Justin Bieber Serenades Ellen with 'Yummy'

Jan 28, 2020
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As a special birthday gift, Justin Bieber sang an acoustic version of his song "Yummy," and led the audience in singing "Happy Birthday." Ellen raved about the pop star's new USkeys docuseries "Seasons," and Justin discussed how being in the spotlight at such a young age affected his physical and mental health.

  • Can someone please explain what's going on ? Like what is the controversy

    Ryan Music8917Ryan Music891751 minute ago
  • 2010 baby 2016 sorry 2020 yummy And I am a big fan

    Sue LeeSue Lee4 hours ago
  • Pair of muppets

  • Justin looks so uncomfortable...it’s not like when he’s with other interviewers. This is really scary.

    Adieu NightmareAdieu Nightmare8 hours ago
  • It’s genuinely so sad throughout the years their relationship was so nice and genuine.. and he was on her show so much.. and he was happy, this last interview was so different and so difficult to watch. He clearly was feeling so anxious and nervous. Now knowing the meaning behind ‘yummy... like I can’t, Hailey please take care of him, he deserves the world and needs to be protected. 😭💔

    Alina ReybeyAlina Reybey9 hours ago
  • Justin look ackward when greeting Ellen every time

    Elton LocklearElton Locklear11 hours ago
  • Watch his music video Where are you now and pause it as the images play through he's giving signs there too

    right is right got itright is right got it14 hours ago
  • beyond scared straight

    danyjah youngdanyjah young15 hours ago
  • Didnt make eye contact one bit when he sang

    B BB B18 hours ago
  • Seeing a lot of Ellen lately. Is she dead? Its like a tribute to her sinful life. We watch without being aware. No truth for us.

    G PerrotteG Perrotte18 hours ago
  • Ellen is part of pizzagate

    Basket CaseBasket Case19 hours ago
    • Yes she is the devil i hope they arrest all this hollywood pedos

      æthalstan eagle eyeæthalstan eagle eye6 hours ago
  • this whole thing is sketchy and seems so forced but he’s so strung out he can’t really remember

    Leila V.Leila V.20 hours ago
  • Look at his guitar. Icecream, the eye. It's all in the details y'all!

    Marlene S.Marlene S.21 hour ago
  • Solo vine por el pizzagate

    Tony KrotoTony Kroto23 hours ago
  • Ironic right

    Ann WAnn WDay ago
  • When he’s singing her fingers are moving as if she’s nervous and waiting for him to be finished

    Sarah SilvaSarah SilvaDay ago
  • he sings to Elen yeah you got that adrenochrome)

  • As tasteful as flowers are for gifting, I notice throughout the whole set, there is flowers everywhere?? Don’t think Ellen threw Biebers flowers in her car on the way home that night to put in a vase at home.

    Banjo PattersonBanjo PattersonDay ago
  • Nahhh the way he keeps adjusting himself doesn’t sit right with me, oh Lord please protect this person

    Multi ContentMulti ContentDay ago
    • He’s scared,uncomfortable, mad that something happened to him. It’s PTSD I have it and I move like that too. His situation is awful tho and no one should go through it. Truly breaks my heart that he did and he isn’t the only one💔.

      LezLez13 hours ago
  • I never was a fan of Justin Bieber, but seeing him talk as an adult and how he almost actually seems to be... a conscious person.. I think I see him in a new light. Not a fan of the music, but I have respect for him

    Sammi HebertSammi HebertDay ago
  • 4:06 PTSD

    LezLezDay ago
  • Bunch of sick pedos

    Matt DoyleMatt DoyleDay ago
  • Creepy Ellen.

    Shawn FellowsShawn FellowsDay ago
  • Mexican bieber

    Matrix 101Matrix 101Day ago
  • I love that he brought her funeral flowers on her own show

    Travis ShieldsTravis ShieldsDay ago
  • Those whispers don’t look friendly

    Faith LusterFaith LusterDay ago
  • The red outfit she’s wearing.... his awkwardness.... the “you owe me”... it all just doesn’t sit right 😩😩 god please protect him, I really wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being the next “overdose”

    Alexis ChristianAlexis ChristianDay ago
  • Ellen like your seriously trying to expose me right now

    Tim SnellTim SnellDay ago
  • I feel like him saying “I grew up on your show” was a way of saying “I know a lot”

    Brittany SloanBrittany Sloan2 days ago
  • This girl is the devil man

    BallNorth HQBallNorth HQ2 days ago
  • Look at the comments, everyone knows your story Justin ... Ellen everyone knows everything about you

    Eme 0Eme 02 days ago
  • Justin is very strong to do all of this

    Eme 0Eme 02 days ago
  • All of the people u see on TV are apart of. Pizzagate they need there adrenocrome to looks so happy all the time everybody wake up these people arnt innocent neither is Justin bieber he took part in the sacrafices just as badly

    Eleanor CoulthardEleanor Coulthard2 days ago
    • They forced and groomed him into it. He reveals it in his music video. He needs help he's still young and not as involved

      pdlsuper7 Lanckpdlsuper7 LanckDay ago
  • If u want a cut il take u there she said quietly

    Eleanor CoulthardEleanor Coulthard2 days ago
  • Ellen is the same as Jimmy savle

    Eleanor CoulthardEleanor Coulthard2 days ago
  • Pizzagate is real. Look it up.

    Tony CottrellTony Cottrell2 days ago
  • Dios mío hace años que soy beliebers. Ver esto me trago nostalgia

    Yamila angieYamila angie2 days ago
  • What are they doing in the bathroom in the beginning??

    Chantel TempleChantel Temple2 days ago
  • well if he dies next year don’t be surprised

    cosmiccosmic2 days ago
  • how ironic 😹

    Tiffany wrobelTiffany wrobel2 days ago
  • Justin Bieber u are so amazing Justin

    jing Wengjing Weng2 days ago
  • Throw ellen & all those evil pedophiles in jail

    LakotaLakota2 days ago
  • 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

  • He looks like a drug dealer now 💀💀

    Taylor SwiftieTaylor Swiftie2 days ago
  • Someone plz explain what is pizza gate?

    Sage_knight_04Sage_knight_042 days ago
  • Please, can someone to explain me the situation, with pizzagate, Ellen and Justin? What does it have to do with all this? All the situation, your opinions, everything. I just found this videoclips.

    lore loreeelore loreee2 days ago
  • His body language was so uncomfortable

    Champion_justin_10Champion_justin_102 days ago
  • Notice as soon as she whispers in his ears his whole facial expressions change

    TheOfficial ZainTheOfficial Zain2 days ago
  • I wonder if ellen reads these comments

    Zakiyyah QasimZakiyyah Qasim2 days ago
  • 0:24 was so werid, like they are trying to disenstizes us

    AnnabelAnnabel2 days ago
  • Luciferianians

    Frans DoornenbalFrans Doornenbal2 days ago
  • Is it me or ever since he let that mustache grow he just seems more mature and wiser like he has that look of a foolish teen that grew into a really wise man.

    Hadi PawarHadi Pawar2 days ago
  • “I grew up on your show” he was definitely passive aggressive the whole time with a hint of disgust.

    Stone LewisStone Lewis2 days ago
  • Notice how he didn’t really sing happy birthday to her ??

    Moriah HudnallMoriah Hudnall2 days ago
  • ellen you look like a whole pizza 🍕

    cailin casecailin case2 days ago
  • when ellen knows she’s in trouble 🍕⛓

    cailin casecailin case2 days ago
  • Sooo justin bieber made a music video to expose people like ellen for what they do. And ellen invited him on the show for the song.....makes sense

    5.0PRIM.05.0PRIM.02 days ago
  • You can see it in Justin’s eyes as he says how thankful he is to her that he’s lying, he looks empty

    Lauren KLauren K2 days ago
  • Her all red outfit says it all

    liv dkliv dk3 days ago
  • And she wearing a red suit....

    murkinsmurff127murkinsmurff1273 days ago
  • Pizzagate, i dont doubt for a second he has been a victim but im trying to figurr is he exposing them or letting us know hes with them????

    Katie BonitaKatie Bonita3 days ago
    • Ultra Sexy Chipotle 100%

      James LianduJames LianduDay ago
    • Exposing them.

      Ultra Sexy ChipotleUltra Sexy Chipotle2 days ago
  • 🍕🍕🍕

    Norbert&BadaNorbert&Bada3 days ago
  • She’s always loved Justin “The adorable”

    Marie JuntillaMarie Juntilla3 days ago
  • Yummy acoustic is everything wow. His voice 🥺❤️

    IreneIrene3 days ago
  • Did anyone catch what they whispered when they hugged

    Calvin AndersonCalvin Anderson3 days ago
  • My dude is completely uncomfortable

    Todd LargoTodd Largo3 days ago
  • 3:58 Ellen brings up dopamine levels and notice Justin’s body language and the eye contact between the two

    Mike HuntMike Hunt3 days ago
  • Hellen look like a proud mother when he played yummy

    Jonathan GamboaJonathan Gamboa3 days ago
  • 3:53 he sounds sarcastic???

    EsoteraEsotera3 days ago
  • The boy looks traumatised.

    NicoleNicole3 days ago
  • extremely uncomfortable .

    Emilee GraceEmilee Grace3 days ago
  • If anything happens to Justin their is going to be a huge protest let me tell you that much

    Yasmin TorresYasmin Torres3 days ago
  • 2:22 Ellen says "my friend" in a sinister way (kinda threatening)

    Evelyn CharlesEvelyn Charles3 days ago
    • We have to wake up

      Evelyn CharlesEvelyn Charles2 days ago
    • Trueeee f

      Ultra Sexy ChipotleUltra Sexy Chipotle2 days ago
  • he's being so passive girl...... you know ellen knows

    Jade HardawayJade Hardaway3 days ago
  • My twitter literally got BLOCKED for bashing Ellen a bit via Twitter about pizzagate.

    Kathy AldanaKathy Aldana3 days ago
  • Everyone tell me what you know so I can build my knowledge

    PolodingdingPolodingding3 days ago
    • Polodingding search: “pizza gate” on Twitter all the info is there

      James LianduJames LianduDay ago

    Ultra Sexy ChipotleUltra Sexy Chipotle3 days ago
  • Mucha webaaaaa

    brack Leybrack Ley3 days ago
  • Hello hello allan Going up I have a lot of friends I had a little bit So I have a talent cooking I can cook or snore a different way not that take away that you do

    Samanthal smmoeSamanthal smmoe3 days ago
  • Prison time is coming soon! Times runnin’ out!

    mick forrestmick forrest3 days ago