Mar 24, 2020
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    Benny SolivenBenny Soliven2 months ago
    • Did you guys even ask if he wanted to sit down?

      Vivian AlvarezVivian AlvarezMonth ago
    • Benny Soliven hi

      Marcella RodriguezMarcella RodriguezMonth ago
    • Benny Soliven you probably ate some gorditas also 😂

      Gabriel PerezGabriel PerezMonth ago
    • @BennySoliven uskeys.net/watch/KUSOP8D2UWQ-video.html

      glocked up garyglocked up garyMonth ago
    • Honor 9x First Look unboxing video uskeys.net/watch/jtz4pYs4jgg-video.html

      Bk GamerBk GamerMonth ago
  • This girl must've gotten hurt too many times 🤣 and said fuck it I'm settling bc ya he's not it

    Diamond KempDiamond Kemp2 days ago
  • The beginning of this video sucked! I came to watch Adam, I’ve never seen or heard of you guys. Y’ALL HAVE HIM STANDING UP? REALLY? Why is she so loud and trying to talk like Adam the whole time? She’s trying to hard! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Worst hosts I’ve seen by far.

    CynthiaCynthia9 days ago
  • MEEE OR HEEERRR ??! 😂😂😂 #Rosa

    Noreee Anaya -PachecoNoreee Anaya -Pacheco12 days ago
  • 🙄 Alo laugh is annyoing I'm not hating or jealous .

    Erasto RomanoErasto Romano16 days ago
  • 💖💖💖

    Sherry DollSherry Doll18 days ago
  • I never saw this channel before but because you guys were bad hosts making someone stand the entire video, I would never subscribe nor watch your content again

    Rosa PerezRosa Perez22 days ago
  • It’s really messed up that you had a costar standup more than half the video

    Rosa PerezRosa Perez22 days ago
  • Foo Benny you look like Jack Sparrow w makeup on 😂😂

    leonardo alvarezleonardo alvarez24 days ago
  • Ima teach y’all how to dance

    leonardo alvarezleonardo alvarez24 days ago
  • Awe everyone’s attacking Alo on here lol. He was only standing to demonstrate how to do their makeup like Rosa. He wasn’t standing the whole time.

    Maria TafoyaMaria Tafoya28 days ago
  • Nigga you gay

    The Finesse kidThe Finesse kid29 days ago
  • You guys just had him standing there looking awkward smh... and on top of that he basically wasn’t contributing to the video .. you guys basically didn’t really talk to him or let him do anything.

    Katherine LeonKatherine LeonMonth ago

    Jessica VelazquezJessica VelazquezMonth ago
  • This is GOLD!!🤣🤣🤣🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    Mosa CaniteMosa CaniteMonth ago
  • Hi Benny! My name is Marissa and my biggest dream is to meet you before I have my big open heart surgery coming up in June. I saw you were in stockton, I’m from Stockton too. I’m currently a highschool senior at lincoln highschool, I’m 17!! Me and my cousins love you & alo so much! Or if you reply it will make me happy too! Thankyou for continually putting a smile on my face. You have truly impacted my life, both you and alo! ❤️ when I am feeling down I go straight to USkeys and watch your guys videos. ❤️ Thankyou for taking your time and reading this message! I truly appreciate it! Love you! 🤍🤍

    Marissa TorresMarissa TorresMonth ago
  • It’s 3am dude nd omg I have never laughed louder 😭😭😭

    Htx. flakkaHtx. flakkaMonth ago
  • lmao

    victoria abascalvictoria abascalMonth ago
  • That kitchen reminds me of the Ace fams second apt

    TTMonth ago
  • Stupidass 😂 😂😂 so fuckin funny lol I love when she says that

    Alyssa 79Alyssa 79Month ago
  • They should’ve all been standing or all sitting this set up is weird as hell

    indecisive youtuberindecisive youtuberMonth ago
  • I love it you guys are hilarious..💖😘

    Yessie AyalaYessie AyalaMonth ago
  • Why is everyone assuming they were being rude cause he was standing. Maybe he just wanted to stand. Damn y’all so quick to be so negative and got shit to say.

    Carmen DominguezCarmen DominguezMonth ago
  • benny’s fans: wow he looks just like Rosa Me: um no check out littlerosaa on tiktok he def looks like Rosa

    baby bubssbaby bubssMonth ago
  • The Ghetto

    Raul NanezRaul NanezMonth ago
  • I love this video😂😂😂❤️

    April GillApril GillMonth ago
  • I see I wasn’t the only one feeling uncomfortable that they had him standing up 😭

    Erika GuzmanErika GuzmanMonth ago
  • benny is the partner that presents the presentation infront of the class and Alondra is me that watches all quietly

    LaGorditasMakeupLaGorditasMakeupMonth ago
  • That line lemme find out goes way back we been saying that since a long time 😴😴😴.

    Keyla JaraKeyla JaraMonth ago
  • Y’all so rude for not offering a sit💁🏽‍♀️

    yessenia salinasyessenia salinasMonth ago
  • Alo laughing likee a stupid sack of dumb fucking shit bitch act right wtf

    Nono GuerraNono GuerraMonth ago
  • why is he standing!

    Yusof AhimYusof AhimMonth ago
  • #snapchatfam

    Citlally IbarraCitlally IbarraMonth ago
  • She’s just on the side awkward asl 😂aw

    Areli MorenoAreli MorenoMonth ago
  • Omg yessss it’s like Rosa , rosita , and rosalinda 😍😍😍😍

    bryBBYbryBBYMonth ago
  • Lol my name is Beatriz .

    Beatriz FloresBeatriz FloresMonth ago
  • Okay but like am I the only one comparing Benny's highlighter to alos hair😂

    April SalinasApril SalinasMonth ago
  • vm.tiktok.com/n5jjkK/ wtf😂

    F7LTHY GF7LTHY GMonth ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/v8nGZzFJtHY-video.html

    ADAM PADAM PMonth ago
  • Who else thinks alondra is being herself with Benny more than when she was with tre🤷🏽‍♀️

    Tarinaboye IdeTarinaboye IdeMonth ago
  • So rude you guys had her standing up

    dolores castillodolores castilloMonth ago
  • (Vomits in mouth) uhh... why, USkeys?

    Alan MalcheskiAlan MalcheskiMonth ago

    Lauren AcevedoLauren AcevedoMonth ago
  • he way better than trey , hes funner to be around

    Rosey RewetiRosey RewetiMonth ago
  • Benny's s10

    Alejandra HernandezAlejandra HernandezMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">0:12</a>

    Nagy MaxNagy MaxMonth ago

    Christa SaingChrista SaingMonth ago
  • Alo trying to talk like rosa the whole time🙄

    The Aguilar FamilyThe Aguilar FamilyMonth ago
  • Why they have him standing up tho🙄

    The Aguilar FamilyThe Aguilar FamilyMonth ago
  • honestly why didn't they add the girl that came with rosa like y'all really making her feel left out

    Viviana MartinezViviana MartinezMonth ago

    djsupernature1djsupernature1Month ago
  • Adam looks super uncomfortable :(

    Joanna VJoanna VMonth ago
  • I couldn’t watch the video! I was cringing the whole time... why did they have Adam standing the whole time? And why is that girl (the one next to the guy) acting all dumb? I don’t know who these people are, I just came here cause of Adam. So rude they had him standing the whole time.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="413">6:53</a> was uncalled for .. like maybe cus ur not supposed to share ur makeup wit strangers ? n if she really was concerned for them to have a darker shade or sum she could’ve let them use hers or go n get them one ..? lol not make question adam ..

    Amanda SanchezAmanda SanchezMonth ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="79">1:19</a> 😭😭😭💀 wtff lmaoo

    Amanda SanchezAmanda SanchezMonth ago
    • ??

      The weird WeirdoThe weird WeirdoMonth ago
  • Good thing I skipped through it. No justice

    Luis LopezLuis LopezMonth ago
  • Umm. Top most awkward videos ..

    Luis LopezLuis LopezMonth ago
  • i kept hearing marlene and lemme just say i feel like she doesn’t really add anything to the rosa universe

    karolyna navakarolyna navaMonth ago
  • their all comfy sitting down while Adam just standing up 😕

    Kay LatinaKay LatinaMonth ago
    • Julian Vergara shut yo ass up. & your music trash lmaoo 🙂

      Kay LatinaKay LatinaMonth ago
    • Omg he's gonna die oh noo

      Julian VergaraJulian VergaraMonth ago
  • Alos laugh is annoying 😐

    Noemi SNoemi SMonth ago
  • These people are so annoying first of all INVITE HM TO SIT DOWN

    C KC KMonth ago
  • I'm not a fan of this clip.

    Gilmore MccoyGilmore MccoyMonth ago
  • Alo and Benny trying too hard now. Mostly Alo... very fake personality a d forced laughs. Very cringyy now.

    Fany & AngelFany & AngelMonth ago
  • Thats a whole ass nigga tf

    danielr .559danielr .559Month ago
    • Is

      danielr .559danielr .559Month ago
    • Nvmd i dont know what that us

      danielr .559danielr .559Month ago
  • Ok but Benny was great

    Moana KahuMoana KahuMonth ago
  • Oh my gosh my name is Beatrice!!! How coolll Benny aka Beatrice!

    Beatrice MacMillanBeatrice MacMillanMonth ago
  • ❤❤❤Alo's slogan "LET ME FIND OUT"❤❤❤

    chulizzzz1chulizzzz1Month ago
  • He’s the only one I’ve seen actually put Adam’s links in the description, i rate that

    just a lentiljust a lentilMonth ago
  • 10 min into the video and they finally made him a space to sit on the sofa... Bad Host👎

    Alexia 69Alexia 69Month ago
  • Why the fuck is he standing up? how rude of Benny and alondra

    Andrea PAndrea PMonth ago
  • hi lovelies! i just recently joined youtube and would appreciate if you checked me out :)) uskeys.net/watch/zIDCMqqqxA4-video.html

    Dawn ElizabethDawn ElizabethMonth ago
  • You guys are always funny. 🤣

    may kaeomay kaeoMonth ago
  • alo looks annoying asf and her bf looks even more annoying, don’t like their vibe at all. CAN YALL CANCEL THEM ALREADY????

    Steve LopezSteve LopezMonth ago
    • Steve Nolasco don’t watch if you don’t like them lmao bitches always hating but stay watching the video to the end 🤦🏽‍♀️

      michelleee210michelleee210Month ago
  • Omg how rude I feel so bad for him!!!!

    Yunique delatorreYunique delatorreMonth ago
  • Y’all rude asfk for not letting him sit down

    Jessica Giron CastellanosJessica Giron CastellanosMonth ago
  • Benny and Alo are so fake. It’s not even funny

    aprilivonaprilivonMonth ago
  • yall had rosa standing there like a prop smh... clout chasin

    april rojasapril rojasMonth ago
  • why tf u let adam standing for so long rude *stupidass*🙄😂

    Ariff SahariAriff SahariMonth ago
  • this is stupid

    april rojasapril rojasMonth ago
  • I love alo and all but she being lowkey annoying

    Ariel AltamiranoAriel AltamiranoMonth ago