Lucifer Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Jul 13, 2020
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Lucifer is back and acting...strange. Get ready - this season all your desires will be fulfilled. Season 5 Part 1 premieres August 21 only on Netflix.
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Lucifer Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix
Lucifer makes a tumultuous return, Chloe rethinks romance, Ella finally finds a nice guy, and Amenadiel adjusts to the whole fatherhood thing.

  • That soundtrack 😍😍😍 this series got the best ost so far ever

    SMILEVAISH MusicalsSMILEVAISH Musicals5 minutes ago
  • you can watch it on prime in germany lol

    Veith SchwarzkopfVeith Schwarzkopf5 minutes ago
  • what’s the name of the song on 0:42?

    Ралина ВалееваРалина Валеева5 minutes ago
  • The video is very amazing and very action

    August CochranAugust Cochran6 minutes ago
  • Someone: So, is Tom Ellis gonna play the protagonist or the villain? Netflix: Yes.

    ED StudiosED Studios6 minutes ago
  • OK I AM ALL IN ON THIS.... I just watched it and I was like nice plot, the only thing making it better would be bringing back Charolette Richards.

    Butch LButch L6 minutes ago
  • I don't want spoiler, so I didn't watch the trailer. But I liked the video anyway!

    Vivek DharmarajVivek Dharmaraj6 minutes ago
  • Главное дожить до 21. Оу, точно, русским и украинцам же еще ждать пока переозвучат 🗿🔫

    domino blyatdomino blyat7 minutes ago
  • Netflix has no chill.

    I diSagreeI diSagree8 minutes ago
  • Netflix nerde türkçe fragman...

    Kübra YozoğluKübra Yozoğlu9 minutes ago
  • 🙊🙊🙊🙊 the comical char are on their way

    SMILEVAISH MusicalsSMILEVAISH Musicals9 minutes ago
  • Tom ellis🖤🖤🖤

    sema drdsema drd9 minutes ago
  • 'Hello bad guys'

  • Netflix beste

    Mo _TvMo _Tv9 minutes ago
  • bout time

    Lyndon FairLyndon Fair10 minutes ago
  • The ending better be how we all wanted.. I didn’t wait THIS long for nothing 😭😐

    CouldCareLess_CouldCareLess_11 minutes ago
  • Welcome to my channel ❤

    Olaya and RoudainaOlaya and Roudaina11 minutes ago
  • Can we please talk about the last part in the trailer, that was ... Hilarious.

    Adina ConstantinAdina Constantin11 minutes ago
  • time for the Winchesters to stop another apocalypse

    that korean guythat korean guy12 minutes ago
  • YES!!!Finally!! I've been waiting for this one, turn it up

    Lauren RotsaertLauren Rotsaert12 minutes ago
  • So Amenadial froze time again to fight Michael?? 🤔🤔

  • 🇹🇷

    iam ALLYiam ALLY13 minutes ago
  • Do I even need to watch this season anymore? Who made this freaking trailer? It literally spoils the whole plot. Watcher beaware if you didn't watch it yet.

    OdinAPXOdinAPX13 minutes ago
  • At any time God can close this all down remember that, server farms go pffffff ⚡

    KnightsBladeKnightsBlade14 minutes ago
  • Can't Waite

    dominique parisidominique parisi14 minutes ago

    Hüseyin KeskinHüseyin Keskin15 minutes ago
  • Türkler beğeninde sayımızı bilelim

    Can ACan A16 minutes ago
  • So no one is thinking decker's new hairstyle sucks??

  • This is the first season I’ve been here. (I became a fan after the end of Season 4).

    Emily KozakEmily Kozak17 minutes ago
  • God's justice will be served hot

    KnightsBladeKnightsBlade17 minutes ago
  • Allahım sana geliyorum 😍 hellooooo baaad guuuuyyyyssss

    Sadece Yorum yapıyorumSadece Yorum yapıyorum17 minutes ago
  • 👍

    Mohd ObidMohd Obid17 minutes ago
  • Im guessing the purpose of Michael is that due to the sins that he will commit he will be banished to hell and become it's new king,thus allowing Lucifer to stay on earth permenantly.

    Δημήτρης ΚλήμηςΔημήτρης Κλήμης17 minutes ago
  • Warning; Here is how it will play out 1. If Jesus Christ comes back to take his church and found you not saved (not believing at him as the savior through believing he shed his blood for your sins at the cross and that he risen again on the third day and alive in heaven now) you will be left behind and there will be great tribulation you will suffer on earth and that will be God's judgement. The only way to be saved at tribulation after left behind by Jesus when majority of Christians have disappeared is to not take the mark of the beast on your forehead or right hand and you will be killed or starve to death. 2. Death always occur you can die at any time and the huge issue is if you die before Christ returns and you were not believing at him as the savior( that is not believing at Christ that he was crucified and he shed his blood for your sins at the cross and risen again on the third) your soul will go straight to Hell for eternity, at Hell you will burn but not consumed. Believing at Christ does not involve worship of other gods(church leader&ancestors), object(hand bands,car stickers,trees e.t.c) Muhammad,buddha e.t.c. It's only believing at Christ as the perfect sacrifice for your sins. It's your choice but know that rejecting Christ will send you the wrong direction. No works can save you, there is no physical thing you can do to get saved but you are only saved through faith at what Jesus did for you as simple as that.

    Bless PercyBless Percy17 minutes ago
  • Any indian?

    Avinash royAvinash roy18 minutes ago

    FR0STYFR0STY19 minutes ago
  • I can't believe that Lucifer is coming back and that him and Chloe will be together. This is gonna be the best season ever.😊 🐞🐾

    Taylor CarnesTaylor Carnes20 minutes ago
  • Twin brother....thats a "Not gonna re sub to netflix" for me at this time

    DyersDyers21 minute ago
  • 1:45 typical Lucifer LMAO😂 I’ve missed you!!!😭

    Kapolin SavathKapolin Savath21 minute ago
  • Whyyyy whyy whyy @? I can't take that whyyy that mess Netflix I want to know Lucifer really love that girl whyyy? U have to remake ?no no I can't take no no

    Ayan DeyAyan Dey21 minute ago
  • Comic nerd reaction: "Oooooo Michael Demiurgos! I can't wait to see what's going to happen...he's going to mildly inconvenience Lucifer's life...exciting...." Welp I'm out, thanks for the okay times Netflix!

    cupguincupguin21 minute ago
  • Excited for the twins fight mostly 👹👹

    layba Benedictlayba Benedict21 minute ago
  • Does Chloe need an intervention or something? Shes been aging at like 5x speed since the show started.

    momaristmomarist22 minutes ago
  • Quarantine going downhill... Netflix on 13 July nope

    Erik CulescuErik Culescu22 minutes ago

    lil' Blutbadlil' Blutbad23 minutes ago
  • I knew he was not Lucifer in the moment i heard : "Hello bad guys"

    AK's ListAK's List23 minutes ago
  • I've watched this trailer an unhealthy amount of times

    Leena RaphaelLeena Raphael23 minutes ago
  • Search Dr Souc!🥰

    Tom HanksTom Hanks23 minutes ago
  • omg!! I missed this show sooo much!!!!!!!

    M PineM Pine23 minutes ago
  • Wow auf netflix der Trailer und immernoch nicht auf netflix Deutschland streambar🙄

    Elias NeherElias Neher23 minutes ago
  • Y sale american aur izrael wale saaziso s baaz ni aayenge..lucifer shaitan h usko farishta show kiya gya h

    Al siraazAl siraaz24 minutes ago
  • Whyy that u have to meet Lucifer with is girl friend he really loves her why Netflix whyy?

    Ayan DeyAyan Dey24 minutes ago
  • 🙂🙂🙂🙂

    مْلُڪہ ٰمْلُڪہ ٰ24 minutes ago
  • FINALLY THE LOVE STORY(this was few seconds before) WHO THE PARKING LOT IS MICHEAL?!?!?m?!?

    X x a n g e l m a y a x XX x a n g e l m a y a x X24 minutes ago
  • Oh i guess im gonna watch this everyday till 21 August

    CostyCosty24 minutes ago
  • Im screaming

    Azaliah BrockingtonAzaliah Brockington25 minutes ago
  • I can not wait for this new season.

    Angga TriabrataAngga Triabrata25 minutes ago
  • Heck ya Michael is a BAD BOI

    CostyCosty25 minutes ago
  • Fox is probably punching the air right now

    Felix DaysFelix Days26 minutes ago
  • So... Does Dream have the Key to Hell already then? Went and came back after all...

    Fiddler'sGreenFiddler'sGreen26 minutes ago
  • Ok wait they kinda spoiled the plot I mean like it would have been such a cool plot twist that Lucifer was Micheal all along. Don’t you think?

    King YeetKing Yeet26 minutes ago
    • Maybe there’s another plot we don’t know about 🌚

      Hollywood NewsHollywood News16 minutes ago
  • Omg a rein. That's like the wirst nightmare ever. One is enough, but two... Let me guess, many women are love this guy. I'd move far away. I mean, do they realize the trouble caused by him?

    Veronika FranzVeronika Franz27 minutes ago
  • Va estar buenísimo

    Erick PazErick Paz27 minutes ago
  • Great!!!.... I am really excited to watch the fight between licifer and micheal

    Cartoon On IgniteCartoon On Ignite27 minutes ago
  • Oahhhazaaaaaaa

    Aslı BozkurtAslı Bozkurt28 minutes ago
  • any one know the song in the Trailer

    ATROATRO30 minutes ago
  • Lucifer is an unbearably bad show

    Arthur MorganArthur Morgan31 minute ago
  • how can't chole realise that's not lucifer, cause she has seen lucifer's wings are white whereas Michael's wings are black.

    Hbomb 2009Hbomb 200931 minute ago
  • endlich

    AZR0ZI4LAZR0ZI4L31 minute ago
  • Severek bekliyoruz

    Mehmet AcirMehmet Acir31 minute ago

    DrPoppadopolistDrPoppadopolist32 minutes ago
  • Abi süper morningstar

    Mehmet AcirMehmet Acir32 minutes ago
  • Can't wait!!! looks gooood

    Sara KitzmanSara Kitzman33 minutes ago
  • I mean two Tom Elis? Dude I'm super in

    Caira Joy De LeonCaira Joy De Leon33 minutes ago
  • These performances and dialogues are so cringe, how is this show as popular as it is!?

    valitsaki AVGvalitsaki AVG34 minutes ago
  • So should I watch Lucifer Season 1 - Season 4 to catch up or wait for Season 5 ?

    SplxshツSplxshツ35 minutes ago
  • I love how under 24 hours Lucifer 5 trailer has 3.5 million views and is 1 trending and that just proves how many people that love Lucifer

    AnonymousAnonymous35 minutes ago
  • I had stopped watching midway Season 3. Does the show get better? I really do miss the comedy that was Lucifer, but it just couldn't hold my interest anymore. Wondering if Netflix has done it better.

    Kevbo KevKevbo Kev35 minutes ago
  • This gave me goosebumps 'cause we live near a church that's called st. Michael's church

    Hi ImSonnyHi ImSonny35 minutes ago

    Om PrakashOm Prakash35 minutes ago