MRE Nation 🔴 Oldsmokey Live Stream Case Unboxing

Mar 23, 2019
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Tonight I'm unboxing a build your own case of MRE Nation MREs. This is awesome. Check out
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  • can i please get one im trying to learn about bug out bags

    philip mooneyphilip mooney4 months ago
  • Hi like your show H like your show

    Shellie DenbrokShellie Denbrok11 months ago
    • Thank you Shellie.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokey11 months ago
    • Oops what dropped

      Shellie DenbrokShellie Denbrok11 months ago
  • Man got to put me a order in

    Brandon GrabowBrandon GrabowYear ago
    • I will say the products are super fresh which makes a huge difference. Knowing what I know now if I want actually survival food I'll buy MRE nation cases. That way I'm not ending up with menus I don't like plus each ment provides a crap load more calories than a standard issue MRE. Each MRE nation menu I've had I could easily get 2 meals out of where as mres not so much. If you Uttar my code is10 you'll get 10 percent off you're order and he did have some other cool promos going on also.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • Why doesn't this dude have an actual knife? One of y'all need to donate this man a real knife.

    MatskatMatskatYear ago
    • @Oldsmokey Dude. At a hockey game, on the way in, security found my knife that I forgot to leave in the car. Parking was too far to run it back so I said to the security guy "hey man, gift on me" and offered him my Kershaw. He declines all weird with his hands up. So I do what they tell me and throw it in the trash. My wife and I walk a little further in and she gets in line for a beer - from the line I see the security guy dig my knife out of the nasty-ass trash and stuff it in his pocket. :/

      MatskatMatskatYear ago
    • It pissed me off because they could have offered me a mailer but they didn't. Even though I asked for one. Then 2 months later same exact situation, same airport even I did the same thing and they let me mail it. Cost me $20 which is bs but I did it anyways because my knife now is bad a**.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
    • @Oldsmokey maaaan. Same thing happened to me a while back. learn my lesson know I'm tired of losing knives walking into airports and hockey games :(

      MatskatMatskatYear ago
    • Right before this video the airport forced me to throw away my knife I'd had for 10 years that my son got me. But check out some other live streams and videos. Actually the beginning of my most recent you can see a real knife.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • This dude cracks me up. Never seen anybody get excited for sugar packets and wet wipes...and the joy of MRE chili WITH BEANZ. Also never seen "have to" spelled "halft". Unlearn something new every day.

    MatskatMatskatYear ago
    • @Oldsmokey in the description :) that shit cracked me up. I was in a mood and was gonna give u shit about it even more, but then I felt like a dick and watched your videos instead. Your fans seem to really enjoy your channel and you seem to have a small but active community. I can't shit on that and still feel good about myself. 🤣 Keep it up, man.

      MatskatMatskatYear ago
    • Where did I use halft vs have at? I'm a dumbass sometimes there's no doubt about it Haha. I just do this to have fun though. I'm not perfect by any stretch of the word.... that's for sure.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • Well I tried to watch your video for the first time but I just can't, you talk so much guy! I thought this was a ration review but man oh man I just don't have this kind of time to watch someone open a box and unpack it. Thanks Steve but no thanks 😬

    Missy MayesMissy MayesYear ago
  • Thanks for the video I just ordered my own case can't wait to get it in the mail

    joe taylorjoe taylorYear ago
    • I ate my first on last night and loved it Very Satisfied with everything so far

      joe taylorjoe taylorYear ago
    • I can't imagine you'll be disappointed. I'm not affiliated with them at all but I do really like the products they are putting out that i've tried so far.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • I stopped watching when you went away from heating up your food in that bag. Who the fuck eats MREs as a meal at home. As a marine who has had so many MREs, I would never eat them at home. My boys and take them with us when we go out camping. We eat one and have two hot cookings while we are out. My suggestion to is don’t cut corners. Eat them the way they were meant to be

    carlos diazcarlos diazYear ago
  • I was thinking while having a corn dog, pretty much have all our normal US foods in a MRE, except Fried Chicken and Corn Dogs, that would be something to see; not sure how those would be.

    Ordo Militaris Radio TVOrdo Militaris Radio TVYear ago
    • @Oldsmokey Hey see this, Freeze Dried Chicken Fried Steak!

      Ordo Militaris Radio TVOrdo Militaris Radio TVYear ago
    • @Oldsmokey they do a lot of the sandwiches, make the franks shelf stable and use the corn bread that is shelf stable. Yeah, the fried chicken, u be correct, only freeze dried, if it is seasoned just right, shouldn't be too bad to eat dry.

      Ordo Militaris Radio TVOrdo Militaris Radio TVYear ago
    • I think bridgeford could pull off some kind of corn dog but fried chicken idk. Thru only way I could think would be freeze dried and eat it dry to maintain flavor and crispness.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • oh, no bird last tonight? seems to always chat when you are on.

    Ordo Militaris Radio TVOrdo Militaris Radio TVYear ago
    • @Oldsmokey ah, the old bribe trick, that works.

      Ordo Militaris Radio TVOrdo Militaris Radio TVYear ago
    • Haha he was quiet. I came him new cereal I think is why.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • Only Saturday night off and. Miss your. live streamkeep up the great work

    James DerynckJames DerynckYear ago
    • Oh man.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • get the bingo ball shaker that has the handle on it and the trap door opens and there u get the name.

    Ordo Militaris Radio TVOrdo Militaris Radio TVYear ago
    • @Oldsmokey not sure where u would find one, but be easier than the short hat.

      Ordo Militaris Radio TVOrdo Militaris Radio TVYear ago
    • That's a good idea.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago
  • 210 calories for the brisket.

    Ordo Militaris Radio TVOrdo Militaris Radio TVYear ago
    • @Oldsmokey yeah, I went to the website and found just the brisket and zoomed in to see the numbers, was shocked, because Brisket has that awesome fat to it.

      Ordo Militaris Radio TVOrdo Militaris Radio TVYear ago
    • That's lower than I figured. I have the entire menus list of calories and all. These are insanely high calorie counts.

      OldsmokeyOldsmokeyYear ago