jeffree star ENDS toofaced... and saves nikkietutorials

Oct 5, 2019
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  • It’s crazy that I bought this Collection to support her and literally none of my money went to her:(

    LelyyBabyyLelyyBabyy9 months ago
    • Same I feel robbed

      Kida LilyKida Lily4 months ago
    • LelyyBabyy who cares, give the money to charity

      hihi5 months ago
    • Too faced is trash honestly. Their shadows especially are really bad quality, we all seen how terrible the quality the shadow was that too faced created for Nikkie’s palette with them. As we seen with jeffree’s collab with Shane, Jeffree knows people deserve way more for their collabs and Shane got the money he deserved! Jeffree would never completely rip Nikkie off like too faced did

      Jeffrees VanityyyJeffrees Vanityyy6 months ago
    • @Taylor Jade 0.005 is 0.5% not 5%. Crap deal either way though

      Saskia MoriSaskia Mori8 months ago
    • i think 0,05% went to her

      David KonevkyDavid Konevky8 months ago
  • The truth also came out on Jeffree lool

    Jaynab ChowdhuryJaynab Chowdhury11 days ago
  • I don't even like Jeffree but like,this is a moment of redemption for him though.

    BisexualMoron ThatwilleatyouBisexualMoron Thatwilleatyou25 days ago
  • I want Nikki and Jeffree to collab on a pallate

    Iliana RamirezIliana RamirezMonth ago
  • i don't buy too faced products because of what they did yo her... Sad to say that she is most likely not the only one

    Iris KellerIris KellerMonth ago
  • But nikkie shud be smarter than 50k

    YugvijayYugvijayMonth ago
  • OMGGG NOT HATIn But the the multiple "Hello guys" Is so annoying

    La lianLa lianMonth ago
  • I can’t stand her face. Fat cow

    Butterfly KissButterfly KissMonth ago
  • Toofaced=Two faces

    João CoelhoJoão CoelhoMonth ago
  • Guess they are actually “Too Faced!”

    Studying VibesStudying Vibes2 months ago

    Arino #ROBLOXArino #ROBLOX2 months ago
  • Okay but why is Jeffree always digging up old drama 🙄

    Noah BrownNoah Brown2 months ago
  • Follow me on Instagram @xshaexparkerx

    Hailey hopHailey hop2 months ago
  • I just realized Toofaced lived up to their name, literally

    Anna NguyễnAnna Nguyễn2 months ago
  • Their name is TooFaced, what do they expect?

    StefStefStefStef2 months ago
  • Nikki girl your lips honey.

    Delainey HunterDelainey Hunter2 months ago
  • Jeffree as always saving the day. Nikki should definitely try to make her own brand .. girl we will all support you !!! Try something small first and then you can built up from there..

    Uriel MoonlightUriel Moonlight2 months ago
  • Ew my country really lives on taxes like 52% is so much

    ILikeRats BecauseIAmOneILikeRats BecauseIAmOne3 months ago
  • Jeffreeeeeeeee

    ParoAcharya1860ParoAcharya18603 months ago
  • Pfff all this discusting make up pigs and wizards that have no clear if they are male of famale... Human trush !!!

    Ekaterina AtanasovaEkaterina Atanasova3 months ago
  • Wow too face really is two faced...

    AnonymousAnonymous3 months ago
  • Sold 10 millions worth and because her name was on it! Too faced really are two faced! ( sorry lol )

    crazzi-j northcrazzi-j north3 months ago
  • I love jeffree he takes no shit and even helps others

    crazzi-j northcrazzi-j north3 months ago
  • It's serious and sad but honestly when you find out they named THEMSELVES toofaced and then when and did that you honest to a higher power can't keep a straight face

    marta Lismarta Lis3 months ago

    Laiba Idrees XDLaiba Idrees XD3 months ago
  • He and Nikki may not be friends, but he defended her because it’s the right thing to do. After Nikki came out I believe one of the founders bashed her for coming out which was honestly disgusting since she worked with them.

    K LazzK Lazz3 months ago
  • She did sign the contract though.

    victoria LoCicerovictoria LoCicero3 months ago
  • well, it's all in the name they say... it's called two-faced...

    Naomi HadarianNaomi Hadarian3 months ago
  • i like that in all the tea jefree stands behind the person he thinks is right, no matter what the auditory thinks tho

    Alexandra PetrovaAlexandra Petrova3 months ago
  • I Jewish I had known about Two Face before I bough my first product from them at a cost of 49.00 plus tax. But, now that I got the scoop, won't be buying any of hire products from the any more.

    Amalia RinconAmalia Rincon4 months ago
  • This makeup empire thing has so much drama it’s crazy. And tbh I don’t really understand it but it’s definitely interesting.

    ELL OELL O4 months ago
  • The name is fitting.

    mercy main, btwmercy main, btw4 months ago
  • Too faced be two faced.

    Nikki SchojanNikki Schojan4 months ago
  • Toofaced... who'd shocked they named what they were from the beginning

    Shaqeeta CobbShaqeeta Cobb4 months ago
  • sweet me and my son LOVE you

    shelley donnashelley donna4 months ago
  • Honestly, Too Faced is the worst high end brand I've ever used. Their eye shadows have zero pigmentation and are so patchy when applied. All they have going for them are their chocolate, peach, tutti fruiti, gimmicks.

    Sierra SmithSierra Smith4 months ago
  • Too Faced make up, I have tried that brand and not a big fan to say the least 🚮🗑

    Kacie GilbertKacie Gilbert4 months ago
  • Hahhhahahahahahaha I died on the intro

    Cheuk Yan WanCheuk Yan Wan4 months ago
  • I hate he greetings

    Twilight PrincessTwilight Princess4 months ago
  • Jeffree is a great human I tell you

    AWESOMEAWESOME4 months ago
  • Come on you are not a beginner, you are not stupid as much, you cry for what you did.

    Won DersWon Ders4 months ago
  • Jeffree and Nikki collab

    Celestial TerrestrialCelestial Terrestrial4 months ago
  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Nikkietutorials: hElLoOoOo GuYsSsSs~

    The DestructorThe Destructor4 months ago
  • God stop that hello guys it’s annoying 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    patatopatato4 months ago
  • haaaaaaaaaaeeeeeello guys

    žana larisažana larisa4 months ago
  • We need a Jeffrey and Niki pallet

    sunny rabitsunny rabit4 months ago
  • Stoop I get hellllo. I love Jeffery and IM not into LGBTQ..but his unique and IM not a judge

    Hero GulHero Gul4 months ago
  • This is why the brand is called TooFaced because they are are sneaky double crossing snakes 🐍🐍

    Sara BurbidgeSara Burbidge4 months ago
  • How stupid you sounds

    Ofelia FayOfelia Fay4 months ago
  • They blackmailed Nikkie too! I won’t ever buy a too faced product, never have never will. #JusticeForNikkie No one should ever be forced to “come out” it’s not anyone’s business if someone is/was trans or not!

    Tiffany DickertTiffany Dickert4 months ago
  • jeffree star x nikkie x shane collab please!

    De Laila VlogDe Laila Vlog5 months ago
  • Hense the name, gyrrl.....Toofaced!

    Shelly MAS-INCShelly MAS-INC5 months ago
  • Well with a name like "Toofaced" 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Jasmine WilliamsJasmine Williams5 months ago
  • They really litterly have two faces when you hear this.

    Eddie WesterhofEddie Westerhof5 months ago
  • We NO longer use Too Face in this house!!

    Theresa 1009Theresa 10095 months ago
  • How did we not....know?!

    Sara GraceSara Grace5 months ago
  • Poor Nikki

    Arilita MooreArilita Moore5 months ago
  • I don’t understand why does Toofaced goes after Nikkie when jeffree exposes their bs. I mean yeah Nikkie confirmed it later on.

    Stephanie SmithStephanie Smith5 months ago
  • Jeffre exposed her, because he is just a shady bitch, and wanted make her look stupid, back then... Now he is pretending to be her best friend, always supportive, and the holy virgin himself... It is rumored that he was one of the blackmailers. As well as, Too Faced. He is just taking advantage of this hole situation. I don't believe you Jeffree.

    Leandro MonteagudoLeandro Monteagudo5 months ago
  • The truth will come out eventually

    monica andrademonica andrade5 months ago
  • If Jarrod sister says she’s lying, then does anyone think. Nikki got more than 50k for that collab and is not completely forthcoming??

    MsJcmJcmMsJcmJcm5 months ago
    • Maybe....

      The GalaxyThe Galaxy5 months ago
  • If I heard a company called too faced I’d laugh and never buy from it bc basically they’d act all nice and innocent then when something happens to someone that works for them they fr are rude like :/ that’s what I’ve been seeing in these videos so far and my opinion is I support nikkie but I do not support or want to hear too faced again🤢like the company 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Kimberly InmanKimberly Inman5 months ago
  • Youve been struck by Youve been hit by Truck OW

    Fatma BayraktargilFatma Bayraktargil5 months ago
  • Just the other day, Jerrod Blandino gave his sister the ax for talking crap about Nikki coming out as transgender.

    Donna DiPaolaDonna DiPaola5 months ago
  • Jeffree and Nikki collab LETS GO

    Ashley LanfordAshley Lanford5 months ago
  • Two faced is disgusting, even though the makeup is good, the people running it/behind the scenes suck, seems like They just used her name for profit and took advantage of a naive person exited to be working with a big brand

    Morty SmithMorty Smith5 months ago
  • Wait. Watching this in 2020 after nikkie’s coming out and all the too faced drama... so is this why baldino’s sister did all that crazy sh*t?

    Giorgia AGiorgia A5 months ago
  • 'I own my self' -Jeffree star

    PinkPolarBearPinkPolarBear5 months ago
  • Who knew already Nickie is a man?

    MimaMima5 months ago
  • &’ that’s why they called “too faced” . they sum too faced ass bihh. 🤷‍♀️

    Antonia MarinaAntonia Marina5 months ago
  • Sorry for the ignorance, could someone tell me in which episode Jeffree tells Shane about the Too Faced fraud? Please, I would greatly appreciate it

    Natalia Leal GómezNatalia Leal Gómez5 months ago
    • @Diep Nguyen Thank u so much

      Natalia Leal GómezNatalia Leal Gómez5 months ago
    • Natalia Leal

      Diep NguyenDiep Nguyen5 months ago
  • Omg i 💗Jeffery🌟💄🤘💋👑xoxo🌠🌈🦄

    Andrea SpardaAndrea Sparda5 months ago
  • Too Faced is well... Two Faced.

    You’re BustedYou’re Busted5 months ago
  • Jeffree is always will be queen of truth and expression

    foodies asianfoodies asian5 months ago
  • Jeffree is so powerful. Never cross him. He'll win.

    Amber CasonAmber Cason5 months ago
    • @andromeda art. 🤦‍♂️

      KingXen BMGOKingXen BMGOMonth ago
    • ma'am, jeffree ain't a god. calm down.

      andromeda art.andromeda art.Month ago
    • Donovan Aponte its not even that serious tf

      saraisarai2 months ago
    • Donovan Aponte you juss mad he’s more than your lil useless self 🤦🏻‍♀️his shirt probably cost more than your rent hn💀

      sarah Diazsarah Diaz3 months ago
    • Donovan Aponte bruh uon kno if he can or can not fight🤦🏻‍♀️wit dem nails he’ll yank the shi outta you now stfu ong🤦🏻‍♀️cuz I promise you if he pull up to your lil ratchet house you won’t have the same energy as rn

      sarah Diazsarah Diaz3 months ago
  • So it was a crap pallet and they didn’t pay her for it 😳😳 that’s crazy!

    Malika DizaMalika Diza5 months ago
    • Malika Diza actually it became worth $10 million in product and they scammed her

      zach Sviatkozach Sviatko5 months ago
  • Well this is ironic...

    Heidi GelpiHeidi Gelpi5 months ago
  • "Two face" is the perfect name for that company

    Johnson AveJohnson Ave5 months ago
  • I know since the start je always looks like a dude and thats truth I like women and when I see Them theres a Bunch of shit happening in my body but never for when dicks want to act like vaginas its natural we love vagina real wons

    Henry FernandezHenry Fernandez5 months ago

    Jamie JohnsonJamie Johnson5 months ago