The Most Chaotic Review EVER; Fenty Cream Bronzer/Blush Collection

May 5, 2020
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Today's review is going to be on the new Fenty Freestyle Cream Bronzers and their freestyle cream blushes. I am VERYYY CONFUSED! Just watch and you will get exactly what I mean lmao

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  • The passive aggressiveness in these comments and erasure of the darker skin complexion needs is disgusting. If you like it, buy it. But don't come on here and argue with a professional about the definition of sheer and Fenty's initial purpose of INCLUSIVITY. If you want a pigmented sheer blush they do exist, but clearly not with Fenty, which is disappointing for some. I use Iconic London liquid sheer blush and they show up on my skin without looking oily, without a lip balm texture, and without "looking like a clown."

    B.ChampagneB.Champagne5 months ago
    • You betta preach!!!!

      Michelle BarretoMichelle Barreto2 months ago
    • Sheerness probably applies differently to products too based on the skintone. Sheer for NC25 is not the same as sheer for NC45

      Mithrandir StormcrowMithrandir Stormcrow3 months ago
    • Mam, you didn't have to preach the way you did, but the WORD was needed!!!!

      Tenisha LongTenisha Long4 months ago
    • Nyma tried on one blush and swatched the rest. Swatches can be deceiving and I really don’t know why yall keep commenting this. Just because someone else tried it and liked it doesn’t cancel out everyone else’s opinions on the launch as a whole. you came here for my opinion, I gave it! now accept it for what it is and stop trying to invalidate it (especially if YOU don’t have dark skin yourself)

      Jackie AinaJackie Aina5 months ago
    • Maria T you do realize she has her cosmetology license from the state of California? 🙄

      Marva NorwoodMarva Norwood5 months ago
  • Bought one of these today, your right they are very sheer, I thought I would get more colour. However you do get a very shuttle natural look which is great for work but I wish they had more colour pigment.

    flaviaakelloflaviaakello3 hours ago
  • No cream blush on powder omg

    Diekoloreoluwa OgundanaDiekoloreoluwa Ogundana3 days ago
  • The fluffy brushes ur using when it’s going on sheer it mite me absorbing the product

    Alec BergenAlec Bergen6 days ago
  • 😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

    Angela CastroAngela Castro11 days ago
  • Razors?????

    Alyssa ClarkeAlyssa Clarke12 days ago
  • I just bought 2 of the cream blushes last night and I justtttttt. UGH SO GOOD. AND THE DIAMOND BOMB in How Many Karats?!?! I CAAANNNT. its so gooood

    Aimee GroberAimee Grober23 days ago
  • You look so beautiful in this video😍😍

    Sienna sSienna s26 days ago
  • jackie at the end of her videos is like dora asking how your day was.

    dani obviouslydani obviouslyMonth ago
    • i love it, don’t fucking bully me.

      dani obviouslydani obviouslyMonth ago
  • Am I watching a different video? It looks awful.

    Neil HarryNeil HarryMonth ago
  • Love you Jackie!!! You seriously teach me so much and honestly thank you 🙏🏼

    Jes AshworthJes AshworthMonth ago
  • Glad I watched this because I was looking at these colours like 🥴. Ummmmmmm lol

    Charity FriesenCharity FriesenMonth ago
  • I love the hair babe 😍😍😍

    Julia CourtneyJulia CourtneyMonth ago
  • absolutely love you 😍 😂

    chayechayeMonth ago
  • I love this woman

    Anne-Lise Kelassa SehiAnne-Lise Kelassa SehiMonth ago
  • Love you Jackie

    Prisca HermenePrisca HermeneMonth ago
  • "Petal popping on a handstand!" Lmaooo

    Vanessa AVanessa AMonth ago
  • I wana wear blush in general and just cream stuff so bad. But the ice pick scar texture and acne on my cheeks says "NO MAAM!"

    Vanessa AVanessa AMonth ago
  • Troyce TV brought me here Chile🙃😘

    S CarrollS CarrollMonth ago
  • Love this makeup look its the eyes for me

    JayPatriceJayPatriceMonth ago
  • Your review was thorough & honest. But can you share the Mr. Green CHACHAI Baba 🤣🤣🤣

    Kim FyffeKim FyffeMonth ago
  • Everyone's trying to get on that Glossier bandwagon!

    amanda cavaamanda cavaMonth ago
  • Can you make a tutorial on this eye look

    Sky O.Sky O.Month ago
  • 22:58 when she mattes the cream blush 😍

    Ali GonzalezAli GonzalezMonth ago
  • Fuego Flush is the only color I liked. I really wish the blushes were more pigmented. You should try Tower 28! Beach Please Golden Hour is so gorgeous!!! 🧡🧡🧡

    Charles AlwynCharles Alwyn2 months ago
  • Fast AND funny!!!!! Can’t stand it when some people talk forever and still not coming to a point when they do reviews, just on and on and on and on about lame shit and think they are so cute!! I like you Jackie and I’m Asian! ✌️ 😊

    polly pickpolly pick2 months ago
  • You are so beautiful!!!!

    Sandra FayéSandra Fayé2 months ago
  • I just LOVED this vídeo... You're amazing! 💖 (And, thanks for the subtitle! 😘🇧🇷)

    Amanda S.C.Amanda S.C.2 months ago
  • I never use this product with anything else,it’s a I’m being lazy here’s some makeup product for me. Chocolate doesn’t bronze my skin, it basically blends in with my skin. I put Fenty nutmeg setting powder and that’s it

    Jasmine SmithJasmine Smith2 months ago
  • Thank you so much for making these videos! My chocolate, oily skin appreciates it❤️

    Michelle BarretoMichelle Barreto2 months ago
  • Lol the dislikes are on 666 rn. 👀 Wonder what the Lord is trying to say about all y'all dislikers 😂😂😂. Jk. Love you Jackie.

    Fiyin DFiyin D2 months ago
  • Idk I’m not feeling the launch either!!! Like you can see the difference of blush vs foundation. It’s just not melting into the base like I wish it were!!!

    Paige JersenPaige Jersen2 months ago
  • Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie can you tell us newbies what's the difference between a bronzer and a contour? How would you use a bronzer.

    Rina MarieRina Marie2 months ago
  • Love you Jackie!!!

    Miss SJMiss SJ2 months ago
  • No I'm here for the cream blushes actually

    JustanothergirlJustanothergirl2 months ago
  • The other sheer ones could be used as lipglosses

    ChristianGyrl 3ChristianGyrl 32 months ago
  • Yooo, I was not here for any of it till you set it right near the end. I dont like blush but that was bomb!!! I'm definitely ordering!!

    Danica JDanica J2 months ago
  • The eyeshadow tho😍

    Kelxcxa.7Kelxcxa.72 months ago

    ham flavored lip balmham flavored lip balm2 months ago
  • I’m sad to see to see this launch from your POV. I liked the two blushes I bought. You’re right, this was disappointing from a brand that’s supposed to inclusive. I hope they release more blushes with levels different pigmentations so that everyone can wear what they want. They could’ve released like 5 colors (pink, coral, peach, purple, whatever) with say 3 different levels of pigmentation and they would have been more inclusive.

    Diana GuevaraDiana Guevara2 months ago
  • Fd&hhhyygrfvdcsswetni hhgvfv fgvgy ggdcf hbtgvbjbgy jtf myth hyrvbur urgu 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

    عباس البديريعباس البديري2 months ago
  • 😶😑😐🤨🤔🤯🤯🙄😒😤🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤐🤐🤐

    عباس البديريعباس البديري2 months ago
  • Can someone please help me understand the difference between contour and bronzer ? I genuinely do not understand their roles respectively 😅😅😅 I have been binge watching Jackie’s videos for the last seven days, don’t regret it tho 😍😍😍 Love from Manchester, UK 🤩

    Cláudia Inês GarciaCláudia Inês Garcia3 months ago
    • Most of them are just for companies to sell more products. But technically contours are cooler, have no shimmer, etc. Bronzer can be placed mostly all over the face but be careful. Theyre usually shimmer and give a 🌞 kissed look.

      Leela RamineniLeela Ramineni2 months ago
  • The red is real cute on you

    FabigailFabigail3 months ago
  • I am so curious to know how these go on top of the matte foundation from Fenty - anyone know?

    reallymagnoliareallymagnolia3 months ago
  • u right

    moderated obsessionmoderated obsession3 months ago
  • jackie was sippin from the chaos cauldron for this video and im here for it

    Ivy HotzIvy Hotz3 months ago
  • “More contour than bronzer” that’s it you nailed it

    Adri AnomalyAdri Anomaly3 months ago
  • I haven’t even started watching the application and my only comment is that her brows and braids look so good on her! Like she’s so pretty in any hairstyle, I just wanted to take the time and let you guys know and appreciate her beauty

    Graciy BartunekGraciy Bartunek3 months ago
  • This is one of the most hilarious reviews!! 😂 But your honesty is so awesome! Keep it up Queen!

    Destiny McPhersonDestiny McPherson3 months ago
  • I love those blushes. They look so fresh and dewy and has a translucency so it looks natural. I think they look great on you.

    Pandora VexPandora Vex3 months ago
  • jackie plays animal crossing....? ugh, as if she wasn’t so amazing and interesting enough already, she’s so cute playing ac

    GloriousStars45GloriousStars453 months ago

    Itz HerzItz Herz3 months ago
  • The work she put into this review is incredible. Took off the full beat, put on the tinted moisturizer, put on another beat to see results. That is awesome!

    Caleigh DicksonCaleigh Dickson3 months ago
  • You are so beautiful!!! Love the honest review.💖

    Jacqueline CoronadoJacqueline Coronado3 months ago
  • I just discovered your channel and I'm obsessed. Thank you for this entertaining and honest review!

    Vanessa FreijeVanessa Freije3 months ago
  • The bronzes are kinda cool toned....which makes them contours....but to each their own.

    Anita PosaAnita Posa3 months ago
  • Yasss flewed out 💜👑 great video as always Jackie!

    MT's Corner with Myesha-TiaraMT's Corner with Myesha-Tiara3 months ago
  • Lord knows I am light as HECk and I could not pull off a bold blush. I'll take my dusty roses and my light peaches and then I'm OUT. Anything else and I'm like what is this clown face nonsense!

    Emily JanetEmily Janet3 months ago
  • Love you and your armpit hair😂😘❤

    Danique RoeloffzenDanique Roeloffzen3 months ago
  • you're my absolute favorite. love watching your videos!

    Tiffany Talks BeautyTiffany Talks Beauty3 months ago
  • I believe Rihanna actually said these were designed for when you don’t want to wear a full face or typically don’t like wearing makeup and you just put something on for a day at the beach or something. So it makes sense that it looks better on bare skin.

    Tara GravesTara Graves3 months ago
  • I forget how funny you are 😂

    Abby VegaAbby Vega3 months ago
  • Living for Jackie tryna smell all these blushes tho 😂

    Jen WJen W3 months ago
  • This is the funniest review I’ve ever seen lol!!! And it was sooooo good

    CandaceCandace3 months ago
  • GOT IT! Set with some powder lol thank you! :)

    Kirin A.Kirin A.3 months ago
  • i subbed recently (can’t believe i didn’t know about jackie before??) and shes literally one of the funniest youtubers i have watched and it’s so natural and the timing is perfect

    333 shay333 shay3 months ago
  • rosewood fs lol

    jocelyn frasardjocelyn frasard3 months ago

    originalparafanoriginalparafan3 months ago
  • This is so helpful. My go to makeup is “my skin but better” so ill definately try these out 🙂

    Brittany KarkiBrittany Karki3 months ago
  • MISS AINA I NEED THE EYE MAKEUP TUTORIAL, the tones, the blend, the gradient.

    alicia munozalicia munoz3 months ago
    • the flavoUr is unreaaal, like omuhgud

      alicia munozalicia munoz3 months ago
  • free the pits!!!! yeessssss

    Claire BrackettClaire Brackett3 months ago
  • Okay, Ms Aina! Jeez how did I know I was eating quarantine snacks. You just came for my conscience. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    fabuluvfabuluv3 months ago
  • The formula looked so much better on top of the tinted moisturizer tho.

    T MT M3 months ago
  • Those nails though......BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Terri LamTerri Lam3 months ago
  • you make me smile every time you say Jackie jackie jackie... love your smile and energy

    Berlyh TamarahBerlyh Tamarah3 months ago
  • I’m someone with fair olive skin, so I was worried coming into your swatching how they’d do on your darker skin tone. Petal Poppin was one of the few that also looked good on me, too, so maybe it’s actually/oddly one of the more universal shades.

    Lisabel the PriestLisabel the Priest3 months ago
  • I think the cooler ones are supposed to be for contouring and the warmer ones are for bronzing

    Rene OrtizRene Ortiz4 months ago
  • “Petal poppin on a handstand” 💀

    ZariaZaria4 months ago
  • can you review the em cosmetics serum blushes? I haven’t seen anyone with dark skin review it

    hehehehe4 months ago
  • No one is above criticism and that includes Fenty! Argue with your ma!

    I Felt Like ItI Felt Like It4 months ago
  • i’m honestly no good at makeup and i get frustrated when doing it but i really love ur videos. not only are u so good at what u do but u making it engaging and fun. ur videos are very educational for me in terms of makeup but so funny at the same time.

    angelangel4 months ago
  • With the blushes, it looks like its either almost nothing to BANG! I would like it to be able little by little...

    Guera PecosaGuera Pecosa4 months ago
  • GIIIIIRRRRRLLLLLLL! Lemme get them eyeshadow details because I am obsessed!

    Tiara WashingtonTiara Washington4 months ago
  • This one is a no for me.

    Kemetic CoutureKemetic Couture4 months ago
  • My skin is like the whitest of white and I accidentally bought the blush in Cool Berry, I was surprised how good it looks on me because it looks like it would look good on someone with a darker skin. So I totally get the issue with the blushes being too sheer! I would expect them to be more pigmented, even though it actually worked for me being sheer.

    Z.U.Z.U.4 months ago
  • you look great in all colors, as always. :)

    Tall BlondeTall Blonde4 months ago
  • MEME/GIF queen lol! I love your videos!

    Jamie FrankfurthJamie Frankfurth4 months ago
  • Lol

    Valerie SanchezValerie Sanchez4 months ago
  • I bet jackie has the cutest animal crossing villager and town finally you can be brown in animal crossing kept us waiting like damn UwU

    Jules JunoJules Juno4 months ago
  • I love how she described one of the blushes as candy yum yum ❤️ So cute

    Rin KazuRin Kazu4 months ago
  • Ur so pretty without makeup. With makeup too...but I genuinely love a toned down you.

    Lollipop GumdropLollipop Gumdrop4 months ago
  • That eyeshadow look is STUNNING on you. ❤️❤️

    Leighanna MLeighanna M4 months ago
  • Funny enough... I love the sheer buildable look. You get a natural flush on the cheeks. It’s pretty!

    Theda BrownTheda Brown4 months ago
  • Counting down till the next video . much love&stay strong.

    abisoye Deindeabisoye Deinde4 months ago
  • The two beauty USkeysrs I watch most are @rawbeautykristi and you, Jackie. Every time Kristi tries a product with scent, she comments on it as in "dang, it's scented" cuz she's sensitive to that and every time you try a scentless product you say "man I wish this had scent" and let me tell you it's like getting whiplash going back and forth 😂😂

    Elena KElena K4 months ago
  • I still can't believe she put on several faces for the video

    Financial SuperWomanFinancial SuperWoman4 months ago
  • The cream bronzer is for u to wear it by itself and the powder bronzer goes on top of a foundation .,,. My opinion 😊

    Monek’a LoveMonek’a Love4 months ago
  • Y'all this have glitter?? Or is it matte

    Blue SkiesBlue Skies4 months ago
  • Love you jackie 💗 youre hilarious 😆

    Vanity RobertsVanity Roberts4 months ago