Exclusive Trailer for Downhill

Dec 20, 2019
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Downhill starring Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is coming to theatres on February 14th 2020.
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Exclusive Trailer for Downhill

  • Every comedy movie ever. Family wants to go away, something happens, have to fight to get family back before some other guy takes your wife, trow some shitty comedy in there and then they all get back together in the end. Can we get an original comedy movie that hasn't been done over a million times?

    смиренныйсмиренный4 days ago
  • The whole premise is absurd. The panic reflex is overwhelming. It's why you never jump in to save a person drowning unless you are trained to do so. They will drown you to save themselves.

    Joe HanickJoe Hanick8 days ago
  • So they presented at the Oscars together because they have movie together

    Yudi SaputraYudi Saputra11 days ago
  • That looks hilarious!

    treehuggerdude4treehuggerdude426 days ago
  • I feel like this is a family guy episode lol

    Christian SorianoChristian SorianoMonth ago
  • Tormund never got over Brienne so hence the title of the film. Everything is basically going Downhill for him.

    Megan DunklinMegan DunklinMonth ago
  • Force Majeure so much better

    Paula Van den BroeckPaula Van den BroeckMonth ago
  • Elaine got mad old.She startin to look like Henritetta that lives in the fruit cellar.

    Freddy JonesFreddy JonesMonth ago
  • Trailer made me laugh!

    fla lafla laMonth ago
  • They should call this movie " white privilege" do black peoole ski?

    Royce HendricksonRoyce HendricksonMonth ago
  • that looks so boring

    ¡Lex!¡Lex!Month ago
  • Another depressing Sundance movie.....pass.

    Nick SaccoNick SaccoMonth ago
  • i saw the original force majoure and it was awesome

    Paul ThompsonPaul ThompsonMonth ago
  • Will Ferrell Julia Louis-Dreyfus Neils father (inbetweeners) Tormund ( game of thrones ) Jared ( Silicon valley ) lmao

    Hen EliezerHen EliezerMonth ago
  • seems like an epic lame and boring movie..

    Baris GuresBaris GuresMonth ago
  • Dumbed down and not faithful to the original at all.

    reggae junkiereggae junkie2 months ago
  • *Yawn*!

    Darren GDarren G2 months ago

    Ben PelBen Pel2 months ago
  • Unsquare Dance yoooooo!!!

    Jonathan  DownsJonathan Downs2 months ago
  • omg my Boy from Games Of Thrones Tormond in this movie what more can I ask for my boy will Farrell n Tormond giants bane in this movie omg yes

    JERZYGRL37JERZYGRL372 months ago
  • Jeeeesus, what a miserable looking movie. Yeah, let's watch something depressing because life isn't sad enough as it is.

    ToddTodd2 months ago
  • yes, go watch the original, Force Majeure.

    Joel PickardJoel Pickard2 months ago
  • Not only does it look BAD, they’re advertising for Valentines Day before Christmas! (Dreyfus has the very “refreshed” face of an actress pushing 60; did she really NEED all that shimmery HIGHLIGHTER on her cheekbones)? This is an easy HARD PASS!

    Nan WilderNan Wilder2 months ago
  • This is based on an orginal film called Force Majeure. Which also had Kristofer Hivju. That version fo this film was excellent and had a totally different vibe. Definitely recommend it as a watch, at least before watching this more comedic version.

    irvwaisirvwais2 months ago
  • John snow discovered will with torment in a deep pile of snow after the second avalanche hit, he was then taken back beyond the wall and soon became a member of the nights watch before progressing to become heir of the iron throne

    II Deppo IIII Deppo II2 months ago
  • If anyone knows how to deal with cowardly Costanza-like behaviour it's JLD.

    Mike OkkertsMike Okkerts2 months ago
  • Shut Down this Channel!

    Gabriel Alejandro Pandiella RodriguezGabriel Alejandro Pandiella Rodriguez2 months ago
  • Sad to see a remake of a wonderful film into a silly comedy where the biggest cues are splashed on the trailer

    Monica AngeliniMonica Angelini2 months ago
  • Always grab your phone first

    Max GamboaMax Gamboa2 months ago
  • hate to be that guy, but i've seen the original european version (swedish, i think) and it seems to be way better than this amarican remake, in spite of my love for julia and ferrel

  • Oh no.. seems like Will Ferrell has Comedian-seeking-an-Oscarecitis

    The AztThe Azt2 months ago
  • Shout out to Will and hanging with him in Snake River Lodge and Spa @ Jackson Hole mountain resort

    ChrisLeathalChrisLeathal2 months ago
  • Wtf is this ??

    Faith LessFaith Less2 months ago
  • Am I the only one that thought it was hillarious when Will Ferrell took his phone and left LOL

    Nolan PoweNolan Powe2 months ago

    Rob CRob C2 months ago
  • Song name anyone?

    Manuel OlivaresManuel Olivares2 months ago
    • Muse - Survival

      pvkslpvksl2 months ago
  • American take on “Force Majeure”?

    dugfriendlydugfriendly2 months ago
  • Italian remake. Perfect cast.

    kaushik mahadevkaushik mahadev2 months ago
  • 2 Legendary Comedians 1 Bad Movie Together

    Mark Anthony LeoMark Anthony Leo2 months ago
  • This looks awful.

    Ryan ERyan E2 months ago
  • Will Ferrell hasn't made a good movie in over 10 yrs. bomb bomb

    mike mikemike mike2 months ago
  • ron burgandy and elaine from seinfeld go through a tough spot in their marriage after some wind hits their family at the ski lodge: the movie.

    Josh MayerJosh Mayer2 months ago
  • In Will Ferrell's character's defense, his phone couldn't "run", soooo...

    Vince FVince F2 months ago
  • Nahh it looks to Jewry for me. I pass.

    Absintholic 999Absintholic 9992 months ago
  • Why they have to remake amazing European films? New ideas please!!!

    maria edimaria edi2 months ago
  • Looks interesting, I think. Let's see.

    Rohan SharmaRohan Sharma2 months ago
  • Finally she's in something for once! She's so se-x-y and a great timing actress

    My name is Steve RogersMy name is Steve Rogers2 months ago
  • Muse - Survival

    Squall LeonhartSquall Leonhart2 months ago
  • Ha😊

    Isaac Hovey. SAKIsaac Hovey. SAK2 months ago
  • Please watch "Force majeure". This looks terrible.

    Markus MagnonMarkus Magnon2 months ago
  • Downhill. Perfect name for the amount I’ve laughed at Will Ferrell between 2000 and now.

    Creepy DingusCreepy Dingus2 months ago
  • They should have mentioned this is a remake of Force Majeure. The trailer makes it seem like it's an original film.

    A.J SanchezA.J Sanchez2 months ago
  • the only thing I came for was by muse

    Diego NarcisoDiego Narciso2 months ago
  • Julia needs to do her seinfeld dance in this movie

    Maher ZibdawiMaher Zibdawi2 months ago
  • E.L.E.

    iKingPinthevageeiKingPinthevagee2 months ago
  • Chad Smith

    ucakucak2 months ago
  • I find the title ironic, since Robert Redford made a movie called Downhill about 50 years ago, and this movie played at Sundance - something Redford created. Crap. Actually, it was called Downhill Racer.

    broomstermbroomsterm2 months ago
    • broomsterm downhill racer just brilliant. When I went on a mad purge of all my Criterion Blu-rays last year that was the only one I kept

      ns2110theonlyns2110theonly2 months ago
  • Is this a comedy or a drama?

    Kwality KontrolKwality Kontrol2 months ago
  • I was in Ischgl when they were filming. Skied past Will Ferrell multiple times on one of the runs.... I hope I make it as one of the extras in the background 😂

    Ross CotterillRoss Cotterill2 months ago
  • The older Julia gets the more beautiful she is.

    S BennS Benn2 months ago