2018 Turkish 24 Hour Civilian Ration MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

Aug 31, 2019
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This Turkish Civilian 24 hr Ration is a pretty fascinating and different kind of ration all around. With a low amount of preservatives, it has a short shelf life (1 year) - but it has the most delicious tortillas and black olives - but then the main courses are lacking in flavor. And one in particular with a putrid undertone of mystery. So this ration is a mixed bag. Flameless Ration Heater tech that is above & beyond the standard. We're talking top notch and advanced. I can imagine other companies outside of Turkey's 'Unifo' are eventually going to reverse engineer such an efficient and well made FRH heating element. That is the best part of this ration, it's FRH - and all those gussets. I always like a nice gusset.
For a ration used out camping or similar outdoor activity, I would say it is of passing grade.
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you enjoyed this one, as I certainly did making it!
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Paul Buikema:

  • that was some blasphemy you did on the tortillas

    He ManHe Man6 days ago
  • i like your videos a lot :) thanks for making them!

    Hyperion-Ash GamingHyperion-Ash Gaming6 days ago
  • "The Salt"

    my angel &C4my angel &C46 days ago
  • "reminds me of an insect exoskeleton" Well I thought it looked yummy at first at least

    HarrisonHarrison7 days ago
  • Let’s be honest Steve is an absolute chad

    Logik DogikLogik Dogik7 days ago
  • I have tried these ones. They are really good.

    Chayote JarochoChayote Jarocho7 days ago
  • Turkish mre very beautifull...❤️❤️🤗🤗

    Furkan PalanciFurkan Palanci9 days ago

    сçaныйсçaный9 days ago
  • Thank you for ur Chantal Very useful and interesting content Imagine that is history Like soon only robot 🤖 game But the funny is that the civilian are gonna eat only cans omg

    Name SurnameName Surname11 days ago
  • Your new vids are depressing

    Rohan David BhattyRohan David Bhatty14 days ago
  • I wish i had a built in gusset

    Bill ChestnutBill Chestnut14 days ago
  • It's like biting into an eraser. Awesome.

    Justa BoneJusta Bone14 days ago
  • 3 or 4 minutes let's take it over to lunch

    Patrick LinePatrick Line17 days ago
  • I'm pretty sure not countries leave in the pit because it just helps the olive taste better. idk how. it's just like how keeping the bones on the fish helps with the flavor. I'm pretty sure pitted olives are mainly a north american thing.

    Ma5jay5dontxdoxthatMa5jay5dontxdoxthat18 days ago
  • Adam yedi ben seyrettim abi.

    Muhammed Ali DAŞTANMuhammed Ali DAŞTAN18 days ago
  • 7:55 Yeah, no. Turks don't pit black olives, pitted black olives dry out and lose the flavor. Plus not a single Turk would expect the olive to be pitted. Hell if you tried to sue the company for /that/ you'd get laughed out the court room :D

    Sarp-DSarp-D19 days ago
  • Kardeşim beğendiysen gel yiyelim birlikte

    Utku DemirUtku Demir20 days ago
  • what is the point of this high quality of an MRE when the food doesnt fit together at all. Black olive and cheese tacos??? Wtf

    MikeJonesMikeJones21 day ago
  • treking buger

    yoshinosakurayoshinosakura22 days ago
  • I'm thinking if you put the tomato soup into the chicken, this would have probably boosted the thing to an other level

    CSA Chevaux sans abriCSA Chevaux sans abri23 days ago
  • @11:09 Any one found petta ?????

    civil antonycivil antony23 days ago
  • What I never understood is why ppl never warm up their flour tortillas??

    713AMC713AMC23 days ago
  • Steve, if you could only eat MREs for the rest of your life and you could only get them from 1 country, which county?

    May WashburnMay Washburn24 days ago
  • Anyone else fake having to go take a dump and watch Steve? My wife is catching on LOL

    Jamie JenkinsJamie Jenkins24 days ago
  • At this point i know where he is gonna put everything on the *tray* as he gets thebfood out of the bag

    TracksuitTracksuit25 days ago
  • Personally I would have mixed the soup with the meal

    Damons EatsDamons Eats25 days ago
  • 🙂🤔👀👍💻👍😋🇹🇷

    Vladimir OrlovVladimir Orlov26 days ago
  • *grabs bag of boiling water* “That’s piping hot”

    Punk Is dadPunk Is dad28 days ago
  • 10:10 on the top slightly to the right that says 'Anal'

    Jisan SheikhJisan Sheikh29 days ago
  • 15:57 S O U P

    K_YTHOK_YTHOMonth ago
  • I saw Andrew Zimmerman eat putrified camel meat and eggs in Turkey. I'm just saying it could be worse.

    i Believe your liesi Believe your liesMonth ago
  • Where am I able to get this in America

    OrhanOrhanMonth ago
  • 20:13 Whats wrong with a "pukey zest flavor"? They dropped the ball on the ration, but you've gotta give them credit for their gussets..

    Steven WheatSteven WheatMonth ago
  • What the fawking fawk❗❗❗🤨🤨🤨 Pitted olives...❓❗❓ How dare they...😒 That's just rude...😤💯✔

    The WorstThe WorstMonth ago
  • Rice and meat go into tortilla napoleon

    BloodywasherBloodywasherMonth ago
  • 15:57

    Shmeat 420Shmeat 420Month ago
  • You probably could of used less water for the coffee.. The finished product looked like it was watered down just a tad bit too much.. I think if less water was used it would of been perfect

    Eddy SpaghettiEddy SpaghettiMonth ago
  • Thats a very very STRONG heating device, you can hear it boiling super loud while he's talking.. From the sound its making, whatever he heats up will be super piping hot

    Eddy SpaghettiEddy SpaghettiMonth ago
  • 15:58

    Gunnar AndersonGunnar AndersonMonth ago
  • Looks like ReportOfTheWeek got into fitness and grew a beard.

    M.A MM.A MMonth ago
  • ?????

    meisya ayumeisya ayuMonth ago
  • Bu ne kadar

    meisya ayumeisya ayuMonth ago
  • How much is that?

    meisya ayumeisya ayuMonth ago
  • 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷

    Gôkhan KôseGôkhan KôseMonth ago
  • Yemeklerimiz tatmin etmiştir afiyet olsun

  • A bit late, but those "soups" that more resembled sauce were likely meant to be mixed with the "dry" food

    George KushGeorge KushMonth ago
  • lan o çorba öyle mi içilir yav az daha su koyacaktın be

    beyza nebilibeyza nebiliMonth ago
  • cCC TüRklEr gelYor cCC

    Doctor Daylord WaykenDoctor Daylord WaykenMonth ago
  • Nice

    AssManAssManMonth ago
  • tabiki olacak great.

    Cano SCano SMonth ago
  • O lavaştan yemiştim en azından tattim tadı acı kokusu oyun hamuru

    berkay çağlayanberkay çağlayanMonth ago

    Antonio MedinaAntonio MedinaMonth ago
  • Tortillas would be better if he had heated them too

    no one you know hereno one you know hereMonth ago
  • Corbayı rezil ettin biraz daha su koyman gerekiyordu

    Öfke KoçÖfke KoçMonth ago
  • .... nice hiss

    Matthew longMatthew longMonth ago
  • that second tortilla was good though

    SporkCuntSporkCuntMonth ago
  • Biting into an insect exoskelton.....OMG.....Hilarious. I'm literally lol

    Chuck PhelpsChuck PhelpsMonth ago
  • 15:55

    Jena_TalesJena_TalesMonth ago
  • Nice

    Billo GenaoBillo GenaoMonth ago
  • Turkish ration=big chunk of hash

    Lone WolfLone WolfMonth ago
  • Oh, it comes in a pretty package. 😆

    Miss MollyMiss MollyMonth ago
  • Tortillas would have been good with the meals

    Juan HerreraJuan HerreraMonth ago
  • #15:58 soup

    alfraido rolliorolleralfraido rolliorollerMonth ago
  • Ah yes, using the water to heat the water

    Andy LeAndy LeMonth ago
  • TADA ???? Like it was some fucking magic trick :D

    RENEGADE MotorsportRENEGADE MotorsportMonth ago
  • 𝙨𝙤𝙪𝙥

    Johnny DoeJohnny DoeMonth ago
  • When in theater on patrol or mission, you’re going to eat your meals cold, unless you can get your chow hot in less than 5mins. You typically have an hour for a break from watch and raid. Most guys take about 10mins to eat and the rest for sleep.

    Joseph Robert ButlerJoseph Robert ButlerMonth ago
  • Why didn’t you rehydrate the cheese?

    Joseph Robert ButlerJoseph Robert ButlerMonth ago
  • My babysitters husband was in the military. He had boxes of mre. As a kid I enjoyed opening and eating them. It was always fun to see what was inside. Now days I get hungry seeing these vids. Might stop you up a little but oh well

    Toby VanceToby VanceMonth ago
  • I learned that gusset is a word today - thanks, Steve

    Andrew W.Andrew W.2 months ago
  • Hi Steve 😁👍 continue with those videos two MRIs make new ones I they're very excellent 👌

    Angel HelpAngel Help2 months ago
  • !Oediv ecin yrev a si sihT

    David TenhundfeldDavid Tenhundfeld2 months ago
  • Has anyone else noticed the word ‘anal’ on Steve’s top shelf?

    666tommytomtom666666tommytomtom6662 months ago
  • "Oh wow...the texture resembles food but..." Reminds me of the early low carb bread🤣

    fshn4x4fshn4x42 months ago

    Rick CleggRick Clegg2 months ago
  • Dayıoğlu afiyet olsun sjxjxbs

    Emirhan AdıgüzelEmirhan Adıgüzel2 months ago
  • fold the tortillas normally next time please

    Ean SlifeEan Slife2 months ago
  • So Right off that bat lol

    Guadalupe MaldonadoGuadalupe Maldonado2 months ago
  • The Turkish MRE bag looks like a goodie bag.

    Dr. Cultys Horror Movie CollectionDr. Cultys Horror Movie Collection2 months ago
  • "gusset" - I learned a new word today :D

    M MM M2 months ago
  • where is the bacon? no MRE is complete without bacon!

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    Hepimiz Manyağız -We All ManiacHepimiz Manyağız -We All Maniac2 months ago
  • am i the only one who has to watch steve1989 while eating?

    TK24TK242 months ago
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    Jacks plumbing VideosJacks plumbing Videos2 months ago
  • На полке только Рожденные в СССР заметят!))))

    Sector2Sector22 months ago
  • When I looked at the thumbnail I firstly thought it was a bag of cat litter

    Gion UeinGion Uein2 months ago
  • I bet if you would of squeezed the liquid out the bag of coffee grounds that it would of been a lot stronger coffee. There was plenty of grounds. It’s just like squeezing a tea bag before taking it out.

    The McRingle BrothersThe McRingle Brothers2 months ago
  • let get this stuff out on a tray.....nice, i love that

    Ice SnakeIce Snake2 months ago
  • S O U P

    Yolimary LacayoYolimary Lacayo2 months ago
  • Lavash is not a Tortia. It's made different, tastes different and has a different texture.

    Mike GunnerstMike Gunnerst2 months ago
  • one of my favorites parts in his videos.. "Alright, lets get this out on a tray".

    NOTtODAY boiNOTtODAY boi2 months ago
  • Am I the only one who thought the tomato soup was already in soup form in the packet

    MONICARRMONICARR2 months ago
  • im sorry you couldnt enjoy that mre, but believe me it tastes so much better if you eat it fresh

    xrossoxrosso2 months ago
  • 15:58 soup.

    TheMarzGurlTheMarzGurl2 months ago
  • Some of the dishes are like Indian food items. The rice, chickpea chicken dish is like a Moti pulao, or chawal choley. The tortillas are like rotis and the yogurt soup seems like raita. The rotis are eaten with a pickle like preparation here, instead of some sabzi.

    TheBandana1969TheBandana19692 months ago
  • I like that t-shirt!

    WurnWurn2 months ago
  • Won’t get pilfered by a raccoon. Nice.

    Aaron SchuschuAaron Schuschu2 months ago
  • Is that a framed picture of Kyle Reese behind you?

    Jimmy CarevichJimmy Carevich2 months ago
  • What exactly is the element that reacts with the H2O

    Dylan FitchDylan Fitch2 months ago
  • Asopki Cosm Steve ke Politania haps faso?

    Oyun PlayOyun Play2 months ago
    • Türzk:Merhaba Steve Sana Politanya yemek çantası göndereyim mi?

      Oyun PlayOyun Play2 months ago