What's On My Phone: 2020!

Mar 28, 2020
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What's on my Galaxy S20 Ultra - beyond the apps and settings 👀
Wallpaper: i.imgur.com/oKIqpfl.png
AndroidPolice S20 tips and tricks: www.androidpolice.com/2020/03/10/20-tweaks-and-changes-ive-made-to-my-galaxy-s20/
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  • *deletes tinder before recording*

    Hassan MahdiHassan Mahdi23 hours ago
  • yaşasın amerika en iyi ülke amerika nice

  • Whats on my google history?

    1'000 subscribers without a video1'000 subscribers without a videoDay ago
  • You forgot to include cool apps !

    jacobogeorge16jacobogeorge162 days ago
  • Do you guys know what his calendars widget on the home screen?

    Eric HuangEric Huang2 days ago
  • Microsoft's sms organizer is way better than Google messages. Check it out.

    Suman ChampakSuman Champak2 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="165">2:45</a> stairs + no case =disaster instantly came on my mind - for normal people with only 1 phone at least

    Bananaman WhydoIneedanameBananaman WhydoIneedaname3 days ago
  • If you have a huawei phone, you probably already have if youre watching a tech channel like mkbhd, but please...PLEASE turn on your app drawer!!! Triggers me so much when someone doesn't have it on. Search 'app drawer' in settings.

    Cillian CollinsCillian Collins3 days ago
  • Hi

    Bel KarkiBel Karki4 days ago
  • Hey Marques, can you share your brain with me? Yikes!

    David MartranoDavid Martrano4 days ago
  • Do you have two different phone numbers for your android and iPhone? If you use the same number (example google voice or digits on T-Mobile), how do you get around the iMessage on the iPhone not sending to your android phone?

    taylorwbtaylorwb5 days ago
  • What’s on your iPhone?

    NardotiniNardotini5 days ago
  • Apple has left the chat

    Michael PillerMichael Piller5 days ago
  • Tell us your life style?

    MD AL-AMINMD AL-AMIN6 days ago
  • This dude changes phones like ....wow

    Yus NusYus Nus6 days ago
  • Does cloning your phone also move these settings to the new phone?

    Mlue MagubaMlue Maguba6 days ago
  • You can use sound assistant app [found in galaxy store] with this u can actually change your volume rockerz position from horizontal to vertical and many other user friendly interface which u can look for yourself

    Rocking RaahulRocking Raahul7 days ago
  • Aint gonna lie the vid looks sick in 480p

    Mohammed IbrahimMohammed Ibrahim7 days ago
  • Do one video like this for iPhone

    Canal KurtzCanal Kurtz7 days ago
  • So, basically, the video in short is him calling you poor

    Insert3LetterName BInsert3LetterName B8 days ago
  • A Samsung phone is your everyday device? Come on... You can do way better than that. Galaxies are only loved by fanboys, especially the S20 Ultra. It's overpriced, hot garbage with a horrible camera...

    DeadofWinter321DeadofWinter3218 days ago
  • thx, for the wallpaper

    Cricketboy06 avinav SinghCricketboy06 avinav Singh8 days ago
  • I can't live without TickTick actually i pay for premium for this useful app

    زياد الغفيليزياد الغفيلي9 days ago
  • Plz do a video on the launchers and it's afftes to the prime divice u use

    Kalyan DasKalyan Das10 days ago
  • I thought he was using the galaxy Z flip phone as his daily phone???

    DB_OUTLAWDB_OUTLAW10 days ago
  • Great video . Just what I needed and the reason I moved to android

    Errol SamuelErrol Samuel10 days ago
  • hey thanks for that google photos one

    best channelbest channel11 days ago
  • People wanna watch phone settings of other people ? ..... I'm losing hope in humanity

    Pravin ChaurasiaPravin Chaurasia11 days ago
  • I have most of my apps, the ones which i use the most, readily available from my home screen but i neatly organized my music, gallery, camera, all social media apps on a folder, all game apps on another folder and these all occupy one line at the second line at the bottom. At the very bottom i just have 4 apps which are calculator, phone, contacts and messaging app then the time above these lines which also shows the weather, then a small google search bar at the top the way u have it. On the other screen to the right u added 3 alarms which i can easily change followed by an optimization bar that shows my free memory and ram and ofc the optimization button. I then customized my edge panels to contain all the other apps i use frequently such as netflix, calendar, my files... etc. Also on the edge panel i added contacts that i message the most, a bar to lock my phone and other not so important bars such as tasks, music... etc. So i never really go to my app drawer bcuz i have everything in my home screen. 😁 the rest is pretty much the same.

    Gian TrujilloGian Trujillo12 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="157">2:37</a> Bottom left corner Marques uses tik tok 😫😫😫

    Atharva ChoudhariAtharva Choudhari13 days ago
    • haha yes tiktok bad reddit good

      dreamyrdreamyr23 hours ago
  • Marques: uses Samsung Apple users: so you have chosen death

    Major PenguinMajor Penguin13 days ago
    • Marques: uses both all the time. He always has the latest iPhone and whatever Android he's testing on him.

      Brad KuhnBrad Kuhn12 days ago
  • Why can't u play some games mannnn.....😑😑😑😑

    x_pøßêx_pøßê14 days ago
  • Turn off your gesture hints, then you get rid of that line

    Bob TalboomBob Talboom14 days ago
  • Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra Biggest Fail of Samsung.

    Mammookka FanMammookka Fan14 days ago
  • Is it better then the s10+ performance addition 12tb ram as fare as Performance ?

    Shock WaveShock Wave14 days ago
  • Samsung internet > Google chrome

    J H 13J H 1314 days ago
  • That wall paper is low res :/

    LVLV15 days ago
  • wait.. once i checked ur vids u use iPhone and another phone now where is the iPhone (I'm an Apple Fan Btw)

    ali dibali dib15 days ago
  • I always put animation to .5 You don't need to BECAUSE you are rocking 120hz

    Tech BeatsTech Beats15 days ago
  • I had my samsung galaxy s9+ settings the same before this video

    Bruh MomentoBruh Momento16 days ago
  • You even use the gboard for iPhone ?

    Topher CyphersTopher Cyphers16 days ago
    • yeah

      FolexFolex15 days ago
  • Can i get one plzz any of them ?!

    Aaradhya HadaAaradhya Hada16 days ago
  • how can i force photos to back up to google photos as soon as i take them on iphone?

    Aineias SoultAineias Soult16 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="296">4:56</a> excuse me? Siri?

    mrzackofficialmrzackofficial17 days ago
  • @MKBHD what ia your Daily phone ?! Is it an iphone?!

    Ramii MaayahRamii Maayah17 days ago
  • Changes he made in the Samsung launcher Are as default in the realme UI THATS WHY I LOVE REALME UI 😍

    Gajanan WaghmodeGajanan Waghmode17 days ago
  • Wait...he uses a S20 Ultra in daily life?

    qwerttzizziqwerttzizzi17 days ago
    • He uses two phones, the latest iPhone and whatever Android he's currently trying out.

      Brad KuhnBrad Kuhn16 days ago
  • Whered you get your wallpaper?

    Chris C. dela CruzChris C. dela Cruz18 days ago
  • How bout u try using edge lighting?

    muhammad aidilmuhammad aidil18 days ago
  • Mid-year best phone in budget, mid-range and flagship?

    Tim Tam1123Tim Tam112318 days ago
  • Good lock app from galaxy store. There's a lot of customisation.

    Thomas WThomas W18 days ago
  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="175">2:55</a> never.. android 10 's source code has issue, you have to sacrifice gesture nav. for 3rd party launcher

    Machine Gun TechMachine Gun Tech19 days ago
  • Does someone know what is that widget on home screen?

    alibek ospanalibek ospan19 days ago
  • and I still have an iPhone 5s 😭

    alfie morgan-nugentalfie morgan-nugent19 days ago
    • Upgrade then you dinosaur!

      AKAK15 days ago
  • How do you use an iPhone and android phone at the same time that’d be an interesting video

    Ross MKRoss MK19 days ago
  • Setup trick : jailbreak iOS to keep my blue bubbles

    JustinJustin20 days ago
  • Turn of animation for fast experience

    Bibin Abey AntoneyBibin Abey Antoney20 days ago
  • You should use Lawnchair launcher, honestly the best imo.

    IllegalfallIllegalfall21 day ago
  • how can I drag your wallpaper for my 5k imac? This png pic in link below your video is only 1920x1080 resolution, feels crappy

    Виктор ДаниловВиктор Данилов21 day ago
  • i want a Galaxy s20 ultra so badly diffidently not asking for one

    Noahs gamingNoahs gaming21 day ago
  • Enable developer options and set the animation speed to 0,5X

    Emile BauteEmile Baute22 days ago

    James McCrackynJames McCrackyn22 days ago
  • Which phone do you like the most in ur life

    Kotha lahari ReddyKotha lahari Reddy23 days ago
  • Anyone know what weather widget he is using?

    Matt ReidMatt Reid23 days ago
  • Can you please do a 15 or whatever number of things you probably didn't know your phone could do? I have the s20 ultra and it would be cool to see what I am missing out on.

    Logan RoeLogan Roe23 days ago
  • bro why are you not use iPhone 11pro

    Jagdeep SinghJagdeep Singh23 days ago
    • He uses the latest iPhone and whatever Android he's testing. He always has two on him.

      Brad KuhnBrad Kuhn16 days ago
  • This video was so helpful. Thank you!!!! Now I'm loving my S10 even more.

    Alexa BAlexa B24 days ago
  • Need a USkeysr phone review

    M R Jannat SwaponM R Jannat Swapon24 days ago
  • What phone is best for 2020?

    M R Jannat SwaponM R Jannat Swapon24 days ago
  • Should use goodlock

    iaxelxdiaxelxd24 days ago
  • Your S20 Ultra very2 perfect😍😍😍

    Azlan LanAzlan Lan24 days ago
  • Yeah my samsung notebook having 8gb ram 256 ssd vs note10 plus have 12gb ram 512 ♡♡♡

    MrMobilebossMrMobileboss24 days ago
  • Anyone knows his calendar app

    Daniyal HaqueDaniyal Haque24 days ago
  • Love you...😘

    Nz tech updatesNz tech updates25 days ago
  • Which is your daily use browsee

    AMBAR PacoAMBAR Paco25 days ago
  • USkeys,instagram,twitter,podcast and sometime facebook....then i get a glance of tic tok ? I just want to say....koyda lage tor?

    Belayet NabilBelayet Nabil25 days ago
  • Porn

    HyBriD241HyBriD24126 days ago
  • What is that calendar widget? :) Someone please reply. It doesn't seem to be Home Agenda's Calender Widget.

    Rasmus Soeby DalboegeRasmus Soeby Dalboege26 days ago
  • I always choose to disable most notifications on my lockscreen, and leave out only chatting apps or social media apps. Oh and the Minimize notification works extremely well for unimportant apps or ads from apps.

    Stefanus RiantoStefanus Rianto27 days ago
  • What the Google messaging app?

    PolxrisedPolxrised27 days ago