why did we break up?

Sep 13, 2020
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This is our break up story…. part 2
Even though we broke up, we’ve been working on a project together
and we’d love your support - www.secretstofame.com/
In our program, we teach you the tips & tricks that made us go viral and
create an amazing life together. These secrets built both of our careers,
and we’re truly honored to be able to teach them to you.
Since we aren’t a couple anymore, youtube needs it’s next big relationship
channel and entertaining creators to fill the void. Want that to be you?
Unlock your potential now:

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  • Made me cry this did 💔😭

    Charl BurnsCharl Burns25 minutes ago
  • For You abroad guy’s the name pf relationship is just get a girl or boy date and have sex and have fun for moment and when you are done you just leave like it was nothing before more like a use and throw tissue paper 🙂 come in relationships only when you know the real meaning of love and the difference between lust and love, have a nice day

    Darshan SonawaneDarshan SonawaneHour ago
  • Her:- in a moment it was so beautiful...... Him :- next question Like seriously?????

    pragya Basnetpragya Basnet2 hours ago

    Just JeanneJust Jeanne3 hours ago
  • That don't even make since in the first place. My husband and I were first everything. First true love. First marriage. First set of kids. We are deeply in love and we are married 12 years and been together for 14 years so its possible if you make it happen and your gonna have your ups and downs and bicker at each other. Thats normal in a relationship or marriage. There is no perfect relationship or marriage

    Kristy CoxKristy Cox4 hours ago
  • literally interrupted her so many times which is so disrespectful!

    vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt6 hours ago
  • 😭 it truly hurts me 😭

    I can'tbenormal kennyI can'tbenormal kenny6 hours ago
  • I don’t even know you guys or watch you guys. I shed a few tears for you two.. But I honestly think you two handled this very well you guys deserve happiness 💛

    Sirena PayneSirena Payne8 hours ago
  • I think he cut her off with next question jokingly because when she talks, it hurts him because she goes back talking about the dream they were realistically not in. And she was gonna say something romantic about the past at time of being interrupted when they’re both trying to move forward.

    Sophia MollaSophia Molla8 hours ago
    • Moral of the story, this boys too immature to have a serious relationship. Or let a girl speak. She dogged a bullet honestly.

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt6 hours ago
  • Please get back to better you and we fucking cry every single day please get back together

    Brony4lyfeBrony4lyfe8 hours ago
  • Did you break up because she didn't have a voice like in this video?

    Carina LeyvaCarina Leyva9 hours ago
  • Bruh we need a Karissa version of this cuz Nate just kept being rude and cutting her off tf...

    Oma SorochiOma Sorochi9 hours ago
  • Hmm.. a bit rude to not let her speak and express herself.. when your with someone young or not .. your with them to experience life together and to build together.. the fact that it felt like a burden because you had to keep in constant contact with someone who loves you is weird .. this was more of you wanting to be free and experience life as a single person and not as a couple because you didn’t want the responsibility of dealing with your significant other being in a relationship at a young age doesn’t take away experiences you want to have in life at all it’s experiencing life with your best friend

    Melissa SotoMelissa Soto9 hours ago
  • bruh..that's honestly a pretty bleh reason to break up. just say Nate wants to date other people and end the video lmao

    VartikaVartika10 hours ago
  • um why did u cut her off when all she did was listen to you when u kept repeating the same thing, lucky escape for her lol

    Mia DeeksMia Deeks11 hours ago
  • so basically hes gonna go out and have his fun and when it’s all over want her back?

    Alexis BallantyneAlexis Ballantyne11 hours ago
  • why didn't you just film less lol

    Maddy RichardsonMaddy Richardson11 hours ago
  • You guys are babies and you both need to live your lives for you. You never know what the future may hold, but right now you need to just live in the moment for you and only you. Love you guys♥️

    Marcela PerrioloMarcela Perriolo12 hours ago
  • Karissa will only end up moving on, and you will 💯 regret loosing her Nate I can just see it happening xx

    Samantha YoungSamantha Young13 hours ago
  • I feel like she’s agreeing yet she doesn’t agree..

    Chloe CaddamyChloe Caddamy13 hours ago
  • Omg he was so rude at the end!smh

    Ammaarah ValleyAmmaarah Valley13 hours ago
  • First Liza and David , then Alex and Lauren now you guys i give up 😢😭😭

    Ola OmotoyeOla Omotoye14 hours ago
  • Let her speak dude!

    Oh OkOh Ok14 hours ago
  • Moral of the story, this boys too immature to have a serious relationship. Or let a girl speak. She dogged a bullet honestly.

    Hannah WeidnerHannah Weidner15 hours ago
  • that was rude...

    Lianne BosmanLianne Bosman15 hours ago
  • Feel so so bad for karissa. You COMPLETELY were disrespectful interrupting her.

    kenzie dosskenzie doss15 hours ago
  • ☹😭😢 you can see and hear how choked up they both are I'm cryingggg all my love and best wishes to the both of you

    tillysings stillysings s15 hours ago
  • Eshhhhhh ‘next question’ 😬😬 I love these two but that was very disrespectful

    AngelAngel16 hours ago
  • So basically he wants to be single and sleep with other people...he will regret this when he's older.

    Leanne MLeanne M17 hours ago
  • Now way do you still have a pic of you and her?

    Maritsa O'reillyMaritsa O'reilly19 hours ago
  • Girl you don’t need him. He just wants to be selfish.

    Andrea RichardsonAndrea Richardson20 hours ago
  • They shoulda just stayed as bestfriend ...

    Jay BautistaJay Bautista20 hours ago
  • The way she bit her nail and looked on the side got my heart dropped i know somethings up

    Jay BautistaJay Bautista20 hours ago
  • I think its his fault look at this shit she cant even talk for real wtf

    Jay BautistaJay Bautista20 hours ago
  • I have always been happy watching your videos, and now I feel like an idiot, a complete idiot.

    Sakthipriya RSakthipriya R23 hours ago
  • Bruh let her talk

    Liza VivarLiza VivarDay ago
  • literally interrupted her so many times which is so disrespectful!

    seeni gztyseeni gztyDay ago
  • “Right person wrong time”... I believe that but honestly Karissa needs someone who will treat her right and not feel like it’s a burden to contact her and let her know that you’re okay. Like fr? Your excuse to break up is because you guys haven’t been able to experience what your 20s are “supposed to be like” (Aka Free). The grass isn’t always greener on the other side bro, YOU made your life the way it is and when it didn’t feel right maybe you should have slowed things down, instead you let it blow over. Also you didn’t let Karissa talk and that honestly pissed me off, she doesn’t deserve that! I believe you both deserve happiness, but fr don’t disrespect her more than you already have.

    Grace ReyesGrace ReyesDay ago
  • ngl i understand you want to experience things by yourself more than having a relationship be in Ur way kind of thing but i believe if you really love her, you wouldn't care about experiencing the little things alone because its about the person who make you feel like you never want to experience anything without them. maybe you lost yourself and being single can make you happy but what if once you do experience those things you said without havin her in ur life and you just get lonely or it dosnt feel the same. it can be fun not havin responsibility in a relationship but it also can make you lose a really good thing. love is hard to find, but doing things by yourself and experiencing things can happen anytime, it just depends if you would want to lose ur everything to do it. this is just an opinion.

    chantelle shternchantelle shternDay ago
    • Damn let the girl talk

      seeni gztyseeni gztyDay ago
  • Bro, nate you my dawg and all,but you should let the karrisa talk bro, cutting her out while she's talking dont you think thats a little rude?

    Billy The puppetBilly The puppetDay ago
  • Nate, All you did was cut off/interrupt Karissa to whatever she has to say. Because what? You don’t want her to say her side of the story? Nuts!

    Noella AlbinoNoella AlbinoDay ago
  • She looks so heart broken and my heart really goes out to her

    Sierra ClearySierra ClearyDay ago
  • they just aren't ready yet ://

    Daphne HeDaphne HeDay ago
  • Noooooooo you live life together us guys will never stop growing

    Dorothy Orozco OrozcoDorothy Orozco OrozcoDay ago
  • I don’t like how he didn’t let her speak

    Madison NapoletanoMadison NapoletanoDay ago
  • My heart breaks knowing I won't be able to watch y'all together any more

    Kerri WagnonKerri WagnonDay ago
  • No hate but why is there sections of this video like why is it a series ? Why not just one video

    Hannah EstradaHannah EstradaDay ago
  • You guys truly did love each other. Just because you have each other in your life doesnt mean you cant live your life. I think you guys will find your way back to each other

    kayla_ mkayla_ mDay ago
  • Awh this video 😭❤️❤️

    Arianna NelsonArianna NelsonDay ago
  • But whyyyyyyy🥺🥺🥺💔

    AriieAriieDay ago
  • That’s dumb reason.... kind of selfish to me ? If you’re really in love youd love to do everything with that person

    Alpha GarciaAlpha GarciaDay ago
  • I understand everyone who said he cut her off but you could still hear the pain in his t make him the bad guy. They said this was equal so both of them decided on this.... But I hate this outcome but I respect y'alls decisions.

    Abbey SlausonAbbey SlausonDay ago
  • You need to let her speak Nate you can tell she loves you and sometimes you have to not look into what you will not have you have to let your life and love run free if your worried about not having that experience with out her then it's not true love I feel like you need to not focus on the future and live in the moment because that's real love

    Brooke GuillouBrooke GuillouDay ago
  • This breaks my heart I hope you guys find your way back to each other you guys are so full love and laughs

    Brooke GuillouBrooke GuillouDay ago
  • Damn let the girl talk

    A VA VDay ago
  • I truly do hope you guys end up back together in the future ❣️

    Rhonda RichardsonRhonda RichardsonDay ago
  • Damn I’m really crying in class

    Adi PaigeAdi PaigeDay ago
  • Let her talk.

    Samuel P WilliamsSamuel P WilliamsDay ago
  • This couple is crazy smart and open and real - thank you for being so honest about social media and the skewed version of that reality

    Aud MomAud MomDay ago
  • There is no such thing you just dont each other so much that's the truth

    Пламена ГеоргиеваПламена ГеоргиеваDay ago
  • I am truly and honestly so disappointed of them. If they really loved each other they would’ve been able to experience all of those things with each other, you’re literally not limited to anything unless you decide not to do certain things as long as you’re respecting your partner at all times than you should’ve been fine. I honestly think Nate fell out of love. Because when you’re with the one you truly love why would you even think “ oh I never actually got with anyone else so let me break up with my fiancé and find myself in other chicks arms and see if I like that”

    Dayana HernandezDayana HernandezDay ago
  • I’m pretty sure karissa wanted to say something

    Megan WalshMegan WalshDay ago
  • Let us girls finish what we want to say before you but in !

    Sophie CopleySophie CopleyDay ago
  • no wonder yall broke up lmfao look at you & how you are so inconsiderate of her feelings in this

    holy molyholy molyDay ago
  • bs 😑

    Joshua MakayaJoshua MakayaDay ago
  • sheee still loves himmm

    Caitlin FrancisCaitlin FrancisDay ago
  • why’re you cutting her off wtf.😒🥱

    Megan MottaMegan MottaDay ago
  • “next question” sir tf she was in the middle of a sentence

    ninoninoDay ago
  • Plzzzz talk ...don’t do this

    Mubashshirah AlamMubashshirah AlamDay ago
  • I'm watching this and crying like they were amazing together i hate this so much

    marwa tlmarwa tlDay ago
  • Take those crosses out of your ears, Christians don’t do what you did to this girl.

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnonDay ago
    • qopoy dnon stfu their earrings

      ThatOneAvarage StepsisThatOneAvarage Stepsis6 hours ago
  • It really sucks you guys have to go through this. I know it’s hard and understand where you’re both coming from but you guys CAN enjoy life while being together. If you really want it to work, it can. It’s sad. I’m glad you’re both doing well. Much love

    Ashley GosseAshley GosseDay ago
  • I understand it’s probably hard to talk about this stuff and it’s hard to hear about it BUT you had your chance to speak and say what you wanted. Didn’t like how you cut Karissa off every time she went to say something. You may see it all as one way but she has a story too.

    Ashley GosseAshley GosseDay ago
  • thinkin u will enjoy something more on your own rather than together is very short sighted and immature

    Lead Slinger187Lead Slinger187Day ago

      qopoy dnonqopoy dnonDay ago
  • wow nate, why are you acting like that she said 2 sentences at least the ending she was talking ab the beauty in the moment of your relationship and you went on to next question do you not care about her feelings do you not see her face

    The 2nd PowerThe 2nd PowerDay ago
  • karissa really love nate that's why she said yes to the proposal but now i think nate is running away and just be SINGLE

    dmwt_dmwt_Day ago
  • He is so self-centred🙄🙄Karissa baby you deserve better

    Martin LutherMartin Luther2 days ago
  • I guess Nate is the bad guy huh?

    Charles MitchellCharles Mitchell2 days ago
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    Shelly BrooklynShelly Brooklyn2 days ago
  • i’ve been watching these two for as long as i can remember, i never thought this would happen. i’m honestly in tears rn.😭🥺

    Lyric WatsonLyric Watson2 days ago
  • Can you guys remake this video and Nate can you let her talk?

    Chelissa RumseyChelissa Rumsey2 days ago
  • This reminds me of what went with Roman and his family (Smile More). How they decided to take a whole break and he got hate for it. You guys do you, how ever long it takes.❤️

    Hazel VelazquezHazel Velazquez2 days ago
  • My heart really breaks for you guys. When you both cried, I cried too. You are both very young, but don't worry, life does a 360 when you least expect it. And God has a plan for you. I'm glad you are both on good terms and can still support each other. Never listen to anyone sending you those threats, just block the haters. You are both beautiful humans. ♥️

    Rossana Negrón JiménezRossana Negrón Jiménez2 days ago
  • A woman's loyalty is tested why her man has nothing, a man's loyalty is tested when he has everything

    Aryan ThakurAryan Thakur2 days ago
  • See I understand how your relationship was basically just resolved around USkeys but what I don’t understand is how you just leave someone because it’s “too much responsibility” like that’s what a relationship is. Thinking like that, you’re never gonna have a healthy relationship. Part of being in love is telling the other person where you are and how you’re doing, it doesn’t mean you need to be together or talking 24/7 but it does show you care and it IS something you do in a relationship. So like I said, you’re never gonna have a relationship thinking or acting like that.

    faith brundagefaith brundage2 days ago
  • Everybody in the comments talking about why u didn’t let karissa talk, but why did you let her go?

    Gal UlielGal Uliel2 days ago
    • They will get back together 💯, if not she will move on and he will regret it one day x

      Samantha YoungSamantha Young13 hours ago
  • not cool to cut her off like that ]

    Sophia Movsisian - 2021Sophia Movsisian - 20212 days ago

    X EinsteinX Einstein2 days ago
  • She literally said “yea” the whole time cuz u couldn’t let her speak. Wow good job buddy.

    Aira LambertyAira Lamberty2 days ago
  • Didn’t they like break up before

    Justin ShiuJustin Shiu2 days ago
  • bruh. he really said “next question”.... in the middle... of her.... explanation.... Nate. Smh. Still a fan... but that wasnt cool.

    Lucille LanjeLucille Lanje2 days ago
  • When you’re in love you don’t want to be alone on a trip. That person should be your best friend first don’t propose until your girlfriend is your best friend too and you don’t want to go anywhere without them.

    J EJ E2 days ago
  • I refuse to believe this. I start school and I finally get time to be on my phone and this is what I see?!?! Nope I refuse.

    Melissaplayz RobloxMelissaplayz Roblox2 days ago
  • translation: nate wants his hoes back and wants to have fun as a single lil bachelor...

    Lexee BenkleyLexee Benkley2 days ago
  • Why he cutting her off like that

    Abby FeldmanAbby Feldman2 days ago
  • Nates actions in this video show why Karissa doesn't need to be wasting her tears. He's too immature for that precious girl and she deserves a real man. Not a little boy afraid of commitment and a real woman. This lady is PERFECT wife material. She will find the one who deserves her and would never choose "FUN" over her and INCLUDE her in any fun. Because when you love someone, you're not able to have fun without them.

    Monique ReynoldsMonique Reynolds2 days ago
  • Nate is so good with his words. I was so sad about you guys breaking up but what you said made so much sense. You guys are truly admirable and so honest. Its refreshing.

    Sumer DavisSumer Davis2 days ago
  • this is the second video and im already crying a river

    Aiyanna HartawayAiyanna Hartaway2 days ago
  • "it was so... Beautiful" "Next question" Like come on

    Lil' Shaunin !Lil' Shaunin !2 days ago
  • I love both of them but Nate did need to let her talk a little more

    Mackenzie FitzpatrickMackenzie Fitzpatrick2 days ago