How The United Kingdom's Health-Care System Works

Mar 6, 2020
832 289 Views

As politicians in the US debate the best health-care policies to replace the current system, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service enjoys huge support from the vast majority of Britons. Despite the high reports of satisfaction with system, many in the UK are calling for reform of the NHS, especially following the UK’s departure from the European Union. Here’s how the NHS works and what reforms may be coming.
CORRECTION (March 6, 2020): At 9:20, a video graphic misspelled the name of Holly Jarman, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan.
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How The United Kingdom's Health-Care System Works

  • Americans when we claim for reform we hate the NHS. No. When we protest its because we want more funding for it and we love the NHS

    Ark RoyalArk Royal2 hours ago
  • A few good nurses, many immigrant doctors and a huge amount of hangers on in the toilets or outside smoking all adds up to a third rate service, with tick box diagnosis!

    Bill MooreBill Moore11 hours ago
  • Please correct me if I'm wrong but I use to watch and have watched every British top gear episode and they would occasionally say only reason we have free health care is because of all these traffic lights/ meaning tickets. And also there car insurance was like 2k dollars compared to are 100. Also they have to continuously buy new cars to avoid even higher insurance prices. I know it's a comedy show but is there any truth in it tho?

    tallantballer45tallantballer4512 hours ago
  • A Anti-NHS video take my word we would be rioting on the streets if anyone tried to change or get rid of the NHS And now during the coronavirus everyone can now see what a jewel in the British crown it is so please stop making videos like this because most of what's said on videos like this is incorrect

    fattwat1fattwat113 hours ago
  • With out trying to course effence ,Imogration has had a big effect on the NHS.

    Davina MissickDavina MissickDay ago
  • There is a difference between socialized healthcare and social care

    ABYL5 MusicABYL5 MusicDay ago
  • Don't be fooled guys. Loads of Brits, as seen in the comments, will say how great the NHS is and how they're proud to be British and and are glad to live here and so on... And then on another video will comment how they're embarrassed to be British ad how it's a joke of a country with a disgusting history which should be torn down. They just like the free things and the security and prosperity they have in the UK with actually zero respect for the country itself.

    Even.Ways MusicEven.Ways MusicDay ago
  • I'm American and this makes me sad. 🥲

    Brian JimenezBrian Jimenez2 days ago
  • As a Scotsman man growing up in the UK the NHS is our crown jewel. We all share the cost because we all care

    thomas scullionthomas scullion2 days ago
  • Long live the NHS!

    Masud KhanMasud Khan2 days ago
  • No one should profiteer from an individual's health

    Masud KhanMasud Khan2 days ago
  • Update: As of yesterday 19/1/2021 the Tory government won a vote in Parliament to remove all Parliamentary scrutiny of any trade deal with the US and the NHS as part of it. This is a Tory government that has explicitly written in the past about privatising the NHS (i.e. selling parts of it to healthcare companies - read US healthcare companies). That the NHS is going to be broken up is almost a certainty. But first, the government has to poison the well of public opinion and so expect smear stories in the right-wing press, funding cuts to run down the NHS, and other dirty tricks to get the public onside.

    ToothbrushManToothbrushMan3 days ago
  • If you want to wait at least two weeks to see your doctor come to the UK!

    House 2 House on VinylHouse 2 House on Vinyl3 days ago
  • "radical left"? The idea the US has a left let alone a radical one is ridiculous

    none givennone given3 days ago
  • Don't worry America ,we will fairly soon be in the dire state you're in as our Tories are dead set on destroying the NHS to make their chums a profit.

    pete batemanpete bateman4 days ago
  • In a changing world most seem to feel that oversight and management of the NHS hasn't increased on par with the modern demands on the service. we all agree more money should go to the NHS but we tend to argue a lot about how that money should best be used. and personally i think that is a never ending conversation it is our responsibility to have. but as a brit i am very proud of the NHS, blemishes and all. and of the amazing job they have been doing during the pandemic.

    SimonSimon4 days ago
  • The greasy private govt weasels are defunding the nhs to try and get people to go private Fact: you go private but you still get treated by nhs - you are effectively paying more to stamp on someone in the queue ahead of you for treatment . Death the private healthcare system unless it funds its weasels own training , upkeep, equipment and buildings - despite what media say and private stinkers say - you diss the nhs in a boozer and you will probably leave through a window - unless you are in londistan

    Jaso HarriJaso Harri4 days ago
  • Sanders = "far left", in Europe he's classed as a conservative/centrist!

    Skies of bethanaSkies of bethana5 days ago
  • The Prime Minister who privatises the NHS won’t be Prime Minister for too much longer after that. The entire UK will be marching on Westminster.

    AussiemarcoAussiemarco5 days ago
    • i feel like demand for rope would skyroket that week

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
  • 💙 🇬🇧 NHS 🇬🇧 💙

    Matthew CliffordMatthew Clifford5 days ago
  • I'm British and I don't like the NHS. The few times I've needed it, I've received a very bad service. People claiming we all love it and they could never take it away are mainly to blame for politicians using it as a political pawn.

    Gaz P172Gaz P1726 days ago
    • @Adam Fraser Bye child 🤣 you're the child. Unwilling to accept reality that the NHS has flaws and not everyone likes it. Totally ignorant and intolerant to anyone elses opinion that isn't the same as his.

      Gaz P172Gaz P1724 days ago
    • @Gaz P172 ok foreigner. bye bye child

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
    • @Adam Fraser so you're only defence is to chuck baseless accusations and insults at me because I don't agree with your opinion 🙄 grow up!

      Gaz P172Gaz P1724 days ago
    • @Gaz P172 yeah nice try foreigner not falling for it. bye bye. even if that were true (its not) could it not have something to do with the torries slashing funding? maybe? possibly?

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
    • @Adam Fraser I certainly am British, lots of people I know are not too fond of the service they are receiving as of late.

      Gaz P172Gaz P1724 days ago
  • wow...Never thought i would hear the words Thatcher and Freedom in the same sentence

    Daniel MchughDaniel Mchugh6 days ago
  • N.Ireland's healthcare is ran by N.I through the N.I Executive, not from Westminster due to the devolution of power

    Daniel MchughDaniel Mchugh6 days ago
    • is your NHS budget within += a % of englands or is that just scotland?

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
  • Not only NHS...Most European countries are proud of their "NHS's"

    FranciscoFrancisco6 days ago
    • most european countries don't have an NHS, the UK, Scotland and Spain are outliers in europe for having nationalized healthcare, most other countries just hevily regulate it and have a national fund for people to dip into

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
  • It’s not perfect but it’s helped so many people.

    FightingDrake 81FightingDrake 816 days ago
  • Us brits DON’T want to pay for private insurance

    Andrew HowardAndrew Howard6 days ago
    • neither do we in scotland

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
  • It seems that the only thing Americans think they can afford is war.

    brianwilson49brianwilson497 days ago
  • The NHS is good, if you want to wait 8 hours for a broken arm in the waiting room, my experience. Granted the hospital I live near is shut but still.?

    AmPxZAmPxZ7 days ago
    • in the US you'd just have to put up with it because you can't afford to get it seen. also their wait times aren't really better only in the glitzy million dollar insurance hospitals. besides 8 hours? jog on mate wait times areny anywhere near that

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
  • No system is perfect, right? Unfortunately, even pre-Covid, our NHS was and is a luxury we can no longer afford. NHS doctors, dentists, and other practitioners are finding ways to avoid treating patients, and I believe we're in the early stages of a transition to an American-style system.

    Rachel MRachel M7 days ago
    • we can easilly afford it, the UK is a massive outlier in europe for how low our taxes are, put a couple % on anything over £50K and the NHS will be swimming in cash

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
  • I’m just curious what wrong with socialism ???

    Sarah BrownieSarah Brownie7 days ago
  • Why no mention of the frequent scandals involving poor care and excess deaths etc. (too many to list here)? Why no mention of parents being taken to Court in order to prevent them from taking their child abroad in search of treatment unavailable on the NHS (often to the USA!) ? And of course the fact that there is a current "debate" about how to solve the many problems with the NHS is a tad ironic given the adulatory tone of this video but no surprise to anyone who has tried to book an appointment with their GP lately.

    David LangeDavid Lange7 days ago
  • You have to understand that the UK is always 'having a debate over how to reform the NHS' which is code for The Tories don't really approve of it and want to privatise by stealth (slowly and gradually) because they know any suggestion of privatisation of the NHS is a vote loser. The Labour Party does support the NHS so tries to undo Tory damage any time it's in power. The term 'socialised medicine' is not used in the UK. Only Americans use that term. I think they use it as a way of trying to create aversion to the idea of universal healthcare, free at the point of delivery, because the word socialist or socialised is not a popular term in the USA and creates a sense of fear. The Tories tend to allow waiting lists for non urgent NHS operations etc to grow because it incentivises people to turn to private healthcare in order to skip those waiting lists. The Labour Party, when in government, tries to bring waiting lists down in the NHS. During the period of Covid, private hospitals have often been contracted to do some non Covid NHS work, paid for by NHS funds, because it's not possible to expand NHS staff numbers quickly, because of how long it takes to train doctors and nurses, and because of Tory government unwillingness to fund expansion of those numbers. The Tories would rather the balance of extra work is taken on by the Private Sector.

    Helen TropeHelen Trope8 days ago
  • In the 2 weeks off between jobs, I had a stroke. It made it so I couldn't start my next job on time and my stroke wasn't covered by the insurance I had expected to have. The bills are still rolling in but they're already over $160,000. And before you say I should have paid for gap coverage, I wasn't able to speak or move for 6 weeks. If you want me to be proud of America, forget it.

    nicolesdad0nicolesdad08 days ago
  • USA = NRA UK = NHS UK please, Lives Matter.

    DexxDexx9 days ago
  • What I dont get is how Americans believe education to be free as everyone needs it but don't think health care should be free. You need your health more than education.

    Carly BishopCarly Bishop9 days ago
  • The fact that socialised healthcare even needs to be explained shows that there’s really something wrong with medical care in the US

    James HolderJames Holder9 days ago
  • "Far left" - hilarious!!

    Sean GSean G10 days ago
  • British:" Here we do our healthcare! First you.....!" Americans:"WE REJECT COMMIE/SOCIALIST!!! "

    Qiu Qiu ChannelQiu Qiu Channel10 days ago
  • One of the proudest aspects of my job is that I work for the NHS. I can pick up a patient in their £1 million house and take them to hospital or I can pick up a patient who’s living in a tent, they’ll both receive the same treatment and care.

    Amy RickAmy Rick10 days ago
    • blessed comment, hope you guys get the raise you deserve ❤

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
  • Free at the point of use - we don't get charged for the ambulance taking you to the hospital for example

    Kevin SymondsKevin Symonds10 days ago
  • Everyone loves the NHS is the Uk ..It's the best thing we ever did

    Big TonyBig Tony10 days ago
  • The best doctors are always in the NHS - the private doctors are generally the average ones . Harley St is full of dodgy private doctors pandering to third world money

    PapiPapi10 days ago
  • I only come here to look at comments by Americans. They make me feel so clever by comparison.

    simon boonsimon boon10 days ago
    • I know, right? So stunningly easy as well. I also find the staggeringly bad literacy standards hilarious.

      AYouTube UserAYouTube User8 days ago
  • 15 years ago, I had chemo followed by a stem cell transplant. I was diagnosed by the NHS and treated start to finish. I had the best care available and came through clean as a whistle. Because I’d paid into the system over the years, I claimed it back by living. Didn’t have to sell my house, didn’t have to worry about my treatment. What’s not to like? Three years of treatment sorted as you go...

    Cliff BurridgeCliff Burridge10 days ago
  • Crazy how easy it was to convince some Americans that having a middle man sucking all the profits and causing bankruptcy is patriotic. Meanwhile universal healthcare is a communist far left agenda out to destroy American values 😂

    ZP PZP P11 days ago
  • 😂😂 im in the uk and ill tell you this.... IN THE NHS YOU MUST WAIT AGES TO SEE YOUR DOCTOR,... operations on a knee BE PREPARED TO WAIT UP TO 1 YEAR You cannot just go see your doctor, if you think you might be sick you better call a week ahead 😂😂 ITS ONLY FREE IF YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED... ITS A TAX THAT COMES OUT OF YOUR WAGES

    Bub ZillaBub Zilla11 days ago
    • clearly you're no from the UK cos you have no idea what you're talking about

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
    • This is just false allegorical nonsense. Isolated cases such as these are not representative at all. My parents have always worked and have never had this problem. I have worked and I can call and be seen on the day. Maybe bring it up with your surgery, you know through the proper channels? INSTEAD OF being REALLY DRAMATIC in a youtube comment SECTION LIKE THIS.

      Joe morganJoe morgan6 days ago
  • The health case system in UK behind by 50 years only prescribe paracetamol

    Ruslan AbbasRuslan Abbas11 days ago
    • yeah that's not even remotely true. ours is one of the most advanced healthcare systems on the planet. also you dont get paracetamol prescribed here it's over the counter. stfu american

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
  • The uk figures are all bent. Example . Each hospital has a triage nurse that evaluates each case before you are treated. This is so they can bend the figures. They can say you were seen by an NHS worker within X amount of time. The fact you then waited 8 hours to actually be treated is irrelevant. They are great at tiktok vids during a pandemic tho.

    • traitor

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
  • good day every one i want to inform the public on how i get cured of herpes by a doctor called alamale.i visited different hospital but they gave me list of expensive drugs to treat the symptoms and never it again,.....

    Morin MaybelMorin Maybel11 days ago
  • Well uk healthcare is laughable compared to korean healthcare, change my mind

    Spectroop_232Spectroop_23212 days ago
    • @Spectroop_232 per year, but in reality most people pay nowhere near that, I personally pay only 900 a year. And I've never had a problem with it always been quick, effective and plesent and I know of no one who's felt different

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
    • @Adam Fraser per month or per year?

      Spectroop_232Spectroop_2324 days ago
    • @Spectroop_232 about £2000 per person

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
    • @Adam Fraser how much do ya pay?

      Spectroop_232Spectroop_2324 days ago
    • @Spectroop_232 yeah half the size, no difference there at all. also SK pays faaarrrr more for theirs so... theres that

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
  • America is messed up, they use the working people and get taxted left right centre used and abused 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    M UM U12 days ago
  • I’d just like to point out that yea it’s free but the quality of care is absolutely sucking! Doctors don’t listen or want to help for what ever reasons!

    djjlcdjjlc12 days ago
    • yeah clearly you've never been to the uk because that's complete BS

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
  • It doesn't work, we just like to pretend it does

    Infertile PiggyInfertile Piggy13 days ago
    • @Infertile Piggy you're clearly not from the UK otherwise you'd know how much BS you're spouting rn, back to your garbage healthcare for now im affraid

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
    • ?

      Infertile PiggyInfertile Piggy4 days ago
    • hi foreigner

      Adam FraserAdam Fraser4 days ago
  • My aunt, who’s American, thinks that it’s everyone’s goal in life to get to the USA to live. Like it’s some kind of Elysium and the rest of the world is like some kind of dystopia. I wonder if this is a common belief amongst Americans. Lol. All I know is, it’s the last place on Earth that I’d like to live. And I know that’s a common view across Europe. Maybe 70/80 years ago, it might have been a dream of many. Such a shame to see what it has become.

    Chris MacChris Mac13 days ago
  • God bless the NHS

  • The Government don't pay for it, the people pay for it through their taxes.

    Bella VidaBella Vida14 days ago
    • That's why it's government ran.....

      TH Gaming WalesTH Gaming Wales7 days ago
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    Faith AlexFaith Alex14 days ago
  • As a Brit I support the idea of the NHS, however I personally think that its funding should be reduced, and what it services it covers should be reduced. Things like getting braces is the first thing that shouldn't come out of the public purse. 5:17 "most Britians", don't you mean "most Brits"?

    Thomas JarvisThomas Jarvis14 days ago
  • At election time Political parties in the UK compete with each other as to who will spend the most on the NHS. It is a BIG vote winner. The Brits LOVE their NHS, one of the greatest inventions ever created. They support their sick and disabled, the idea of making profit out of misery is abhorrent to them.

    Mark HortonMark Horton14 days ago
  • Please get your facts right in the rest of the western world Bernie Sanders would not be considered as left wing, far left wing or a Socialist. Just the strange way the US looks at things???

    John SmithJohn Smith15 days ago
  • I wonder what Republicans would say if you asked them “was Jesus a Communist?” because Jesus provided free healthcare to everyone. Jesus never asked for anyones credit card details first.

    Not Me Not MeNot Me Not Me15 days ago
  • American politics are so bizarre; the left to Americans are the right here in the UK and they’re still for national healthcare, a manifesto that would sabotage the NHS would be political suicide

    MynameisTMP-0134MynameisTMP-013415 days ago
  • Sorry wtf did he say its a “fair system the more money you make the more tax you pay” so the harder you work the more you have to give away yet there is someone who is lazy etc how tf is that fair

    Scott BroadwayScott Broadway15 days ago
  • We do NOT have a 'Socialist' health care system. Why can't you Americans get your heads around the fact that just because a country runs a fair system it doesn't have to be a 'Socialist' one. In the UK, we have had two colours of Government since our NHS came into being in 1948. They are Blue - Conservative (equivalent to your Republican Party) and Red - Labour (equivalent to your Democratic Party). The NHS was introduced by the Labour Party in 1948 but has never wavered in its support for all in this country, regardless of which party is in power. Sure, there have been ups and downs but I bet you a penny to a pinch of s**t that 99.9% of British people wouldn't want to do it the American way. Our system is a 'social' system, NOT a 'Socialist' system. The big problem with the American system is that healthcare has always been seen as outright business which via providing healthcare makes a profit, all at the expense of the patient. Dr. Puntis speaks wise words which must be listened to.

    Ray JenningsRay Jennings15 days ago
  • What I think is the bottom of the divide between the way healthcare is run in the UK versus the USA is that the USA is founded on the idea of the individual with the constitution stating a persons right to their own personal freedoms and ability to announce their own personal world view without repercussions. This kind of thinking and attitude doesn't then lend itself to social welfare and the idea of supporting others less fortunate than yourself for the greater good.

    firepit1432firepit143216 days ago
  • I couldn’t imagine having to pay for something that could save my life (unless I go private)

    Haybale_MelonHaybale_Melon16 days ago
  • One thing that is so amazing about the NHS is that it is admired and supported from all across the political spectrum here in the uk, both conservatives and liberals. It is one of the only things that this country is United in. I’m so so so thankful that we have the NHS. I hope America learns from the NHS.

    Angus MenziesAngus Menzies16 days ago
  • 3 years ago i had my leg ripped open to the bone in an accident. An ambulance took me to hospital where i was seen in a couple of hours. That was followed by several vists to my GP for dressing changes etc. I didn't pay a penny for this or any of the other treatments ive had over the last 66 years. Before anyone says i pay for it in taxes, i know rhat. But here's the thing: being a pensioner i DON'T pay NI anymore. The NHS isn't perfect but its far better than being ripped off by some insurance company and having to gice a credit card before you get looked at

    Admiral CraddockAdmiral Craddock16 days ago
  • Part of the reason the UK is in lockdown is because the NHS cant cope why because it's been underfunded and undermanned for years cause it's a bill the government doesn't want to pay....I've had friends wait for months for operations..while in pain...NHS workers are great people but the government running it AKA socialism degrades the quality of the service and care

    Ronin StokesmanRonin Stokesman16 days ago
  • As American living in the UK using the NHS is not good at all, you have beuracrats making medical decisions for you..they are severely unfunded and undermanned....I had to pay out of pocket for a hernia operation because NHS decided it's not a needed procedure huh? Its important to my health...note if I had got an operation I would have been put on a waiting list..I'll take overpriced American healthcare cause my health is important to me..than you very much

    Ronin StokesmanRonin Stokesman16 days ago
    • @RandomNAme My company paid the NHS for my use cause free healthcare is not really free. Well there is not an open A&E within 30 minutes of my location so I'd have to get there first. my ex partner laid on the ground after a bicycle accident with a conclusion and a broken shoulder for 2 hours awaiting for an ambulance. A&E was only 20 mins alway Bystanders were only savior...NHS workers are great and dedicated people but the system isnt funded properly, yes for emergency and serious illness you will be ok here but for everything else get in line and wait or get some meds

      Ronin StokesmanRonin Stokesman13 days ago
    • Absolute tosh - there is very little truth in this statement- You had to pay out of pocket as you are not a national and as such are not entitled to free NHS treatment that is not absolutley required, NHS would still treat you for free for any urgent or life threatening or emergency healthcare and ongoing support you may require

      RandomNAmeRandomNAme13 days ago
  • The Public own the NHS.

    Karl TyroneKarl Tyrone16 days ago
  • "works"

    99onONE99onONE16 days ago
  • Well, we can say American Army is based on socialistic system , as is founded by taxes and the government decides how to use it, not tax payer.

    Henryk KHenryk K16 days ago
  • covid case fatality rate, UK: 2.7% covid case fatality rate, US: 1.7% covid deaths per 100k pop, UK: 117 covid deaths per 100k pop, US: 110

    Father son?!Father son?!16 days ago
  • "Far left" lol, Bernie is more centrist than Biden.

    Khrishan SolankiKhrishan Solanki17 days ago
  • People need to understand that the NHS isn't the best because it's dragging from all the people that don't chip in and are chavs and don't work. Those are the most likely ones to get hurt from fights, stabbings etc. Yet we are paying for that basic right for them to beat the crap out of them. Back in 2019 I took my father in law to the local out of hours hospital to get checked out and there was two idiots with broken noses that told my son and I whilst we waited. "Don't get into fights like me." And "He's a good lad, be good ok?" Had me both laughing and boiling.

    Adolfo GuerraAdolfo Guerra17 days ago
  • I disliked because Bernie was called "far left". In reality he's center left, but America is heavily skewed to the right. So that was pure bias

    Austin HernandezAustin Hernandez17 days ago
    • @Austin Hernandez you’re just making excuses for this fraud. You are easily tricked by some slick talking charlatan.

      Father son?!Father son?!16 days ago
    • @Father son?! It's not his fault most of congress is bought and paid for by corporations. He's tried pushing for universal healthcare. You must not know much about Congress. As long as money is in politics very little is going to change.

      Austin HernandezAustin Hernandez16 days ago
    • @Austin Hernandez because he failed to build consensus. That’s what a lawmaker is supposed to do. Not just rant and rave and go fly somewhere in first class to your vacation home. He’s a fraud.

      Father son?!Father son?!16 days ago
    • @Father son?! I said I care about his policies. He's sponsored many bills but congress won't even vote on them.

      Austin HernandezAustin Hernandez16 days ago
    • @Austin Hernandez so you don’t care about his actions, only his words? You don’t care if he underpays his political staffers so that he can fly first class? You don’t care if he isn’t an effective politician?

      Father son?!Father son?!16 days ago
  • NHS is fantastic

    James KellardJames Kellard17 days ago
    • NHS is utter trash

      Father son?!Father son?!16 days ago
  • Spoiler - it doesn't

    Aaron LockettAaron Lockett17 days ago
  • Strongly recommending Dr alamale on USkeys healed I was from his medication.

    Madeline SarahMadeline Sarah18 days ago
  • America pays stupid money for defence when no one is going to go to war with them, your police is paid for through taxes so why not your healthcare . instead of paying insurance at inflated prices. the NHS is a Godsend and Britain is proud that this service is free to all ,our ambulances are free and even the homeless are treated ,because we are all human beings. unlike America it seems where GREED and PROFIT are driving factors

    colin franciscolin francis18 days ago
  • The NHS should be only for the UK people and not the world

    jen fanjen fan18 days ago
  • NHS is fantastic for some one like me who has had a heart attack like i said, for me who has paid, because im in work.when the laubor party belive its for every one in the world it becomes a real problem.thats why the labour party lost my vote

    Michael cMichael c18 days ago
  • Even Iraq and Libya have free healthcare

    Chan XavierChan Xavier18 days ago
  • Defund the NHS.

    TheYoutubeGuyTheYoutubeGuy19 days ago
    • @RandomNAme Ye.

      TheYoutubeGuyTheYoutubeGuy13 days ago
    • no

      RandomNAmeRandomNAme13 days ago
  • The NHS cares for all our people. Our taxes that we pay are not exsevise .not like the American private health insurance.

    Charlie YerrellCharlie Yerrell19 days ago
  • UK citizens: Support and fund the NHS in taxes US citizens: Support and fund the military in taxes

    James HolderJames Holder19 days ago
  • First country in the world to start vaccinating their pollution for covid. No upfront cost to the patients. How much will vaccines cost in the USA. And will everyone be offered the chance to be vaccinated.

    Alison RandallAlison Randall19 days ago
  • Most of the additional costs that arise in the US come from parasitic insurance bodies and greedy medics calling down/charging obscene costs for tests/procedures that are not medically required. Not only is the NHS cheaper/fairer, it is a measure of how a mature country treats its vulnerable. The healthcare system is also complemented by an excellent social care system.

  • Uk ftw

    Rhys1911Rhys191119 days ago
  • "The UK system is the most socialist" - stop trying to bring politics into healthcare. Are free schools "socialist"? America is one messed up country.

    Eric HalfbeeEric Halfbee20 days ago
  • Its not working now. Pandemic stops NHS in its tracks. So no more health care. It needs privatisation. 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿👍

    Gareth PriceGareth Price20 days ago
    • @grahvis that person has a very low IQ. The inability to understand why that has nothing to do with it shows a severe lack of critical thinking ability.

      Joe morganJoe morgan6 days ago
    • @Gareth Price . I do, I have to often, it doesn't explain your conclusion.

      grahvisgrahvis18 days ago
    • @grahvis try seeing a doctor.

      Gareth PriceGareth Price18 days ago
    • Just how do you come to that conclusion?

      grahvisgrahvis19 days ago
  • biden is an idiot, nhs is the jewel in the crown

    trevor francistrevor francis20 days ago
  • In the UK we don’t mind paying tax for the NHS and other social programs. It may not be perfect...but it works well enough for us from cradle to grave. Our taxes also pay for the military. Would an American call that socialist as well??? American politicians need to re-educate themselves on the definitions of socialism and liberalism. Here’s an idea, why not make lobbying illegal. The US could save a sh1t load of money.

    Alfio UrsoAlfio Urso20 days ago
  • The NHS is very inefficient and technically it isn’t free like people think, we have to pay for it through taxes, the wait times are really long and we spend far more than we need on it.

    ImperiumImperium20 days ago
    • Per capita healthcare in the US costs double that in the UK, it doesn't cover everybody and it ranks lower in world rankings for quality. Plus there are wait times in the US.

      grahvisgrahvis19 days ago
  • NHS, immoral, inefficient, ineffective A grave folly

    British MGTOWBritish MGTOW20 days ago
    • I hope you are a person of principle and only ever go private i suspect however you are not and take everything you can when u need, otherwise please repay the NHS for any service you have recieved from birth onward including any vaccinations recieved. thank you

      RandomNAmeRandomNAme13 days ago
    • Evidence please.

      grahvisgrahvis19 days ago
  • Usually people in countries with socialized healthcare seeks medical help early to prevent more serious illnesses or before the illness becomes worse. Ex. Pneumonia. In one video a girl said and she seems to be a nurse or something, that people come to see a doctor when They are so sick that They have to be admitted to the hospital. People in countries with ”free” healthcare seeks medical attention much sooner and most cases are able to recover at home. No hospital needed.

    Heidi RantalaHeidi Rantala20 days ago
  • Poorly is the answer. We have a crazy high mortality rate and low quality of surgery. Great idea for citizens ruined by red tape and politics.

    Street Wise HerculesStreet Wise Hercules20 days ago
  • Sins conservator party come to Britain in power there is no health care no more. If you need something they will not provide anything anymore 15years ago was much better. Compared with Germany UK is not even close to health care.

    luanz b24luanz b2421 day ago
  • The NHS isn't perfect but if you have a heart attack they will be there in 3 minutes. I no this from past experience. Everything is free but depending on income you may pay for prescriptions. I've been admitted 13 times since May for gallstones since the lockdown. They sometimes took 2 hours to get to me but its a pandemic! We are all in this together, its crap but thats just the way it is. I was in severe pain but not dying. I have my gallbladder taking out on Wednesday. Totally free and in a pandemic that makes me really proud to be British. Oh and the fact that we sell our Oxford vaccine at cost. And not at a profit!

    Emma JayneEmma Jayne21 day ago