Giving Her $100 Every Time She Talks About THE WEDDING!

Jun 30, 2020
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Im going to go broke... IF you see this comment "wedding."
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  • You should actually not give apple product give aways but you should give away your 80T murch just an idea

    Kaylin BrandonKaylin Brandon3 days ago
  • When are you guys getting married

    ayat9290 ayat9290ayat9290 ayat92903 days ago
  • Sorry I spelled her name wrong

    ayat9290 ayat9290ayat9290 ayat92903 days ago
  • Why are you so obsessed with me say Kate

    ayat9290 ayat9290ayat9290 ayat92903 days ago
  • Hol up you have a pnc card. Your from NC?

    Tank4ever05Tank4ever054 days ago
  • bruh.... josh falls off the chair, katie takes the camera be like: guys check out the new Jatie Head band(plugs) help up yo boy

    Teagan AlmondhammerTeagan Almondhammer6 days ago
  • You guys live together please answer in a video

    Gianna PerezGianna Perez6 days ago
  • I love you jatie fam

    Isatou MannehIsatou Manneh7 days ago
  • Wedding

    Garett MeredithGarett Meredith8 days ago
  • 🅆🄴🄳🄳🄸🄽🄶༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ

    Mia GraceMia Grace8 days ago
  • Who is excited when they r husband and wife

    Chlomoney CASH MONEYChlomoney CASH MONEY9 days ago
  • If katie and Josh sees this I love how u include our thoughts and I guys are just so nice I love u guys

    MacKenzie YoungMacKenzie Young10 days ago
  • Love you jatiePlease give me a shout out I never got One Yet

    Ella BertschElla Bertsch13 days ago
  • When is the weeding?????🤔🤔

    Camilla_ 2323Camilla_ 232315 days ago
  • I thought they don’t wear shoes in the house

    Bryson DaigleBryson Daigle18 days ago
  • And head band 🤗🤗🤩🤩😍

    Reem NoorReem Noor19 days ago
  • Jatie vlogs I want a water bottle and hoodie

    Reem NoorReem Noor19 days ago
  • Who thinks josh is cute leave a like 👍😁💓❤️

    Lee BrightnoseLee Brightnose19 days ago
  • Does anyone else think it would be a good idea to live stream the wedding??

    TB_Gamer101TB_Gamer10122 days ago
  • Can you guy’s do more Jatie vlogs merch. Please

    Amy CaldwellAmy Caldwell22 days ago
  • Did anyone notice they have a Louis Vuitton rag on their stove😂

    Annie HughesAnnie Hughes22 days ago
  • You guys should make a chair for the camera so we could be apart of your big day too

    Sassy SistersSassy Sisters22 days ago
  • Wedding

    Mariah HopewellMariah Hopewell23 days ago
  • katie should kiss josh everytime he says jatie fam😂

    Ninja & Sassy BFFNinja & Sassy BFF23 days ago
  • you should give her $100 everytime she says teamjosh

    Ninja & Sassy BFFNinja & Sassy BFF23 days ago
  • i have a prank idea of a prank for josh that katie did to you the walk around the house naked

    karlie wyattkarlie wyatt24 days ago
  • am I the only one that skips through the intro cuz I get sad because they have such a good life and do really fun things?

    Catherine GoingsCatherine Goings25 days ago
  • Wedding

    Isabella GoreIsabella Gore25 days ago
  • so like what happened to the jatie fit channel

    Laraina DannerLaraina Danner25 days ago
  • 2:10 my brother went for a 19 mile bike ride

    Brian McCuskerBrian McCusker26 days ago
  • Love your theme song 💕🎶

    Samantha HawleySamantha Hawley26 days ago
  • You might just get this Comment but I am from 2 months ago and you're gonna break your arm be very carefu

    Deanna NorlieDeanna Norlie26 days ago
  • Jatie uses child labor to make their products

    Sheetghost 0Sheetghost 027 days ago
  • Wedding.

    Ruby RoyalRuby Royal27 days ago
  • Amazing couple!!!!

    Erin ChavezErin Chavez27 days ago
  • House tour????

    Mikayla ClementsMikayla Clements27 days ago
  • Omg I’m so excited for yalls wedding and I am going to be crying too I’m literally so excited for y’all!!

    halie & Harleyhalie & Harley28 days ago
  • Wedding

    samia farhansamia farhan29 days ago
  • they are such a cute couple i am going to cry when they get married who else!!!

    CarlyCarly29 days ago
  • Wait... Guys do u sell the Katie fit outfits and tank tops for teenssss?!?! Plz say u dooo!

    Vibin PeachesVibin Peaches29 days ago
  • wedding

    Myla JohnsonMyla Johnson29 days ago
  • I am so happy that there getting married

    Juliana AbelJuliana Abel29 days ago
  • do a wedding video where y’all record getting ready for it, then put them together into one video

    Addison WeathersAddison WeathersMonth ago
  • POV you’re sick of people saying like this, if you agree with me

    Is me TeeheeIs me TeeheeMonth ago
  • Do you guys play pickle ball that pad all looks exactly like pickle ball paddle

    Tia PauleyTia PauleyMonth ago
  • are you going to have a honeymoon??!

    Anika BaberAnika BaberMonth ago
  • Katie: what if it’s daddy Me: Katie Haden’s even said daddy but she said it might be daddy so does that mean she called him daddy off camera

    Bonnie FordBonnie FordMonth ago
  • When is the wedding

    April TooleApril TooleMonth ago
  • These type of videos are my favorite fr. They’re amazing. I love them both completely.

    The Snow FamilyThe Snow FamilyMonth ago
  • wedding

    Chelsea PaigeChelsea PaigeMonth ago
  • You should do every time she says Jatie Fam you pay her $100

    MaddieMaddieMonth ago
  • “wedding” omg Josh awwwwww your so nice but don’t go broke!!!😂😂 I LOVE THE JATIE FAM!!❤️❤️💜💜💙💙 i love your guys humor makes me laugh and so happy!!😂😂 please all of you stay safe and keep making some good content during quarantine. i love your fit things and i love those bike shorts and booty bands ahhhhhh you got good clothing i swear if i has money i would so literally get all your stuff if i could😂😂

    ELLABLUE 2324ELLABLUE 2324Month ago
  • Josh losing all his money in this video Me: sell your LV wallet

    Maru ReyesMaru ReyesMonth ago
  • "Wedding"

    Rora_ RoraRora_ RoraMonth ago
  • Josh you are so funny and please notice me😥😥😊

    pinky squad P I N Kpinky squad P I N KMonth ago
  • Literally their slogan should be,” don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry”

    Bailey KrinstenBailey KrinstenMonth ago
  • I have a video idea for the both of you! So I think that every time Katie says “basically” she needs to do a dare of joshs choice. I think it would be super fun and the dares can be easy and extreme! Love you guys and can everyone reading this copy and paste so that they can see pls!!!! I just came up with it and I’m not sure if they have already done it but pls copy and paste for Jatie to see!!!!❤️❤️Thanks!

    Mackenzie MillerMackenzie MillerMonth ago
  • When Katie said daddy😂💀

    Makayla PittMakayla PittMonth ago
  • U should do that like tiktok or like USkeys video thing when u call ur boyfriend ur ex’s name or like a different name!

  • That tik tok tutorial was 👌🏼

    Madilyn HouseMadilyn HouseMonth ago
  • wedding.

    Madilyn HouseMadilyn HouseMonth ago
  • Wedding 😉 Y'all are so perfect for each other! 💕

    paris13izeparis13izeMonth ago
  • Count how many times they say excited

    Zoltan NadporZoltan NadporMonth ago
  • Josh at their wedding when Katie walks down the aisle: "don't cry don't cry don't cry don't cry!" 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Corinne BautistaCorinne BautistaMonth ago
  • 5:47 Katie be like: "babe are u ok" then the next second she be pluggin the j80 headband lol

    Pauline MenesesPauline MenesesMonth ago
  • It goes from calling each other girlfriend and boyfriend then to fiance and now It will Brisbane and wife

    Gena LoyGena LoyMonth ago
  • I am going to die when they get married I'm going to be so happy

    Gena LoyGena LoyMonth ago
  • You all are amazing I really want to meet y'all I love you 💓💞 😘

    Danyell MargiorasDanyell MargiorasMonth ago
  • Wedding

    Kylie McBethKylie McBethMonth ago
  • you too are so cute!!!

    Joe KlineJoe KlineMonth ago
  • The Louis Vuitton on the towel rack tho haha

    Olivia CalvilloOlivia CalvilloMonth ago
  • Who else loves katie’s outfit in this

    leah weirleah weirMonth ago
  • Can't wait to see you getting married and start a family... Whoo.....

    Nangsan DkharNangsan DkharMonth ago
  • I can’t wait for them to get marry the jatie wedding

    Britney EbanksBritney EbanksMonth ago
  • Wedding

    Britney EbanksBritney EbanksMonth ago
  • I really wish I could do the vip but I dint have any money fir it but love units I have a fan page I’d you guys on tiktok

    Payton HenryPayton HenryMonth ago
  • Ok so don't get me wrong I love Jatie Vlogs like they make me so happy with all their videos but one thing I really don't like about them is how they talk about their "VIP Jatie fam. " It really annoys me because I'm just 12 years old so I don't have the money to be apart of their VIP membership so when their like "join the VIP family to get this or see that" it makes me upset because I feel like I'm not a true fan and I'm not a good enough fan because I can't afford that stuff. It might just be me and you might be annoyed reading this but I just wanted to say that.

    xXPotato PersonXxxXPotato PersonXxMonth ago
  • Please could I win please because I have followed you both on insta and subscribed and turned on the notification bell and turned it on all

    Bronwynne Wynne-GriffithBronwynne Wynne-GriffithMonth ago
  • U guys should get married

    Melanye MagallanesMelanye MagallanesMonth ago
  • Y’all should totally make kids clothes

    Claire VlogsClaire VlogsMonth ago
  • I am so ready for the wedding

    Claire VlogsClaire VlogsMonth ago
  • You guys are so cute to gather

    Klapz 1Klapz 1Month ago
  • Its so weird to see Katie in a t-shirt and not a sports bra😂🤣

    Alexis OuttenAlexis OuttenMonth ago
  • Not me

  • Npt

  • josh gets hurt.... katie, guys look at this headband. HAHAHA

    Chloe CarlsonChloe CarlsonMonth ago
  • Wedding

    Lylah DellLylah DellMonth ago
  • wedding

    Omonigho AigbeOmonigho AigbeMonth ago
  • He’s such a good fiancé!

    Ashley HartAshley HartMonth ago
  • Sell more water bottles

    Florencia LuceroFlorencia LuceroMonth ago
  • I just bought he Jatie for legins 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨🌍🌍🌍

    Kemi the BestKemi the BestMonth ago
  • “Wedding”

    Lilah RosenfeldLilah RosenfeldMonth ago
  • You guys are literally the best couple on the internet 💕

    xobeexoxobeexoMonth ago
  • I can’t wait until your wedding day!😀it will be amazing and Katie will be so stunning

    Rachel O'NeillRachel O'NeillMonth ago
  • You guys and Jules and soud are copying each other?!?!?!? ---->

    Jayli LamboyJayli LamboyMonth ago
  • we get It youre giving away this and that and selling this and that, I love the videos but u don't have to talk about it every 5 seconds and yeah we know there's a vip thing like relax

    Clout DevilClout DevilMonth ago
  • Wow

    Jordan JiangJordan JiangMonth ago
  • Love the murch

    Tiktok vibezzTiktok vibezzMonth ago
  • NEVER EVER BEAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

    Tiktok vibezzTiktok vibezzMonth ago
  • Josh falls Katie: ARE YOU OK!? josh: Katie: ANY WAYS THESE HEAD BANDS

    Emily CobbEmily CobbMonth ago