The Vat of Acid Episode

May 17, 2020
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The one with the acid vat, broh.

  • If it wasn’t time travel, then wouldn’t Morty have all his previous injuries from any experience he went through? If he got torn to shreds by an ape, then shunted into another universe he’d still have those injuries.

    K KunderaK Kundera2 days ago
  • I only have a few words after watching this episode. Fuck You Jerry

    Jackie BoyJackie Boy2 days ago
  • Morty has DETERMINATION. That was an. . .Undertale reference.

    supermarioraymond1supermarioraymond15 days ago
  • Rick and Morty on shrooooooooms

    Hunter HallHunter Hall6 days ago
  • Rick has already gone through everything he subjects Morty to... He's essentially his councillor... Just a theory

    Avid YouTube ViewerAvid YouTube Viewer8 days ago
  • My favourite episode of this season🥳😂😂

    Iris LeeIris Lee11 days ago
  • And Jesus Christ, FUCK Jerry

    Greenhorn FilmsGreenhorn Films13 days ago
  • Jesus christ, poor Morty

    Greenhorn FilmsGreenhorn Films13 days ago
  • Did anyone realize that was Harambe?

    WinginWolfWinginWolf14 days ago
  • Kiss the Vat

    John GatchalianJohn Gatchalian17 days ago
  • I love how fluid morty and ricks dialogue is

    Jack AshmoreJack Ashmore19 days ago
  • Morty gives us the perfect reason for always saving your place

    Kristen CadyKristen Cady21 day ago
  • The unnamed girl with glasses is just a metaphor for the girl that all of us lonely souls hope to find one day. sigh...

    Chuggs AlvarezChuggs Alvarez21 day ago
  • Morty is my favorite character. So seeing him get so snappy with Rick was hilarious. But you have to love that Rick really put all the "heavy-lifting" into his petty bullsh😂😂

    Hayden RichHayden Rich22 days ago
  • Is it me or does Rick and Morty live in the same town as the Simpsons, I swear I saw Moe's tavern when Morty tossed that old man out of his wheel chair.

    Scott ImoScott Imo22 days ago
  • Did anyone notice the bar behind the man in the wheelchair. Looks like the bar from the simpsons

    Nora NirvanaNora Nirvana24 days ago
  • I love that when Rick says "Or maybe I'll just kill you" and shoots Morty, you can still see Morty breathing. Its little details like that that shows Rick cares, in his own twisted way.

    Zicky KaneZicky Kane27 days ago

    TempoTempo27 days ago
  • You can't doi it best scene

    Spicystachegamer328 420Spicystachegamer328 42027 days ago
  • i really wish morty could just have a relationship without it having to be taken away from him. And I wish they would stop writing jerry to fuck shit up

    R.A.MR.A.M28 days ago
  • You can clearly see morty breathing after rick zaps him for the first reset

    Corwin AmberCorwin Amber28 days ago
  • The music during the montage with the girl reminds me of sims!

    NatNat28 days ago
  • what is the futurama episode called?

    SomeWeirdColoredGuySomeWeirdColoredGuy29 days ago
  • Dude this fucked me up

    Justin BaumannJustin Baumann29 days ago
  • Best episode yet of the 2nd half of this season! IMO 😆😆

    Wes B26Wes B2629 days ago
  • 18:31 did morty say tha n werd

    R.A.MR.A.M29 days ago
  • Holy fuck this show has gone entirely off the rails

    Sean NanceSean Nance29 days ago
  • Morty: fearlessly shot by cops and braving a frozen wasteland for his love Also Morty: afraid of the high dive

    TheManOfTheHour Gaming And EntertainmentTheManOfTheHour Gaming And Entertainment29 days ago
  • So rick shot and killed that original Morty...

    pathologicaldoubtpathologicaldoubtMonth ago
  • This is god😅🤣👏👏👏

  • I love Morty and that chick. They were perfect.

    Fake Giraffe TheoryFake Giraffe TheoryMonth ago
  • Lol RICK is so petty

    AndrewAndrewMonth ago
  • 16:00 when shit started to get serious lightning struck outside and it made the scene more surreal...

    magnumspartin1magnumspartin1Month ago
  • The girl seeing him fake suicide. Was kinda sad.

    Cookie BanditCookie BanditMonth ago
  • My only comment is that I really don’t like the way the producers have turned Morty into a total cocky brat. Lesser intelligent people shouldn’t be so condescending

    AndrewAndrewMonth ago
  • Lol retired moe at 10:23

    TiberiusTiberiusMonth ago
  • Rick drinking a Capri Sun was so cute!

    InfusedSedimentInfusedSedimentMonth ago
  • I love how they call 720 HD when buying, even when they clearly, themselves, no longer consider it to be.

    TheStruggle IsRealTheStruggle IsRealMonth ago
  • The only thing is that except for the 1st Morty dying, for the universes to be close to parallel every other Morty was also Prestiging into another Morty that was Prestiging into another Morty that was infinitum.

    K KunderaK KunderaMonth ago
  • I hate jerry

    mmiskarianmmiskarianMonth ago
  • 🤣

    Zsmo0thZsmo0thMonth ago
  • Every rick has a vat!!!!!😁

    CHAOSxKaiWebsCHAOSxKaiWebsMonth ago
  • He killed so many mortys,Ricks is awesome.

    CHAOSxKaiWebsCHAOSxKaiWebsMonth ago
  • His dad is the worst

    CHAOSxKaiWebsCHAOSxKaiWebsMonth ago
  • Rick is a piece of shit. The theory that Morty is just young Rick makes sense, would be hard to be this cruel to anyone else but yourself.

    AlphascrubAlphascrubMonth ago
  • The middle part hit me pretty hard. I recently lost my relationship, and it just hurts to see Morty's entire amazing relationship gone with the press of a button. I hope she makes a comeback sometime, maybe next season?

    FoxQueenFoxQueenMonth ago
  • Holy shit, rick didn't actually kill Morty when he shot him. You can see Morty breathing after he falls to the floor. Rick cares about Morty so much that he wouldn't even kill him even if he could undo it.

    FoxQueenFoxQueenMonth ago
  • When Rick shot Morty he didn’t actually die, you can see that he was still breathing.

    Leigha ElizabethLeigha ElizabethMonth ago
  • My favorite episode in a while, top 3 all time. I love the layered jokes and the acid theme and the cute girl and the “you think I’d waste our home teaching you a lesson” this is classic, 90+ more episodes to come? A reason to live.

    Kiva SwanderKiva SwanderMonth ago
  • Why does Rick save a place, and then kill Morty right at the start? And I notice that when Morty uses the device, HE'S the one that gets the purple effect, but when Rick used it, again, it was Morty. So, it's a Morty-specific device? And when Morty is killed by the car, he doesn't have time to hit the reset button, so is it just automatic if he dies?

    jeric_ synergyjeric_ synergyMonth ago
  • This is definitely top 5 episodes. This was so much fun

    Terrence HamiltonTerrence HamiltonMonth ago
  • Savage.

    michealjackson500michealjackson500Month ago
  • Beats real crystals and no gun

    Jason WoodardJason WoodardMonth ago
  • one rick didn't have a vat

    Tyler GwizdekTyler GwizdekMonth ago
  • Spoilers: Rick didn't actually kill morty in the beginning because he luvs him awww

    SnupabooSnupabooMonth ago
  • 14:50 The Red Balloon...Classic Movie Hints

    Go CPNGGo CPNGMonth ago
  • 11:21 Interesting Paintings On The Wall.

    Go CPNGGo CPNGMonth ago
  • So Morty is eating human meat? 12:29

    Molotov CocktailMolotov CocktailMonth ago
  • I was afraid they would jump into the wrong one 😨

    HeartBreak BonezHeartBreak BonezMonth ago
  • Wait, did rick kill another version of himself just to show off the device to morty? Or did he kill the original version of his grandson and replace him with another... Both options are morbid...but i think the most likely was that rick was fucking with morty from the beginning and he did tine travel.

    WarriorAngel AzraelWarriorAngel AzraelMonth ago
  • 16:55 - 16:58 masturbating joke I just got it!! 🤣😂😂🤣

    Eddi HazelEddi HazelMonth ago
  • Kinda curious why morty cranked the power of the gun at the end.

    Chip JamesChip JamesMonth ago
  • Episodes like this are the reason I fell in love with Rick and Morty.

    Paul TurnbloomPaul TurnbloomMonth ago
  • Before I thought Jerry was just an annoying little virus, now I really hate Jerry

    Brittny StaffordBrittny StaffordMonth ago
    • Yesss! He destroyed mortys best moment!

      Terrence HamiltonTerrence HamiltonMonth ago
  • Anyone else notice at 6:30 rick is working with one of the killer balls from the old ass phantasm movies?

    Johnny HammersticksJohnny HammersticksMonth ago
  • Can we just appreciate the fact that Morty, unrestrained by morals or the consequences of his actions, is such an unholy monstrous bastard that everyone across the entire political spectrum decided to set aside there differences and worked together to kill him by the end of the episode. Not the first time it happened either, it’s basically a repeat of what happened in episode 1 of this season.

    Edward PettingerEdward PettingerMonth ago
  • “My hands are clean, Morty.” Btich, you headshot him at the start of all this 😂

    Liam SkillaneLiam SkillaneMonth ago
  • 12:24 kinda looks like Kyle, Kenny, stan, and Cartman

    Scott ImoScott ImoMonth ago
  • Just dawned on me that technically our Morty that explains to the other Rick about his whole journey is responsible for his (The Ricks) Mortys painful death. He caused that realities Morty to die and took his place.

    Chucking ReaperChucking ReaperMonth ago
  • Poor Heroine Kieth, he just wanted the best for morty

    Jonathan TinsleyJonathan TinsleyMonth ago
  • Well if I was morty i would definitely do something very horrible to rick

    glormp glormpglormp glormpMonth ago
  • Where did morty get that knife...on a plane?

    Wayne S.Wayne S.Month ago
  • I agree with Rick when it comes to rocky road. Peanut butter would be the superior addon

    David PhillipsDavid PhillipsMonth ago
  • Lol he end I love when the bones floating come up.

    WinginWolfWinginWolfMonth ago
  • He slurps his capri sun like Kermit do wit his tea 🤣🤣🤣

    ProGamer codeProGamer codeMonth ago
  • As soon as he met the girl I knew

    Dylan HenryDylan HenryMonth ago
  • I love how Rick's threat of "the WORLD will know if I try to hurt you" totally came true when the whole world was pissed at Morty after Rick merged all the timelines. I agree that this felt like a classic Rick and Morty adventure.

    Jake MayesJake MayesMonth ago
  • Only way for the acid vat to work it has to pass the ladle test

    Alex MacAlex MacMonth ago
  • I'm gonna be waiting for like three seasons down the line when that girl morty was with gets a whole back story and stuffs...

    kaptunkordankaptunkordanMonth ago
  • Man, Re:zero season 2 is hitting different

    LabratLabratMonth ago