Jun 25, 2020
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  • Who stayed till the very end and seen that last clip😂

    Yadira Gaytan TapiaYadira Gaytan Tapia2 days ago
  • Y’all better make that video lol it’d be fun all y’all hanging in LA

    Katie CarrascoKatie Carrasco11 days ago
  • 4:21😂

    fidelia hodgsonfidelia hodgson17 days ago
  • When your sister said “I want it to be a girl so she can be like me” I was like girl it’s not going to be you baby it’s going to be Alondras and bennys not yours so you are not going to dress her

    Jocelyn JasmineJocelyn Jasmine18 days ago
  • Lil sis be taking care of brother making sure he eats his food..

    Tasha CtobabyTasha Ctobaby21 day ago

    votcuhシvotcuhシ21 day ago
  • Ayeee pull up to LA !!! MEET AND GREET OR WAHH

    Xitlalic FijarXitlalic Fijar21 day ago
  • The burrito standing like:👁️👄👁️ "bruh"

    Michelle RdzMichelle Rdz23 days ago
  • I'm drunk asf wat hung this and Benny's burrito standing straight up is funny asf😂😂😭

    JoslynnJoslynn24 days ago
  • OMG you and alondra so me and my hunny and now I find out his name is andy dude that's my hunnys name too Andrew and I call him Andy. 😭

    Diane NelsonDiane Nelson26 days ago
  • Benny you gonna eat that ? because I’m kind of hungry 😐

    Michelle SicairosMichelle Sicairos26 days ago
  • Bennys mom reminds me of my Suegra ♥️ love her

    Michelle SicairosMichelle Sicairos26 days ago
  • Your moms hair is always on point!! 🤩

    Alex PerezAlex Perez26 days ago
  • Lmao why’d you do your grandma like that 😭😭😭😭

    Julissa HigueraJulissa Higuera27 days ago
  • Yoo am I trippin or is Benny wearing eyeshadow?

    Yanncy AyalaYanncy Ayala27 days ago
  • love when you have your mom and sister in your videos missed them

    Yesenia FariasYesenia Farias28 days ago
  • Your videos are too short bro! Come on we’re in quarantine! Don’t you care about us 😭😫 Cashapp: aaaah got yo ass I don’t have one 🙈🐸😂😅

    Stephanie S. CastilloStephanie S. Castillo28 days ago
  • the sound effect when he bit the burrito took me out 😭😂😂

    mellzmellzMonth ago
  • Ariana 🤣 "can you just take a bite of your burrito"

    GiovanavyGiovanavyMonth ago
  • No wonder I hear moms and grams calling you “Andy” I’m here like where’s the video behind the name finally you say something About it ,Benny not only chipotle lagging but you too foo, lol love watching your videos and alos too ❤️

    Mac MendozaMac MendozaMonth ago
  • Lmao Ariana's like boyyyy if you don't take a bite of that damn burrito

    Jessi WilliamsJessi WilliamsMonth ago
  • Hello Benny or whomever may be reading this, I am emailing you today to help educate you and prevent you from getting the “cancel culture” experience. Now in your songs, you tend to use the N-Word. As an African American viewer of your channel, I’m quite disappointed. Instead of typing hateful comments below your videos or sending threats, I rather educate you. The N-Word, thé real word as Negros, was used back in the day by white males, to call someone black. Instead of now using the appropriate term, African American, they would use the word negros and mullatto. After being freed from slavery, Caucasian people would still use the word, but in a harsher way “Nigger”. Now that is the word still used today by many ignorant racist Caucasian people. Rappers changed up the word into “Nigga” to try to change that degrading word into something a bit more positive. It’s like taking the word from the oppressor to show them that you have the power again. And it has worked, why? Because that word is exclusively used for African Americans who use it as. Way of calling another “brother” their homie. Although I am African American, I don’t like using either of those words, because of its original meaning, I personally don’t think African American people should say it anyways but eh. Although what I do agree on is for Caucasian people, anyone who isn’t of African American descent to use the word, whatsoever. Yea you’re probably not trying to use it in its racist form, or to degrease another race, but thrust is, that is what you are doing. I don’t care, and neither would other people care, that you’ve been around black peoples that have used it all the time, or you grew up in “the hood”. It is still not acceptable for you to use. If you do blow up, one day, and when people find out you’ve been using the n-word in your songs, I’m pretty sure the cancel culture is going to come at you and instead of educating you, they will hurtfully bash you. So please, you don’t have to issue an apology (but that would be a great thing to do), but I do beg you to not use the word anymore. I am a fan of your content, but I am not a fan of you using the N-Word in your songs. So please refrain from ever using it again, or else people will see you as a closest racist and I’m pretty sure that’s not how you’d like to be perceived as. P.S: IF ANYONE ELSE IS READING THIS WHO ISNT BENNY, IT'S JUST THAT I WANTED TO PUT THIS OUT THERE SO MAYBE IT WILL GET FORWARD TO HIM! Thank you, Sincerely a genuinely fan that’s just trying to educate you. -Vanessa

    Vanessa AlodieVanessa AlodieMonth ago
  • 🤮🤮🤮

    Dani711ableDani711ableMonth ago
  • Freaking burrito standing on it's own and shit wish my food did

    Cassandraa .DqafCassandraa .DqafMonth ago
  • You dont even dress your self up lol

    The Hernandez CrewThe Hernandez CrewMonth ago
  • 11:03?

    itsashleygisellitsashleygisellMonth ago
  • Justice for Vanessa Guillen

    Justice ForAllJustice ForAllMonth ago
  • It looks like Alo ex tres mom liked her more then bennys mom 🤪 she done messed that up..... I liked alo better with tre Benny seems annoyed by Alo lmaooooooooo😂

    Ivy RamirezIvy RamirezMonth ago
  • Bennys mom is so pretty

    SashaSashaMonth ago
  • Nobody is all crazy about a new gf, they don’t know her personality yet, but once they know her better they will love her !!

    Nadine PaulinoNadine PaulinoMonth ago
  • Ariana is so beautiful, growing up 😿

    Nadine PaulinoNadine PaulinoMonth ago
  • Bennie sister made my ass want a burrito 🌯 ASAP!

    Asia PatrickAsia PatrickMonth ago
  • Benny looks JUST like his MAMA ❤️

    Martha RamirezMartha RamirezMonth ago

    Doll LiesDoll LiesMonth ago
  • Benny burrito 🌯: * 👁 👄 👁

    Olivia DelarosaOlivia DelarosaMonth ago
  • Sooooo how is the trip going to happen in LA since California is shut down??

    Aidan D. McCauleyAidan D. McCauleyMonth ago
  • I feel like alondra likes better tre's mom over Benny's cause Benny's mom kinda seem jealous of alondra

    Hinnamie GarciaHinnamie GarciaMonth ago
  • Bennys eyes looking dark just like tres eyes were 🤔

    Jess JessJess JessMonth ago
  • Dude I miss your mom and fam on your videos!!!

    Giselle AguilarGiselle AguilarMonth ago
  • Ariannas old video striked me out 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Brendee 310Brendee 310Month ago
  • Me watching Benny at 1 am hungry Bc Of the burritos 🥺

    Geraldine HernándezGeraldine HernándezMonth ago
  • "I gotta be a strong Bitch" MOOOOD!!😩😂

    Bernice RamosBernice RamosMonth ago
  • Your sister seems so niceee and sweet 😻🥺

    Estrella QEstrella QMonth ago
  • Benny honestly is getting kind of lame doing the alondra question just chill with your fak in quarantine

    Prissy ChannelPrissy ChannelMonth ago
  • is your sister the girl on the target commercial cuz she looks just LIKE HER!

    Sydney ElizabethSydney ElizabethMonth ago
  • ❤ so happy you started getting noticed fast! You deserve it

    jay Rangeljay RangelMonth ago
  • Benny’s family is amazing..I’m sad he moved away from them, because he seems so close to them and I feel like Alondra will take him from them...and his sister and mom will be really hurt...I know how Ariana feels that her brother moved away...I really hope he stays the same with her and always chooses her over anyone...i hope he never changes

    Hazell GarciaHazell GarciaMonth ago
  • me looking at benny’s sis eat her burrito 👁👄👁

    Lizette NativiLizette NativiMonth ago
  • 9:43 SAME GIRL SAMEEE!!😂😂😂😂

    graybles Sincresasgraybles SincresasMonth ago
  • Who else sits their burrito like Benny? 🙋🏻‍♀️🤣🤣

    Samantha NavasSamantha NavasMonth ago
  • Your mom is so pretty 😍

    Mckayla SolorioMckayla SolorioMonth ago
  • it probably seems like Bennys mom doesn't like Alondra because ALLLLL Mexican moms don't like their sons gf lol Mexican moms never think a girl/woman is good enough for their son and im Mexican so don't @ me

    Lo KllggLo KllggMonth ago
    • My ex boyfriends mom, they’re from Mexico did brujeria on my ex & I. I realized how crazy some Mexican mothers and the sisters are. Sooooo much drama I feel so relieved that I don’t have to deal with that anymore

      bellabella8 days ago
    • Well let me tell you , i am Albanian and i‘m married for 4 years now and still couldn’t get my In laws to like me and their daughter so it’s a whole package of dislikes... So Albanian people are really hard to impress too 🤦🏻‍♀️😩

      Yetta KosovoYetta KosovoMonth ago
    • Am a mother 2 boys and I honestly feel I can't trust a girl for my boys.

      Isabel CardosoIsabel CardosoMonth ago
    • I’m Mexican too and I don’t think i can agree my momma liked my brothers ex girlfriend & my boyfriends mom always introduces me as her daughter in law and always invites me to trips lol .

      Jenn NeriJenn NeriMonth ago
  • I SCREAMED WHEN I SEEN THE PICTURE OF ED 😂😂 i love you Benny 💕

    Fernanda UrbinaFernanda UrbinaMonth ago
  • “Who callin my baby daddy” 😂😂 I died omgggg

    KylieKylieMonth ago
  • Benny can you cut your hair already

    Vanessa BarronVanessa BarronMonth ago
  • Aww your mom reminds me of my mom she also cries after i leave her house when i visit. 😞 i dont really like chipotle i like rubios and so excited to watch the air bnb family gathering its gonna be a good one i already know! I like these q&a's with mom and sis. 👍

    Paloma ZavalaPaloma ZavalaMonth ago
  • his mom has no opinion cause she knows she cant say nothing without anyone hating . 😭 i mean Alo cant cook for shit what kind of mom wants his son to be with a female that is only there for the goodlooks SMH

    Leyla BrownLeyla BrownMonth ago
  • If this is how they're gonna be like to Alondra then shiiiiit, Alondra you might have to sit at another table at gatherings cause sis, they might be jealous. 😳😮😂😂😂 if I was them I def would be. 😂👏

    rouy babrouy babMonth ago
  • me: *hasnt eaten all day bc of work* *stares at the burritos the whole time*

    dee gsanchezdee gsanchezMonth ago
  • Andy, sorry Benny. When you have your family on your channel, I feel like I'm watching my family, sometimes I feel like if I'm looking at a DoubleDangger (sorry, I don't know how to spell it) Because almost everyone (Mom, Sis, Abuelita, ect) acts just like mine. Especially the talking loud or all at ones. You have such a beautiful family, please give your Mom, your Sister and your beautiful Abuelita a big hug anr kiss for me. Que Dios los Bendiga and keep ya'll safe from all this bull shit. Love you guys. Chaõ

    Dulce AmayaDulce AmayaMonth ago
  • Such a cute family ❤️❤️

    Ezra RodriguezEzra RodriguezMonth ago
  • LMAO , they aint gonna last

    Leyla BrownLeyla BrownMonth ago
    • lmfaoo hater alert

      whatitdooobayyybewhatitdooobayyybe17 days ago
  • bennys mom saying alos shy me like "is she though? " lol 🤔

    Alejandra PonceAlejandra PonceMonth ago
    • she cant opinion

      Leyla BrownLeyla BrownMonth ago
  • LOL you can tell bennys mom is like whatever about Alo 😂😕

    Cee CCee CMonth ago
    • She’s probably like there’ll be another, 😂😂😂

      Amanda V.Amanda V.9 days ago
  • Bennys mom “no no I’m a bad bitch I don’t cry”

    Jocelyn AriasJocelyn AriasMonth ago
  • Alondra should upload a video doing your sisters makeupp🥰🥰

    Jani BreaJani BreaMonth ago
  • Did he just use Mariaestellas audio when they mention his lil sisters hair being done

    Kyra SandovalKyra SandovalMonth ago
  • Your sister loves you so much 😥😭❤️

    Zafiro GuerreroZafiro GuerreroMonth ago
  • Ur mom doesn’t look old like at all!

  • I missed your family!!!

    Rosie MunozRosie MunozMonth ago
  • Oooo you already know that LA video👀👀

    Alyssa LopezzzAlyssa LopezzzMonth ago
  • Love this

    Alyssa LopezzzAlyssa LopezzzMonth ago
  • The fact that he is almost at a mill is so exciting for him. Get it Benny. Been following since way way back. Bay Area famous

    Scarlett FloresScarlett FloresMonth ago
  • omg that’s so cool that your family calls you by your middle name and everyone else by your first name because same here I thought I was the only one 😂

    Betsy HernandezBetsy HernandezMonth ago
  • It's funny how everyone starts with an A specially Benny's ex & current girlfriend

    Brenda OrtizBrenda OrtizMonth ago

    Mrs PerezMrs PerezMonth ago
  • LA with all tha batos

    daniela lopezdaniela lopezMonth ago
  • Why his mom seems that she doesn’t want grandkids lol like she seems annoyed about the question 🥺she dint even respond they cut it :(

    • Bc she feels that Benny isn’t ready for that any time soon. Boy moms tend to have a hard time letting go of their sons

      Nayeli RosalesNayeli RosalesMonth ago
  • I love your family 🙌🏻

    Celly GCelly GMonth ago
  • when his mom said you hungry 😂😂

    Jade SteckJade SteckMonth ago
  • I just noticed Bennys tat with Arianas name 🥺 too cute!

    Melissa GutierrezMelissa GutierrezMonth ago
  • Dude his mom literally looks like the bride of chucky but in a bit in a good way 😆

    Dulce ReyesDulce ReyesMonth ago
  • Benny’s sister is me pouring the jalapeño tabasco bottle on my chipotle 😂

    Jasmine RodriguezJasmine RodriguezMonth ago
  • Miss these types of videos. Do you plan on cutting your hair?

    Lina RodriguezLina RodriguezMonth ago
  • Lol when his mom said “she’s a lil shy a lil shy” it reminded me of my boyfriends mom. I’m sooo shy.

    Drea & TriDrea & TriMonth ago
  • Love ur mom shes cool !!!!!

    susana floressusana floresMonth ago
  • I’ve been watching your video since you used to hang out with evettexo and them. Your family vids were fun to watch , video ideas are great, now that I see you and how far you’ve come, it’s a proud and good feeling your followers have for you. Go head with your bad self “Annndy”(your gramma’s voice) lol

    Veronica VegaVeronica VegaMonth ago
  • I love your mom ❤️❤️❤️

    momma j's worldmomma j's worldMonth ago
  • What's your body count... : - 1

    Cleo RobertsonCleo RobertsonMonth ago
  • 😂 burrito straight chillin

    Guadalupe PinaGuadalupe PinaMonth ago

    Breany _xoBreany _xoMonth ago
  • Lowkey why he look like a got black eyeshadow?benny?

    Orozco FamilyOrozco FamilyMonth ago
  • Benny looks exta wedo or is that just me lol

    Alicia GarciaAlicia GarciaMonth ago
  • Why u have the mask on ur face n u not using it just take it off dumb..

    Orozco FamilyOrozco FamilyMonth ago
  • “I got to be strong bitch” 😂😂

    Aniana .IAniana .IMonth ago
  • I love your family🥺

    Stephanie HernandezStephanie HernandezMonth ago
  • Lol the Friday scene 😂😂

    Rocio ChaconRocio ChaconMonth ago
  • I can not watch this while I am hungry 🥴🥴I really now be craving chipotle

    valerie sanchezvalerie sanchezMonth ago
  • The hype Benny gives his lil sis 🥺🥺🥺

    valerie sanchezvalerie sanchezMonth ago
  • Benny is the best big brother ❤️ 😢

    Vanessa MelendezVanessa MelendezMonth ago