Sep 13, 2020
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How I feel.

  • What she done to her face?

    Lea BeautyLea Beauty28 minutes ago
  • Zayn in the background 😂

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  • i don’t know why but this made me cry

    it’s azmoit’s azmo2 hours ago
  • you need TONY GASKINS , go to his USkeys channel and book him for counseling.

    ang elang el2 hours ago
  • So Adam doesn't love her? That connection is very important though.

    AHealthy StateOfMindAHealthy StateOfMind2 hours ago
  • don’t ask your mom for advice. Get them out the house and work on your marriage alone

    yasio boloyasio bolo5 hours ago
  • I just want to scream 80/20 but I would be typing all day trying to explain just know I was married 17yr and I definitely feel in love with my husband cause he believed in me .He passed 2018 in 2013 I went through what you are explaining but in mine I had a whole affair (regret)we separate first then he came back by then I was in middle of affair. Long story sometimes we just have to do stuff to get it, bottom line the thing that comes to mind when I hear u talk and after I did this is the 80/20 rule what I had and what you have (from what your explaining) some people beg to get a small portion of I am wrestling with how to tell you don't do it with out seem like a crazy person cause I understand feeling something and needing change just be careful how u do it don't burn the bridge you guys get counseling together when you feel ready Know that when you get over this men are different and harder to forgive quicker to go off the rails and it can spiral beyond your control quickly pray pray and pray some more

    K Brown outloudK Brown outloud5 hours ago
  • If you can, I know it may be hard because you are an influencer, but take a break from social media. Your relationship might have some holes in it, but you guys can mend those holes! We sometimes look at social media and see the image of perfect couples, but we have no clue what they are going through in private. Social media is so toxic. Find your reality and see where that goes. Shut off all outside influence. I promise your eyes will open up to whats important.

    • Praying for you, sis!

      yasio boloyasio bolo5 hours ago
  • They need drama for RHOA

    Lynnette Perryman-kentLynnette Perryman-kent7 hours ago
  • I just don't feel like this is sincere and if i'm wrong I apologize.

    delightdelight7 hours ago
  • Adam said that you said you’re for the streets, what was that about?

    Bryanna AtoyebiBryanna Atoyebi7 hours ago
  • I completely understand how you feel. I’m going through the same thing, but we unfortunately have to live under the same roof because he refuses to leave so my space is feeling crowded with him still here.

    The Vlog LifeThe Vlog Life7 hours ago
  • Praying for you Latoya! I’ve been there before. Praying that you all make it through.

    TheRealMcCoy'sTheRealMcCoy's8 hours ago
  • Wow, this surgery is something else.

    HoneysweetzincHoneysweetzinc8 hours ago
  • I feel everything you’re saying. From not feeling the love , feeling selfish , thinking time apart will help make a decision on rather we should be together or not. My husband don’t agree at all. I look like the bad person bc everything seems to be so right but I just don’t feel the connection I THINK husband/wife should have.

    Aryiona WilliamsAryiona Williams9 hours ago
  • I really love finally hearing your side, and it’s all making sense now, praying for your family ❤️❤️❤️

    Nyoka RichardsNyoka Richards10 hours ago
  • You wanna know something Latoya, I would never imagine this happening with you guys. I look up to you guys as a powerful married couple. All I can say is continue to stay in prayer, continuing being a strong wife/mother and trusting in the lord he never fails. The lord Jesus will fix your marriage if guys truly want to make it work. Don't give up keep fighting! I'm rooting for you Latoya and I'm sure as well the rest of your Huntys are:) Love you Latoya my sister in Christ.

    Briitteny WilliamsBriitteny Williams10 hours ago
  • I 120% understand what you’re saying. May God bless you and your family! You will face hardships but you gotta hold your head up high black queen.

    ShadaiShadai10 hours ago
  • Do you booboo

    Nia WhiteNia White10 hours ago
  • Blessings to you and the family-hope you will find peace along your journey. Trust yourself.

    thetracysetthetracyset10 hours ago
  • @LatoyaForever I feel your pain girl. Let’s keep it real Adam does not satisfy your needs. You want to feel deeply in love. You want affection. You want someone who can break your back in! Lol Adam doesn’t do it for you and it’s ok both of you deserve to have your needs met. I do think you two should separate. Date a little get that excitement back in your life. Life is too short to be in a relationship when you feel like your married to your brother.

    ShaniceShanice10 hours ago
  • I can relate 😣 so confusing !

    KaryQeezKaryQeez10 hours ago
  • Praying for you, sis!

    CallMePrestelleCallMePrestelle11 hours ago
  • He never really showed the type of affection she craved. And it’s sad that everyone in the comments is saying stick it out, there are men out there that will love on her the way she wants to be loved. Just because he doesn’t cheat or beat her doesn’t mean he’s right for the rest of her life.

    MaliaMalia12 hours ago
  • OMG Latoya I feel so hurt I really do hope you and Adam work it out

    Warrenreshia AveryWarrenreshia Avery12 hours ago
  • She let that fame got to her head, I've been there since the beginning and girl you're toxic

    Fefe PierreFefe Pierre12 hours ago
  • Don’t ask your mom anymore only you truly know how you feel

    Lil Jordo _Lil Jordo _13 hours ago
  • I saw you and your husband out with kandi a few weeks guys seemed happy I pray your marriage is recovered and you guys get those butterflies back! Sending peace and love your way 💕 you are never wrong for choosing you tho....

    EverythingAshleyEverythingAshley13 hours ago
  • The grass isn’t always greener on the other side! That’s all I can say! Hope everything works out for both of you

    PrécieusePrécieuse13 hours ago
  • She took out the part of her mom bc it was in this video but I guess alote r talking about her mom so she edited it out

    Anika StarseedAnika Starseed13 hours ago
  • A lot of USkeys couples break up or end up getting divorced! I wonder why? The thing is We cannot just drop a few bible verses and say it is godly ordained or that god is in it. Are you praying for him? I mean really praying for him. Going to the throne day and night for this man. Are you living really living a godly lifestyle? We cannot be cherry picker christians and say god is in it. You need some quiet time away from everyone. Re - evaluate your entire life and everyone in it. As God to led you! Fully surrendering all things to him . God can restore all things broken. God is bigger than all things. Stope including family in your marriage(business)! This is not the place to air your marriage issues, go to christian counseling together and alone.

    Zoe BurdenZoe Burden13 hours ago
  • Love is more than a feeling it's a choice... and when you chose each other feelings, that flame will be reignated... Coming from broken homes each, yall should have simply seeked counsel and not air out your separation online... I'm so sorry for the hurt you both feel, and for the kids... Hopefully you chose each other again... marriage is HARD y'all.. and it seems like so many of my fave youtubers didn't take that into account... I pray physical separation will help you realize throwing 9 years in the garbage is not the solution. It sounds like you want to be separated to heal, not divorced for good. May God assist you. Much love

    Davina-Pearl DOTMHDavina-Pearl DOTMH13 hours ago
  • Adam has a different LOVE LANGUAGE than YOU

    wuttwuuwuttwuu14 hours ago
  • As a woman of God you should never leave your husband. Women are more emotional than men and men are more logical than women, we are to teach each other how to become both. We really can’t depend on feeling good all the time because that will ultimately destroy us. Wives are to teach their husbands how to love them and men are to be our leaders. I realize they can’t be great leaders unless us women give them respect (even if it’s the way we speak to them). No marriage is perfect but without Jesus being the center of the relationship, the marriage will always fail. You don’t need to explain any of your situation to anyone, it doesn’t help you in anyway. Give it all to Jesus❤️ I pray that you two find peace and forgive to be the King and Queen for each other.

    Roselyann KekuaRoselyann Kekua14 hours ago
  • *Who been watching since before samias birth?!*

    Sel BellSel Bell14 hours ago
  • I don’t know what it is she’s looking for, but it seem like he’s doing everything a man should. Maybe when he moves on, she will realize how good she had it. She is just making up drama.

    April DApril D15 hours ago
  • I don’t think you can build chemistry or a deep soulmate connection. It’s either there or it’s not. How many women have ignored this inner gut feeling just because the guy was a “nice guy” and you felt you should just settle? I wonder if she always felt this “something is missing” feeling and just ignored it? Seems like a separation is what’s best for them to truly tap into what they really feel for each other.

    Quidnunc QuidnuncQuidnunc Quidnunc15 hours ago
  • ❤️❤️

    Ashley Traa`Ashley Traa`15 hours ago
  • Love is different for everybody. For instance I fall in love with my man when he does the dishes or cleans the tub then baths the kids

    flufferduff007flufferduff00715 hours ago
  • Sometimes no matter what category the relationship falls under (friendship, family, marriage etc), there are times of disconnect. However, when that disconnect happens within a marriage it is arguably one of the most difficult mountains to overcome. I think it’s because a marriage has more layers, a marriage encompasses all of the relationships categories in one. If both parties are willing to communicate and understand each other’s point of view (without feeling attacked) and put to effort in addressing the points of contention, learning and speaking to each other’s love language, I think you can make it. Whatever happens, it’s gonna be a lot to fight through. Stay prayed up and be guided by your faith. Xoxo

    M LoveM Love16 hours ago
  • Do not give up Latoya..Divorce is not what the Lord wants..Lets work through, lets work through it

    Anatasha ZeegelaarAnatasha Zeegelaar16 hours ago
  • Sending love your way ❤️❤️

    Sydney CliftonSydney Clifton16 hours ago
  • Yea .. you live to make “your family happy “ ! Not your mom ,sister and shit . Girl wtf you need to work on your marriage.

    Zyan WebbZyan Webb16 hours ago
  • Toya, we feel you but, it is possible to feel it again... we’re talking about FEELINGS here and the reality is feelings they come and they go. But LOVE keeps growing and I’m happy that you stated yourself that you love you husband so sis work for your marriage. Both of you for the love of God if you deeply love each other work for your marriage. We are humans we make mistakes but tolerance and compassion are the keys for companionship. See, if you had said that you didn’t feel the LOVE I’d say that’s another story... But I’m holding onto the fact that you said that you love him. This brings hope to the situation. You’re not perfect he’s not perfect but God’s hand has been working perfectly for your family. The devil is at work in this season, I’ll pray for you and may the will of God be done in your life. This too shall pass. It is well ❤️🙏🏽

    Meet The TablésMeet The Tablés16 hours ago
    • And erm 😐 I can’t think of the perfect man or the perfect woman it don’t exist. It’s when you find your other half that you 2 will make PERFECTION...

      Meet The TablésMeet The Tablés16 hours ago
  • love is a choice, if you guys continue to CHOOSE to love each other, it will work, it will take TIME, but you want to work it out, so do it.. sometimes in a long term relationship, you lose that spark specially when you work together! sis do the counciling and be vulnerable, both of you guys. have space ... and then choose to love each other! because u do love each other

    Idiel MuseIdiel Muse17 hours ago
  • Grow up and get your family out of the house!!! Y’all need alone time How can he express certain things when someone is always there?! Use common sense y’all

    • Thank YOUUUU

      wuttwuuwuttwuu14 hours ago
  • The background noise was so annoying. I couldn’t watch it all. You all that watched the whole thing are troopers.

    ChristelChristel17 hours ago
  • I move my mom into my house to but she know her boundaries. Also what people do not understand it’s a caribbean thing we give back to our parents and help them. Also Caribbean parents are willing to help with babysitting

    D GeorgeD George17 hours ago
  • I was married for 25yr and had the same feelings about my marriage that you speak of. I could never get my partner to go to counseling to discuss the issues. I left the marriage and waited for 16 years before filing for divorce. It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life. The breakup hurt our 4 children and is now hurting our grandchildren. My advice to you is to be absolutely sure of what you are doing and how it will affect the people connected to you guys life.

    GemGem17 hours ago
  • I am in the same place as her & about to get divorce because he is not meeting my emotional needs and he always criticize and blame me. Also I've always been a firm believer that men don't really change

    Zra JZra J18 hours ago
  • Be careful it's some dirtballs out here. Grass ain't always greener.

    E.G. HarrisE.G. Harris18 hours ago
  • Braids are beautiful

    Always A Beautiful DayAlways A Beautiful Day18 hours ago
  • I wish you would’ve turned these comments off. You do not need the negativity.

    Tea With Tee LLCTea With Tee LLC18 hours ago
  • Counseling can definitely help but you both have to really want it. It takes time and this will not happen instantaneously, but it can happen. There are seminars for married couples to reconnect. My husband and I went on one called a weekend to remember and it was amazing. The thing is, I hear you saying you are not sure and you might want to try therapy and getting help. I think when you have those kind of feelings then divorcing might not be the best idea just yet. It also depends on how he feels? Does he want to make it work? I feel like maybe trying these things before you decide to divorce would be better then getting a divorce and then realizing you do want to be together. Maybe take time away from each other and do therapy, go on the getaways for couples struggling with their marriage. I pray you will find your way through this. Much love.

    KAES ASMRKAES ASMR18 hours ago
  • Don't let your past dictate your future. You sound like you may be in a space where things may seem 'too good to be true'. I find that often when you come from a broken home you have a hesitation and disbelief in your ability. You may also feel like you dont deserve this great life. But it's yours, your family are your world and everything in and around it. You did that and built it, you deserve peace and true happiness - when you find it protect it xx

    Ren.Ren.19 hours ago
  • Marriage can be so difficult at times. And that is putting it lightly. I hope you two can find peace. Literally God is the only person who saved my marriage.

    My Innocent LifeMy Innocent Life19 hours ago
  • Hi LaToya... I’m 39 with 4 kids... and currently on my 2nd marriage and separated from my husband. Never in a million years did I think that I would be contemplating a 2nd divorce. I was only 19 the first time and had no business being married then 🤦🏾‍♀️ But this time, I was ready, mature... and was planning to stay married until we were old and gray. But, he changed on me, became mean, disrespectful and someone that I started to not even like as a person. After 10 years together, I couldn’t keep betraying myself and what I know I deserve. No one is perfect and I’m not claiming to be, but one thing that I am is a die hard romantic. And when you truly love and respect your partner... anything can be worked on if they want that also. I NEED my partner to adore me the same way I do them, and I refuse to settle for less! What you may end up with is resentment... and chemistry and affection is hard to create when it’s not naturally there. I’ll either be single or marry again one day when I find the man that loves me the way I NEED TO BE LOVED, not the way he wants to love me. Prayers and blessings to the entire family! 🙏🏽✨✨✨ I’ve been watching your channel since you used to make skit videos in the LA apartment before you got pregnant!! 💪🏾💙 Also, this is YOUR process, don’t let anyone rush it. It’s hard, the guilt, feeling like you should sacrifice for the kids and pray you don’t end up hating each other, and trying to have your own happiness as well! It’s extremely hard! Self care, meditate, pray, stay humble, and empathetic. Adam will always be your family, even if you both chose divorce. Love always wins!! But also, just love alone is not enough 💙 We only have one trip around this universe!! Make it count!!! 💫 much love 💙

    The G ClassThe G Class19 hours ago
  • Yes I understand let's talk love languages. We all have love languages how we show love and how we want to be loved . This is very important and it's a conversation you guys need to have. If you want more romance and spontaneity tell him , how is he feeling ? What is his love language. Therapy helps . Get a therapist that is removed from the situation and both of you go to counseling

    Peeti BPeeti B20 hours ago
  • People should stop getting married if they can’t be in it for better or for worse smh

    Alicia HolmesAlicia Holmes20 hours ago
  • I fully understand you need a fresh start in a new location ( no memories) I've watched you for years never commented before I divorced after 17years partly due too a feeling of relationship lethargy no effort to on a one to one never feeling loved. Microhurts little comments that eat away at the soul. Most of us viewers aren't in your position you have support of extended family, can afford to find a temporary home so your mum etc can assist with day to day childcare, companionship etc. Your kids clothing line 😊😊 will take a lot of time & energy so no moping time. Adam will have the kids sleepover so you can have time to think with a clearhead. You've been in my prayers. If you decide it's truly over grow your relationship as co parents be positive too & about each other no I fidelity, domestic abuse so hurt feelings aside grieve for the lost hopes & dreams but focus on your business, family, kids, learn to love yourself again. Forgive what your heart lets you & embrace your new life because even if you reconcile you will be different people keep your relationship out of social media & always remember your children will see everything shared. Little Samia & Zayne may benefit from play therapy or art therapy counselling help them deal with the changes including becoming famous celebrities with your RHOA tenure. Excuse length but after your difficult pregnancy you need a long holiday & lots of tlc from your loved ones. Stay strong boss lady greetings from UK

    Ashybe011Ashybe01120 hours ago
  • I can 100%. understand trying to stick it out for the kids.But in the end deep down you know sometimes that's not enough. Were all human, and its not selfish to say you want and need to be happy and want love. With that it will manifest into your family that mommy and daddy are genuinely happy and not just putting up a front. I wish you and your family the best.

    erika kaneerika kane21 hour ago
  • I completely agree my husband and I are in marriage counseling ourselves. Every one around us wonders why because yall talk all the time and yall seem so together. You just never know what's happening behind close doors.

    Ariella's JourneyAriella's Journey21 hour ago
  • This does not seem authentic at all I’m sorry to say that but doesn’t seem real 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Ya JaYa Ja21 hour ago
  • Whatever issues we have stems from our childhood. You and Adam need to start there. Why is he not affectionate? Why are you the way you are? Both have to be willing to dig deep.

    Jeanene BarronJeanene Barron21 hour ago
  • I understand you 1000% 🖤🖤🖤

    Nubie EnneNubie Enne22 hours ago
  • Damn I feel you

    Ma-Riee KMa-Riee K23 hours ago
    • Her mother and this woman's entitled attitude is probably the reason they're divorcing.

      Andre ComerAndre Comer21 hour ago
  • Everything that she initially tried to keep from being shown is now being shown. Whether it's real or not, she is allowing the negativity of her life and relationship to be a storyline and displayed, which again, was something that she and her husband made sure not to show previously. The cookie-cutter image that built her has now been shattered. Again, whether real or not, there is an energy of greed that is finally weighing this lady down and if she doesn't get it in check it may cause her to have a nervous breakdown. Chasing the bag can blow up in your face if you go too far and it seems that she has gone a bit too far. When God blesses you in any way, don't get greedy. This is a prime example of the devil don't love nobody!

    Brittany TaylorBrittany Taylor23 hours ago
  • Only 3 people need to be in a marriage GOD, YOU, and your SPOUSE!! Don’t let someone who isn’t married guide you out of your own!!

    DaniDarling RobbinsDaniDarling RobbinsDay ago
  • Yes girl!! I have been there! All your feelings are legitimate and VALID!! Personally, I met someone with amazing chemistry after getting a divorce The ex-husband was a great person but I just never felt any chemistry. Never felt that one true love feeling

    MrsValentina007MrsValentina007Day ago
  • Hey Latoya. Pls discontinue face fillers. You were perfect just the way you were.

    FoougieTVFoougieTVDay ago
    • She is insecure

      Andre ComerAndre Comer21 hour ago
  • Stay in your house and send your Mum and sister to their own house!!!!

    Sherreen GoldingSherreen GoldingDay ago
  • I'll pray for you Latoya ❤

    Meyah GarrettMeyah GarrettDay ago
  • Sending you all the love and strength as you go through this tough time ❤

    Briawna BrooksBriawna BrooksDay ago
  • Thank you for your transparency, Ive been praying for y’all and still do. Whatever God wants for you and your family will come to pass. Lean on Him and trust in Him and He shall direct your path. Nothing in life is done without purpose so don’t feel bad redemption is a beautiful thing we get to experience as humans. Love you🤎

    Inspirational FloInspirational FloDay ago
  • Stay strong, please don’t fuxck with your face my love ! Ur gorgeous. Not a hater, filler is a bit muchhh 🥺❤️

    LysssIsMoreLysssIsMoreDay ago
  • Do the counseling! At the very least when all is said and done. You did the work! All the questions you have will be addressed in therapy. Doing nothing...keeps everything in the air. At the very least "TRY"

    kaliha55kaliha55Day ago
  • Clearly the speech classes Are working

    Nachemi AgapeNachemi AgapeDay ago
  • In order for your kids to be happy, you have to be happy ... pray about it and be specific❤

    Destiny WagnerDestiny WagnerDay ago
  • Alexa play "Girls need love by Summer walker"

    Emele EmzEmele EmzDay ago

    fort worthfort worthDay ago
  • I can relate happiness is everything I I rather be happy than anything and feeling myself again . You can lose yourself in unstable relationships and you should be who you are in any relationship. It should build each other Especially emotionality. You hot this girl stay strong . I have been riding with you since you an your husband was dating . I seen you glow up but protect your heart and soul

    lynette5276lynette5276Day ago
  • Everything you want in your relationship for you, you should want that for your partner too.

    jamaican0721jamaican0721Day ago
  • Praying and inviting God into it, With God it will never work or last... it’s okay to separate but a divorce will never heal your Problem, it will follow you but put prayer 🙏🏽 in between and don’t beat your self up just give yourself time and give yourself God. And life will carry on problem it’s up to us to get up and do what we need to do for the best it’s IT TIME SIS TO BRING PRAYER INTO YOUR LIFE. I know for a fact in you bring God and prayer into your relationship it will get better you will get stronger I know marriage with God into their marriage last God never promise us the but relationship where you don’t fight or agree to things it going to happen because you are a woman and he’s a man so there will be a difference but it’s about compromise get you a Bible Study understand and pray that’s how you take the stress out when your alone with the word of God meditate on the word. I was thinking about you earlier today then I came across this. I’m praying the will of God into your life that God bring joy and peace into your life that you will all your cares into his hands that he will take care of your needs , I bleed the blood of Jesus over your mind and heart in Jesus Name. First you can’t understand the word of without obeying Acts 2:38 you stay safe you and your family I’m stilling praying that’s all I can do but you gotta want better ps sorry long can’t talk to you I’m taking the time here. ❤️ Love you. Y’all NEED TIME TOGETHER ALONE.

    KaeNeisha Forlife BelleKaeNeisha Forlife BelleDay ago
  • I've been with my husband for 18 years, We fell out of love and back in love all over again. Why? because we keep ppl out our business, we try to hang with other married couples who have like minds. We talk more and tell each other what we want and expect, we date each other. Yes there will be difficulties, but you have to ask yourself, is it worth fighting for.

    Machelle Bang BangMachelle Bang BangDay ago
  • I was dating this guy for almost 2 years and i started my online business which was doing okay, he came in and advised and became my business partner. Our relationship began to fall apart because all we spoke about was business and even when i tried to have a personal conversation with him, it just felt like he wasn’t interested in me anymore but he just needed me as *quote* business partner because i was doing everything and he wasn’t doing much. But Latoya i just think get a separate place for your mom and sister and Prayer is the key, you’re really making the right choice to separate for now just to clear your mind and really try and reconcile with your husband

    the lover samthe lover samDay ago
  • Her face looks weird 🤦🏾‍♀️

    safi Lynn 15safi Lynn 15Day ago
  • Aquarius and Virgo ... could work, but a lot of times no. Different love languages

    KoricomethKoricomethDay ago
  • There is no way you can work on your marriage with your family in your house. Instead of moving... Put your mom and sister in their own place and go to counseling with your husband. Unless he is physically abusive... If so, that’s a whole different situation.

    D. SmithD. SmithDay ago
  • hmmm ahh there is a spirit going around, causing divorce, toya you just expressed something am going through right now, i was on my way to worship when i saw your video, i think we need to pray because something is wrong, this wave of divorce God save us and help!!!! love you toya and your family, lets pray

    Belinda NagawaBelinda NagawaDay ago
  • Only God can help. Pray together🙏🏽 it works.

    IndependentQueenIndependentQueenDay ago
  • I have never been in that situation before so I can’t image how hard this is. But my advice is take some time for yourself to think then try to reconnect with Adam. Remember the reasons why y’all fell in love. Having other family around isn’t good for marriage either from what I see from other married couples. Again I’ve never been in that situation and I’m not married but from what I hear from my married friends family involvement seems to hurt the marriage. Counseling is a really good idea too. Regardless of what happens you will get through this. Sending my love.

    So SiriusSo SiriusDay ago
  • The comment section is very interesting. Please STOP asking people to stay together, work it out...When two people who know each other decide to go their separate way, SPECTATORS should respect that and stop begging them to workout things that we know nothing about. It's always deeper than what they are willing to say. it's better to support and allow them to figure out their own life. Do what's best for you and your family ONLY you truly know what that is.

    LovewinsLovewinsDay ago
  • I really feel for you LaToya, i can resonate with what you're going through with something similar. Honestly idk yet I feel like its one of the worst battles to face when thinking yes just make it work but no the pieces just aren't fitting together fully and what if they never did its like a deep kind of hurt to navigate because you want to stay but you have to go. May be different than your situation but just like that emotional tug of war. Wishing you and your Entire family peace and happiness regardless. Keep your head up girl!

    90s Girl90s GirlDay ago
  • This breaks my heart. You may not know your subscribers personally but we feel as if we know you personally. I’ve been here since day 1 so yes, this hurts. Thanks for speaking to us about it because we’re family too whether you know it or not and we love you. All of us are here for each of you. 💯🥰

    Jah LiveJah LiveDay ago
  • Completely understand how you feel, but that is not a reason to divorce❤️👍🏾

    Chayka77 IsraeliteChayka77 IsraeliteDay ago
  • I've been married for 15 years together for 20, and you don't always feel the love. However marriage is work and sometimes we treat the things like trash after we prayed so hard for them. I hope you all can work it out.

    Farrah IveryFarrah IveryDay ago
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Nights with nikkiNights with nikkiDay ago
  • Can’t believe you told adam that you belong to the street. Smh.

    Chelsea WeeklyChelsea WeeklyDay ago
  • You should have a conversation with Keesha Anderson...she needs your input

    BrianneBrianneDay ago
  • Woooow where have I been?! Sheesh. Praying for y’all

    Debora MicaelDebora MicaelDay ago