New Apple Watch 6, iPad Air and... NO iPHONE?! Sept 15th Apple Event Rumor Round Up!

Sep 14, 2020
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Oooh boy time to get hyped! The Apple Event 2020 is here and they are about to announced some goodies. Here is a round up of all the things that the internet has been talking about.
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What to Except on Sept 15th By 9to5Mac
iPhone Release Date Predictions:
Apple Watch Sleep:
Apple Watch Series 6, iPad 8, and iPad Air Features
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  • you should do a video where u show all your devices

    Norris FlowerNorris FlowerDay ago
  • Why you d ont make a video of my iPad 8

    Georgio the BossGeorgio the BossDay ago
  • Tim Cook: It's the 10th anniversary of iPad!! Me: It's also exactly 10 years since the coconut song

    Krish PauKrish Pau2 days ago
  • Hi, iJustine, can you pls do a video on the new iPad 8th gen????

    Brahmika ReddyBrahmika Reddy5 days ago
  • the trendiest word in march: coronavirus the trendiest word in may: covid-19 the trendiest word in august: covid

    doliio volaydoliio volay6 days ago
  • hello everyone. I am from Turkey. I'm a university student . I'm studying health. Due to the pandemic, my training will be online. and i need an ipade. iPad is very expensive in Turkey because the minimum wage at $ 1 = 8₺ and turkey 2500₺ iPad = $ 6000 from you my request please tell me the iPad send it or fees if I would be glad if you want to help me, and I pray you all my life thanks in advance

    Ta - HaTa - Ha6 days ago
  • Excited for the new iPhone!

    Yadira's_StylePicks.Yadira's_StylePicks.6 days ago
  • I love the color of your laptop cover. may I know where you got that?

    Alyssa Marie OmpadAlyssa Marie Ompad6 days ago
    • Haha deng. No iphone 4 another month.

      doliio volaydoliio volay6 days ago
  • IOS 14 is wack! I was truly disappointed.

    Don LosDon Los7 days ago
    • compare. I cannot go a day without it. I am pretty satisfied with Apple. I’m glad I switched and now i can’t wait to get the iPad 😍

      doliio volaydoliio volay5 days ago
  • YOU HAVE A FLIPPING ORIGINAL MACINTOSH IN YOUR STUDIO?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

    Gaming_With_HughGaming_With_Hugh7 days ago
    • @doliio volay Too Bad... People Are Going Crazy With The Rumours.

      Gaming_With_HughGaming_With_Hugh5 days ago
    • Haha deng. No iphone 4 another month.

      doliio volaydoliio volay5 days ago
  • how long it will take for apple to launch a real Hi Res headphones?!?!

    Radu D. IoanRadu D. Ioan7 days ago
  • I’m waiting to upgrade my Nokia3310 to iPhone 12

    Andy SuperteenAndy Superteen7 days ago
  • writing all this because I really care for you. Even though I don't know you, I know that your soul is extremely precious to God. May God bless you ❤️

    mixio hilimixio hili8 days ago
  • If the iPhone is announced it’ll be in the form of a “One more thing” EDIT: none was announced

    asioe kiouasioe kiou8 days ago
    • asioe kiou lol u copied someone else’s comment, I am the copycat police 🤠

      rxsalitiesrxsalities7 days ago
  • Apple Watch new one epic me want

    Blox DogBlox Dog8 days ago
  • She picked her switch up, upside down

    Lewis SussexLewis Sussex8 days ago
    • New Apple watch 6, Ipad air and No I phone internet has subscribe september 17, 2020...

      mixio hilimixio hili8 days ago
  • hiii

    alex_ lintonalex_ linton9 days ago
    • Have fan with the freefortnite stuff

      asioe kiouasioe kiou8 days ago
  • Hello, Humans. “Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity.” - Will Smith TERRANCE OUT

    bocoy noiubocoy noiu9 days ago
  • I was hoping for an iPad mini lol

    Roxxy VegaRoxxy Vega9 days ago
  • The iPhone should be released on the 30th, if 🍎 sticks to their release schedule.

    saxdczxc3saxdczxc39 days ago
  • ‘No matter where I go in my house, I’m never alone’ - don’t like the sound of that 🤐

    TimATimA9 days ago
    • Incredible

      bocoy noiubocoy noiu9 days ago
  • No no no ! #FREEFORTNITE

    Wast RelaxWast Relax10 days ago
  • Haha deng. No iphone 4 another month.

    szewei85szewei8510 days ago
  • I just purchased my first iPhone in may I got the 11 so I figured I would also get the watch and AirPods and let me just say that I live my watch. I had a fit bit and it really doesn’t compare. I cannot go a day without it. I am pretty satisfied with Apple. I’m glad I switched and now i can’t wait to get the iPad 😍

    Arlene GonzalezArlene Gonzalez10 days ago
  • wait no masks?

    RemovingThunderRemovingThunder10 days ago
  • Hello

    lojeloje10 days ago
  • I don’t know why I still have the feeling that iphone will still launch this event but it’s the best way to advertise their product.

    • I watched the event and Justine was right about everything... lol

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu10 days ago
  • I really like this video, and I don’t say that often to people’s YT videos... Nice one!

    Zane SinghZane Singh10 days ago
    • oiuet souiu It’s her energy... Good energy, people can pick up on.

      Zane SinghZane Singh10 days ago
    • can't take my eyes off her 😊

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu10 days ago
  • I watch your videos just to see you ❤️❤️❤️

    Rohit MishraRohit Mishra10 days ago
  • Hello, I am from Iraq, can I use the American iCloud in Iraq?

    adraa slemanadraa sleman10 days ago
  • New Apple watch 6, Ipad air and No I phone internet has subscribe september 17, 2020...

    Fei Fei ChinFei Fei Chin10 days ago
  • Have fan with the freefortnite stuff

    _EEkmed__EEkmed_10 days ago

    Random ContentRandom Content10 days ago
  • You are most beautiful youtuber 😍

    Jamir MujawarJamir Mujawar10 days ago
  • If Apple don’t release a new phone this year then I feel this will be fine being that this year has been an insane year and not normal. I welcome other products to be released and not too worried about a phone this year and also earlier the SE2 was released and so a new phone of sorts was released.

    Andrewshadowy202Andrewshadowy20210 days ago
  • Incredible

    Aaditya SisodiaAaditya Sisodia10 days ago
  • This is the only thing which not a rumor in this video: Time sure flies when you're in quarantine...

    Daniell KarlDaniell Karl11 days ago
  • an ipad or mac for my online class pls huhu

    Ian GabIan Gab11 days ago
  • luv frm india

    Tarun DewanganTarun Dewangan11 days ago
  • I have watched you since 2009 you are awesome

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiu11 days ago
  • I’m only excited for the watch!

    Hamad DHamad D11 days ago
  • can't take my eyes off her 😊

    phoy18phoy1811 days ago
  • I watched the event and Justine was right about everything... lol

    cj winscj wins11 days ago
  • The iPhones 12 and 12 max comes out October and the 12 plus and and 12 pro max come out in November dont watch all these videos they tell lies

    Marcel BlackMarcel Black11 days ago
    • oiuet souiu me to

      Marcel BlackMarcel Black11 days ago
    • I was just going to buy the iPad Air for college. I’m so excited about the new one !!!

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiu11 days ago
  • Background Music?

    Ujjal PaulUjjal Paul11 days ago
  • Do i really have to get the iphone 11 now😭

    Hxnny LynnHxnny Lynn11 days ago
    • Apparently the iPhone 12 is 5g So.....????

      It’s YahyaIt’s Yahya11 days ago
  • Gurllllllllll maskkkk

    Cracked ManCracked Man11 days ago
  • Hi everyone from Thailand

    Hola ThailandHola Thailand11 days ago
  • I hate 2020

    David KellyDavid Kelly11 days ago
  • You never age wow.

    DNL DNLDNL DNL11 days ago
  • If there’s no iPhone coming out let me know so I can go get my 11 pro max

    Maddison ReidMaddison Reid11 days ago
    • there is, its just delayed

      Splendidkrystalfun1 PlaysSplendidkrystalfun1 Plays10 days ago
  • Where did you meet Cliff Baldridge?

    Kamerton Audiophile playerKamerton Audiophile player11 days ago
  • Wait wait wait. Are you related to Callie Danielle ? Her instagram is @ Callie.danielle & you look so soooo much like her. Literally twins

    Stephanie VidalStephanie Vidal11 days ago
  • Ocean eyes how are you gorgeous

    ou812gtit hahaou812gtit haha11 days ago
  • I love fancy Justine!!! Smooth video 👍

    Claire Cre8tesClaire Cre8tes11 days ago
  • Hey Justine your videos are awesome Love you and have a good day😍👍. Im getting the new Ipad air it comes out in October but I’m getting it on my birthday its on November 29. Im also getting the SE for my birthday

    Life with JayelLife with Jayel11 days ago
  • Nothing exciting about this apple watch launch, just as childish things as new bands that I can find it anywhere now,same shitty battery, O2 measures is there on the market for other watches for a long time and a watch 4 that has been renamed as SE.Lets see what is about Iphone 12...and forgot USB C for ipad, finalllllyyyy

    Alex RobuAlex Robu11 days ago
  • I was just going to buy the iPad Air for college. I’m so excited about the new one !!!

    Sharon MwangiSharon Mwangi11 days ago
  • Apple the most stupid company ever.

    Neil YoungNeil Young11 days ago
  • It’s 2020, we have evolved to play Nintendo Switch upside down

    Louis OxenhamLouis Oxenham11 days ago
  • The new services announcements were most interesting to me. The iPad was interesting but a new iPad Pro is more enticing to me

    IaMRnBIaMRnB11 days ago
  • Always refreshing to see Justine's new videos Apple gear!

    Matt BMatt B11 days ago
  • Not diggin the new hairstyle. Bring back the old one as it was awesome.

    Hof79905Hof7990511 days ago
  • People who are buying a new Apple Watch can send me their old ones, please? Thank you kind sir/ma’am :)

    Tonyak RibaTonyak Riba11 days ago
  • People who are buying a new Apple Watch can send me their old ones, please?. Thank you kind sir/ma’am :)

    Tonyak RibaTonyak Riba11 days ago
  • They had a setback in the production of the new iPhone it will be out in October

    tea timetea time11 days ago
  • People in 2019: Stay away from people who are negative. People in 2020: Stay awqy from people who are positive..

    1000 Subscribers With no Videos?1000 Subscribers With no Videos?11 days ago
  • What is a Airtag ??? Somebody tell me what all I’m missing 😩😩

    Javion PoliteJavion Polite11 days ago
  • What a rip. Why can’t they come out with stuff every 4-5 years that actually lasts. Oh I know why cause us dumbass consumers will still buy them every year.

    josh watermanjosh waterman11 days ago
    • josh waterman It does tho-

      Paris ,w,Paris ,w,9 days ago
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    Darsan prakashTMDarsan prakashTM11 days ago
  • Senin annen yaşıyor mu ?

    Huyuter GtHuyuter Gt11 days ago
  • - My love, I would do anything for you: through a storm and a hurricane! I'll turn mountains! Wait for me-I'll come tomorrow. If it doesn't rain.

    Eduardo Mi ScusiEduardo Mi Scusi11 days ago
  • Looking sexy babes😘😘😘😘😘

    Abhishek MahapatraAbhishek Mahapatra11 days ago
  • pov: youre watching this because u want a new iphone but ur too broke, but u still want to watch videos about new apple products so that you can feel like u have them but u dont I wonder how comes no ones talking about how every influencer is using northfy to grow on yt and ig

    Fra ManFra Man11 days ago
    • Paris ,w, ok lol

      rxsalitiesrxsalities7 days ago
    • rxsalities i mean- im just relaying what someoene else said lol

      Paris ,w,Paris ,w,7 days ago
    • Paris ,w, how would u know :/

      rxsalitiesrxsalities7 days ago
    • rxsalities more like an alt-

      Paris ,w,Paris ,w,7 days ago
    • U copied someone else’s comment :)

      rxsalitiesrxsalities7 days ago
  • what irks me is that it took them 6 apple watches to give us a product red version ... when i had my product red phone it would have been ideal for the watch color to have been already released. curious about the blue ... wonder if the future iphone will have a blue color?

    Rebecca MooreRebecca Moore11 days ago
  • You look young in this video😊

    Kevin RodriguezKevin Rodriguez11 days ago
  • 10.9??

    Rajab MulaRajab Mula11 days ago
  • Apple viewers also watch thic channel

    Bryce pandaanBryce pandaan11 days ago
  • 1 min 1K comments

    ThatHenley or PoPpAnDa08ThatHenley or PoPpAnDa0811 days ago
  • FIRST OF ALL! Wtf? Apple literally had the balls to make an iPad that looks exactly like the apple iPad Pro from 2020? I’m literally disappointed yet this might be a bit more cheaper. Like srsly?

    Fatima SaadatFatima Saadat12 days ago
  • Holy shit she still alive?

    Mr. NLRMr. NLR12 days ago
  • Apple is just another brainwashing monopolistic company.

    VolvoDude 850VolvoDude 85012 days ago
    • The reason i switched to Android lol, no notch or ugly ass placed rear camera tons of up to date features and still there are people yet realizing Apple is ripping off their consumers and being overpriced.

      FunkyFreakFunkyFreak11 days ago
  • 😺👌🏽

    Chadi. IdlibiشاديChadi. Idlibiشادي12 days ago
  • I literally JUST got the iPhone 11 Pro Max yesterday lol

    Megan BandaMegan Banda12 days ago
  • Wow! After watching the presentation of the Apple Watch 6 and the iPad... I can't wait for the PlayStation 5 to come out so I can get it instead!

    Kamen KunchevKamen Kunchev12 days ago
  • They should change the colors of iphone 12 instead of changing cameras ✌️❤️ If u guys agree hit like💯

    Sareen SattarSareen Sattar12 days ago
  • Can’t wait for the new iPhone. October or November? days ago
  • i love your videos... they are just so helpful

    Emmanuel HernandezEmmanuel Hernandez12 days ago
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  • They said that they would put iphone 12 15th of sep

    Pakistan 001Pakistan 00112 days ago
  • Sep 15 is my birthday

    Pulikonda RajeshPulikonda Rajesh12 days ago
  • Isn't she too old for USkeys.. Maybe went you start having a turkey neck is time to retire...

    josh cjosh c12 days ago
    • She young wym?

      Love applesLove apples11 days ago
  • I do not know what to write or how to say it I do not think so. This is an experience I had with my desire. For a long time I wanted to own an iPhone but in my case I could not afford an iPhone, however I had saved for the month to save on the purchase of the phone. Each time new phones came along I had a lot of desires to pack inside. However, I was convinced that one day I would be able to own it. I'm tired. I have shared my worries here because I do not have the ability to buy a phone yet. If possible I would like to give you an iPhone as a gift but I am satisfied. SADIQ

    Mohammed Sadiq PallikalMohammed Sadiq Pallikal12 days ago
  • Click bate people have it

    Best PlayBest Play12 days ago
  • Costly for people to afford..... That makes the no.1 reason to not to purchase Apple products. I donno y the hell she's excited to throw away hell lot of money to buy the logo of 🍎

    chandika Tilakchandika Tilak12 days ago
  • apple is add more feature 🤣🤣🤣 about time

    kezo stormkezo storm12 days ago
  • she is a applefam

    kezo stormkezo storm12 days ago
  • how about iPad mini!?!

    Rachel TanRachel Tan12 days ago
  • 😱😱

    Dushan MadhusankaDushan Madhusanka12 days ago

    Troy LakeifTroy Lakeif12 days ago