Asuelu's Sister Tries To Fight Kalani! | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Sep 25, 2020
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Asuelu's family is angry because he refuses to give them more money. They meet up with Kalani to talk about but things go wrong.
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  • Kalani would win tho, let’s be honest 😳

    La Luna MoonLa Luna Moon2 hours ago
  • Hmm... it seems like they're trying to pressure Asuelu to give them all his money, but when he can't bc he has to support his wife and child, they're saying Kalani and her parents should jump in more... which to me, seems like it will ultimately lead to them sticking their hands in Kalani's parents' pockets. And they're willing to hold Asuelu and the baby as hostages for a ransom... Truly despicable.

    Mr. Sleepytime TMr. Sleepytime T3 hours ago
  • Kalani and asuelu could have worked harder to help asuelu,s mom. Kalani is so greedy to think that by giving your Inlaws money is a problem. Asuelu is their son and kalani left American men to go marry an immature man .They are lazy .its not free money, its their son. Kalani mother talks down Asuelu. KALANI,s mom should back off.

    Florence NdiFlorence Ndi16 hours ago
  • I didnt know thats how samoans were

    Jo FaleJo Fale18 hours ago
  • Do they not know about leave and cleave? “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh.” He leaves the family that raised him to raise HIS family.

    A Shady Queen named NiqueA Shady Queen named NiqueDay ago
  • Dispite their tradition the wife and kids must come first. Help family when you can afford to and they should understand that. Native way family is important but they are also sensible. Besides his mom should want him to put wife and especially kids first and accept what he can give when he can give it. They are being completely selfish not even thinking of the kids.

    Dwight AndersonDwight AndersonDay ago
  • If he works he can help but he dont even helps his own wive and kids

    Real TalkReal TalkDay ago
  • How low some family members can be.

    princess laa laaprincess laa laa2 days ago
  • Tammy sucks 😂

    Kim MagalonaKim Magalona2 days ago
  • Wow, his sister is out to lunch. Why doesn't she get a job as a bouncer or wrestler?🤔

    Monique MosleyMonique Mosley2 days ago
  • I think that certain cultures or countries don’t realize how much money and how expensive it is to live in America. They don’t realize how much for taxes etc etc . But this family is truly delusional about their expectations and they’re crazy. I can’t believe the sister was literally lunging at her from behind and looked so enraged, I was they lost their cash cow. They must have living the High life before her son got married

    Shaneya SaleemShaneya Saleem2 days ago
  • Both their families are toxic, in different ways....

    Kiki 81Kiki 813 days ago
  • Hunger strike 🤣🤣🤣

    Bridget AllenBridget Allen3 days ago
  • Asuelu is effin dumb too. Run sis.

    Hirumi MiyashiroHirumi Miyashiro3 days ago
  • Run sis

    Hirumi MiyashiroHirumi Miyashiro3 days ago
  • money money money

    Hirumi MiyashiroHirumi Miyashiro3 days ago
  • So disgusting

    Hirumi MiyashiroHirumi Miyashiro3 days ago
  • not being funny if there was a fight kalani would knock her tf out.

    s e r a p h i n a . u n i t ys e r a p h i n a . u n i t y3 days ago
  • "When I see you in gonna beat you up!" Ummmm, you see her now but are not beating her up lol

    krapp78krapp783 days ago
  • A son should help his mother she raised him.

    Jazzy ZJazzy Z3 days ago
  • His sister and mother are so ugly, greedy, and selfish. I would disown them forever..

    Jessica GregurichJessica Gregurich3 days ago
  • Selfish

    •• Sam •••• Sam ••4 days ago
  • Asuelo needs to grow up and be a man

    Cassia FernandesCassia Fernandes4 days ago
  • Wow Asuelo family is all about money. How selfish is that.

    Cassia FernandesCassia Fernandes4 days ago
  • She needs to get away from this immature bunch. Wtf. Who would win a fight ? Really

    Hal BassHal Bass5 days ago
  • Lmao just 🤦🏻‍♂️ I feel for kalani

    Bradley Poe - LauluBradley Poe - Laulu5 days ago
  • Kalani don't give the old lady money at all. She's disrespectful and very rude like my roommate

    Evelyn LyimoEvelyn Lyimo5 days ago
  • Why don't YOU help YOUR family,girl???

    Nusrat JahanNusrat Jahan5 days ago
  • He mad

    Marieliz DeLeon MartinezMarieliz DeLeon Martinez5 days ago
  • yall should sit down

    Marieliz DeLeon MartinezMarieliz DeLeon Martinez5 days ago
  • I feel for Kalani❤️

    Marcella ReedtMarcella Reedt5 days ago
  • His sister needs to get slapped

    Ikiequent .kIkiequent .k6 days ago
  • What am I seeing? Is this 😧

    rahel wondemnherahel wondemnhe6 days ago
  • Kalani should just beats asuelu to end tatz nite LOL🙄

    Susie BongSusie Bong6 days ago
  • Y’all I would pay to see Tammy gets beated up like shut the fuck up her words doesn’t make sense

    Aisha KhaledAisha Khaled7 days ago
  • wAiT tILL i SeE yOu i'M gOnNa BeAt YoU uP!

    Maria TugagaMaria Tugaga7 days ago
  • Awwe I feel sorry for Kalani. The sister was so annoying. 😂 Kalani why didn't you turn around and punch her?

    Avery-Crystal BraelynAvery-Crystal Braelyn7 days ago
  • I conna pead you up...

    Jone RavituJone Ravitu8 days ago
  • I said it once I'll say it again, Tammy looks like her head game is wild

    Just FitJust Fit8 days ago
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 strong jaw

      chelsea reyeschelsea reyes6 days ago
  • Actually in our culture we have to support our parents but my parents only waits and not force us to gve if we don't have they're not rude as this people

    Lyn sapetin_08Lyn sapetin_088 days ago
  • This mother and daughter team are $$ signs! 😢 They can ask help but not impose....

    Jen BatanJen Batan8 days ago
  • Crazy people

    Zec HiaZec Hia8 days ago
  • "I don't think you understand, I'd fucking beat you up" 😂😂😂😂

    Katie JeanKatie Jean8 days ago
  • They did her wrong with that thumbnail

    la matrakala matraka8 days ago
  • Tammy is disgusting

    Lee Hyun JooLee Hyun Joo9 days ago
  • Nothing bothers this guy he just has a relaxed attitude, even if bombs were falling around him

    Keyaan MiahKeyaan Miah9 days ago
  • Why did she marry this broke Bum

    Jess CJess C9 days ago
  • "I want to take back my son to do his duty as before" *you don't own him old hag*

    Noelle GardnerNoelle Gardner10 days ago
  • sis you need a new man uh uh 🙄like she said he don’t need a relationship with those toxic family members 😒 he has a family now too that needs to maintain 🤦🏻‍♀️why is asuelu mom even crying for they pissing me off🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    Aelyn HernandezAelyn Hernandez10 days ago
  • This man is so fucking basic. He really thought oompa loompa was gonna get his wife? And then he really thought his dense ass stood a chance in a fight with her? Smh

    Nijea GistNijea Gist11 days ago
  • I don’t know why she continues to mess with this little boy she can do so much better

    LizLiz11 days ago
  • Im sorry kalani but are you gonna throw them to the water or do you want me to? Coz im gonna to do that for you.

    Positive Negative TenPositive Negative Ten11 days ago
  • Wait a minute, did I hear this well ?? Was this granny saying, I don't care about your children, who are also HERE grandchildren ?!!! Shame on you, granny and Tammy, you're both awful moneysharks ! And what a dork this Asuelo is, he didn't even excuse for his terrible family, he was whining who will win in a fight. I don't think his brains are functioning right, his family needs to pay Kalani for having him, who wants such a timid, shy kid like him ? Kalani did this very well, chapeau Kalani ! Don't let these two moneysharks mess with you !

    Lynda MulderLynda Mulder11 days ago
  • Gold digger FAM!

    Lady love CanalesLady love Canales11 days ago
  • I’ll be dammed off I’m sending my pay check to anyone get a job we all have equal opportunity

    Samantha SmithSamantha Smith12 days ago
  • The mother just said give me money that's all I want, great way of showing how money hungry u r, and why is his sister fighting like its an act for TV

    Kalam ReadsKalam Reads12 days ago
  • Omg! So fake!! Tryin to fight!! Such a fake move..

    MW SMW S12 days ago
  • “Maybe you guys need to get divorced or separate.”

    Chris GChris G12 days ago
  • Imagine telling your wife: "My sister can beat you up."

    MonkeyMonkey13 days ago
  • How does Kalani deal with Asuelo.. 😬

    Alyssa MurrayAlyssa Murray13 days ago
  • I feel like kalani needs to kinda understand the mom on the money part us africans send money back home to help our family its a sign of respect

    radi blackradi black13 days ago
    • Kalani's right! Asuelu has his own responsibilities and he can't even afford that! Where is he going to get money to send his greedy family?! Are Africans like his mother? If so, whoever is raising these overgrown entitled adults, need new parenting skills.

      Truth HertzTruth Hertz12 days ago
  • If you smellllllll what the

    HypnoticPsychic87HypnoticPsychic8714 days ago
  • These people are lazy and demonic, and also using the son in every way. Are they seriously telling this girl she needs to divorce and they don’t care about the grandkids but want her to run them some money though? Insane the entitlement is so ugly.

    Jess TemptingJess Tempting14 days ago
  • This Samoa peoplevare wierd I whould damp mother & daughter in the sea.

    AudyAudy14 days ago
  • This can’t be real, the mom said she doesn’t care about her grandkids

    Marilyn BMarilyn B14 days ago
  • Hope the grandkids watch this video of their grandma someday... she wants money over them.... the aunt is crazy

    M boltM bolt14 days ago
  • I'm telling you right now, this is not the real faasamoa. THE MOM IS JUST A VACuUM OF MONEY! Disgusting and the sister is UGH

    Christian MulipolaChristian Mulipola14 days ago
  • Tammy's voice sounds scary like demon possesed.😱

    Cici RustCici Rust15 days ago
  • Why would you even talk to the mother-in-law. The money is yours and do not send money to them at all, no discussion

    Keri MonacoKeri Monaco15 days ago
  • I’m so confused is this really the culture ? And Tammy, sis lol 😂 you would of gotten dragged

    Ruth RodriguezRuth Rodriguez15 days ago
  • His family is truly f$$ked up!!! And, so is he!!!

    Angela LentAngela Lent15 days ago
  • II mean WOW just WOW just WOW, can a family be this evil. I have never seen anything like it. Kalani's family is supposed to stay out of her husband's business, but Kalani is meant to hand over money she does not have? Who actually stops looking after their children, to go to work for the mother in law to get money, tell me who the frig who? She never heard of child care costs too? Even if Kalani was working it wouldn't be for this vile person, it would be for her family. The woman demands money as if Kalani has moved in with them and she is taking care of everything. The demand for money tells me the mother has a bad shopping habit, and she is in debt.

    David JohnsonDavid Johnson15 days ago
  • Asuelu's mum and sister are just disgusting.Asking for money and acusing her.She has the right to do what she want's with her money.She's not misunderstanding at all is you whom needs to cut the umbelical cord and let them know that you have two kids and you need to provide for them.Sending them money is a choice not an obligation.They're not entitled to your wife's money.He's so dumb instead of understanding her he makes it about whom would win in a fight and forgot that his mum told her she doesn't care about his kids.A child would understand and behave better than him.

    Dona SejdiuDona Sejdiu15 days ago
  • he didnt get the point debating about whos gonna win the fight lol

    Moe MorocMoe Moroc15 days ago
  • The best of the best

    AcidAcid15 days ago
  • Lml damn grandma strong lol

    Jose OrtizJose Ortiz16 days ago
  • Lets all donate some money to them. The mom and daughter duo gives me hypertension.

    Aafreen AminAafreen Amin16 days ago
  • instead of supporting his wife when she tells you that your sister was starting to be physically aggressive, this dumb ass asks her stupid questions and creates a fight with her!? Kalani, please leave him. Don't suffer explaining and exhausting yourself PERIOD!!

    ShaSha16 days ago
  • level 1 to level 17 is a dangerous progression

    oscar from schooloscar from school16 days ago
  • I would beat you up in a fight... Yeah ok Godzilla you wouldn't do shit you're fat nit strong.

    Deaq NaitoDeaq Naito17 days ago
  • *"Just give me the money"* Talk about...know what i dont even know.

    I_Am_SomeoneI_Am_Someone17 days ago
  • 4:15 i felt bad for kalani, poor girl felt like she’s in the twilight zone. They make no sense

    Lina MyaLina Mya17 days ago
  • I want to knock Tammy’s teeth out, one by one. These two heartless women, I have ever seen. I wish Kalanie beat her ass up

    Sandy DiabSandy Diab17 days ago
  • "I don't like you, but give me your money" These people are worse than the Family Chantel

    Lisa MylynnLisa Mylynn18 days ago
  • Lmao, the thumbnail is next lvl

    HyperHappyGirlHyperHappyGirl18 days ago
  • What kind grandmother is she

    K ClaireK Claire18 days ago
  • He deserves his family. Knockout

    SendCedis2nairaSendCedis2naira18 days ago
  • She’s not his mom. Periodt

    SendCedis2nairaSendCedis2naira18 days ago
  • Just give me money, that’s all I want! Are you sure you don’t want anything else ma’am?! Geez! Both ladies deserve a punch in the face! The sister tho 🤢🤮Haha I always liked Kalani, she is too good for all that shit!

    SelmaSelma18 days ago
  • So asuelu give all money to his family in samoa then what about his family now

    Ghase LahoGhase Laho18 days ago
  • Omg I just can’t believe it Wtf ? I want to beat them up they lucky im not ur sister. And Asuelo is an ass holo

    Ikram AIkram A19 days ago
  • This is just said all the care e bout is money i dont understand is just crazy

    Grace MukembaGrace Mukemba19 days ago
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    timbo cracktimbo crack19 days ago
  • the portrait of my ex asiatic husband family exactly!!

    lupina virgolupina virgo19 days ago
  • This conversation is literally ridiculous like how she gonna day she don’t care about the kids girl go to hell the conversation would have been over right there.

    She’s ViShe’s Vi20 days ago
  • That thumbnail though

    Jaxx HussleJaxx Hussle21 day ago
  • „You’re sister is 4 feet tall and she wants to beat up me !?”😂😂😂😂

    makeup bypatimakeup bypati21 day ago
  • Duas cabras essas samoas!!! Interesseiras 😡😡😡😡😡🤬

    vina meninovina menino22 days ago
  • Kalani did not turn around ONCE. She KNEW Tammy wasn't going to lay a hand on her.

    Christiane CrawfordChristiane Crawford22 days ago
  • “I don’t care about your kids,” “I just want your money.”

    Just Another PersonJust Another Person22 days ago