Wiegel’s New Boyfriend (feat. Kyle Dunnigan) - Full Episode - RENO 911!

May 18, 2020
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Deputy Wiegel’s new boyfriend, Craig Pullin, looks awfully similar to a police sketch of the Truckee River Killer.
About RENO 911!:
The brave men and women of the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department give you the 411 on the thin khaki line that keeps Reno, Nevada on the straight and narrow. Led by Lt. Jim Dangle, the officers of RENO 911! attempt to keep the streets safe - mainly from themselves.

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  • Is that the blonde that plays the mom in the Goldberg's?

    belly flopbelly flop11 days ago
  • 😄Trudy Weigel is priceless 😄❤

    Lennise FullerLennise Fuller27 days ago
  • 17:04 is the most underrated moment ever on this show.

    ApotheosisApotheosisMonth ago
  • “Oh jeezer “

    N. ApN. ApMonth ago
  • Kyle Dunnigan ... lol too funny

    Turin HorseTurin HorseMonth ago
  • gun it and run it lmaooo

    CodoneCodoneMonth ago
  • 14:40 camera man sighting

    Brown Recluse BearBrown Recluse BearMonth ago
  • 17:55 "Okay it is 28:00 hours-" 9:04 PM

    FiveIronKrabskiFiveIronKrabskiMonth ago
  • 14:40 caught ya camera man! (Mirror)

    FiveIronKrabskiFiveIronKrabskiMonth ago
  • “I got the death row blues”

    _Reeses Pieces_Reeses PiecesMonth ago
  • Lmao right off the rip

    Important VideosImportant VideosMonth ago
  • The entire skit about the novel about to burn in the fire killed me honestly.

    It's WazzupiddyIt's WazzupiddyMonth ago
  • One of my favorite shows back in high school, I used to binge this when I was stuck in the house and here I am again 💚

    Donny MazaratiDonny MazaratiMonth ago
  • "But,Craig's also just one of those weird little white people, who looks like a serial killer" Best part

    gopherhockey1973gopherhockey1973Month ago
  • 6:22 Pure mfn heat & 10:10, 11:26, 14:49 LMAO

    andola jacksonandola jacksonMonth ago
  • 🤔WEIRD, i luv Bloopers (aka Corpsing/Outtakes) often FUNNIER than show..BUT Reno's ONL Y show I DONT'; it's PERFECT as is and afraid they'd detract from it.

    1 Bad Jesus1 Bad JesusMonth ago
  • Big mike🤣🤣🤣

    DONT label me part of your partyDONT label me part of your partyMonth ago
  • Get better uniforms.

    Ronald MarcanoRonald MarcanoMonth ago
  • A commercial every 3 min...

    Nathan ThreeLeafNathan ThreeLeafMonth ago
  • Clementine was casual yet deadly at the same time

    Mic PowersMic PowersMonth ago
  • i like how he keeps saying the novel is on the second floor of what clearly appears to be a one story building.

    frodofragginsfrodofragginsMonth ago
  • Craig should have been a long term regular :)

    frodofragginsfrodofragginsMonth ago
  • 3:12 Did anyone notice that in one scenes junior is next to Dangle the next he is at the door?

    Twenty Shades NerdierTwenty Shades NerdierMonth ago
  • And then the state of Neveda killed one of those birds

    StereoSoundAgentStereoSoundAgentMonth ago
  • Jones & Garcia kill me

    Jacob MaslinJacob MaslinMonth ago
  • I wish someone loved me enough to tell me they would cut my head off and eat it if I wanted them to.

    Benji Van BBenji Van BMonth ago
  • Living in the Reno area makes this show even funnier to me

    Sean PeeblesSean PeeblesMonth ago
  • Fortunately for Reno PD, everyone in Nevada is a fucking idiot. Unfortunately so is the Reno PD.

    JeaIousJeaIousMonth ago
  • I've always like Wiegels hair. It's cute in a way.

    Joe SmoeJoe SmoeMonth ago
  • "Can i go first?" Loved that, i see myself being this kind of cop. Also, what happens when they open the box? I hear some say its meat alot.

    Nunya BusinessNunya BusinessMonth ago
  • Brenda I got $2 we can buy a poodle

    HawkHawkMonth ago
  • There is no second floor

    dmack47yodmack47yoMonth ago
  • So the Sparks police came over to my condo and they took a crown royal bag filled with chips & dollar coins, I had from my job as a waitress, from me! WTF!

    Anya CAnya CMonth ago
  • Thats the dude f ffg o Napoleon dynomigght investigate Detroit beheaded in 2019

    Philip DresslerPhilip DresslerMonth ago
  • Driving around a Chinese ms daisy in San Francisco was very revolution especially against disabilities white Republicans

    Philip DresslerPhilip DresslerMonth ago
  • I warned the of the technology revolution against the east coast

    Philip DresslerPhilip DresslerMonth ago
  • The socialist wanted to go after Democrats and make me a a disabilities casualty of war

    Philip DresslerPhilip DresslerMonth ago
  • Out west alway check underneath your car because ford socialist were blowing up caragies on markets street and band Republican socialist

    Philip DresslerPhilip DresslerMonth ago
  • Sarah snyder never uses hate speech and did have an east coast meat grinder education on disabilities

    Philip DresslerPhilip DresslerMonth ago
  • Seriously serial killer dont use slurs in America because they know youbat the peace rallies and during censor ship hearing and their formula is wearing you down and pointing out your faults in America and half of them are white Muslim servants or serial killers

    Philip DresslerPhilip DresslerMonth ago
  • My dad did say not to buy a meet grinder or SUICIDE Democrats will make you eat them

    Philip DresslerPhilip DresslerMonth ago
  • Have you for ever for art and my new ho

    Philip DresslerPhilip DresslerMonth ago
  • Its the best shes going to do in her life

    Philip DresslerPhilip DresslerMonth ago
  • *Death Leprechaun* 🍀

    Julie Christine BramlettJulie Christine BramlettMonth ago
  • noticed you have your own meat grinder there... 🧐

    Julie Christine BramlettJulie Christine BramlettMonth ago
  • "Man that's my comb table man" 😂

    Dominic VegaDominic VegaMonth ago
  • I like how they bleep out "God" from "God Dammit". And "Jerk" from "Jerk-off".

    MusicalSavior23MusicalSavior23Month ago
  • I love Reno 911.....but how many f-ing commercials does USkeys think is appropriate to make people watch for a 21 minute show? One commercial every 2 minutes is NOT cool, USkeys. Seriously!

    Alex TsahalisAlex TsahalisMonth ago
  • Missed this show.

    Mike StrongMike StrongMonth ago
  • Reno 911 has always been genius on a different level. They actually use street names from the city and reference local landmarks like the Truckee River and neighboring Sparks county. Incredible.

    Pirate PropertyPirate PropertyMonth ago
  • *"...I feel like...I might make it another year."* [BIG smile]

    Muff DiverMuff DiverMonth ago
  • Yo, that's Kyle Dunnigan as the unabomber!

    JoneshingJoneshingMonth ago
  • just one of those little weird white people that look like a serial killer

    NovaleeNovaleeMonth ago
  • the cops bought a nazi flag today!

  • "Dont ..t.touch the box."

    Brian YoungBrian YoungMonth ago
  • No one will say it....so i will............Trudy's sexy

  • omg so perfect! best show ever 🙌✨

    JustGnoJustGnoMonth ago
  • I’m dying in the first 18 seconds because I’ve lived in Reno for many years and the accuracy of south Virginia and Peckham is 100% they do their research

    Jess MJess MMonth ago
  • " can I get your number?" Ya just call 911. Lmfao

    AngAngMonth ago
  • 19:48 When she grabs your phone and “University Blvd Hospital” text’s :: “I really missed you this week, you gonna come by Friday night babe😘🥰??”

    Arnabi ArnabArnabi ArnabMonth ago
  • You got coffee nose!

    Dan RiellyDan RiellyMonth ago
  • Check out the new episodes on Quibi.

    Jennifer LynnJennifer LynnMonth ago
  • I'm actually a fan of Lt. Dangle's leather jacket. He kept it so long it's back in style.

    MsSphinx91MsSphinx91Month ago
  • 👍🏽👍🏽

    Tommy JohnsonTommy JohnsonMonth ago
  • This is one of my favorite episodes.

    Keldon McFarlandKeldon McFarlandMonth ago
  • Trudy is my favorite character.

    Flying CupcakeFlying CupcakeMonth ago
  • Kyle Dunnigan's instagram is marvelous. His Trump videos are hilarious.

    Sgt BakerSgt BakerMonth ago
  • Oh great, a Kyle.

    Andrea Dawn LayneAndrea Dawn LayneMonth ago
  • Craig’s also just one of those little weird white people, yknow, that looks like a serial killer.

    Andrew NAndrew NMonth ago
  • lol that intro scene was so good

    James KJames KMonth ago
  • Classic

    7DS7DSMonth ago
  • I can't tell if Craig and Trudy sneaking by in the background at 18:25 was in character or not. If it wasn't, why didn't they start on the other side? If it was, why didn't they notice the others as they walked by?

    Aaron FanninAaron FanninMonth ago
  • This show is so stupid I love it lmaooooo!!!

    JT StringerJT StringerMonth ago
  • I wish I had a murderer who wanted to kill me so I don't have to kill myself

    radnukespeoplesmindsradnukespeoplesmindsMonth ago
  • 17:09 i laughed so hard at this

    Joseph PetersonJoseph PetersonMonth ago
  • Trudy was looking pretty good in her sexy time outfit, right? 😄

    Ivan JohnsonIvan JohnsonMonth ago
  • Lol at 18:26 you can see Trudy and Craig run to the kitchen in the background!

    girl interruptedgirl interruptedMonth ago
  • “2 little r****s sitting in a tree” I love this era when people didn’t get offended and comments weren’t taken so serious

    IzzyPChibaIzzyPChibaMonth ago
    • Pretty sure they bleeped r-tards recently. It was all good 10+ years ago

      Patrick GlaserPatrick GlaserMonth ago
    • @A Friendly Hobo Boomer is the newest phrase.

      CrazyeightsCrazyeightsMonth ago
    • People say this every decade. But it just aint true. Just like "Kid these days have no respect". Has been happening since ancient times.

      A Friendly HoboA Friendly HoboMonth ago
  • Damn the writing on this show was great.

    The Children In MenThe Children In MenMonth ago
  • For real best police work in the whole series

    mikhal that badass last name i forgptmikhal that badass last name i forgptMonth ago