Anderson Silva talks last UFC fight vs. Uriah Hall | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show | ESPN MMA

Oct 28, 2020
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Anderson Silva returns to Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to discuss his bout vs. Uriah Hall at UFC Fight Night this Saturday. Silva also speaks about (4:05) why he’s still competing at age 45, (7:09) weighs in on the GOAT discussion, saying that he is not the best himself and the (9:07) favorite moments of his career.
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  • “The Spider’s Legacy” It was hard to see Anderson Silva lose consciousness, especially after a fight that he appeared to be winning through 2 rounds. Daniel Cormier said in the lead up to Silva’s final UFC fight that legends “generally go out on their backs.” That was literally the case, Saturday night. In an odd twist, the shot that put him there bore a resemblance to Silva’s famous KO of Forrest Griffin: a fadeaway jab, right on the button. I would like Anderson Silva to retire. Blows to the head are bad, and I imagine that’s especially true for a middle-aged man who has absorbed a lifetime of them. But this fight doesn’t hurt Silva’s legacy in my eyes. It solidifies it. The Spider had no business being in that fight. Dana White called Uriah Hall “one of the most gun-shy fighters in the UFC.” True. He’s also one of the most unique athletes ever to step in the cage, and as spectacular a striker as you’ll find. Anderson was right there with him. He was smaller than Hall. Barely. He was slower. Not by much. More than anything, his movements were fluid and creative. Most veterans grind and guile their way to victories. The Spider landed a 360 back-heel leg kick. The more the sport grows, the more its talent crop transitions from world-class tough-guys to world-class athletes. It’s harder and harder to weigh the accomplishments of the past against those of today. Could Anderson really have achieved all that he achieved, against today’s killers? Saturday’s fight should go down as a firm “Yes.” The best athletes leave us with strange feats once their prime is long gone. Michael Jordan averaged 22 points per game when he was 38. Dominique Wilkins is still dunking at 60. George Foreman won the heavyweight championship of the world at the ripe age of 112. 5 months shy of his 46th birthday, Anderson Silva shared the Octagon with Uriah Hall. He belonged.

    WeHaveFunWeHaveFun29 days ago
  • It mades me sad seeing Silva looking to continue competing after this fight. Promoters should protecting from himself by not letting him fighting again.

    Est.Sar. 92Est.Sar. 92Month ago
  • Such a nice soul

    Stephen V. TranStephen V. TranMonth ago
  • Such an honor to watch Anderson Silva from the beginning of his career with the UFC to his last fight. Thank you Mr. Silva for the many years of entertainment and excitement... you are one of the greatest!

    HangfireHangfireMonth ago
  • The 🐐

    Karabo MoleleKarabo MoleleMonth ago
  • Rampage knows what Ariel is

    Gary MGary MMonth ago
  • Anderson is an A+ good guy🤝 thanks, Ariel.

    Charles Williams JrCharles Williams JrMonth ago
  • Anderson “wOw” Silva

    Shafiq ShahShafiq ShahMonth ago
  • Let's go see.

    TheTylerman29TheTylerman29Month ago
  • BEST EVER!!!! PERIOD!!!!

    snk 714snk 714Month ago
  • What is a goat

    Jaap Van dijkJaap Van dijkMonth ago
  • IF Anderson smashed Uriah... big IF.. but if he shows that old Spider, Dana will let him fight again instead of paying him out. STILL ONE OF THE GOATS

    Omuerta GenetixOmuerta GenetixMonth ago
  • What an absolute legend! Grew up watching andersons reign. What an amazing representation of a pure martial artist

    ShadeShadeMonth ago
  • Love you Anderson !, thanks Ariel :)

    IrishHooligan PotatoGutIrishHooligan PotatoGutMonth ago
  • ariel was trying too hard to get a headline here this was so annoying I couldn't finish it

    Adam JoAdam JoMonth ago
  • Anderson let's go see Silva Anderson I exciting Silva Ariel I loved it helwani

    Juan GarzaJuan GarzaMonth ago
  • I still think they should have booked conor vs Anderson

    Nick MildonNick MildonMonth ago

    D ZoneD ZoneMonth ago
  • That’s the goat right there

    Vincent GonzalezVincent GonzalezMonth ago
  • Anderson is above most....special person......great human

    Karen SirkoKaren SirkoMonth ago
  • The Spider fought each time with his hands down, and for most of his Reign, nobody could still touch him inside the octagon, he s still fresh to finish the contract, at least. There is nobody like Showman Silva!

    Ismael Bessa DeepK9Ismael Bessa DeepK9Month ago
  • Anderson « let’s go see » Silva

    n00b saibotn00b saibotMonth ago
  • Andersons the man! Hes a gentleman, a family man and one of the most exciting fighters I have ever seen

    Adam GlasgowAdam GlasgowMonth ago
  • I think he could have beat Adesanya if he was as focused as he is today

    Kahele KKahele KMonth ago
  • after wathing this fellow i feel happy every singl moment,thank you

    Caslav JestratijevicCaslav JestratijevicMonth ago
  • every single day,every single fight,every single single

    Caslav JestratijevicCaslav JestratijevicMonth ago
  • He is d legend!

    Skobo Da BawsSkobo Da BawsMonth ago
  • I am happy,thank you,I am happy you never know,lets see????

    Caslav JestratijevicCaslav JestratijevicMonth ago
  • ''yes it is the last fight in UFC,but fight is fight''???it is my last fight but you never know,but it is my last fight in UFC-probably...Interesting unswer indeed,pure zen

    Caslav JestratijevicCaslav JestratijevicMonth ago
  • How humble! Anderson Silva is the GOAT in that he fought as any martial arts fan would fanatasize to fight that way; dodging punches, KO with single punches .. Like a hollywood fight but in real life.

    Ahmad ShokryAhmad ShokryMonth ago
  • He would be the Goat if he decided to retired on time

    Leonel MartinezLeonel MartinezMonth ago
  • I thought Silva retired?!

    SuitmyselfSuitmyselfMonth ago
  • Didn’t really answer any of ariels questions, it’s almost like he answers the question he wanted to be asked.

    Vern TolmanVern TolmanMonth ago
  • This guy being able to express himself in English is so heart felt. This man I the fukking GOAT... Love you Anderson Silva.. Mad respect.. Made UFC what it is. Box Tyson next. # LegendsOnly

    Adam HartleyAdam HartleyMonth ago
    • Get that check big brudda!!!

      Adam HartleyAdam HartleyMonth ago
  • Anderson looks amazing for a 45 year old! he's always been childish (that's not an insult) but maybe a good way to live.

    james lawrencejames lawrenceMonth ago
  • So much RESPECT for this man. When he fights he is truly happy. Much love

    MEL LOWMEL LOWMonth ago
  • Maybe he think bellitor will pay more? Dana getting cheap with him👋. I hope that's not the case. In his prime he was ahead of the game and unmatched. Let's go see, let's go see lol

    Emily 420Emily 420Month ago
  • Anderson is one if not my favorite fighter of all time but 45 yeah this should be his last fight

    Iceman1 BentleyIceman1 BentleyMonth ago
  • Oh you don't do English now?

    silent roadsilent roadMonth ago
  • Amazing Interview!

    Chris WrightChris WrightMonth ago
  • We all love yuh Anderson

    jesse Lopezjesse LopezMonth ago
  • He's been my favorite fighter of all time ever since he danced like a smooth criminal in Japan right before sending his knee through the skull of Carlos Newton.

    Seamus CollinsSeamus CollinsMonth ago
  • wow what a very humble idol of all time...!!!!!

    scorpion papil haponscorpion papil haponMonth ago
  • to sum up this wohle interview: its Anderson's last fight, is normal.

    Ari GoldAri GoldMonth ago
  • Ariel: who is the greatest Anderson silva: the greatest is god 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

    Legend 2pacLegend 2pacMonth ago
  • The first undisputed GOAT!

    Matheus MarquesMatheus MarquesMonth ago
  • Is this guy still humble or what, gosh man, no ego or chip on his shoulder, my God

    Usman RamayUsman RamayMonth ago
  • the MOST exciting Fighter to step into the Octagon !!! the G.O.A.T of the middleweights of all times !!!

    Cliff HiCliff HiMonth ago
  • I mean Vitor Belfort when is that man even going to touch the canvas again

    Anthony CalvoAnthony CalvoMonth ago
  • Awesome Anderson's English is so much better!

    paidpro9paidpro9Month ago
  • Wow

    David VillarrealDavid VillarrealMonth ago
  • he’s all smiles 😃

    LeoLeoMonth ago
  • Still waiting to find out which movie Anderson wants to go see

    REVOisMYnameREVOisMYnameMonth ago
  • Silva=Jordan of MMA

    Booyahkahshah shahBooyahkahshah shahMonth ago
  • Silva aka GOAT (one of the greatest fighters period)

    Booyahkahshah shahBooyahkahshah shahMonth ago
  • The goat

    Allan KAllan KMonth ago
  • silvas leg will look like a noodle when hes done

    User AnonymousUser AnonymousMonth ago
  • I be back in Bellator.

    WoodyWoodyMonth ago
  • Honestly he looks so much happier right now than he ever has.

    canucturbo2224canucturbo2224Month ago
  • I'm sure we will see GSP vs Silva at some point, even if it's just an exhibition or a grappling match

    Slice of LifeSlice of LifeMonth ago
  • The PED Spider. No PED no win. F this guy!

    KingTairunKingTairunMonth ago
  • ‘I’m not the best I just try to do my best ‘ 🙏

  • He back. Trust him, he back.

    Long JohnLong JohnMonth ago
  • Does he look skinnier?

    Joshua AJoshua AMonth ago
  • i don't care how many losses,he's recently got, he's always gonna be my fav, what he's done,i don't think anyone will ever top. The dominance at that time, changed everything , forever, respect.

    Shaun HansonShaun HansonMonth ago
  • Sounds like he wants more fights or a better contract.

    Lee CambellLee CambellMonth ago
  • Chael Sonnen say that I can understand tne English? *WOW*

    Merciless MooseMerciless MooseMonth ago
  • Haha anderson silva is the micheal jackson of mma hahaha

    Chucky LCChucky LCMonth ago
  • The 🐐

    Tim LukeTim LukeMonth ago
  • Personally I have the Spider at number 1. He just got old. But he did stuff in the octagon I don't think we will ever see. I mean with my own eyes what I seen Spider do was amazing. No other fighter has compelled me to purchase PPV like the Spider.

    A. Double The Chef!!A. Double The Chef!!Month ago
  • I hope u win gee

    Dijhon GrahamDijhon GrahamMonth ago
  • AnderJackson Michael Silva

    Kazi RedoanKazi RedoanMonth ago
  • 4:13 i love this part!

    richtofen 115richtofen 115Month ago
  • Yes Ariel a lot of people forgot

    JesseJesseMonth ago
  • The happiness this man radiates out to the world is amazing.

    NoFunNoMoshNoCoreNoTrendsNoFunNoMoshNoCoreNoTrendsMonth ago
  • Such a legend and respectable man! I wish I could be half the man he is.

    Daniel HenryDaniel HenryMonth ago
  • This is the last 100th time we will hear this guys. Nevermind

    Mr MysteriousMr MysteriousMonth ago

    Real LifeReal LifeMonth ago
    • That or chael 3

      Real LifeReal LifeMonth ago

    JBT The Brown MesSiAhJBT The Brown MesSiAhMonth ago
  • Ariel so negative“what are your regrets” before he ask his proudest moment

    JakeinntheboxxJakeinntheboxxMonth ago
  • Love your Legends while there still alive

    JakeinntheboxxJakeinntheboxxMonth ago
  • 1:57 he really looks like that meme guy who said "okay" when he smiles lmao

    Rama AlgifaryRama AlgifaryMonth ago
  • Ask him about Michael Jordan

    Ronnie SmithRonnie SmithMonth ago
  • Love the way he answers the questions. Nobody is the best except God

    0151 toxteth0151 toxtethMonth ago
  • He's just too humble. He's the GOAT. I just don't like how he ended his career but that's ok

    BlackMAGIC TVBlackMAGIC TVMonth ago
  • Anderson Silva should be having hugs thrown at him, not haymakers. I just love his awesome.

    MediocreGamingDadMediocreGamingDadMonth ago
  • I kinda wish he stopped earlier and not take extra unnecessary losses, especially when he has had GOAT status

    Peter CorPeter CorMonth ago
  • Love this guy man hes so awesome and humble and an AMAZING gifted fighter

    nvan guynvan guyMonth ago
  • Anderson is the goat

    Mike BachmannMike BachmannMonth ago
  • Whos youryan

    nvan guynvan guyMonth ago
  • “Connor makes the good and special juice for himself, and I respect this”

    Ayrton KinnerAyrton KinnerMonth ago
  • Anderson “hespect” Silva

    James TiglaoJames TiglaoMonth ago
  • Legend

    Mystic RangerMystic RangerMonth ago
  • Anderson uses wow like it’s umm lol

    Jonah DelgadoJonah DelgadoMonth ago
  • I feel like money is the issue at this point why keep fighting Silva let it go man you a legend period

    Kevin RoKevin RoMonth ago

    Aaron TilleryAaron TilleryMonth ago
  • Nobody's the best. Except God "But you allowed K-Pop to exist" God: "Nobody's perfect"

    Budgie CatBudgie CatMonth ago
  • Fake an injury, fake retirement, try to bully fighters, claim Brazil while living in a gated community in CA, and more likely than not to have done steroids.

    weareall1weareall1Month ago
  • I think there has yet to be a fighter with such a dominant run than Anderson Silva.. say what u want but this man was a motherfuker

    Blue flameBlue flameMonth ago

    D LegionnaireD LegionnaireMonth ago