Justin Bieber Serenades Ellen with 'Yummy'

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As a special birthday gift, Justin Bieber sang an acoustic version of his song "Yummy," and led the audience in singing "Happy Birthday." Ellen raved about the pop star's new USkeys docuseries "Seasons," and Justin discussed how being in the spotlight at such a young age affected his physical and mental health.

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  • I love the guy!

    QueenOfAll_ Lady RoseQueenOfAll_ Lady Rose2 hours ago

    Maddy KMaddy K3 hours ago
  • I love the song yummy

    Elvira MorenoElvira Moreno4 hours ago
  • I don’t really like his mustache

    Cooper ToddCooper Todd7 hours ago
  • He's always on Ellen

    Lwazi SikhakhaneLwazi Sikhakhane8 hours ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="124">2:04</a>.was that on the lips??

    shaheer ahmadshaheer ahmad9 hours ago
  • GET BIG? Every night? ALL day?

    Bear XDBear XD16 hours ago
  • pizzagate

    Jay EmptyJay Empty22 hours ago
  • Happy Belated Birthday, Ellen!!

    Tanvi PandaTanvi PandaDay ago
  • Indonesia Hadir???

    Reva Sandi PurnamaReva Sandi PurnamaDay ago
  • I love you Ellen ❤️❤️

    Team ThemboyTeam ThemboyDay ago
  • she is blushing.......

    Miracle EbubeMiracle EbubeDay ago
  • what are the notes he is doing on the guitar???

    Christian CremonChristian CremonDay ago
  • Quais são as notas que ele está tocando no violao?

    Christian CremonChristian CremonDay ago
  • I love justin bieber

    BTS armyBTS armyDay ago
  • Ellen I really want to want to meet Justin Bieber I would cry if I met him

    Christine HartzogChristine HartzogDay ago
  • who comes here because of bts

    Reno worldReno worldDay ago
  • Came here after watching a conspiracy video talking about what pizza gate is and how it's encrypted in JB's "Yummy" music video. And then seeing Ellen dressed in all red has me like 😲

    Julio VerdinezJulio VerdinezDay ago
  • Quisiera que Justin biber aigiera siendo el mismo que ase 7años donde se diaria así mismo si desepsionara a una beliber

    las hermanas rivera Riveralas hermanas rivera Rivera2 days ago
  • He can't play a guitar

    iqbal nawfaliqbal nawfal2 days ago
  • Amazing ☹

    Jumaah Asaad Hamad -B- morningJumaah Asaad Hamad -B- morning2 days ago
  • I Bet she had a amazing Birthday

    Mekayla HoustonMekayla Houston2 days ago
  • I Love you so much Justin. ❤️❤️😍☺️

    Nuria SidikiNuria Sidiki2 days ago
  • She emphasized thankyou FRIEND I'm like dying 😂😂😂😂

    Isabel FrantzIsabel Frantz3 days ago
  • You can tell he's not very comfortable being in the public eye in this interview

    wolf blood9k5wolf blood9k53 days ago
  • Justin mirip guru olahraga

    Dadan BahtiarDadan Bahtiar3 days ago
  • gì style thấy ghê z ông nụi

    Huỳnh NhưHuỳnh Như3 days ago
  • 1st baby baby baby 2nd sorry sorry sorry Now yummy yummy yummy

    Aisling FlemingAisling Fleming3 days ago
  • These lady's are desperately holding onto there youth screaming for Justin and cheering as if there 16

    Mr. MoisesMr. Moises3 days ago
  • You don't know the real Justin

    JackoYTJackoYT3 days ago
  • Quisiera ir a un concierto de Justin Bieber

    las hermanas rivera Riveralas hermanas rivera Rivera4 days ago
  • Ven a México

    las hermanas rivera Riveralas hermanas rivera Rivera4 days ago
  • i wonder if they had to pay copyright to sing happy birthday

    Magic TurtleMagic Turtle4 days ago
  • Oh no justine beiber got beard

    bro probro pro4 days ago
  • Did I searched this thing Me : No Did I watched it full..?? Me : Yuh

    Akash AAkash A4 days ago
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    cephas ogolacephas ogola4 days ago
  • I love his voice

    zeinab elkazeinab elka4 days ago
  • Дратути

    DusterGameDusterGame5 days ago
  • Feel good factor = 💯 that embrace with Ellen 😊

    Rahmat PatelRahmat Patel5 days ago
  • Karina Yeso 😊

    Karina BenitezKarina Benitez5 days ago
  • Ähm there is nothing special about his singing..don’t get the hype about him

    Sara KhayamiSara Khayami5 days ago
  • Jb number

    Shilpa NayakShilpa Nayak5 days ago
  • Justin is so humble in real ❤️

    Huraira IdreesHuraira Idrees5 days ago
  • 😊

    Greg HeatonGreg Heaton6 days ago
  • All stars come here

    SNGamerSNGamer6 days ago
  • My favorite singer.

    Omu Htoo HtooOmu Htoo Htoo6 days ago
  • Happy birthday

    Marquis MonroeMarquis Monroe6 days ago
  • !

    JasonBraysonArtistJasonBraysonArtist6 days ago
  • JB is such a Grear singer "i loved his songs alot But i missed his chlid Look beyoud adorble look "!Anyhow its been along time to see him allen show wow"!!

    Precoius Mind EmperorPrecoius Mind Emperor6 days ago
  • his acoustic stuff is awesome

    Mrs. Murphy's House of ThriftMrs. Murphy's House of Thrift6 days ago
  • omg he looks so diffrent he used to be so cute i used to love him before yummy.....

    Maya .cMaya .c6 days ago
  • Love you Justin

    Manoamanjari PattnaikManoamanjari Pattnaik6 days ago
  • 16k commeny n 16k dislike who see He is legend

    Maya FlagoMaya Flago7 days ago
  • dear whoever ive never met in my life stranger your cool

    Stephen NingStephen Ning7 days ago
  • rana sindanrana sindan7 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="342">5:42</a> , you’re welcome.

    Sara456 7890Sara456 78907 days ago
  • I also wanna meet Justin 😭

    Sanu AnsariSanu Ansari7 days ago
  • ellen- get a new hairdresser. that do is awful

  • I love justin bieber Because of him i started last week with 13 writing and singing my own music would be cool if you look at it =jamfish fisher thanks guys 😊

    jamfish fisherjamfish fisher7 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="45">0:45</a> OMG dammm cute

    Misty JadeMisty Jade8 days ago
  • 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕

    Qred09Qred098 days ago
    • The people in the comments. 🐑🐑🐑🐑

      just a ranndom dudejust a ranndom dude5 days ago
  • He is a lot better than I thought. His voice is amazing. So controlled.

    SwedishTouristSwedishTourist8 days ago
  • He looks nervous...closed ..

    Jackdog238 YeahJackdog238 Yeah8 days ago
  • Acoustic version would be good..

    Sky LyricsSky Lyrics8 days ago
  • Ellen please keep loving Bieber. Both of you need each other.

    Bomkar AnguBomkar Angu8 days ago
  • desde ecuador saludos para ti hellen

    abel maciasabel macias8 days ago
  • Ha ha ha ha

    Hailey WongHailey Wong8 days ago
  • oh #### thee Justin Beaber

    Shaandi's WorldShaandi's World9 days ago
  • I dig this

    Shaandi's WorldShaandi's World9 days ago
  • Now he looks like trevor in gta 5

    albertius agungalbertius agung9 days ago
    • This was months ago, he shaved his mustache & looks clean/young again

      Amber BAmber B8 days ago
  • ❤️

    Dome DomeDome Dome9 days ago
  • IDK y am crying

    Park JusPark Jus9 days ago
  • Pizzagate

  • Just PLEASE lose the mustache Justin

    Jamie’s Jazzy JewelsJamie’s Jazzy Jewels9 days ago
    • Jamie’s Jazzy Jewels he shaved his mustache now

      Chilling ListChilling List8 days ago
  • Justin looks like Paul McCartney when the Beatles were in Sgt peppers lonely hearts club band

    Anthony MurilloAnthony Murillo9 days ago
  • Shes getting hungry

    Robert fajardoRobert fajardo9 days ago
  • Nossa meu, parece que ele está tão desconfortável, muito estranho. Parece que não queria estar ali.

    Ricardo SilvaRicardo Silva9 days ago
  • i havent seen her since i got my memory back

    AJ DumassAJ Dumass9 days ago
  • hey eplen.. what abput me and madison

    AJ DumassAJ Dumass9 days ago