Sep 13, 2020
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I surprised my friends with willy Wonka!!
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    Ben AzelartBen Azelart5 days ago
    • Done. Keep up the good work Ben

      Kayaan PillayKayaan Pillay3 days ago
    • We love u 2

      #donutsquad#donutsquad4 days ago
    • done 🥰

      audrey haudrey h4 days ago
    • Done

      احمد عمراحمد عمر4 days ago
    • Done I hope o win it

      Juanita PerezJuanita Perez4 days ago
  • ✅ done

    Maribel RangelMaribel Rangel12 seconds ago
  • DONE AND YOU ARE Literally the best bc you are so funny I love how you copped Brent lol

    Coco Mango :DCoco Mango :D3 minutes ago
  • Done

    Amellia MurphyAmellia Murphy3 minutes ago
  • Done

    Mahesh DesaiMahesh Desai5 minutes ago
  • Done

    L I L IL I L I7 minutes ago
  • I really wish I could meet and marry willy wonker

    Tiffany BowdenTiffany Bowden8 minutes ago
  • Done,subscribed and turned on post notifications

    Cosmo TodayCosmo Today10 minutes ago
  • Done

    Dondra Hedden EdwardsDondra Hedden Edwards15 minutes ago
  • hiiiii

    Angela FiorenzaAngela Fiorenza16 minutes ago
  • done

    Lorraine IndaLorraine Inda18 minutes ago
  • At first I thought brent was dressed up as willywanka but then he was sitting in the couch Me:😱😱holy moly

    Sarayu PraveenSarayu Praveen18 minutes ago
  • Done

    Lee hong zhengLee hong zheng19 minutes ago
  • im not a simp sooooo... i wont like or subscribe sorry

    Txunamy LuTxunamy Lu19 minutes ago
  • All this is funny

    Its_Lucia 4Its_Lucia 420 minutes ago
  • O} {

    Miglė GorytėMiglė Gorytė21 minute ago
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    Raheel AramRaheel Aram25 minutes ago
  • done

    victoria durzivictoria durzi27 minutes ago
  • I did all done!

    London LedbetterLondon Ledbetter34 minutes ago
  • Done

    Diavanni MontoyaDiavanni Montoya35 minutes ago
  • Can anyone tell me what song that was at the beginning because it sounds good

    Diavanni MontoyaDiavanni Montoya35 minutes ago
  • Done

    Jordan ViljoenJordan Viljoen41 minute ago
  • Face reveal of silly wonka

    Sion AlbarianSion Albarian42 minutes ago
  • DONE

    Summer-Louise BoltonSummer-Louise Bolton43 minutes ago
  • I Love you

    Enais MbangoEnais Mbango44 minutes ago
  • I’m not a simp so I’m not subbing

    Mr flammes For uMr flammes For u48 minutes ago
  • '' done"

    Ivan BartolovićIvan Bartolović50 minutes ago
  • Done

    Hayley NewallHayley Newall50 minutes ago
  • Done

    Adama Jallow-FayeAdama Jallow-Faye54 minutes ago
  • My name is chloe too

    Cinderella SupportCinderella SupportHour ago
  • done

    Nanthini RubanNanthini RubanHour ago
  • Done and supskraib

    Munir HodzaMunir HodzaHour ago
  • Done

    Rimas HorseRimas HorseHour ago
  • Willy 👅

    heather clarkeheather clarkeHour ago
  • Definitely link up I don’t think it’s the real one

    Lena RoseLena RoseHour ago
  • Done ✅

    BTS armyBTS armyHour ago
  • Done

    Rashed Gamer222Rashed Gamer222Hour ago
  • done

    Emily DicksonEmily DicksonHour ago
  • "Done" I love Willy Wonka on Tik Tok!! Ben I love your channel and your friends channel's!!

    Shelly RaynerShelly RaynerHour ago
  • done

    Gareth YipGareth YipHour ago
  • Done good job man

    Pickle The dinosaurPickle The dinosaurHour ago
  • ben plz say the last comment which i have send to you before . plz say to this brent and lexi . plz huge fan of them also plz . your friend amrit vardan

  • We’re done

    {Moonshadow Gacha}{Moonshadow Gacha}Hour ago
  • Done

    Liliane FaustinLiliane FaustinHour ago
  • Done

    Thirthanaa MithraThirthanaa MithraHour ago
  • I really want to meet Willy wonky in person

    Ayesha WadeeAyesha WadeeHour ago
  • Done :)

    Jorja McHenryJorja McHenry2 hours ago
  • Done !

    Chandre LenieveChandre Lenieve2 hours ago
  • Bexi TwT

    [Micheal Afton][Micheal Afton]2 hours ago
  • Done

    Eda Seguiro Life VlogEda Seguiro Life Vlog2 hours ago
  • Done

    Ibrahim ChohanIbrahim Chohan2 hours ago
  • Or. Swear

    Boi BanyaBoi Banya2 hours ago
  • Done

    Princess DianaPrincess Diana2 hours ago
  • done

    Maryjane SchornickMaryjane Schornick2 hours ago
  • im done

    Miwan HaidarMiwan Haidar2 hours ago
  • Done

    shikin hanafiahshikin hanafiah2 hours ago
  • done love your channel

    me hopefully winsme hopefully wins2 hours ago
  • Done

    Armaan SethArmaan Seth2 hours ago
  • Done DOneeee

    Jessica darkJessica dark2 hours ago
  • The Rerl

    fiona savanifiona savani2 hours ago
  • Done!

    Jahia martinsJahia martins2 hours ago
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    Cutie SquadsCutie Squads2 hours ago
  • Done

    Doctor FreddieBearDoctor FreddieBear2 hours ago
  • Doneeeeeee

    Zeta FountiZeta Founti2 hours ago
  • Done

    Collin GovenderCollin Govender2 hours ago
  • Nobody: Brent: spends a lot of money to costume make things for pranks so that we enjoy them more 🥺😭

    Chi TsingChi Tsing2 hours ago
  • I’m done

  • Done

    Laura SarmientoLaura Sarmiento3 hours ago
  • Done

    Amy BlavkAmy Blavk3 hours ago
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    Theresia MouawadTheresia Mouawad3 hours ago
  • Well even though this fake I still like willy wonka so....😁

    Cool Guyz StuffCool Guyz Stuff3 hours ago
  • DONE

    Peace RopPeace Rop3 hours ago
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    Meggan RollinsMeggan Rollins3 hours ago
  • Done I subscribe

    Ranjini SrisenaRanjini Srisena3 hours ago
  • Hi Ben i am New to this channel and I what really like $500

    Robbie GruberRobbie Gruber3 hours ago
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    David SinclairDavid Sinclair3 hours ago
  • Done 💕

    KittyKatKareKittyKatKare3 hours ago
  • Who is scrolling thru the comments and watching

    God gamerGod gamer3 hours ago
  • Done

    chase vertulfochase vertulfo3 hours ago
  • DONE!!!!!

    Leteia CornwallLeteia Cornwall3 hours ago
  • Done.youguys make the best videos

    Kudzai KajeseKudzai Kajese3 hours ago
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    Gianna Gonzales-ChapmanGianna Gonzales-Chapman3 hours ago
  • Done

    Krisha GolechhaKrisha Golechha3 hours ago
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    Aroha NgaauAroha Ngaau3 hours ago
  • Done really like your vids

    Jordyn HarrisJordyn Harris3 hours ago
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    marion dempseymarion dempsey3 hours ago
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    Hayley StapelbergHayley Stapelberg3 hours ago
  • Done

    Jorge TorrezsJorge Torrezs3 hours ago
  • The best is....... Willy Wonka I I I I I I V

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    Sue OliverSue Oliver3 hours ago
  • Done

    queen_kelis kpqueen_kelis kp3 hours ago
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    Bryce LemmenBryce Lemmen3 hours ago
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    Rose KisnerRose Kisner4 hours ago
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    Thato MbaliThato Mbali4 hours ago
  • Hi

    Jayden LozanoJayden Lozano4 hours ago
  • Hi im Huia i follow willy wonker😄😄😄😁😁😁

    Chad StewartChad Stewart4 hours ago
  • Donee x

    Coco. BlissCoco. Bliss4 hours ago
  • Done

    BigleestanBigleestan4 hours ago
  • So a slip in slide is just a tarp,water and dish soap

    Snazzydash737Snazzydash7374 hours ago
  • done! oh and my little sister is turning 4 in November and she loves the song savage love by jason and it would mean the world to me if she can get a shout out on your channel plzzz her name is averie

    Laela ThurlowLaela Thurlow4 hours ago