I Tricked The Internet Into Thinking I Played Fortnite

Sep 13, 2020
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I envisioned a masterplan to trick the internet into thinking I played Fortnite despite being banned by Epic Games back on November 6, 2019th. So I put my scheme to the ultimate test LIVE on Twitch. Here are my findings.
• Slater: www.twitch.tv/slaterkodish
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss
• Edited by TeaWap

  • They even had the dog walking to see Jarvis to 😂

    Perxcy 999Perxcy 9994 minutes ago
  • the whole world literally got focked

    CEH GamesCEH Games4 minutes ago
  • Only guy who's happy when getting banned😂

    HalosHalos5 minutes ago
  • jarvis and hannah are sitting in the tree, kissing each other, yes you hardly believe it. Jk

    NTNNTN8 minutes ago
  • Who else felt like this was a Mission Impossible Mission

    Teju PlayzTeju Playz9 minutes ago
  • That Ending tho Lmao

    Micah WilliamsMicah Williams11 minutes ago
  • Yo plz play fortnite

  • 500iq play

    HalosHalos18 minutes ago
  • epic just got doo doo-ed on. like legit lmfao

    500 Subs With No Video500 Subs With No Video22 minutes ago
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    Hern GamingHern Gaming23 minutes ago
  • Fase hi is it you fan big fan

    Richard MooreheadRichard Moorehead23 minutes ago
  • 5000 IQ😍

    AlessioツAlessioツ25 minutes ago
  • Yo Jarvis! *PLAY AMONG US*

    urcrazy0050urcrazy005027 minutes ago
  • Jarvis is just making this video so epic doesn't charge him or something

    Kirrilee MurrayKirrilee Murray30 minutes ago
  • I saw this 40 mins ago but the thing is I thought I lost it but then I saw it again yayyy

    Robbie CrannaRobbie Cranna32 minutes ago
  • whos the guy named robert whats his twitter @

    fbg vantafbg vanta34 minutes ago
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    msdogoodermsdogooder44 minutes ago
  • Bruh epic must be triggered

    Bearboy 275Bearboy 27545 minutes ago
  • gawk gawk 300

    Iman WalkerIman Walker47 minutes ago
  • Come on please

    dragon pro1dragon pro147 minutes ago
  • Play Fortnite

    dragon pro1dragon pro147 minutes ago
  • 5:25 how much did you pay the girl for the act?

    Pjeter PrecajPjeter Precaj48 minutes ago
  • This video is so goooof

    Tone PetekTone Petek50 minutes ago
  • Hey Jarvis just because your banned doesn't mean your bad from gaming try other games

    Arsene mobileArsene mobile52 minutes ago
  • Chill bro

    MRJ sx_waq Amoory__90MRJ sx_waq Amoory__9059 minutes ago
  • Bro why I was waiting for so long to get trolled

    Anime god MoronAnime god Moron59 minutes ago
  • 1,000 iq

    FaZe_ ScorpionFaZe_ ScorpionHour ago
  • Am gna play fortnight with you Jarvis

    MRJ sx_waq Amoory__90MRJ sx_waq Amoory__90Hour ago
  • Jarvis am so sad that you got banned

    MRJ sx_waq Amoory__90MRJ sx_waq Amoory__90Hour ago
  • 😂😂🤣🤣

    ZarxyZarxyHour ago
  • IQ

    Jelly JayJelly JayHour ago
  • Dream 2.0

    FredstarFredstarHour ago
  • lol

    FlipMonkeyDKFlipMonkeyDKHour ago
  • You are banned on my birthday

    Said AkdSaid AkdHour ago
  • 99% of comments *ALL FAMOUS USkeysRS* 1% of comments *other people* btw every 5 comments there is a famous person commenting

    ASYT_DIPZZ gamesASYT_DIPZZ gamesHour ago
  • Oooohhh burn that hurt didn’t it lol

    Fortnite GameingFortnite GameingHour ago
  • Hay Jarvis go to Instagram I sent you a couple of peppers in the messages

    Fortnite GameingFortnite GameingHour ago
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Yeet FortniteYeet FortniteHour ago
  • Icon

    DoobieDoobieHour ago
  • Kay is high

    Hammaad AliHammaad AliHour ago
  • Is he the reason hella people got the you do not have permission to play fortnite right now

    Carter_The_GodCarter_The_GodHour ago
  • I have never seen so many people comment on something in FIVE DAYS I love this guy!

    duckon quackduckon quackHour ago
  • Plot twist: He actually played Fortnite

    BG24RacingBG24RacingHour ago
  • That voice crack tho

    Matt LamMatt LamHour ago

    Waïel BoukherchaWaïel BoukherchaHour ago
  • 😪

    lil' squidlil' squidHour ago
  • Hahajahahahahahhahahaha

    Gijs HeisterkampGijs HeisterkampHour ago
  • Did anyone think what she did in the bathroom or just me

    CCC NotCam NCCC NotCam NHour ago
  • Yo

    Marvenger KrypticMarvenger KrypticHour ago
  • History of Jarvis' crushes 2017-2018: Pokimane 2018-2019: Carrington 2019-2020: Summer Ray 2020-2021: Hannah

    CobraG CerckelCobraG CerckelHour ago
    • I Swatted every house to find who asked

      Shadowrized YTShadowrized YTHour ago
  • Believe me nobody wants you to play fortnite

    Andrej VAndrej VHour ago
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  • He definitely plays it In his free time

    Big Man GuyBig Man GuyHour ago

    UmxrUmxrHour ago
  • Nice plane😁

    LMGNoobLMGNoobHour ago
  • well played

    cumcum2 hours ago
  • Bold of you to assume that Jarvis even did anything.

    nword boinword boi2 hours ago
  • hElL nO

    briana ramirezbriana ramirez2 hours ago
  • Can’t you make another account

    Vuxyyy BoiVuxyyy Boi2 hours ago
  • The day you got banned the day cps took me away

    Alex NerioAlex Nerio2 hours ago
  • 17:30 Him: I DID IT! Jarvis: WE DID IT! Him: BRO WE DID IT!

    Lincoln SmithLincoln Smith2 hours ago
  • Hahahahaha that was his whole idea and hes not banned think about it he just had epic act like they banned him he is play fortnite right now

    Jupitur Montana CraigJupitur Montana Craig2 hours ago
  • Anyways tho there is other games besides fortnite, Like Call Of Duty , fall guys, Mortal Kombat 11? Just play those

    YunnRayyYunnRayy2 hours ago
  • Let’s gooo jarvis

    YunnRayyYunnRayy2 hours ago
  • GG

    hatutuki_ch 123hatutuki_ch 1232 hours ago
  • Bruh this guy a legend

    Alejandro WangAlejandro Wang2 hours ago
  • Tewapps narration is amazing

    Hockeypro_ 2989Hockeypro_ 29892 hours ago
  • Jarvis back fortnite

    Aaro NiininenAaro Niininen2 hours ago
  • 7:31 human bean

    isaac dumasisaac dumas2 hours ago
  • Fortnite’s true legend returns to Twitch

    Mystical HuntressMystical Huntress2 hours ago

    Carmelita ProtacioCarmelita Protacio2 hours ago
  • I was in this video

    GokuMUI MUIGokuMUI MUI2 hours ago
    • Sure

      Thomas DiegoThomas Diego2 hours ago
  • big brain boy.

    døggÿ ツdøggÿ ツ2 hours ago
  • Holy Jarvis's!!!

    SYN RealisticSYN Realistic2 hours ago
  • What do i say again

    HydrauliCircuit GamingHydrauliCircuit Gaming2 hours ago
  • Epic just unban him! Jarvis learned from his mistakes😔

    XE DreamyzXE Dreamyz2 hours ago
  • Why do you cheat bro you dumb

  • I love your vids

    Jujhar SinghJujhar Singh2 hours ago
  • get it, its funny because he lied

    LillioLillio3 hours ago
  • You played us :(

    YouTube ZACKYouTube ZACK3 hours ago
  • This is the best example of making the best of your situation.

    BeastBeast3 hours ago
  • Are we gonna ignore the fact they have food for days-

    Iris ClanIris Clan3 hours ago
  • 35 viewers 😂😂🤣🤣 5mil

    YOU BroYOU Bro3 hours ago
  • Song : 100 digit of pi

    HunterPlayzRoblox !HunterPlayzRoblox !3 hours ago
  • He is grinding on fort nite and you guys should give him an chance to join

    Jeremiah FellinJeremiah Fellin3 hours ago
  • is he the only cheating hacker in his "clan" or is everyone using hacks?

    shockerbroshockerbro3 hours ago
  • # free Jarvis

    DLC PianoDLC Piano3 hours ago
  • bro idk if he thinks were dumb but its sooo clear you can see hes covering up, if you have social media then you would know lmfao

    RalexzツRalexzツ3 hours ago
  • So he was the impostor!!!😲😲😲☝️☝️☝️

    Lucky MouaLucky Moua3 hours ago
  • Get twap outta here stick to editing

    Blake BracelandBlake Braceland3 hours ago
  • Cheater!

    anthony playz mobile legendzanthony playz mobile legendz3 hours ago
  • You have a guy playing fortnite not you

    anthony playz mobile legendzanthony playz mobile legendz3 hours ago
  • Bro your vheating

    anthony playz mobile legendzanthony playz mobile legendz3 hours ago
  • Best vid I’ve seen

    Vixly5 10Vixly5 103 hours ago
  • bruh ion know why you we act like he dont play fort on a different account off cam

    ShaBeLegendaryShaBeLegendary3 hours ago
  • Lol you got banned on my birthday

    daniel thomasdaniel thomas3 hours ago
  • Way is mondorez is not oploding

    jimena tuberjimena tuber3 hours ago

    UZ1V3RT_89UZ1V3RT_893 hours ago
  • Play strucid

    Blurie GuyBlurie Guy3 hours ago