Apr 2, 2020
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The top 250 best gaming fails, funny moments & wtf moments from CSGO, GTA 5, Call of Duty, PUBG & more!
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    • Loves his own comment😂

      Noor ul hassanNoor ul hassanMonth ago

    • Hey man I love your videos but can you please put the name of each game in a corner or something like that please? Small improvement but big change

    • Bro can i upload your vedios in my facebook page

      REDrock GAMINGREDrock GAMING5 months ago
  • Well, GamesSprout seems better :(

    Leonardo SilvaLeonardo SilvaDay ago

    Tyler TavaresTyler Tavares4 days ago
  • 36:32 I think this is how Luffy's Jet Gatling Gun looks like in 3D

    qiMakerqiMaker5 days ago
  • I'm with you, Bald Eagle Man.

    KonniptionzKonniptionz9 days ago
  • strom tuper was the imposter

    Akzan KafiAkzan Kafi12 days ago
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  • 👀

    [TOPC] The Pain clan[TOPC] The Pain clan18 days ago
  • Ripping off The Beautiful People, Down With the Sickness, Blitzkrieg Bop, and Sleigh Ride isn’t cool, man.

    Isaac RiggsIsaac Riggs22 days ago
  • Nice video!

    Thrown RedstoneThrown Redstone22 days ago
  • Some of these "Fails" seem to be wins...Not gonna lie.

    Eli FoflygenEli Foflygen22 days ago
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  • 33:18 - Late For Meeting

    BradTheProducerBradTheProducer25 days ago
  • 13:23 whee the whole pack catches a wanted star.

    jamesjames27 days ago
  • awesome

    Silent GamerSilent Gamer27 days ago
  • OP video u can watch it without laughing

    Aleister ShiranuiAleister Shiranui28 days ago
  • 2:33 When you smash a lil too hard

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya28 days ago
  • 15:10 360noscope? Peh let me show you 2880 ultra scoped kill

    RhixRhix29 days ago
  • How to be a gamer Step 1:play games Step 2:trash talk Step 3:play hard Step 4:rage quit Thats all the steps for being a professional gamer

    Justin Lance CastorJustin Lance Castor29 days ago
  • 16:43 he hit the beat

    RiFixRiFix29 days ago
  • anyone miss skate 3 like if u do

    Cameron HenwoodCameron Henwood29 days ago
  • 27:21 game name?

    Red HeavyRed Heavy29 days ago
  • 0:50 what's this game name

    CallMeG2CallMeG2Month ago
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    FREE G2A GAMES!!!FREE G2A GAMES!!!Month ago
  • What is the game with the portals? the blue ones?

    hayes gerderhayes gerderMonth ago
  • Lmao ok who all jumped at 2:46 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Also, one last quick note: The slang for "give me" is "gimme". It is not "gimmi'".

    Brynn KennedyBrynn KennedyMonth ago
  • A note to user "IateyourTVremote": I hope it tasted good!

    Brynn KennedyBrynn KennedyMonth ago
  • There isn't an apostrophe in "gonna".

    Brynn KennedyBrynn KennedyMonth ago
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    FREE G2A GAMES!!!FREE G2A GAMES!!!Month ago
  • 18:53 Damn the new moana movie looks great!

    thelionreaper 2009thelionreaper 2009Month ago
  • When you are 70 years old 13:30

    Juice WRLD 999 FOREVERJuice WRLD 999 FOREVERMonth ago
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  • 16:42 😂

    LCSLCSMonth ago
  • This game is also a game that I love to play. I highly recommend it.

    Irem Yağmur SimitciIrem Yağmur SimitciMonth ago
  • the chances of getting killed by dog packs are low. . . But never zero. 13:23

  • I liked the concept, overall great video

    kraftwerk 9966kraftwerk 9966Month ago
  • What's the music at 35:27

    ハビLayronハビLayronMonth ago
  • when idiot public plays game please watch this

    funny gaming clipsfunny gaming clipsMonth ago
  • Glad to see the just cause franchise is still as glitchy as it always has been. The fails are some of the greatest moments of playing that game.

    Tyler ScholtenTyler ScholtenMonth ago
  • 1:06 whats its this game?

    faze_gaar HDfaze_gaar HDMonth ago
  • hillsong

    Tim HallTim HallMonth ago
  • music at 9.30. whats the name of the songe. tell me plz :p

    DaSanni1986DaSanni1986Month ago
  • 34:10 thought he dragged the truck like how you drag items in skyrim

    Legacy 01Legacy 01Month ago
  • The Battlefront part ( 24:43 ) I've seen funnier lags or fails than that

    Lone BårdsenLone BårdsenMonth ago
  • music at 9.30. whats the name of the songe. tell me plz :p

    DaSanni1986DaSanni1986Month ago
  • Best video of the day right here make more I will give you a 👍

    Gavin AdamsonGavin AdamsonMonth ago
  • 4:40 what game is it

    KPWKPWMonth ago
  • Love my player ❣️

    Kra Nin JaKra Nin JaMonth ago
  • markiplier try not to laugh

    Rohan LupcanusRohan LupcanusMonth ago
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  • svp aider mois

    Keyle TKeyle TMonth ago
  • where do you get all these clips

    Mr_SinMr_Sin2 months ago
  • Lol wtf is this

    Kaposi OliverKaposi Oliver2 months ago
  • Let’s grow together

    AUPonyboy GamingAUPonyboy Gaming2 months ago
  • 23:13 the bot be like “what am i supposed to do what am i supposed to do?! “ *proceeds to die*

    F.B.I.F.B.I.2 months ago
  • 1:55 this is me all the time 🤣🤣🤣

    UK Gaming HubUK Gaming Hub2 months ago
  • I recently had a really weird glitch in uncharted as well, check it out

    RandomCookieRandomCookie2 months ago
  • If you still play PUBG what the fuck is wrong with you?

    Robert BettinRobert Bettin2 months ago

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  • What game is at 1:05 ?

    TheNightmare380TheNightmare3802 months ago
  • F*ckingsoft, Blizshit and Bullstar

    Паламарчук ВіталійПаламарчук Віталій2 months ago
  • Hey what is the name of the game a breast that eat a man

    CALL OF DUTY gamingCALL OF DUTY gaming2 months ago
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  • Teacher: the test is not that hard The test: 2:10

    HexGamesHexGames2 months ago
  • 12:35 just for me

    CあきねこCあきねこ2 months ago
  • 11:42 Kids when they have emotional issue

    Doge Empire LolDoge Empire Lol2 months ago
  • showbthis to rockstar games and they ban your channel

    László JuhászLászló Juhász2 months ago
    • I meant you show theese glitches

      László JuhászLászló Juhász2 months ago
  • its more like fix your glitchey as fuck game

    László JuhászLászló Juhász2 months ago

    Mr Purple PancakeOsMr Purple PancakeOs2 months ago
  • Epic

    Brave Queen CowanBrave Queen Cowan2 months ago
  • Sucks this doesn't include game titles..

    Tyler SmytheTyler Smythe2 months ago
    • what game is at 1:05?

      Tyler SmytheTyler Smythe2 months ago
  • 4:00 game?

    Marko PusicMarko Pusic2 months ago
  • My dad said if i hit 100 subs by the end of the week i can get a pet lizard

    Walter ClementsWalter Clements2 months ago

    HargunHargun2 months ago
  • Game list pls

    ALI NASRALI NASR2 months ago

    Dinith LiyanaarachchiDinith Liyanaarachchi2 months ago
  • 24:39 make up sex...

    Dumplinsover9000Dumplinsover90002 months ago
  • 42:20 - 42:53 lmaoo

    HyperActiveTJHyperActiveTJ2 months ago
  • cool video keep up the amazing work

    Jeronimo BoymansJeronimo Boymans3 months ago
  • great video keep up the great content

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  • coole video

    Jeronimo BoymansJeronimo Boymans3 months ago
  • Great video, keep up the good work, we are looking to start doing gaming videos any ideas?

    Think ZeroThink Zero3 months ago
  • 15:53 Song?

    Dragon BallaDragon Balla3 months ago
  • "I really liked the first fail at 0:33, at first they couldn't find where he was but then they found him in the bushes hiding like a snail when it's not raining XD."

    {•Flamingø_Gåcha•} :P{•Flamingø_Gåcha•} :P3 months ago
  • 11:15 literally me everytime 2020 surprises us with something else completely mental.

    Z3RØZ3RØ3 months ago
    • 13:30 me trying to get a bit of cello tape off my hand

      Z3RØZ3RØ3 months ago
  • What is that game at 6:09

    Brock PlayzBrock Playz3 months ago
    • I think mafia 2

      Ey EfEy EfMonth ago
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    Dorcas BillDorcas Bill3 months ago
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    mzalemmzalem3 months ago
  • 4:33 what aré you looking at?, WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!!!!!!???? COME HERE YOU SON OF A!!😂

    Leonardo MendezLeonardo Mendez3 months ago