Most Creative People I Found On Tik Tok

Nov 22, 2020
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  • The Ps5-

    • BobaBubbles •• BobaBubbles •2 hours ago
  • She said ps4 not ps5 Ahahahah

    Oscar McAloonOscar McAloon3 hours ago
  • When todorki drawing came up Me:starts simping My braincells:somethings wrong with you My friend:wtf is wrong with you My fingers:making a fist My tears:become a waterfall

    W LeeW Lee7 hours ago
  • Play among us

    Rakesh SingRakesh Sing7 hours ago
  • Is that poopoo did he poopoo Me:HAHAHHAHA OMFG😭😭

    Abigail GavrockAbigail Gavrock9 hours ago

    Aubrey RoseAubrey Rose9 hours ago
  • That’s Kenma-San 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Lovey LoveyLovey Lovey9 hours ago
  • 1:27 I will buy Todoroki and Bakugou, thank you.

    Lily ElliottLily Elliott11 hours ago
  • I did the lava lamp one it was so sick

    L JL J11 hours ago
  • It's a ps5

    Amanda EdwardsAmanda Edwards12 hours ago
  • It’s a PS5 not PS4

    Emma RoseEmma Rose12 hours ago

    Madelynn KeuMadelynn Keu16 hours ago
  • You wanna know the house in the back is big you can only see the front

    Nisha BawaNisha Bawa17 hours ago
  • Omg Kiba don’t look the same i burst out in laugh when I saw him

    Adeline MontagueAdeline Montague18 hours ago
  • She said the ps4 :me is someone going to tell her? :everyone else no

    Sharin UchihaSharin Uchiha18 hours ago
  • thats acully a ps5

    Rafita SotoRafita Soto18 hours ago
  • kenma is adorable when he eats watermelon

    Margarita WilliamsMargarita Williams22 hours ago
  • I have the painting talent

    Grace RGrace R22 hours ago
  • 8:0000000000000000

    Kathleen McRobertsKathleen McRobertsDay ago
  • I think that ps 5

    Alfred HiroichiAlfred HiroichiDay ago
  • How cute...she thought that was the ps4

    VibeWithSpikesVibeWithSpikesDay ago
  • hi sssniper wolf plz do a roblox vid♡

    Helen OgradyHelen OgradyDay ago
  • She got me mad on this part 3:40

    TikoTikoDay ago
  • SSSniperWolf callin it a ps4 Me: thats a ps5 not a 4

    D4wn LEGENDD4wn LEGENDDay ago
  • Mike wakiwi

    Crabs dudeCrabs dudeDay ago
  • I literally have no brain cells now because you called a PS5 a PS4 tsk tsk tsk

    Karmyn Hanara-LatuKarmyn Hanara-LatuDay ago
  • "puberty also hit your art" -Sssniperwolf 2021

    Audrey SunseriAudrey SunseriDay ago
  • Bruh she called a ps5 a ps4 😂

    Pavi_gam3z 1Pavi_gam3z 1Day ago
  • How to make your own lava lamp

    Cora MayCora MayDay ago
  • It a ps5

    Benyamin ReyesBenyamin ReyesDay ago
  • KENMA!!!

    Kilala4357Kilala4357Day ago
  • its a Ps5 not a Ps4

    ice kingice kingDay ago
  • My bid sis is SO artistic, my mom said she should consider art school. She actually might

    Ava ReinekeAva ReinekeDay ago
  • 1:16 Idk if I watch too much anime but that's a character from haiku

    its googieits googieDay ago
  • I think that girl who was showing off her art from when she was younger,to now was lying

    Sushi’s stuffSushi’s stuffDay ago
  • I love sniper wolf comment below if you love her

    Brogan McLeanBrogan McLeanDay ago
  • It's ps5 not ps4 3:43 laughs so hard

    Immanuel GladsonImmanuel GladsonDay ago
  • Imagine being creative.

    I Am Obsessed With Undertale and Gravity FallsI Am Obsessed With Undertale and Gravity FallsDay ago
  • 3:37 it's a ps5 I know because my cousin has a ps5 just letting u know

    Ameer KhanAmeer KhanDay ago
  • “Like ps4” BRUH ITS A PS5

    Um Sulaiman KharusiUm Sulaiman KharusiDay ago
  • I have talint

    Jeannette CrespoJeannette CrespoDay ago
  • 3:40 its a ps 5 not a ps 4

    ceetah gamingceetah gaming2 days ago
  • She said ps4 but it's a ps5🤣🤣

    edits on fpsedits on fps2 days ago
  • Gurl it’s a ps5

    Savy S&S SquadSavy S&S Squad2 days ago
  • Lol i wish i have that talent

    PrincessSniperPrincessSniper2 days ago
  • Idk how but- when I am in a bad mood and when I watch ur vid my feeling suddenly- like- turn good ;-;

    Yu ShanYu Shan2 days ago
  • Hi sssniperwolf can you make another riddle video cuz I really liked the last one😘

    Maitha AldhanhaniMaitha Aldhanhani2 days ago
  • Who is following the vegan teacher just to laugh

    Benjamin ComptonBenjamin Compton2 days ago
  • a 6 year old draws better then me

    Gavin LambGavin Lamb2 days ago
  • 1:09 Sssniperwolf: I love art tiktok Me: *Gasp* Kenma!!

    EatFrogSkinEatFrogSkin2 days ago
  • I have the stranger things pic as my background on my computer

    Lilly_ GachaLilly_ Gacha2 days ago
  • 03:40 is not a PS4 Issa PS5

    Amy AtchleyAmy Atchley2 days ago
  • 3:40 it is funny how she said ps4 but it’s a ps5 lol. It still looks cool tho.

    Sal GreensfelderSal Greensfelder2 days ago
  • It's not meat among us dead body

    Amanda BridgesAmanda Bridges2 days ago
  • You said PS4 but it’s a PS5...

    FimBim PennerFimBim Penner2 days ago
  • 3:38 is a ps5

    Alexia & Jordan the AusseiAlexia & Jordan the Aussei2 days ago
  • Sssniperwolf starring in Dhar Mann video about PS5, and then in her video she gets it wrong lmao

  • my dad can build a better house

    gamer mik plays fortnite and records whatevsgamer mik plays fortnite and records whatevs3 days ago
  • 3:45 in is not a ps4 it a ps5

    saud_thenoobsaud_thenoob3 days ago
  • U said ps4

    Christie HumeChristie Hume3 days ago
  • I dont wanna be rude but thats a ps5 i think 😂

    aubrie for lifeaubrie for life3 days ago
  • Em.. PS5

    Jonathan PyeJonathan Pye3 days ago
  • I know how to draw but I'm shy to so yeah :(

    Tezz AlbertTezz Albert3 days ago

    The wonder kids !!!The wonder kids !!!3 days ago
  • Ps4?3:37

    Cow SlickCow Slick3 days ago
  • I saw Kenma I saw Kenma I saw Kenma

    noel ric delos reyesnoel ric delos reyes3 days ago
  • "Look at the ps4" sssniperwolf 2020 Also me "yup totally a ps4" definitely not a ps5

    Lloyd RogersLloyd Rogers3 days ago
  • I kind of have a talent i guess because i do art and i can bend in half is that a talent?

    Freya Engering wardFreya Engering ward3 days ago
  • sssniperwolf ps4 me PS5!!!

    Gingerbread gaming KGingerbread gaming K3 days ago
  • I think the vegan teacher one was out of spite Or just wanted to do something

    Samuel AnimatesSamuel Animates3 days ago
  • Ps4 btw

    Fendi AfandiFendi Afandi3 days ago
  • It a ps5 not a ps4

    Sulayman SanyangSulayman Sanyang3 days ago
  • ... can I have Todoroki plz?

    Jocelyn WestraJocelyn Westra4 days ago
  • 😲😲😲❤💁‍♀️

    sacdiyo abdiksacdiyo abdik4 days ago
  • This is not ps4 this is ps5

    Ikram FaiziIkram Faizi4 days ago
  • Todoroki yesss

    fannie Wyattfannie Wyatt4 days ago
  • 1:15 Me: freaking out because I have a very big obsession with Kenma (the character painted there)

    Boba TeaBoba Tea4 days ago
  • Ps5

    Megan AlexanderMegan Alexander4 days ago
  • Who thought in their heads the the girl with pink hair at the anime drawings looked like kawaii Chan?

    It’s kitty cattyplayzIt’s kitty cattyplayz4 days ago
  • Lia: you can draw like that at level 7? Me: i can draw a like that even when i was 6 up to now age 8

    Babeen’s CollectionBabeen’s Collection4 days ago
  • Hey sssniperwolf I know that you probably won’t see this but in the video you said you wanted a glass anime photo so I need a character and a P.O. Box please

    Hailey FerranteHailey Ferrante4 days ago
  • Sssniperwolf is the best

    Elura DeoriElura Deori4 days ago
    • By hiranmoyi

      Elura DeoriElura Deori4 days ago
  • I think the one mini house its edited like when he open the door or like it pause the grabacion

    •dôritô fàn UwU••dôritô fàn UwU•4 days ago
  • Todoroki is here Xd

    Patti AdamsPatti Adams4 days ago
  • She called the PS five the PS4. Bruh They are two different things

    Sophia CoutoSophia Couto4 days ago
  • Anyone else lose some brain cells when she called a PlayStation 5 “PS4” ?

    AdemMLGAdemMLG4 days ago
  • :0 kenmaaaa

    Jello GamingJello Gaming4 days ago
  • Water art is so cool

    Inna JannehInna Janneh4 days ago
  • im disappointed... how can she lead the wolf pack if she cant tell the difference from a PS4 and a PS5?!?!?

    LeOnna ChildressLeOnna Childress4 days ago
  • Now make a Naruto painting for my ex boyfriend so he will like me more

    Bradyn TedescoBradyn Tedesco4 days ago
  • ps 5

    Shamore DawkinsShamore Dawkins4 days ago
  • 1:24 that is Zero two from the anime movie 'darling in the franxx' that anime movie is so cool that I want season 2

    Qamarul AlamQamarul Alam4 days ago
  • :o

    Maja FalchMaja Falch5 days ago
  • lol its a ps5 not ps4 3:39

    Eli HandsakerEli Handsaker5 days ago
  • I ain't never seen two pretty best friend

    girl gamegirl game5 days ago
  • I love when she calls the ps5 a ps4

    Kenneth ForemanKenneth Foreman5 days ago
  • 1:14 KENMA!?

    ?Kōtarō Bokuto??Kōtarō Bokuto?5 days ago
  • In da glass art give me shoto Tordorokie

    Yn ChanYn Chan5 days ago
  • I almost got stuck in Costco

    Shouki KwongShouki Kwong5 days ago
  • It's a ps5, not a ps4 😆👍

    Marie RodriguezMarie Rodriguez5 days ago