The Full Story of Season 5 (Modern Warfare Story)

Aug 9, 2020
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With the launch of Season 5 in Call of Duty Modern Warfare there is a big addition to the story of Modern Warfare. This includes some added story for Lerch, Roze and Velikan. In this video we look at The Full Story of Season 5 in Modern Warfare. Hope you enjoy!

The Missing Operator:


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  • Velikan doesnt even have a name it says [REDACTED]

    CooL08 ???CooL08 ???5 days ago
  • everybody wants to rule the world

    Caylynn CutlerCaylynn Cutler5 days ago
  • Ain't much of a threat when your whole army gets their asses handed to then by only 2 soldier (Price and Soap)

    J LionJ Lion7 days ago
    • Plot armor dude. Soap and price would be dead the second they kill the first patrol in that mission IRL.

      Cgr95Cgr9523 hours ago
  • Fun fact: Lerch is actually a real life dude in the US force

    I like ur cut GI like ur cut G14 days ago
  • wasent the secret operator farah eleased season 6?

    Victor HunterVictor Hunter27 days ago
  • they are a private company

    Victor HunterVictor Hunter27 days ago
  • From where are these cutscenes?

    Carlos SantamariaCarlos Santamaria27 days ago
  • Theory: Mace was partners with Roze in the US army, then they left the army for Shadow Company, then while on a mission in the middle east, Mace was captured by AQ and sold to African warlords, then Mace escaped.

    Viko ManglonaViko ManglonaMonth ago
  • The lost operator is roach

    Poop holePoop holeMonth ago
  • Great vid but if you look back in the campaign on the second to last cut scene Laswell says general Shepard pulled the files you asked for

    VaughnVille StudiosVaughnVille StudiosMonth ago
  • operators we need soap sheperd and yuri

    ithebotithebotMonth ago
  • Unass is an old bit of US Army slang that goes back to dubya dubya 2 meaning "dismount".

    Joseph HeschmeyerJoseph HeschmeyerMonth ago
  • When you revive lerch with Mara she says something about his back injury

    josue mendiolajosue mendiolaMonth ago
  • I think Soap will come in season 7 so that, that season 8, 9 they finish then 10 maybe ghost in the end

    John PriceJohn PriceMonth ago
  • Who else watching a few weeks before season 6

    The Candi09The Candi09Month ago
  • Everyone waiting for soap to come to warzone: Infinity ward: nah let’s bring old bud franky back

    XxMonster AnimationsxXXxMonster AnimationsxXMonth ago
  • I wish its alex mason

    Warren Wesley SalanWarren Wesley SalanMonth ago
  • I personally think in the next season or two they’re going to add a new map

    Angel NievesAngel NievesMonth ago
  • still waiting for task force 141 to become a coalition faction

    Grayson PittsGrayson PittsMonth ago
  • 3-1 is Alex's codename in the first mission in mw2019, right?

    Brutory1Brutory1Month ago
  • I don't think General Shepard made Shadow Company, I think he just hired them, MW2 lead us to believe he did but they existed before the events of MW2.

    Green SkiesGreen SkiesMonth ago
  • HOW BOUT SOME FIREWORKS?! Heh, wait till ya hear THIS! :D

    andrea lugoandrea lugoMonth ago
  • 1:21 Visual on the stadium, time to target: 30 seconds. #SHADOWCOMPANY! ♠️ :D

    andrea lugoandrea lugoMonth ago
  • I just bought the battle pass today :D I don't have the shadow company MilSim skins tho :( but I'm trying to get them :D

    andrea lugoandrea lugoMonth ago
  • Nikolai

    Wog BoiWog BoiMonth ago
  • The operator is morte

    David ScottDavid Scott2 months ago
  • Well its good if the missing operator is alex mason since frank woods will be add as part of operator in WZ ..

    Marcus SedillaMarcus Sedilla2 months ago
  • Riley needs to come into the story some time

    James LoucksJames Loucks2 months ago
  • My guess it’s probably laswell who hired shadow company,she put together the new task 141 just like Shepard and now that they failed or found out her secret? Working with makarov maybe? And now needs shadow company to tie up loose ends

    Christopher ClusterChristopher Cluster2 months ago
    • No

      Leon ReidenbachLeon ReidenbachMonth ago
  • You should do a full story of black ops declassified to prep us for black ops cold war

    TheGreasyGamer 4TheGreasyGamer 42 months ago
  • Why did they switch Roze to shadow company from her original faction?

  • I know I’m hella late, but the shadow company aren’t necessarily mercenaries, but they’re instead a picked out set of skilled marines from yours truly, General Shepard. They sort of have the same skills as Task 141

    Cartoonish DevilCartoonish Devil2 months ago
  • I hope the missing operator will be Gary roach Sanderson leaving him out would be terrible

    Mehraj FaisalMehraj Faisal2 months ago
  • Where is the Mara season 5 skin???

    knightfall209knightfall2092 months ago
    • Warzone Brothers where is it can you unlock her old ones

      knightfall209knightfall2092 months ago
    • Lol your kidding right? The one with bunny ears?

      Warzone BrothersWarzone Brothers2 months ago
  • They should make the little heli spin out instead of blowing up

    The three GeninThe three Genin2 months ago
  • what if it is roach?

    VxperVxper2 months ago
  • Soap...

    Killa CamKilla Cam2 months ago
  • What about the chopper down calling card

    SixchensSixchens2 months ago
  • No evidence of Shepard? How about him talking during the season 5 teaser

    Warzone BrothersWarzone Brothers2 months ago
  • Ay ink id just comment my other comment here but you should check that comment I left on the last video

    SapSap2 months ago
  • Please do another operator video man, loved the last one.

    Big PancakeBig Pancake2 months ago

    AsianDriver WithContactsAsianDriver WithContacts2 months ago
  • Syd and Domino have shadow company calling cards.

    Darius MathisDarius Mathis2 months ago
  • You’re thinking about it too hard. The final intel shows the gulag showers, what do you use in the shower? SOAP

    Sebastian NavejarSebastian Navejar2 months ago
    • I sure hope Soap comes it will literally be the last chance before they save him for MW2

      Warzone BrothersWarzone Brothers2 months ago
  • Mara Domino and ronion are in shadow company

    Brandon BrookinsBrandon Brookins2 months ago
  • its most likely gonna be soap. and i like that. but i also will forever wait for Roach. idk he just was my absolout number 1 character. he is the only character that didnt got a second game and so never had a voice actor. and me as a player could identify myself as him. just like in older games like zelda or gta III

    NintendonatorNintendonator2 months ago
  • For what it's worth, I like a lot of your stuff, but a lot of the time I also go.... mhhm, seems like a stretch. But I do think you are right about Mara, I think she's a turncoat/informant. Also when you talked about Shadow Company being part of Allegiance b/c they're in the same operator tab... I don't think that's the case. They're simply there b/c they can't really add a 3rd operator tab b/c it would mess up the teams in matches. Rather they're both of the "bad guy" factions so they're in one tab.

    Nick GNick G2 months ago
  • I hope missing operator is Mason or Roach

    NapuseniPacovNapuseniPacov2 months ago
  • VELIKAN means GREAT MAN on Croatian

    NapuseniPacovNapuseniPacov2 months ago
  • Are they going to make anymore Mara skins? I didn't play the season she came out in.

    Actual TeddyBearActual TeddyBear2 months ago
  • Rozes voice actor is the side character from Infinite Warfare. I forgot her name

    Commander FoxCommander Fox2 months ago
  • That operated may be roach 😀

    Nathan PastoreNathan Pastore2 months ago
  • Tell me why a fortnite skin midas is in cod

    April GillApril Gill2 months ago
  • Shadow Company works for Allegiance, that's how they get their intel - from Allegiance. If they were hired for the Coalition, they would be on the Coalition side. Shadow Company are just PMCs but General Shepard never created Shadow Company, just hired them privately to tie up loose ends that's all

    Ghost B312Ghost B3122 months ago
    • @Leon Reidenbach how so?

      Ghost B312Ghost B312Month ago
    • Wrong

      Leon ReidenbachLeon ReidenbachMonth ago
    • I agree. He hired them with the blank check he got after the nuke went off.

      Christian NyblomChristian Nyblom2 months ago
  • There are also several other calling cards that indicate several other operators are a part of shadow company as well

    GLJ94GLJ942 months ago
  • If Shepard is leader of shadow company I’m not wearing any of this skins

    BXSO YtBXSO Yt2 months ago
  • I’m unassing from d sofa rn

    - Echo- Echo2 months ago
  • The missing operater. Might be someone from black ops it could possibly be Mason's son or something I specifically say this because Mr z was being hunted by black ops in black ops 2

    phazemo fphazemo f2 months ago
  • Let’s listen to his made-up stories once again!

    Forouhar FarokhtabarForouhar Farokhtabar2 months ago
  • no props? ;-; sad

    Guilherme BatistaGuilherme Batista2 months ago
  • how do you read the bio of characters on xbox

    Joshua LeducJoshua Leduc2 months ago
  • Also in the calling cards Bad Company and Darkness Beckons it’s only shows Mara but she has the Shadow Company mist thing coming off her

    Johnny BlaikieJohnny Blaikie2 months ago
  • Can’t believe I side with the bad guys. :(

    Riley BachmanRiley Bachman2 months ago
  • velikan means giant in russia nikto is no one in russia

    FathiGamesFathiGames2 months ago
  • What if Mara hired them?

    Suraj GrewalSuraj Grewal2 months ago
  • Is this modern warfare its own story or is it linked to the last modern warfares?

    stormofshadowstormofshadow2 months ago
    • No 😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

      Leon ReidenbachLeon ReidenbachMonth ago
  • I Hope Codm Adds A Spec ops Missions

    BunanaBunana2 months ago
  • Inkslayer, Did you know that Roze’s voice is the same one as Nora Salter from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

    tt10156tt101562 months ago
  • Got some chilli for this one

    Michael GrantMichael Grant2 months ago
  • Do a velikan video

    QUINQUIN2 months ago
  • How the fuck is a battle royale mode even related to story aside from season videos?

    Otto von BismarckOtto von Bismarck2 months ago
  • That’s not Mara in that calling card!

    Ryan RRyan R2 months ago
  • But mw1 mw2 and mw3 are in the same univserve but mw 2019 is in a diffrent one so genral shepard may not be dead because in his previous video he said said shadow company basiclly when downhill when shepard died but in 2019 mw he could still be alive Thus meaning Inkslasher May be rigut

    Russian Spy #249Russian Spy #2492 months ago
  • What if Velikan is Woods?

    Ultra Super JDUltra Super JD2 months ago
    • Cause they said Woods is in season 5

      Ultra Super JDUltra Super JD2 months ago
  • I’m pretty sure everyone who has a skin in this battle pass is part of shadow company.

    Vain-_-Vain-_-2 months ago
  • shadow company ftw

    CjCj2 months ago
  • Question do you have to do each Intel within each season or can you still do them or do you have to have a certain operator to do each one of them

    River AdamsRiver Adams2 months ago
  • I can’t even pick up the Intel in tv station

    River AdamsRiver Adams2 months ago
  • very nice!

    ChikiWawaChikiWawa2 months ago
  • Modern warfare be like YOOOO it’s the new season how do they catch on already

    Ekin ThaoEkin Thao2 months ago
  • Wait the missing operator was found in the SHOWERS of the prison’s gulag? Is that a don’t drop the SOAP reference? I can’t be the only that thinks that confirms it’s Soap 🧼

    CharlemagneCharlemagne2 months ago
    • Soap is such a major character, I really don't understand what they're waiting for.

      Zen JengaZen Jenga2 months ago
  • love how you can go in the football stadium now

    Rory MatherRory Mather2 months ago
  • As soon as he said trailer I got an ad for Fornite cars and I was like I thought this was a cod video

    GateX_SmartbroGateX_Smartbro2 months ago
  • Maybe its Hadir??

    Carlos CCarlos C2 months ago
  • Imagine the new operator being Reznov just 'cause the boxes are BO themed :D

    Joni TarvainenJoni Tarvainen2 months ago
  • If they make a MW2 they should call it modern warfare 141

    Lego tacoLego taco2 months ago
  • Ah, I can easily clear up why they didnt say "we" because, some of them are Americans not filthy communist.

    BumpkinKingCMD GRBumpkinKingCMD GR2 months ago
  • It's a theme, not a story. It's not a precursor to campaign, just new multiplayer content. I think to say there's a story in each of the seasons is a little far-fetched.

    Torin HamptonTorin Hampton2 months ago
  • There are several opperators that get calling cards for shadow company, IE wyatt, otter, yegor, mar, sid, and talon.

    Thomas RamseyThomas Ramsey2 months ago

    Sam CelikbasSam Celikbas2 months ago
  • Velikan-Великан(Russian) means giant that means he can be Russian (I'am not Russian but I know Russian very well)

    ShaurmaShaurma2 months ago
  • The calling card at 6:55. Far left isnt rose. That's suppose to be an entirely different operator. Shes based on the real life person named April Nicol.

    Ajay CeaseAjay Cease2 months ago
  • At the begining they say you know that not you know me lol.

    xREKshotxREKshot2 months ago
  • The operator is Morte, an Italian operator. I guess they were building him up with the Lagunari MIL-SIM's.

    Fulcrum 67Fulcrum 672 months ago
  • If we're talking about calling cards, Mara has a calling card that says "Darkness Beckons". Perhaps she really is going to be a shadow operator.

    Kelvin AKelvin A2 months ago
  • Resnov, missing operator?

    GoblinDudeGoblinDude2 months ago
  • Maybe its soap

    Gage ProctorGage Proctor2 months ago
  • Lerch looks stupid

    SharkyQSharkyQ2 months ago
  • What about Nikolai

    DandyNootNootDandyNootNoot2 months ago
  • Roze sounds like salter from infinite warfare

    Lilslugger463Lilslugger4632 months ago