1967 Vietnam US Leg Holster Pilot Survival Kit Review Vintage Military Gadget Testing

Nov 1, 2018
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This Vietnam era helicopter pilot survival kit came packed in a drop leg holster that included a hand radio, strobe light, hunting knife, and a main container with another 50+ survival items. Only 100 were ever issued and were used by non-ejection seat pilots in Vietnam in 1967. It was never fully adopted due to giving pilots a limp and being cumbersome. Thus being replaced by the SRU-21/p vest. We briefly show that vest in this video and it is the next to be reviewed.
Table of contents for anyone who would like to skip around a little bit.
Intro, Radio, Strobe Light, & Camillus Knife: 0:00 - 5:09
Main Kit Pt. 1: 5:10 - 21:06
Fishing Kit & Mosquito Headnet & Mittens: 21:07 - 24:27
Main Kit Pt. 2: 24:28 - 35:50
Signal Kit: 35:51 - 37:01
Conclusion & Credits: 37:02 - 39:05

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  • Looking at the 1976 radio and thinking how old it is and then quickly remembering I was born that year.

    StephenStephen12 days ago
  • A lot of stuff in there

    James StiltnerJames Stiltner14 days ago
  • they still exist but are a sams /costco brand now

    dranor44dranor4420 days ago
  • My grandpa gave me that same knife before he passed, so cool to see it in the ration

    RubyRuby22 days ago
  • They still sell those finger toothbrushes that you pulled out of that package. We use them on camping trips all the time! They work great and are usually covered in some sort of mint to freshen your breath

    Ryan SmithRyan Smith24 days ago
  • is that a regular 18650 battery in the strobe?

    W SW SMonth ago
  • I have one battery for the strobe light for the leg holster if you want it I can send it to you

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  • you know. i was just saying a few things about batteries the other day.. its basically a design flaw in that thr lead sulphur ones were designed to be requiring a seperate facility to recylce as compared to in my garage.. but stupidity does dictate safety guidelines.. idk.. just a fun thought about lead sulphuirc(?) car batters

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  • Paroxetine is Paxil... Antidepressant

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  • I knew that was a Camillus knife the second I saw it. Camillus made all kinds of knifes for the govt, K bars folding survival knifes many different civilian knifes. I own a few, my favorite being a small two blade pocket knife with carbon steel blades and attractive yellow handles. Anyway, a great old American Company.

    Christian PetersenChristian PetersenMonth ago
  • The knife is crap, had one when I was overseas, broke on me when I REALLY NEEDED it to work.

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  • Stop donating amazing items keep them to pass on and show your grandkids!

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  • I'm wondering where to buy all those kits? When i search for it on the web, i only find modern kits.

    Master LukeMaster Luke3 months ago
  • I was told by an old Nam combat medic that were issued superglue in a spray can to close wounds.

    Bo HarrisBo Harris3 months ago
    • They still use it or something similar. So call "instant bandages" or "invisible bandages" etc. for small cuts.

      S IS IMonth ago
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  • Is the foam around the fishing baits a "make-shift" bobber?

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  • My grandpa flew in Nam' on a bomber crew and said the only thing he needed was his revolver, because he wasn't going to be taken alive.

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