOdriew EditsYear ago
    • @Raixnyrxses _. it is totally okay to take some aspects of another artist's style into your own without copying it. For example, the way that I draw eyes looks similar to the eyes from the anime Free! but the rest of the drawing is in my own style.

      Asher LeeAsher LeeYear ago
    • I'm so disgusted ugh. Guess and big companies are practicing this "stealing art" too

      wasabisazzdafirstwasabisazzdafirstYear ago
    • Thikkie Nikkie if you are going to display your art somewhere like Facebook or instagram, it would be polite to acknowledge that you used that art as your influence, especially if your version is close to the original (many art students learn different styles by copying different works of art very closely). If you are just taking style or thematic details from another person’s work then you are doing what most artists do, but there is never anything wrong in giving a shout out to the art that inspires you.

      BoredchinchillaBoredchinchillaYear ago
  • Learned more from this video than the 12 years of my life combined

    EmmaEmmaYear ago
  • You are so cool, i love how much research goes into your videos, its unheard of in the tea community!!

    CailaCailaYear ago
  • Honestly, your channel is the best... I guess you could say drama / tea spill channel I have ever seen. You're so great at presenting the facts and both sides opinions and then yours all at once to create the best scenario for people to form an opinion. I love it! Also, thank Jeffree for being such a good person and respecting the creator. You're an amazing person and great business person.

    who'schairisthat ?who'schairisthat ?Year ago
  • *the tea is spilled*

    Project 3303Project 3303Year ago
  • I really want the Im too cute for this planet on a shirt. I found it online on teepublic but don’t know if it’s the original artist. Is there any way to find out?

    FlowersonjupiterFlowersonjupiterYear ago

    rxinbow _rxinbow _Year ago
  • Watching your videos to pass time in class

    DesireDesireYear ago
  • Jeffree is a savage sometimes but he can truly be a gentleman(Gentlelady??) when the time comes to be one. After what happened with Jeffree, @heymonsterart suffered more. Ohmaitian Someone stop this.

    t r a s h c a n.t r a s h c a n.Year ago
  • I love jeffree

    Lisa JervisLisa JervisYear ago
  • At 9:07 she says that the artist might lose because he doesn't own the concept of an alien, but he does own the concept of a alien with a flower crown.

    Owl JayOwl JayYear ago
  • UMMM alien drawings have been around for YEARSSSS

    calloway04calloway04Year ago
  • man i love the internet No longer can Evil hide

    JakenfredJakenfredYear ago
  • I will say this if you are still learning to do something always put a link from where you learn it from I say this is similar to making a thesis as well, always have a reference and study book where you get it this might be small things to do, but it will put an alibi that you are not stealing from someone I bet this can make good relation directly with the OG artist and such since it is also similar with promoting by goodwill, and also free advertising and you yourself are learning to get better too with your art, so I say this in a good rivalry

    maximusZ09maximusZ09Year ago
  • Your videos are so satisfying! No doubt you put in so much work for everyone you make. Cause you really do your research and know your stuff. I'm always happy to watch one of your videos 🙂😊💚💚

    Lozza JackoLozza JackoYear ago
  • Wow. Your videos are so well put together and smooth. Nice job!! You’re very talented.

    Emily BrownellEmily BrownellYear ago
  • I’m really mad I didn’t find this channel sooner wtf was I doing???

    egg balloons in new horizonsegg balloons in new horizonsYear ago
  • #artistsunited we have to fight this plagiarism

    Seela OudtSeela OudtYear ago
  • Your missing “The Tea” in your name

    ii addxeii addxeYear ago
  • The way the two handled this situation was GREAT!!!

    Avery LauraAvery LauraYear ago
  • 2:13 kiki u there?

    Junk FoodJunk FoodYear ago
  • Jeffery star is a he!?!?

    The FreshSleetThe FreshSleetYear ago
  • Thanks this is great help. I’m an “artist” or to put it better hoping to be artist myself, and I’m always really scared when I try new styles that I saw on ig, for example, cuz I’m always unsure if when I ”take” the style and use it on something different then what they drew, that I would copy them... your video was very informative and helpful thanks a lot😊

    midnight shadowmidnight shadowYear ago
  • Star should have offered to sell the shirt and give a portion of the revenue to the original artist, at which point the original artist would have an affirmed intent to protect the copyright in the marketplace. plus, money...

    William Morey-BakerWilliam Morey-BakerYear ago
  • Thank you so much for this video

    iCHUSuiCHUSuYear ago
  • wow that statement from zara is disgusting... jesus. as a growing artist, this is my #1 biggest fear - to have my work copied or stolen and there would be nothing i could do about it.

    mynnichimynnichiYear ago
  • I’m sacred to post my art now.... I always put my art up on Devientart, Instagram and my Facebook art page... I wonder if someone’s stolen my art and I don’t even know about it... how do you look this stuff up honestly??? Can someone tell me cuss I’m scared now.

    Wisteria RavenWisteria RavenYear ago
  • drAMA 😝

    Elmo J. TrumpElmo J. TrumpYear ago
  • I hate Forever 21 anyway and what the hell is a Zara? Hmph. I'm going to support local artists now.

    I. G.I. G.Year ago
  • Love this style of video!

    Phoebe SPhoebe SYear ago
  • I believe he stole the photos thinking I’m JS and would get away with it

    DeeDeeYear ago
  • Teachus how to do realistic hair

    Umi iUmi iYear ago
  • Came for the tea, stayed for the art history lesson

    Cindi KinsilyCindi KinsilyYear ago
  • I got a shirt from Zara for $50 lol it’s not cheep

    Siena RamirezSiena RamirezYear ago
  • This made me sad an im not an aartist.

    virylixyus in the housevirylixyus in the houseYear ago
  • Technically, the only thing you have to be sure of is changing the image enough to make it your own, like the Mona Lisa with a mustache

    sorcierenblk3000sorcierenblk3000Year ago
  • no tea no shade just facts

    emery binghamemery binghamYear ago
  • Great video. Very informative

    Maliyah SeversonMaliyah SeversonYear ago
  • Jefree handled the situation gracefully

    The Valerie LorenzoThe Valerie LorenzoYear ago
  • Have you heard pf Richard Prince? He takes photographs of photographs, crops out what's not the photos, has what is literally a copy, and kept winning in court. It's bullshit.

    Aria AlexandriaAria AlexandriaYear ago
  • when i was learning how to draw i would copy art work down to the detail just to learn and discover and art style. i never sold any of it and i never claimed it was mine so in that sense i believe copying is okay- just not when you profit off of it. i also whole-heartedly believe that you can be inspired by other work and that's completely fine, but often times companies will exploit the grey area of inspiration for their own financial gain, so it's pretty subjective when it comes to inspiration

    Mortitian’s SisterMortitian’s SisterYear ago
  • Jeffery Starr...always a class act!! Love you Jeffery!!

    Melissa SmithMelissa SmithYear ago
  • Thank you, thank you so much for posting this.

    Alolika A. DuttaAlolika A. DuttaYear ago
  • Yees thats the way to do it

    Juliana CancelJuliana CancelYear ago
  • Comparing it to music was brilliant. I learnt to sing and play piano by playing and singing songs created by other people, using methods that weren't my own. I'm still no composer, but when I walk on stage to sing Santa Fe from Newsies, it's well established that I have no ownership over the song, I didn't create it, and I had to purchase rights to print off the proper sheet music. I think it's fine to use the work of others to learn, that's how we learn most things: by example. But once you move into times when you're making money off of it, now you need to consider whether or not the original creator is recieving fair compensation.

    Sebastian LugoSebastian LugoYear ago
  • Yasssss 👏👏👏 professionalism at it's finest!

    NikkiNikkiYear ago
  • 10:03 Doesn't it kind of look like her character is looking down and not at the screen? Not that this is a bad thing, I just wanted to point it out to see if anyone else had the same thought(s)

    Adelina MocaAdelina MocaYear ago
  • I love your information along with drama this is the only channel that gets so in depth it's so entertaining

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  • omg yaaas tea!

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  • i though it only news about Jefree Star, then you going deeper with detailed information, awesome!!

    gabe_liugabe_liuYear ago
  • Was about to blast jeffrey but he actually seems like a decent dude/woman

    pohmakas33pohmakas33Year ago
  • Didn't the same thing happen with JS logo? He never paid them.

    Christina RadiantChristina RadiantYear ago
  • Jeffree is the best

    Lexi MarieLexi MarieYear ago
  • they lost the word of creativity

    anoj ajanoj ajYear ago
  • Artist should put their watermark (username) on the drawing. Perhaps in the middle of the drawing, since people won't crop the middle

    Bratayleys wishesBratayleys wishesYear ago
  • This video actually surprised me! I was not what I expected at all, it was WAY better! Thank you for this well structured video with great points and facts, this problem is really something that more people should learn about!

    AmandaAmandaYear ago
  • Can artists start suing people? Seriously.... that artist can have a case against Hot Topic

    VocaloidLuverVocaloidLuverYear ago
  • I love how you just get right to the tea instead of making this whole 3 minute conversation before starting the video. And you don’t clickbait or anything and you speak the truth. This is my new favorite tea channel tbh.

    Danielle EastDanielle EastYear ago
  • This is one of the reasons I don't make digital artwork. It's way too easy to steal. Why I prefer working with Charcoal and Pastels on paper.

    HinderizedHinderizedYear ago
  • Way to go JS!

    Witte ArtistryWitte ArtistryYear ago
  • I love it when you come for drama and you leave with knowledge.

    kelly francokelly francoYear ago
  • The original Star Wars movie is almost a copy, basic story wise, of the Akira Kurosawa movie "The Hidden Fortress", but is not considered plagiarism as George Lucas changed aspects of the story so that it's story was only similar to it and made it his own. The Magnificent Seven was also a basic retelling of another Kurosawa movie "Seven Samurai" you can be inspired by someone else's work, take the basic concept and play with it so that you make it your own.

    Neil PriceNeil PriceYear ago
  • Could you post the red bubble link so we can SPAM them? 🤔

    J DavisJ DavisYear ago
  • It's not an easy subject to explain but you did a brilliant job with this video. Really educational video in the good sense :)

    Jay JayJay JayYear ago
  • Similar things happen to people in the food industry especially USkeysrs, one youtuber i know tattyanseverydayfood posts amazing sweet delicacies and other food types and they are unique to her, i remember a few months ago she made a video talking about a food network company in another country was using her videos and passing them off as her own, they used her logo but changed it slightly by side by side camparisons showed that they were exactly the same

    Thomas DaviesThomas DaviesYear ago
  • I just buy from Walmart XD

    Abby GamezAbby GamezYear ago
  • I don't know if my part of art would be counted for as Inspiration or Copying because of a few reasons. As of today, I am making art and sharing it with Discord, the poses are similar to some drawings online, but I use the drawings as references and practicing by using simple shapes and lines to see where the body is and other stuff. I make some changes to the pose to make it a bit more original. But after I'm done puting the simple shapes, I delete the refenced drawing and work on drawing my own characters using my art style. The only thing I copied from the art is the pose, but everything else of the drawings are different. Is this considered plagiarizing?

    JuKaMC24JuKaMC24Year ago
  • Yes. Spill. That. Tea.

    Moon DeerMoon DeerYear ago
  • Do you like coffee?

    TetsuuTetsuuYear ago
  • It's not that hard. Are you inspired by another artist? Do it, but give credit to the original artist. Like doing a music cover with remastering. You don't need permission to cover a song, but giving credit to the composer/original artist is a must.

    Jojo Kuka D'UnimpressedJojo Kuka D'UnimpressedYear ago
  • *a friend of shane.* *Is a friend of mine xD*

    A.k.a, JuliaA.k.a, JuliaYear ago
  • **Poor person who made that** RIP

    STEESTEEYear ago
  • I love supporting small independent artists. Down with big businesses imo 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Maria AvalonMaria AvalonYear ago
  • Omg Zara home has the exact same jellyfish sculptures sjfjkdncj my mom bought me one for my birthday

    linolinolinolinoYear ago
  • Imagine firing someone cuz they’re already Tracer

    SpookySquadSpookySquadYear ago
  • This is why i would rather spend $40 on a handmade macrame pendant with stone than buy a cheaply quick mass produced one that’ll break as soon as I wear it.

    Allie DiPAllie DiPYear ago
  • I was about to make a purchase in redbubble. But I randomly ran into this video. I love to draw and paint... I'm still learning and trace many artworks just to get a hang on a characters featurs or an animals anatomy. But I don't publish any of my art nonetheless make a profit out of it. Thats messed up.

    Rimuru TempestRimuru TempestYear ago
  • Your art eyes needs to have eye contact and the lip sync isn't believeble

    Captain WindshireCaptain WindshireYear ago
  • Very informative.

    Mo MoMo MoYear ago
  • This video was amazing! We can clearly see that you did a lot of research and used facts to backup your opinion. I wish more people would do that... You deserve more credit! =) thanks for this video! You got a new subscriber ❤

    Tiago RibeiroTiago RibeiroYear ago