St. Louis Couple Goes Viral After Pointing Guns At Protesters | TODAY

Jun 30, 2020
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In St. Louis, a couple pointed guns at protesters as hundreds of people made their way into an upscale private neighborhood. One official vows to hold them accountable for intimidating demonstrators. NBC National correspondent Miguel Almaguer reports for TODAY.
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St. Louis Couple Goes Viral After Pointing Guns At Protesters | TODAY

  • I’m beginning to think what so of country is this every one is got gun

    Ice AdenIce Aden11 hours ago
  • Private property is private property. Wtf respect people homes u should not trespass

    Liliana GuerraLiliana Guerra4 days ago
  • I'm against black lives matter. I'm for ALL LIVES MATTER. And if someone do this in my house black or white I'm shoot them down! Because my life also matter.

    Miguel AntonioMiguel Antonio6 days ago
  • Why we need a Ar-15 with 30 round magazine? Your answer are in this clip

    Miguel AntonioMiguel Antonio6 days ago
  • This is trespassing, the couple did nothing wrong.

    Rain Tech TimeRain Tech Time8 days ago
  • Its now not safe to not to have a gun around people of color..just not safe

    Peter FonsecaPeter Fonseca10 days ago
  • God bless this couple. They did the right thing. Well done.

    Grabbed You By The PussyGrabbed You By The Pussy10 days ago
  • These loser rioters need to GET A JOB.

    Grabbed You By The PussyGrabbed You By The Pussy10 days ago
  • The media is poison !

    RossP BarnettRossP Barnett10 days ago
  • They showed more restraint than I would

    B RuffB Ruff10 days ago
  • "My wife was being terrified " but she had her finger on the gun pointed at protesters!?..

    Thai-Duy TranThai-Duy Tran10 days ago
  • Debarr this racist couple, clowns!

    Thai-Duy TranThai-Duy Tran10 days ago
  • Peacfully protest in someones back yard yeah don’t worry walk in my house if you want also I won’t hurt you because your black

    Roberto DominguezRoberto Dominguez11 days ago
  • I love how the media focused on the fact that these people had guns pointed at peaceful protesters. And everyone in this "fake news' story tries to justify a rusted fence as a defense for this CULT breaking onto private property and then claiming the homeowners should be prosecuted for protecting themselves?!?!. Ok, America 🇺🇸

    Christine BrewerChristine Brewer12 days ago
  • Couple goals?

    Juan ArochaJuan Arocha12 days ago
  • She’s not even wearing shoes!!!!!

    EM BoydEM Boyd13 days ago
  • Just more blm breaking the law. Your on private property and thinking y’all are doing nothing wrong or just don’t care. That one guy said people just started to walk in like that’s a reason to be able to go on someone’s private property. There was also a sign but it doesn’t matter because the law doesn’t apply to blm. Rioting, looting, trespassing and blocking roads.

    Cody LoweCody Lowe14 days ago

    General RamboGeneral Rambo17 days ago
  • We need law and order

    Edward GeorgeEdward George17 days ago
  • OPEN FIRE!!😂😂😂😂😂

    APEAPE17 days ago
  • If I was there, I would have killed all of them

    Shane Fausto SilveiraShane Fausto Silveira18 days ago
  • They hid that i called American patriots

    Bobcat 843Bobcat 84320 days ago
  • Bam cheat bam cheat win

    Bobcat 843Bobcat 84320 days ago
  • My pitts would go first then I gotta go bam

    Bobcat 843Bobcat 84320 days ago
  • They r true patriots

    Bobcat 843Bobcat 84320 days ago
  • How are people mad about this?

    Shamhara Network TVShamhara Network TV21 day ago
  • well it's his house and the so called protesters were threatened

    angry bird 1997angry bird 199723 days ago
  • Seeing these comments I understand that they are defending private property, but they could have done so without waving their guns around.I think that just seems reckless,have your gun, but don't just start waving around because that's a Pandora's box not worth opening

    Tomy PesantesTomy Pesantes23 days ago
  • If I'm correct if their on your land then you have the right to fight back? ( I'm sorry if I'm wrong I'm not American I'm from the U.K. )

    Mii BabyMii Baby23 days ago
  • White privilege at its best if it was a black person protecting his own business or home he would get shot no questions asked

  • they were scared.peacefully protest when they broke in to private property?

    ed chinaed china23 days ago
  • “Holding a high powered rifle...” Who’s gonna tell em 5.56 is on the lower end of rifle calibers?

    SefriusSefrius24 days ago
    • They need that for dramatic reasons.

      Netflix DovlaNetflix Dovla21 day ago
  • Why does the man look like Alex Jones

    Protective CatProtective Cat24 days ago
  • Its so nice to see the people commenting have not been brainwashed by the M.S.M. Its refreshing and hopeful.

    leopardfrog67leopardfrog6724 days ago
  • If 100 people show up to your house and threaten your life what are you going to do?!?!?

    Arce_4Arce_425 days ago
  • they literally break the fence

    Nathan Sharp-MeltonNathan Sharp-Melton25 days ago
  • I would let my dog eat all of these ferret

    Swag GSwag G26 days ago
  • This is like a GTA side mission 🤦🏻‍♂️

    KXTAKXTA26 days ago
  • So what if she had her finger on the trigger, the guns where NEVER SHOT. the protestors INVADED PRIVATE PROPERTY how is that peaceful? why don’t they get a fine for trespassing because THEY broke the law, they could’ve stayed behind the gate if they were so peaceful but they had bad intentions and thank god the couple had guns because their house would’ve been vandalized. I swear people lack common sense.

    LalalooziLalaloozi26 days ago
  • Hey these couple are heroes!!!

    Brian HunteBrian Hunte26 days ago
  • The 1:39 time mark. Might be time for a gun safety course before you remove your wife's intestines and spine.

    greyborzoigreyborzoi26 days ago
  • they aim guns at each other at one point. so "well regulated" too bad she didn't trip and pull the trigger in the back of her husbands head

    dick castledick castle27 days ago
  • Lol merely holding firearms on their own property out of fear of violence being committed against them is... Is what exactly?

    Just watching ffsJust watching ffs27 days ago
  • They look like gta characters

    Technical DifficultiesTechnical Difficulties27 days ago
  • Bro she looks like she's holding a martinee 🤣

    Technical DifficultiesTechnical Difficulties27 days ago
    • Lmaooo!!

      youknowwhatflavyouknowwhatflav25 days ago
  • So proud of this couple, well done..

    Lawrence SeiuliLawrence Seiuli27 days ago
  • Right to peacefully protest? Sure, not on private property. What if my “peaceful protest” is stealing someone’s car? Does that make it ok?

    Carlo André AguilarCarlo André Aguilar27 days ago
  • Can't claim victim ...when your a volunteer ...with all this protest push back...anybody know where the KKK is???

    Terry PortisTerry Portis27 days ago
  • This is wrong the way Americans can no longer protect or defend are home and property.

  • Not gonna lie I would have done the same.

    Mystic BowMystic Bow27 days ago
  • I don’t like this new world order

    Ryan HillRyan Hill27 days ago
  • Do these morons really treat other ethnic groups as uncivilized? They are the ones who believe that having weapons is a right, how could that be of civilized people?

    Nicolas GallardoNicolas Gallardo27 days ago
  • Protesters were wrong trespassing...yes...but how is walking outside with a loaded weapons going to help this situation??...NO MORE GUNS ...that even means the “ least go get our guns and protect our cattle” 2nd amendment is bogus now...cmon it’s 2020...enough already...put down ALL guns ....NOW

    Lee DuffieldLee Duffield27 days ago
  • It is a gated community and the couple were simply protecting their property and their families. That is their right and the course of action that any sane human would pursue under the circumstances. There is nothing racist about their actions whatsoever.

    Kenneth KevisiKenneth Kevisi28 days ago
  • Good for them

    v8 Wavyv8 Wavy28 days ago
  • here's a suggestion why not just stay inside your mansion until they pass, is there not enough space inside?

    George HarringtonGeorge Harrington28 days ago
  • That is trespassing so yeah you all deserve to be pointed a gun at.

    Mari TootlesMari Tootles28 days ago
  • bhad bhabie

    emily ganjuziemily ganjuzi28 days ago
  • Peaceful Protesters wanting to burn down their, what would you do? Defend your property or let them burn it after breaking down the front gate and trespassing on their property...leftist articles online say the homeowners should be held accountable for waving guns at peaceful protesters...the media are the enemy of the people.

    Dennis PfeiferDennis Pfeifer28 days ago
  • Good on them i wish i had the right

    AjAj28 days ago
  • Good on them i wish i had the right

    AjAj28 days ago
  • Even if you have the right you need to think about the situation the guy put his wife in a very dangerous situation all it took was one crazy or scared protester also with a firearm and it could have turned into a big mess with a lot of people dead they weren't on your property they didn't do anything to your house did everyone on that black go outside with firearms and if not did their homes get destroyed no they didn't stupid Choice stupid decision just cuz you have the right to bear arms doesn't mean you have to flaunt it

    fred patzoldfred patzold28 days ago
  • Okay forget about all that what if 10 protesters also had guns who do you think would have won that fight! Thank God no one in the protest was carrying or decided to pull out their firearms because what they did was nothing but antagonizing if you have an issue call the police don't step outside with your firearms you could have gotten a lot of innocent people killed

    fred patzoldfred patzold28 days ago
  • Message for the riots: Say thanks to God cuz you're alive,if I was there,soon you broke the gate,you was dead 😤

    born_tiltedborn_tilted28 days ago
    • You’re soft.

      740th MS740th MS27 days ago
  • everyone is slaming white people.. i fell sad for white

    Karma GyalpoKarma Gyalpo28 days ago
  • good

    Karma GyalpoKarma Gyalpo28 days ago
  • What a PR stunt for the NRA

    xo nexxo nex28 days ago
  • Protesters are always stupid

    Scripter HackzScripter Hackz29 days ago
  • If this man knew anything about guns he wouldn't point it at his wife. Right wing loons!

    Tiger EyeTiger Eye29 days ago
  • Disgrace that these two are being unfairly prosecuted. The real racism today is against white people

    Richard LawesRichard Lawes29 days ago
  • Good for the couple

    MrBradfordbikerMrBradfordbiker29 days ago
  • Its funny that the female is wearing the jailbird shirt.

    m tsulam tsula29 days ago
  • Blacks in our current state of mind can get away with any law being broken. I noticed the prosecutor was black. She was defending the criminals and she is a bigot and needs to be fired.

    Lawrence LongfellowLawrence Longfellow29 days ago
  • If they had just stood there with their guns pointed up in the air or holstered in the case of the handgun, no problem. But when you are sweeping your barrel across a crowd that is not threatening you, you are committing a crime. Tresspassing or not. You learn that in any gun course or concealed carry course. It's that simple

    Michael ToddMichael Todd29 days ago
  • Please God help us all come together. 🙏🏻💙

    Salvatore MSalvatore M29 days ago
  • I have a license to carry. Anyone who knows safe handling of a gun, they would know not to point a loaded gun at people. That is INSANE

    Julia DesLJulia DesL29 days ago
  • Private property

    Gaston MaquedaGaston Maqueda29 days ago
  • Can you imagine thinking this couple has passed gun safety standards well enough that they should have firearms?

    CorndogMakerCorndogMakerMonth ago
  • BLM is a marxist organization. They don't believe in private property. They can save the tears.

    Manuel MManuel MMonth ago
  • Why do people still talk about this? They destroyed their gate and trespassed on private property.

    nathan morrisnathan morrisMonth ago
  • Badass protecting there hard ernd stuff from those bums

    lame soldatlame soldatMonth ago
  • This shouldnt be a left or right issue, the protestors where trespassing.

    fjf sjdnxfjf sjdnxMonth ago
  • Other “protests” filled with looting rioting and assume and they are shocked when people don’t take any chances

    Luis Condori-HarveyLuis Condori-HarveyMonth ago
  • 5.56 not a high powered rifle

    Anthony GuarneriAnthony GuarneriMonth ago
  • don't need to worry if people have guns if you DON'T break into their property

  • They had every right

    d stard starMonth ago
  • That wasn't a peaceful protest.

    ScottyOneArmScottyOneArmMonth ago
  • OMG parents!

    Jean TalonJean TalonMonth ago
  • I’m for the phrase Black lives matter but this couple had a right to defend their home

    James McIntyreJames McIntyreMonth ago
  • I love how the video literally shows them walking through their gate lol

    luis maldonadoluis maldonadoMonth ago
  • If they were scared they would've been hiding in the house

    Eden HEden HMonth ago
  • Bruh they are just protecting there home I would do the same

    Random GamingRandom GamingMonth ago
  • I would have done the same as this couple. People damaging my front gate to trespass. Warning was made by the couple. Where was the police to protect the property and the home owners?

    fitnessbodzfitnessbodzMonth ago
  • These two are speaking at the RNC now

    joey .kjoey .kMonth ago

    Tia TokkesdalTia TokkesdalMonth ago
    • I know should had shot these looters

  • i take it that all the houses with out people outside pointing guns were burnt to the ground and looted??

    Thornen OakenshieldThornen OakenshieldMonth ago
  • Peaceful is the fact that these two did not fire the guns. The protesters should be thankful.

    MrSeviper03MrSeviper03Month ago
  • What is wrong with this? This seems like what Americans should be doing to defend themselves from anarchist and marxist.

    Dont NeedtoknowDont NeedtoknowMonth ago
  • They broke into their yard, they broke into their yard, they broke into their yard, they broke into their yard, they broke into their yard, they broke into their yard, what was next? Probably going to break into their house, probably going to break into their house, probably going to break into their house, I’m not going to stay inside and wait for you to break in if I know there is a whole gang of people trying to get in better to defend before all that happens

    hombre guerrohombre guerroMonth ago
  • These people acting like its gta 😂 But i dont blame em

    CornaCornaMonth ago