Tesla Model Y Review: Good & Bad After Two Months

May 17, 2020
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The Tesla Model Y is here, I’ve had it for about two months, and driven 2000 miles, and today I’m giving my full review of the car.
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The Model Y is Tesla’s follow up to the very successful Model 3, announced in March of 2019.
The base Model of the Model Y is set to come out in 2021, and start around $40,000.
I purchased the Long Range AWD Model Y which now starts at $52,990 and gets 316 miles of range.
I also purchased the 20” black Induction wheels which run an extra $2000, as well as the Model Y Red paint upgrade which runs an extra $2000 as well.
Now since I ordered back in October when the prices were a little lower, the total cost of my Model Y came to $55,500, plus the required Tesla Destination fee of $1,200 for a total of $56,700 before tax.
After tax and Registration fees, my Grand total came to: $60,179.75
Regarding music, the Tesla Model Y sound system is incredible, and one of the best systems I’ve heard in any car. Unfortunately, Model Y Spotify integration is pretty terrible.
No more dealership software upgrades. Tesla sends out regular software updates over the air just like you get on your phone or computer.
Regarding Tesla Model Y Safety. Tesla achieved 5 stars in every category for safety, making it the safest car ever tested by the NHTSA. Tesla expects the Model Y to be no different, and we should hopefully hear those results soon.
The standard package includes emergency braking, collision warning, and blind-spot monitoring, but the big two are traffic-aware cruise control, and autosteer.
I recently did a Model Y road trip of 700 miles round trip to Arizona and used autopilot for the majority of the drive, and it was fantastic.
Now if you don’t want autosteer, you can drive with just traffic aware cruise control to maintain your speed, and react to the cars around you while you steer, and I’ve never had an issue with this.
But, if you really want to go for it, and love self driving, you can get Tesla’s full self driving upgrade for an extra $7000.
Tesla’s goal is to have the Model Y, as it is right now, be capable of becoming a Robotaxi within the next couple of years via software updates.
Model Y Launch is amazing at 4.8 seconds 0-60 in my car.
Now the big question with electric cars is…how annoying is it to do Model Y charging? Well, it’s actually the opposite of annoying, it’s incredibly convenient.
It’s missing a good blind spot detection system in the mirrors.
Those mirrors are pretty short, and don’t show you as much as I’d like to see in my mirrors.
The rear visibility is pretty bad, and results in me thinking cars are closer than they really are, since I can only see the top of them.
The center console comes glossy, which means that it has pretty bad glare at certain times of day, and is the definition of a finger print magnet.
The glovebox can only be opened with the button on screen, which is two taps to get to, and the voice command listed on Tesla’s website does not work.
The air conditioning is a little complex to get to and adjust when driving, even though it is overall cool.
The interior ambient lights are almost non-existant, and provide hardly any light
The app can be buggy, leaving me to walk up to the car, open the handle, and have nothing happen, until I then pull out my phone, open the Tesla app, and it unlocks. It also seems to have more difficulty since both mine and my wife’s phones are connected.
Spotify integration is pretty bad as I mentioned before, leading me to not use the app on screen
Auto brights are a little too aggressive for me, turning on when I don’t really need them just because no cars are around. I turned them off.
The bad I have is Model Y Paint issues, Model Y rear seat alignment. There is a bug with the front trunk. The trim is cheap and loose inside, the window didn’t open properly and caused a gash, there are panel gaps, and a few other alignment issues.
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  • Receive FREE Supercharging credit when you order a Tesla using my referral link ➡️ts.la/ryan51525

    Ryan ShawRyan ShawMonth ago
    • If I already ordered can I use this referral link? I have not received yet

      Mel WillisMel Willis11 days ago
    • Cool!

      Deb VDeb V15 days ago
    • heeheemanofHK 😂 pathetic cellar child

      Markus LCMarkus LC17 days ago
    • @Nate Hanson You can now do it for Model Y!

      Brandon DriverBrandon Driver20 days ago
    • Steve Gellman Iowa was the way

      Ray TafreshiRay Tafreshi22 days ago
  • Did not know I would dislike this car this much. It looked like you were doing quite a bit while the car was moving and seemed more dangerous than anything. And I'm not trying to be mean but the speedometer to the right sucks as well. The auto pilot of course is very nice as well as all the other features if you got an extra $7k to spare. Edit: fit and finish issues??? For that much money its a deal breaker for me. That would be a deal breaker on a 12k car and this one is 61K+.

    apb38apb38Hour ago
  • Pos toy car with a hefty price tag! I’ll wait until Tesla’s competition makes Tesla produce better quality cars where doors close and panels don’t bow! Must be some true believers blue pillers who keep buying “Vegan leather” hahaha 😂!

    Deleted AccountDeleted Account12 hours ago
  • Ryan. We live in The Netherlands and cars are over here more expensive (about +30-40%) then in the US because of tax reasons. I am a car and gadget lover, so we test drove a Tesla model 3 (standard range plus, euro 50000) at the end of last year. Love the car, drives great, but the finish and quality made us buy a Hyundai Kona Electric (64 kw, euro 48500). The difference in price is only 1500 euros and it's more like a "normal" car (Hyundai has also a petrol and hybrid version of the Kona). But...... the finish and quality is almost perfect. Warranty is 5 (general) to 8 (battery and electronics) years and after sales is great. I loved year review and I am still looking for the Tesla, but over here we also have issues like the paint and so and the way Tesla handles that over here is really bad. Hoping that will change soon because the Y is coming here beginning 2021 and I am already in love. George

    George TabakGeorge Tabak15 hours ago
  • You paid $60K before tax and licensing.....GMAFB.......is there no price geeks will not pay to buy the latest bling...

    Adam DonovanAdam Donovan19 hours ago
  • Terrifyng the amount of time you spent gazing at the screen for lengths of time long enough to kill a kid who ran into the road ! Maybe you had the auto-thingy switched on, but if the on-screen stuff navigation BS is as complicated as it is finding shite on my cellphone, an accident WILL be yours one day ! Other than that, and the butt ugly plane Jane front that looks like they just forgot to add design features where a grill would be, it's a cool car.

    Rufus ReírRufus ReírDay ago
  • great video

    Younseo RyuYounseo RyuDay ago
  • Great review and I agree with most of what you said. A few "annoying things" but so many great things. Also, I do wish they would have had put falcon doors on the Model Y, i'm so envious of the Model X literally because the doors and thats it lol. Also, I kind of wish i went the performance route for that extra 1 second faster 0-60 but it just wasn't worth the money for me.

    JeanJeanDay ago
  • What’s wrong with chrome?

    Laser LawLaser LawDay ago
  • Elon Musk is a GENIUS! 💵👍

    Steven KhaidovSteven KhaidovDay ago
  • So 9.9/10?

    My_Tube_ChannelMy_Tube_ChannelDay ago
  • I just want to thank you Ryan for doing an extensive review on the audio system. Every car I am interested in always seems to say nothing about the audio system, including in customer reviews. I buy a car based on how quiet it is and the audio system. Your comments about the fit and finish match those of JD Power Associates that rate it last in quality of cars!!! That being said, I still strongly consider the Tesla for my choice. I will sign up and hope to learn more...especially accessories that you find for the car that are a plus. Please let me know as soon as you see an update for the Spotify app and Apple Carplay!

    Michael OBrienMichael OBrien2 days ago
  • after watching this video, i put money down and ordered a volvo xc40 recharge...

    Ning JiangNing Jiang2 days ago
  • if one makes a car that goes foword and at the MAXIMUM heat inside for cold weather.. would that bo too much? power windows , power headlights , heated f.seats.., opening trunk sistem .... WTF PPL? are you so spoiled that you cant open your truk by yourself ? .... i think withought all power shit in the car the range would almost double..... but yes ... lasy ppl will be lasy

    Jianu FlavianJianu Flavian3 days ago
  • Subscribed ..

    ReddylionReddylion3 days ago
  • "Tesla has made some Adulterations" Do you mean alterations? haha

    kjsdpgijnkjsdpgijn3 days ago
    • www.lexico.com/en/definition/adulteration

      Ryan ShawRyan Shaw3 days ago
  • Those fit & finish issues will be sorted I'm sure, but a manufacturer shouldn't be releasing a car with this many issues in the first place. Not at this price point, actually not in this day & age at any price point. I like electric cars, I've owned one since 2016, but Tesla with its obsession of having no switches & dials in the cabin spoils the day to day practicality IMO. Really impressed with Tesla's performance and ever lowering of price. If they just improve their cabins & finish they would be unchallenged as they are so far ahead of the pack.

    Jay WhyeffJay Whyeff3 days ago
  • It's amazing that Tesla still has fit and finish issues. I used to work at Toyota, and they would have corrected it a long time ago.

    George KaneGeorge Kane3 days ago
  • Very detailed review of the Model Y, thank you Ryan. I really appreciate that you mentioned all the issues you had, not just talking about the good things.

    Joe BerrantJoe Berrant4 days ago
  • Regarding the issues with the automatic unlocking upon approach, it could be the phone’s fault. For this feature to work the Tesla app needs to keep running in the background on your phone. But sometimes phones just kill apps running in the background, so if this happens the app can no longer communicate with the car and the car won’t unlock. The loss of connection also happens with many smart watches that require an extra app on your phone.

    Joe BerrantJoe Berrant4 days ago
  • Little remark, it’s not 250 kW per hour but just 250 kW (because watt is power not energy; energy per time is power). You could also say 250kWh per hour but then the hour just gets cancelled so it doesn’t matter.

    Joe BerrantJoe Berrant4 days ago
  • MINE

    Jessica GillJessica Gill4 days ago
  • 19 0r 20 “ wheels. Any difference in ride?

    Gary T.Gary T.4 days ago
  • Awesome video. I am an EV rookie, and even though I have owned 54 gasoline cars, I am an old guy now who is VERY INTERESTER in the new technology. You answered so many of my questions. Thank you and Congratulations on your wedding. (Right now I am driving a 1998 Buick LeSabre that looks like a brand new one. I have been driving it for 13 years, but if I could afford a Tesla, I would trade tomorrow)

    John DosseyJohn Dossey5 days ago
  • The buggy key app and poor voice control would drive me insane. Who wants to mess with voice control or mess with a touch screen when they just want to adjust the air vents. I want an X without the tacky falcon doors but with a Y price.

    SB MLSB ML5 days ago
  • Build quality sounds awful. No other car manufacturer, far less a premium one would get away with this. Great technology but will only appeal to fanboys until they sort out fit and finish....

    Barry YoungBarry Young6 days ago
  • 25 minutes stop so I can have a really LONG Pee? That is all I do at a rest stop.

    BunzeeBearBunzeeBear6 days ago
  • those eyelashes...

    Aldy PAldy P6 days ago
  • Coming soon. Government clandestine activating/accessing video/audio footage of the inside and outside of the car. So you are tooling along and some three letter agency is looking for a particular vehicle they suspect is in the area. They access your cameras without your knowledge or consent. Ditto for street crime. You're driving along and your cameras are scanning sidewalks and uploading to an AI looking for criminal activity. Or you are driving along and a local law enforcement logo appears on your screen, followed by instructions to pull over . Because the voice of a friend in your car triggered an AI looking for people with outstanding warrants. And if you don't comply, your vehicle will coast to a stop and the doors will stay locked. And the car will tattle on you. It will listen in on private conversations and key words will trigger it to sell information to polling companies for various purposes.

    traumajocktraumajock6 days ago
  • Watching this video I am surprised it is legal the why the interfase by means of the tablet works. That does not look safe. A diver should watch to road, not the tablet.

    Walter VermeirWalter Vermeir7 days ago
  • Vegan leather? So plastic?

    Thomas StalderThomas Stalder8 days ago
  • All of the electronics in this car prevents me from ever owning one.Way too complicated, and too many issues .You had 7 problems at the 27:00 point alone, plus other issues. I need a computer to open the glove box? talk of distractions .Now I need a phone to get into the car ugh. The fact that it take 28 min to describe a car tells me it is way to complex. If I review my 2009 Avalon it will take 1- 5 minutes. Here goes 2009 avalon review ,cost $27,000. Gets 31 mpg hwy 22 in the city. I have gotten 35 mpg on level highway. In 11 yrs no maintenance except oil changes. Plenty of rear seat space, a 14 cu ft trunk. 0-60 in 6.1 seconds, 270 HP. My kids are 6 Ft 4 and have ample leg room . Review over it took less than 1 minute.

    Marco DeoMarco Deo8 days ago
  • Solid review! #TeamTesla

    TonyTeslaTonyTesla8 days ago
  • Tesla should just replace the mirror with a screen that shows the back of the car instead. Like some new cars. Much better!

    Aleksander HoffAleksander Hoff8 days ago
    • I agree! They’re planning to do that with the Cybertruck

      Ryan ShawRyan Shaw8 days ago
  • I'll consider one when they improve their quality control. Looks like they have a long way to go.

    wholeNwonwholeNwon8 days ago
  • Even Jaguar resolved their major body panel fit and finish issues 20 years ago. I suspect that once the uniqueness of this vehicle wears off, the more than minor issues will lead to long term dissatisfaction. Too bad the Y isn't made in Japan. It would then be closer to the perfection needed in a 60Kcar .!!!!

    335blues1335blues18 days ago
  • Incredible review, thanks.

    vagabondstevevagabondsteve8 days ago
  • We're test driving a Y in an hour! Should be very interesting comparing it to our current i3.

    Rick BartolacelliRick Bartolacelli9 days ago
  • I'm 97% for it, but that display has too many entertainment options, especially visual ones. eyes should be on the road. if the person riding shotgun wants to play a game that's all good, but tell them to bring a damn switch of something, leave my screen as driving data and a map

    Andrew EmersonAndrew Emerson9 days ago
    • @Ryan Shaw ah, ok then. I stand corrected. fair enough

      Andrew EmersonAndrew Emerson9 days ago
    • Well you can’t do those either while driving. It’s all designed to entertain you while supercharging

      Ryan ShawRyan Shaw9 days ago
    • @Ryan Shaw well at least there's that, granted I kinda figured there was a restriction on that, though honestly, even the netflix and youtube bothers me. but that's just me

      Andrew EmersonAndrew Emerson9 days ago
    • You can’t play games while driving

      Ryan ShawRyan Shaw9 days ago
  • HEY RYAN, so on your wheels, the RED TESLA logo.... can you reply a link to those??? I’m getting the Blue w/Black Induction wheels and the Blue Logo would be a gorgeous cherry on top

    Garrett GGarrett G9 days ago
    • vinylmod.com/products/2020-tesla-model-y-wheel-center-cap-overlay

      Ryan ShawRyan Shaw9 days ago
  • wow that rear visibility is TERRIBLE... i was actually going to buy one of these but now i dont think its for me. gotta have good visibility

    Karyn JonesKaryn Jones10 days ago
  • Great review! I’ll be getting a Y any day now 😃

    Mel WillisMel Willis11 days ago
  • Good for a very very young company compared to all the dinosaurs running on x dinosaurs

    Fred RuizFred Ruiz11 days ago
  • Just noticed from 5:03-5:15 it sounds like a rap if you were to slap on some music to it

    Anton KarlssonAnton Karlsson11 days ago
  • Now I want this car!

    Carol-Anne McFarlaneCarol-Anne McFarlane12 days ago
  • FYI for the unlock issue with the car, you only need to make your phone is unlocked and you're good to go. So if you have face ID just look at your phone and the car will be ready to unlock.

    Charlie AndersonCharlie Anderson12 days ago
  • I have seen many electric car reviewers but you are the best! I hope that Elon listens to you and others who have made legitimate complaints about quality and features that need correcting. I head from "The Electric Israeli" that the model Y does not have a heated steering wheel; are you kidding me Elon?

    Mark LevensonMark Levenson12 days ago
  • How can anyone spend 50 grand on a depreciating asset?

    Bharath MuraliBharath Murali12 days ago
  • Tesla’s are: computer first, car second. Other car companies including their electric cars: car first, computer second .

    Anthony SparapaniAnthony Sparapani12 days ago
  • You can use my referral link to get 1,000 free Supercharger miles on a new Tesla: ts.la/russell40848

    Wergus2009Wergus200912 days ago
  • Brilliant video and I am sold too. Will order one this week.

    Paul AllisonPaul Allison12 days ago
  • The Destination Fee is not Tesla’s. It’s goes to the government. The government requires it for all cars. Tesla is just transparent about it.

    HeardButNotSeenHeardButNotSeen12 days ago
  • How do you get a $70,000 Model Y with full autopilot- I try to order one and it $93,000?

    J BergJ Berg12 days ago
  • I am getting Cybertruck; so, there will be no paint issues. ;)

    sam vsam v13 days ago
  • Dude, why don't u use all that money to get a chauffeur to drive you around.

    Patrick DerksenPatrick Derksen13 days ago
  • Hi Ryan, loving your channel. I plan on ordering a Model Y very soon and find your videos helpful towards decision making. However, if possible I have a request - With all the wheel options available I may not be alone in weighing pros-cons of 19 vs 20 inch wheels. Ride comfort, noise, etc. Why get the a wheels aside from aesthetic and price? I have yet to find any videos on youtube discussing this - only folks changing their wheels out for 3rd party wheels.

    Christopher DuclosChristopher Duclos13 days ago
  • Hello Ryan, I usually don't comment or say a word for good or bad. But I am doing so because you were very precise, professional pretty amazingly without any waste of time. I am an automotive engineer in Germany and working on the E-car from the rival of T. Well done and very well managed Ryan. Greeting from Germany Rahul :)

    Rahulkumar SapraRahulkumar Sapra13 days ago
    • Thanks for the kind words, and for watching!

      Ryan ShawRyan Shaw13 days ago
  • Is yours AWD or rwd? Your first video and screenshot is rwd, but you said awd

    Densha OtokoDensha Otoko13 days ago
    • @Ryan Shaw ok, I read the are delivering the rwd version, wondering if true

      Densha OtokoDensha Otoko13 days ago
    • It’s AWD. I switched my order later on. They still haven’t shipped any RWD versions

      Ryan ShawRyan Shaw13 days ago
  • I was going to buy a Model 3 right before the COVID19 lockdown but Tesla customer service was so bad at answering my questions, I ended up buying an Acura TLX instead. I still regret getting an electric car, but I could not handle the bad parts about Tesla. I'll try again in 2 years.

    fox111qcfox111qc13 days ago
  • "The A/C is very cool" Isn't that what an A/C is supposed to be? :D

    sephiroth127sephiroth12713 days ago
  • Do you have chip in your head from Tesla ?

    Rounar NairoRounar Nairo14 days ago
  • Recharging remember not everyone has a garage and cheaper to run HMMM for the moment maybe just wait until electric cars are the norm and you watch the electricity price go up and up.

    MultiQIMultiQI14 days ago
  • NFC connection to access your car BIG no no.... keys only for starting the motor. Think about it your phone runs out of battery or it gets broken or the those thin cards break. Or have stolen either of these items or loose both and your stuck. The single instrument panel Hmm seems to me like putting all your eggs or controls in one basket if this breaks for what ever reason then your stuck. An app to open the front trunk WHY. A cable release is more reliable and quicker and easier to use and does not need any electricity to function and it is easy and cheap to fix if it does break.

    MultiQIMultiQI14 days ago
  • tesla: sexy

    9510951014 days ago
  • Model Y is like Model 3 & Model X had a baby.

    REDSP1R1TREDSP1R1T14 days ago
  • Too cool to remove your Invisalign™ for the video? #ad

    J WulfJ Wulf14 days ago
  • Does your car have the heat pump? Does it whine when in operation?

    aka Jamieaka Jamie14 days ago
  • Elon Musk is the person who says he wants/will do something and actually do it. We got all these other companies making concepts but they just remain concepts/testing models.

    EggyRepublicEggyRepublic14 days ago
  • Very Comprehensive Review .. Not Many in OZ ....Yet! 👍

    Bob HeathBob Heath14 days ago
  • Great, balanced video. And great job tricking out your Y. I just picked up my 3 and wish I had those black wheels. The fit/finish issues are interesting. Like you I’m a Tech guy, doing a lot w data, so really need to get some numbers before rushing to judgement. How often is your Y not opening when you walk up? Are you immediately upgrading iOS (looks like you have an iPhone)? Maybe you should wait - Tesla May not have access to the latest builds to test their software with. And I don’t think we’re going to see much in iOS until September and 14.

    Mark SMark S14 days ago
  • what are you doing at APU, my schools closed LOL

    Pnoysneakerhead24Pnoysneakerhead2414 days ago
  • Great review, Ryan. Thank you. I do have a question: what’s your experience been with the mileage?

    Arp TrivediArp Trivedi14 days ago
  • This is a great review video!! Congratulations! And i do have to admit that the fit and finish, body pieces alignment issues, and pain details are a very very very bad no no for a brand new car. Tesla should not let a vehicle with those details out of the factory or a dealership. They need to step it up for sure! Thank you for the video!

    Claudio TaverasClaudio Taveras15 days ago
  • I’m surprised at all of the issues with build quality.. so many snags that shouldn’t happen on such an expensive new car. Where is the quality control and pre-delivery check?

    Sam BSam B15 days ago
  • Great video, thanks! The car is fantastic.

    Airinme AirinmeAirinme Airinme15 days ago
  • For Window tinting, why doesn't anyone make auto glass with the same material as transition lenses on eye glasses? That way you can have all around tint during the day and no tint during the evening and have it legal and easy to see without any worry?

    Red's PhotographyRed's Photography15 days ago
  • You really were great in producing this report and thank you for this. Best Wishes

    Errol GuardErrol Guard15 days ago
  • 'vegan leather' lol. Now even vegans can take a bite out of their car seats!

    C.C.15 days ago
  • I can't imagine paying 60K for a car.

    rob andonerob andone15 days ago
  • Drove my first Tesla Model 3 last weekend ( Turo thank you). Hard to go back to my actual car. I was skeptical but after feeling the smooth pickup and having my first Supercharger station experience, was hooked. Took no time (20 mins) as it had enough entertainment to make that fly. Never tried the Model S and obviously the Model Y. But based on my experience, they are great. Even quicker.

    RobinHoodAZRobinHoodAZ15 days ago