VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 30

Jun 27, 2020
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Niko, Wren, and Sam are back to break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects from your favorite Hollywood films!
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  • Have they done Love death and robots yet?

    Corey JonesCorey Jones6 hours ago
  • U guys are pretty cool! I appreciate and like your content.👍

    Jorge MurilloJorge Murillo11 hours ago

    OrpheusOrpheus14 hours ago
  • 7:08 look at the computer screen. Lol

    Urkki PurkkiUrkki PurkkiDay ago
  • THE WALKING DEAD - especially season 7 where you got the tiger Shiva, the trash ppl set where they try to make it look huge, the walker kills etc

    Austin OglesbyAustin OglesbyDay ago
  • “The Abyss” wasn’t the first digital morph - “Flight of the Navigator”, “The Golden Child” and “Willow” predate it.

    Ian PergeIan PergeDay ago
  • Do the opening scene from Kung Fury!

    Joseph WileyJoseph WileyDay ago
  • At 7:32 the only thing going through my head at this moment is: Why are you pronouncing the names of movies like this!? Stop IT! I mean it's cracking me up, but stop it! 😂

    Jordan FeltJordan Felt2 days ago
  • I love how at the start of every video it's just like *Bass hits

    John_McCartneyJohn_McCartney2 days ago
  • The whole movie Speed Racer is pretty jacked up.

    sandeep svsandeep sv2 days ago
  • Scott Pilgrims Vs The World

    Mhao Yeager ZqpyAFfDpGMhao Yeager ZqpyAFfDpG3 days ago
  • Prometheus or something

    Nicholas the HedjhogNicholas the Hedjhog4 days ago
  • Imma comment on all your videos the Dragonball super broly movie get done

    FATBOY12190FATBOY121904 days ago
  • Pleaaaase do they flying bus scene from Swordfish!

    Jan SJan S4 days ago
  • Jacked up scene: Birdemic, Shock and Terror (all of it, all of it is jacked up).

    ThefandomhasrisenThefandomhasrisen5 days ago
  • jedi fallen order

    Jonathan CJonathan C5 days ago
  • yall should react to "The Amazing Bulk"

    RetardedTrevorFrom GTARetardedTrevorFrom GTA6 days ago
  • Please review Ready Player One

    inthehouserinthehouser6 days ago
  • Jacked up scene: Silent Hill (2006) the Janitor scene

    Kalia LorKalia Lor6 days ago
  • I know John Knoll.. ... But he doesn't know me...

    Varun MadhavanVarun Madhavan6 days ago
  • Avatar the last air bender movie all of the bending

    Round_the_corner AnimationsRound_the_corner Animations7 days ago
  • Nice.

    KojoKojo7 days ago
  • Shin Godzilla and Godzilla:king of the monster

    ryanchua 1upryanchua 1up8 days ago
  • the entire movie only the brave

    Emilio MaresEmilio Mares8 days ago
  • I like how you spell *TerminATOR*

    Vasiliy KoshkinVasiliy Koshkin8 days ago
  • Whos The guys pic they used when alluding to a director who phones it in 😂 at 3:35 ?

    chainfirechainfire8 days ago
  • React to the movie Battleship, the guy drifted with a ship

    Haidar DigitalHaidar Digital8 days ago
  • Battleship

    Haidar DigitalHaidar Digital8 days ago
  • Jacked up scene: Serbian film beheading sex scene

    ManmanManman9 days ago

    MikeyMikey10 days ago
  • 🐠🐠🐡🐡

    iamfishgiveriamfishgiver10 days ago
  • Scott looks like wren

    shan-shan tvshan-shan tv10 days ago
  • How can Wren mispronouncing movies’ names on purpose be so cringy yet so hilarious at the same time? xD

    Ismael GarciaIsmael Garcia11 days ago
  • Honestly, it wasn't until now that I realized the reality of that Looper scene. I thought that since his nose was the first thing to disappear, he was starting to show signs of being dead, not that he was being mutilated. I thought that since he was killed in the past, his future self was starting to become like his future reality, a corpse or a skeleton. It wasn't until they pointed out the leg disappearing that I understood they were chopping his limbs off.

    Victor HuertaVictor Huerta11 days ago
  • A jacked up cgi scene is what happened to Monday where they have to cut off the girls fingers

    Jayden DelgadoJayden Delgado11 days ago
  • Collateral club fight scene

    Adam MAdam M11 days ago
  • tErMinAtoR

    Jp ChuaJp Chua11 days ago
  • tusk please

    PhilKeoghanFAN03PhilKeoghanFAN0311 days ago
  • What's about "Jigsaw".

    Mohammed FarhanMohammed Farhan11 days ago
  • I wished they had done terminator 1

    ToocanToocan12 days ago
  • Saw film series clips

    Usaid SharerUsaid Sharer12 days ago
  • I would LOVE an analysis of the Cloud VS Sephiroth fight from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete

    TheBrewbsTheBrewbs13 days ago
  • Please react to the last scene in avatar where the avatar is holding Sam Worthington

    Enrico RandolphEnrico Randolph13 days ago
  • The CG in Weird Al Yankovic's Perform This Way music video,

    Jimmy HenriksenJimmy Henriksen13 days ago
  • can you watch some of the stop motion movies from laika studios. they have some vfx shots in there

    Pineapple StudiosPineapple Studios14 days ago
  • 9:07 "but there's 1 guy that was like, no we got this! and his name was JOHN CENA!"

    425 Akond425 Akond14 days ago
  • The final battle scene from Narnia, the lion, the which, and the wardrobe

  • Do tron legacy

    JavierJavier15 days ago
  • Wu Assassins - good fights, baaaad CGI

    Rachel HamiltonRachel Hamilton15 days ago
  • Love Death and Robots Please. Beyond the Aquila Rift. Also Bridge 4! I love the 2 Shirt

    Cody CraddockCody Craddock15 days ago
  • React to Ghibli studios animation

    AKSHAY A SAKSHAY A S15 days ago
  • U guys should react to the transformers movies mostly the 3rd and 4th ones the cgi is great

    LUNAR filmsLUNAR films15 days ago
  • Jacked up scene: spiderman 3 sandman transformation scene

    ErfriX _ErfriX _15 days ago
  • Losers.

    narendra solankinarendra solanki16 days ago
  • Stop commenting on others VFX. You guys make a VFX and we will see whether it is the best.

    narendra solankinarendra solanki16 days ago
  • That abyss thing i thinked it mimics Thomas the tank engine

    MarołMaroł16 days ago
  • GHOST IN THE SHELL...one of movies which mostly done with vfx. Does have more than couple of big production companies.Starring scarlet Johansson. The first fight scene where the actress jumping from the rooftop is one of the major scene that contribute the vfx in the movie..

    Joyal JoshiJoyal Joshi16 days ago
  • The Animation in NBA2k20. Sometimes Im amazing and other times.....just wow....but there must have been so much custom work for the my career mode, its insane animation and computer imaging IMO

    Drew FerreiraDrew Ferreira16 days ago
  • Why is every Raycon advertisement the same?

    Mart ConflinMart Conflin16 days ago
  • I’m digging Wren’s Stormlight shirt :) Nice to see these movie buffs appreciate Sanderson too

    youarealemonyouarealemon16 days ago
  • Red tails plz

    William ColeWilliam Cole17 days ago
  • The Ten Commandments(1956) The MASSIVE crowd shots, they didn’t quite look 100% practical. And how did they do the fire tornado?

    Ribbitt IIIRibbitt III18 days ago
  • Vfx react Inuyashiki 2018

    Aysar ShihabAysar Shihab18 days ago
  • The signal where we first see the robotic legs

    Blaze14ZXBlaze14ZX18 days ago
  • Never heard of this movie: The Abby's

    NickoTynNickoTyn19 days ago
  • Who's the director they're roasting when talking about Scott Pilgrim??

    David MDavid M19 days ago
  • Iron Man 3 Monkeys in a Barrel scene

    Braddah LeeksBraddah Leeks19 days ago
  • I'd love to see you guys take on the final battle sequence of Serenity.

    Nathan StottsNathan Stotts19 days ago
  • Ready player one the big battle

    Jacob KendallJacob Kendall20 days ago
  • The thing that makes Scott Pilgrim vs the world is the editing and camera work.

    Taner ArchibaldTaner Archibald20 days ago
  • Do Game of Thrones S08.( yeah yeah fuck me now move along to next comments)

    Deku UchihaDeku Uchiha20 days ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/7g-nFOaucBU-video.html this cgi nightmare!

    Brandon DBrandon D20 days ago
  • I have a VFX suggestion: look at the way they did the Star Trek VFX and compare the original show to TNG and how it evolved

    Diego CamposDiego Campos20 days ago
  • Percy Jackson has a lot of water simulations and human animal hybrids

    Andrew MorinAndrew Morin20 days ago
  • 9:46 What are the balls he is holding called?

    Reynaldo Justo IIReynaldo Justo II20 days ago
    • Large testicles.

      Jon DunmoreJon Dunmore19 days ago
  • Need that District 9 react

    palariouspalarious21 day ago
  • Please do umbrella academy!

    TheArtisticNinjaTheArtisticNinja21 day ago
  • Jacked up scene: the ice cream man scene fro legion the movie

    HolyKnightGamesHolyKnightGames21 day ago
  • If you get John Knoll it has to be a special 2 hour episode MINIMUM

    Isaac FergusonIsaac Ferguson21 day ago
  • Spider Man 3 Venom transformation scene!!!

    Alexander PakAlexander Pak22 days ago
  • Jacked up scene: French movie Irréversible underground bar scene...

    Alexander MartinsAlexander Martins22 days ago
  • could be wrong but are they actually all together at the distance shown in the shot or did they pull an effect on us? maybe its my eyes playing tricks but it looks odd plus they never interact with each other visually (eye contact). once again i could be extremely over thinking this

    TheWarFish 93TheWarFish 9322 days ago
  • Jacked Up Scene: Angel getting new/ metallic wings in X-Men Apocalypse. Its kind of cool but also horrifying to watch.

    Sarah سارةSarah سارة22 days ago
  • React to “The Umbrella Academy” CGI

    Black Ninja ProductionsBlack Ninja Productions22 days ago
  • spider man 3 with Tobey Maguire. Moments with Sandman

    Павел ГолубевПавел Голубев22 days ago
  • That scene from Looper is HORRIFYING, and these dudes are like "Wow, super cool"

    Fake NameFake Name23 days ago
  • How about “Clockstoppers” for a break down? Would love to know how they made time stop like that

    Ptao TomPtao Tom24 days ago
  • I saw Scott Pilgrim in theaters. It was my first month of my first semester of college

    Thomas PappalardoThomas Pappalardo24 days ago
  • I see Ramona I click

    KingKafeiKingKafei24 days ago
  • I don't think i can express my apprecaition of showing off some Fate/Apocrypha.

    ThewisemanoncesaidThewisemanoncesaid24 days ago
  • Watch

    Let's Go animateLet's Go animate25 days ago
    • 7:07 left of the screen on the monitor it shows some self promotion

      Ptao TomPtao Tom24 days ago
  • Watch numberjacks

    Let's Go animateLet's Go animate25 days ago
  • For a jacked up scene, is there a movie that basically does the horrible awful thing of getting a needle jabbed into your eye like the games Prey or Dead space do?

    BamithBamith25 days ago
  • What is the sound effect at 00:08 lmfaoooo

    KeepItDeadKeepItDead25 days ago
  • MOST JACKED UP MOVIE EFFECT I recall is from The Cell with the cow cut in half or something.

    It's Just SpeculationIt's Just Speculation25 days ago
    • Hollywood afterwards.

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu25 days ago
  • I always thought Jesse Eisenberg was the lead actor instead of Michael Cera 😂😂😂

    Abhisec MukherjeeAbhisec Mukherjee25 days ago
    • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword fight scene with excalibur

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu25 days ago
  • I'm a simple guy, I see Ramona, I click

    OniOni26 days ago
  • Please do one on “Cat $h*t One”. It’s about fuzzy cute private military contractor bunnies battling it out with camels in the desert using fairly realistic military arms and tactics

    CassieCassie26 days ago
  • Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy :)

    Jacob DavidsonJacob Davidson26 days ago
  • The fact Scott Pilgrim wasn't one of the biggest movies of all time is a travesty

    SugarcatSugarcat27 days ago