Smartest "1000 IQ Plays" in Sports History

Jun 21, 2020
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Smartest "1000 IQ Plays" in Sports History
Players using their BRAINS to Trick!!!
Joshua 1:9

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    • Baseball isn’t but ok

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      Robert HightRobert Hight21 day ago
  • 6:44 is that joe buck

    Seymour AsisSeymour Asis3 hours ago
  • The first play is what many black people know.

    Deangelo RobinsonDeangelo Robinson6 hours ago
  • Its not Sports History....Its American Sports History. Dumbasses

    Giannis KsanthopoulosGiannis Ksanthopoulos15 hours ago
  • Everything that happened in 2020 so far and y'all crying over the title?

    ツQuannyツQuanny19 hours ago
  • So as per you 1000 IQ only comes in American football, baseball and basketball..😂😂 What about other sports..

    Chirojit SarkarChirojit Sarkar20 hours ago
  • Soccer, tennis, hockey are crying right now..

    Michelle MunteanuMichelle Munteanu21 hour ago
  • My wife in the other room.- "why do you keep rewinding it?

    NotOverlyAcerbicNotOverlyAcerbicDay ago
  • At 0:50 Simmons should’ve been called out of bounds. His foot was still out of bounds when he caught the ball again.

    Nathan LandersNathan LandersDay ago
  • “In sports history” and only shows three sports and only plays from the USA leagues, what an idiots

    Tomás TorrãoTomás TorrãoDay ago
  • 7min video took me about 20mins to watch. So many beautiful plays, had to rewatch many of them over and over.

    juan villasanajuan villasanaDay ago
  • holy fuck this was genius 4:49

    mario pilotomario piloto2 days ago
  • As a cavs fan I would like to think LeBron beaning olinik like that was for Kevin Love

    Jimmy LindermanJimmy Linderman2 days ago
  • like the varity of sports you used in the video.

    kay kay kaykay kay kay2 days ago
  • The Paul O'Neill play was not 1000 IQ, it was pure frustration. He's said so.

    Michael GMichael G2 days ago
  • Smartest plays in history that all happened to occur in the US...

    Radioactive AliRadioactive Ali2 days ago
  • Apparently American sports are the only sports

    Jake BoyleJake Boyle2 days ago
  • 0:47 HARD DUNK

    Mr. VibeMr. Vibe2 days ago
  • Can someone explain 2:41 please?

    unknown_xeunknown_xe3 days ago
  • you should change it to "american sports history", bc america is not the only country you know (and this is coming from an american)

    Reagan BReagan B3 days ago
  • me: doesnt wanna watch sports youtube: best plays me: yes

    sadfatsadfat3 days ago
  • That’s Trevor booker shot is not IQ that’s a IG as in I guess

    Light IversonLight Iverson3 days ago
  • Why is there a flag on a kickoff and the guy has one foot out of bounds an the other in play an touches the ball?

    David MoodyDavid Moody3 days ago
  • "in Sports History" lmao the americans and the mania of greatness

    CarlCarl4 days ago
  • Based up shawty she cant do a 40 pull up to the party ye ye ye

    Blxze.Blxze.4 days ago
  • 6:33 talk about home field advantage

    TratsuTratsu4 days ago
  • OK

    t it i4 days ago
  • 擬態してんのまじ草

    高等種族である貴方へ、下等種族の私から一言、高等種族である貴方へ、下等種族の私から一言、4 days ago
  • not 1 soccer play... or ginobili's ? Bad compilation

    Agus BolchAgus Bolch5 days ago
  • 1:00 Wasn't really big brained, he admitted later he kicked it out of frustration cause he thought he cost the game.

    d4r7h3b3rd4r7h3b3r6 days ago
  • go pack go

    Edgar Allan PwnEdgar Allan Pwn6 days ago
  • everyone one knows that first play. It’s a known tactic, but that’s savage play tho

    Moon Jae-InMoon Jae-In6 days ago
  • the baseball one was insane

    Caden SCaden S7 days ago
  • Name 3 worse sports than Baseball, Basketball and American Football...? 🙈

    YippeKiYayMotherFkrYippeKiYayMotherFkr7 days ago
    • @YippeKiYayMotherFkr none of the sports i named require skill lol if u think american sports are easy try playing them cause they're a lot more difficult than kicking a ball and flopping

      Flamin' FunkyFlamin' Funky5 days ago
    • @Flamin' FunkyJust because a sport is slightly difficult and requires an element of skill doesn't make it bad. American sports all look really easy.

      YippeKiYayMotherFkrYippeKiYayMotherFkr6 days ago
    • soccer, rugby, and cricket

      Flamin' FunkyFlamin' Funky6 days ago
  • Blowing on a baseball is illegal. That wasn’t a smart play. If you kept the clip going then you’d see the batter went to first. It’s a very famous play

    David DrankaDavid Dranka7 days ago
  • I don't see the difference

    Nick DrydenNick Dryden7 days ago
  • 1:38 R.I.P headphone users

    Jimmy Neutrons DadJimmy Neutrons Dad7 days ago
  • Was that 1'000

    Kids showsKids shows7 days ago
  • The only two sports in history are football and baseball, apparently.

    GG7 days ago
  • This is confusing to me

    MendaaMendaa8 days ago
  • did yall forget theres more than three sports

    RomanMonte 05RomanMonte 058 days ago
  • Harvard is going to recruit these people .

    Brandon TrivinoBrandon Trivino8 days ago
  • Oh yes the only three sports in history: baseball, basketball and american football.

    Alvaro JiménezAlvaro Jiménez8 days ago
  • Dang lebron James is awesome😂

    Abbey CambaAbbey Camba8 days ago
  • I was waiting for that Chess Highlight, where the player does that really smart move for the checkmate.

    Me, Also MeMe, Also Me9 days ago
  • that last baseball one got me

    Abby AAbby A9 days ago
  • The thing about these “one billion IQ” videos is that they’re subjective to the producer and the producer is almost always an idiot

    Fake NameFake Name9 days ago
  • 2:36 More than finesse it was just mere greatness

    Jayson BourneJayson Bourne10 days ago
  • 1:34 "1000 IQ"? 😂😂 In rugby we call that an off load, they happen like 15 times every game 😂

    FleeBissFleeBiss10 days ago
  • I guess the NHL doesn't exist

    A. FelA. Fel10 days ago
  • All done

    H IH I10 days ago
  • 4:32 OOOOOOF

    Darth SizzleDarth Sizzle10 days ago
  • Europeans: This is just a bunch of American sports. Lmao silly Americans Rest of the world excluding Europe and South America: am I a joke to you?

    DukeDuke10 days ago
  • I am starting to watch foot ball.

    Pedro From RioPedro From Rio10 days ago
  • Me: What the hell is that guy on the thumbnail doing, I don’t wanna watch this Few seconds later Me: *watches it*

    Riot CakeRiot Cake10 days ago
  • 1000 i.q. hardly.

    Who DatWho Dat11 days ago
  • It's sad when average intelligence is touted as 1000 I.Q. .

    Bobby KBobby K11 days ago
  • So beautiful

    Jezreel SmithJezreel Smith11 days ago
  • 1:03 that was a legit ass soccer kick technique and everything lol

    Cesar HerreraCesar Herrera11 days ago
  • I pray anyone reading this becomes successful.

    Peter AlcanPeter Alcan11 days ago
  • Who else watching on October?

    Peter AlcanPeter Alcan11 days ago
  • Is this based on only 3 American sports?

    Matthew GilbertMatthew Gilbert11 days ago
  • Love in NFL they act as if an offload pass is absolutely incredible 😂😂

    P4DDY MUSICP4DDY MUSIC11 days ago
  • Best sports I have ever seen!

    Kel BransonKel Branson11 days ago
  • Eh! Where's the hockey?

    Matt StrainMatt Strain12 days ago
  • They were sweet plays but the lady one was wicked

    Among UsAmong Us12 days ago
  • Too much Lebron bs

    osamashatatosamashatat12 days ago
  • video is incomplete without MS DHONI

    Sheela SathianSheela Sathian12 days ago
  • Hes yeetin the glove with the ball

    The NurseThe Nurse12 days ago
  • yo this is not ok the title and the thumbnail is stole lol

    CJ - ariesCJ - aries12 days ago
  • No hockey 😢

    gitrdone2431gitrdone243112 days ago
  • The guy in the thumbnail: push lip

    StarsGoneEmptyStarsGoneEmpty12 days ago
  • Imagine if none of these plays worked

    niteNdayniteNday13 days ago
  • Risking his own life

    xMoxMo13 days ago
  • I cradled a guy from standing position during a wrestling match in high school. His stance was so low that his chest was touching his knees.....19 second pin!😁

    Jacob CasaliJacob Casali13 days ago
  • 0:39 the way he falls over is both brilliant and hilarious

    BaroonzOfficialBaroonzOfficial13 days ago
  • Peep

    RynelRynel13 days ago
  • Jojo reference 🤔???????????????😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Michail KindeMichail Kinde13 days ago
  • You did not find this video it found you. Thats a good thing u play sports.

    Jake FerrierJake Ferrier13 days ago
  • Whatever team wears an NFL jersey in Super Bowl 55 that is the same color as the end zone (if it’s the same color as the end zone) they better use that “camouflage” moment and run 100 yards down the end zone for a touch down.

    Who ?Who ?13 days ago
  • People get likes for saying random things so green milk

    Daily SpidaDaily Spida13 days ago
  • Who got this randomly on their recommendations?

    HelloItsVGHelloItsVG13 days ago
    • i did

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    • ye

      HiOnyXoHiOnyXo6 days ago
    • Me

      Jake RBLXJake RBLX7 days ago
    • Me lol

      Joshua GuinchoJoshua Guincho9 days ago
    • Me, but it was dope so I'm not complaining lol

      Swordchicken1Swordchicken19 days ago
  • Ah yes, how could I forget that America is the centre of the universe?

    Xinping DonohoeXinping Donohoe14 days ago
    • @Magnus Sankaran But yeah i get it

      UpsideDownUpsideDown11 days ago
    • @Magnus Sankaran True. True. Although, to be honest,football, basketball, and baseball do bring in the most money (other than soccer)

      UpsideDownUpsideDown11 days ago
    • @UpsideDown yeah but it happens that the rest of the word as a whole has most sports. Not a single clip here from football, either hockey, rugby, tennis (which is full of 1000 IQ plays) or any lesser known team sport

      Magnus SankaranMagnus Sankaran11 days ago
    • I mean... America does have the most sports...

      UpsideDownUpsideDown12 days ago
  • 1:01 get this man in the mls

    Shadow being030Shadow being03014 days ago
  • In the first one was it lebron james

    Ivy TIvy T14 days ago
  • Can somebody explain why the footballers have to keep it out of that area? Oh and whoever and if anyone ever helps thanks

    Austin TroutAustin Trout14 days ago
  • I still can’t believe the Seahawks threw the ball

    iKonic SkitsiKonic Skits14 days ago
  • Give me likes

  • Hii

    Daniel NasseredineDaniel Nasseredine14 days ago
  • that first basketball shot was amazing not only was it a 1,000 iq play but he also made the dunk

    Juice Wrld fanJuice Wrld fan15 days ago
  • Idk why I clicked on this. I hate sports

    Roblox ThingsRoblox Things15 days ago
  • There’s other sports than American football baseball and basketball ya know lol

    James BowenJames Bowen15 days ago
  • I dont know if this guy knows but football (soccer) is the most famous and played sport in the world and there isn’t even 1 clip about it...

    Eric LavalEric Laval15 days ago
  • In sprts history 😂

    Ted Erik!?onTed Erik!?on15 days ago

    Mecha Team LeaderMecha Team Leader15 days ago
  • Who loves the Buccaneers but doesn’t live in Tampa Bay

    Mecha Team LeaderMecha Team Leader15 days ago
  • 那個美式足球 我看不懂 有大大能幫忙指點嗎?

    【普洱茶師-瓅升】【普洱茶師-瓅升】15 days ago

    AluDuke OfficialAluDuke Official15 days ago
  • These guys are awesome👌

    Vivek SaliyaVivek Saliya15 days ago
  • This loves LeBron

    Henrey BoleHenrey Bole15 days ago