AJR - BANG! (Official Video)

Feb 12, 2020
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Grab the song here: ajrmusic.co/bang
ON TOUR: www.AJRBrothers.com/tour
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Director: Se Oh
Choreographer: Caleb Teicher
Production: MAD RUK Entertainment

I get up I get down
And I’m jumping around
And the rumpus and ruckus are comfortable now
Been a hell of a ride
But I’m thinking it’s time to grow
So I got an apartment
Across from the park
Put quinoa in my fridge
Still I’m not feeling grown
Been a hell of a ride
But I’m thinking it’s time to go
(Here we go)
So put your best face on everybody
Pretend you know this song everybody
Come hang
Let’s go out with a bang
I’m way too young to lie here forever
I’m way too old to try so whatever
Come hang
Let’s go out with a bang
Feel like I’m gonna puke
Cause my taxes are due
Do my password begin with a one or a two?
Been a hell of a ride
But I’m thinking it’s time to grow
Man I'm up to something
Thank you all for coming
I hope you like the show
Cause it’s on a budget
So oo-dee-la-dee-doe
Yeah come on here we go
Yeah come on
(Here we go)
So put your best face on everybody
Pretend you know this song everybody
Come hang
Let’s go out with a bang
I’m way too young to lie here forever
I’m way too old to try so whatever
Come hang
Let’s go out with a bang
Been a hell of a ride
But I’m thinking it’s time to go
So put your best face on everybody
Pretend you know this song everybody
Come hang
Let’s go out with a bang
I’m way too young to lie here forever
I’m way too old to try so whatever
Come hang
Let’s go out with a bang

  • Free replay button 0:00

    mitty kittymitty kitty49 minutes ago
  • Seen a video of a golden retriever puppy on instagram with this song. Super catchy song.

    GusGusHour ago
  • Predicted the future with those masks tho 😳

    Adam TelAdam TelHour ago
  • No mames creí que abria comentarios en español en esta joya F creo que soy el primero

    obiel Gerardoobiel GerardoHour ago
  • Is it me or the lyrics are talking about suicide? I hope I'm.just tripping

    RaiRaiHour ago
  • Who came here from hearing this on the radio? 😂😂

    Milayne GarciaMilayne GarciaHour ago
  • I love the "metronome" part.

    Eric BaroneEric Barone3 hours ago

    Angie-Steve WAngie-Steve W3 hours ago
    • SAAAAAAME! song is breathtaking

      Eric BaroneEric Barone3 hours ago
  • That piano open tho. Hooked by the first 8 bars.

    God's SonGod's Son3 hours ago
    • Whole song is addicting

      Eric BaroneEric Barone3 hours ago
    • Yep lol

      Eric BaroneEric Barone3 hours ago
  • First song I ever was burn the house down

    It.Me. IzaacIt.Me. Izaac3 hours ago
  • Never listened I'll comment when done

    Oblivious SDOblivious SD5 hours ago
  • They say Itunes, BUT I GET A SPOTIFY AD!

    Floor gang memberFloor gang member5 hours ago
  • I thought that when they were wearing masks they were representing the pandemic but then I realized that this came out in February...

    CarolineCaroline8 hours ago
  • This is one of my favorite song, I really like the weirdness of this!

    ThatAnimatedCattoThatAnimatedCatto9 hours ago
  • i need 30k likes by 2021 like if this is your favorit song!!!!!! HELP ME FAST

  • lets go out with a bang, BANG BANG BANG here we go BANG BANG...shoot your gun every day if you love this song

  • Why do I think of The Bee Gees when I see them?

    No OneNo One10 hours ago
  • Why would people dislike this song

    Awesomegamer2918Awesomegamer291811 hours ago
  • Casually thinking the song was sung by one person: Impressed

    Nikola PanopoulosNikola Panopoulos11 hours ago
  • When you like listening to the song. Me: I wonder what the comments are like. *Looks* e :(

    AriestarsAriestars12 hours ago
  • Ello

    Christopher GarciaChristopher Garcia13 hours ago
    • hello!

      Probably a RaccoonProbably a Raccoon13 hours ago

    Beth YorkBeth York14 hours ago
  • He sounds like nate ruess in some parts (lead singer of fun)

    Deadly AllianceDeadly Alliance14 hours ago
  • What was with the cut at 1:29???

    DiamondDiamond15 hours ago
  • This is the best popular song on TikTok and I hate that app so that’s a amazing feat

    Oliver VandersliceOliver Vanderslice15 hours ago
  • idk this has the same energy as medication by yungblud

    Corinna PopescuCorinna Popescu15 hours ago
  • ( Weird video, and words)... Love the song though

    DesratlindaDesratlinda17 hours ago
  • The woman on the right farthest from the screen, is enjoying her life in the video, I can tell

    Random Start ButtonRandom Start Button17 hours ago
  • They portrayed quarantine and carona in a part of the song

    BJC U-UBJC U-U17 hours ago
  • the dude with the white shirt (last person to the left) looks like he is from fast and the furious

    Weni 879Weni 87917 hours ago
  • Why does their suit and theme kind of similar to that one anime called "Kakegurui" or is it just me? 👀

    christina quita 123christina quita 12318 hours ago
  • k-kakegurui...?

    LOGANLOGAN19 hours ago
  • Alguem veio pelo o avakim life😁❤

    Cleane SantanaCleane Santana19 hours ago
  • I can imagine this song playing in like a movie where there's some gang in suits robbing a bank and there escaping the police.

    doggo peopledoggo people23 hours ago
    • I would throw up

      Jillian The GreatJillian The Great10 hours ago
  • This is so ducking awful I hate music

    GamersGameGamersGameDay ago
    • @GamersGame cause it hits hard, lyrcs aren't strong for the band but with a good sound you can pass it

      KodekKodek13 hours ago
    • GamersGame listen to different music! its not just pop or indie! theres a lot of other types of music to try that you probably havent heard!

      Probably a RaccoonProbably a Raccoon13 hours ago
    • Kodek I’m saying I hate the state of music because shit like this makes it to the top of the chart and it literally songs like a 7 year old wrote it and sang it

      GamersGameGamersGame16 hours ago
    • All music? What depressing life you living dude, music is for everyone

      KodekKodek18 hours ago
    • why did u get to this video? you didnt have to

      Probably a RaccoonProbably a RaccoonDay ago
  • Wait are all 3 singing or just the one guy in the middle

    Philip MoorePhilip MooreDay ago
    • some of it is just adam and some of it is all of them.

      DiamondDiamond15 hours ago
    • just adam (middle guy!)

      Probably a RaccoonProbably a RaccoonDay ago
  • Is this like a virtual concert xD

    Mj da PotatoMj da PotatoDay ago
  • Thsi is my favorite song

    Mj da PotatoMj da PotatoDay ago
  • why does it sound like the OCD song?

    aesthetic poseidonaesthetic poseidonDay ago
  • My mom loves this so much when it plays she turns the song to VERY LOUD VOLUME and plays it for everyone to hear

    Ben GebhardtBen GebhardtDay ago
  • This is their highest charting song ever! I hope it breaks into the top 10 and they get other hits off of their upcoming album!

    WaffleEBay12WaffleEBay12Day ago
    • @Probably a Raccoon This one is their highest charting song on the Billboard Hot 100. It is number 41 now while Weak only made it to number 73 and I'm ready made it to 65, 100 Bad Days never charted on the Hot 100.

      WaffleEBay12WaffleEBay1220 hours ago
    • they had better before this! they made weak and 100 bad days ect! they charted higher than this one, also this one was a single im p sure

      Probably a RaccoonProbably a RaccoonDay ago
  • So nobody gonna talk about how there outfits look like the ones in kakegurui?

    Bakugo KatsukiBakugo KatsukiDay ago
    • hey i tryd

  • This is actually surprisingly like the best song ever

    Daxton BowmanDaxton BowmanDay ago
  • wen i here a bang: hooooooly god frick theres guns in here what the hell

    JanaMassyJanaMassyDay ago
  • Why does this sound like it would fit well in a superhero/ action movie?

    Milayne GarciaMilayne GarciaDay ago
    • Austin Ratcliff i think all of their songs do its their style honestly

      Milayne GarciaMilayne Garcia6 hours ago
    • Hi

      Austin RatcliffAustin Ratcliff6 hours ago
    • Milayne Garcia how and way does it sound like a action movie?

      Austin RatcliffAustin Ratcliff6 hours ago
    • Austin Ratcliff it should be in like one of those teen superhero movies

      Milayne GarciaMilayne Garcia6 hours ago
    • It really does

      Austin RatcliffAustin Ratcliff6 hours ago
  • Is this song becoming a hit? Fook

    Jimshair46Jimshair46Day ago
  • Hey if Jillian The Great is here reply to this comment

    Jimshair46Jimshair46Day ago
  • I don’t think they realize that the people are naked and the songs called bang

    Jordan MorenoJordan MorenoDay ago
    • no they corordinated the outfits and movements ans song, they know

      Probably a RaccoonProbably a RaccoonDay ago
  • nexpo

    alex lanado cañihuaalex lanado cañihuaDay ago
  • It's on the brink of the Billboard hot 100's top 40!

    Devanan RamdathDevanan RamdathDay ago
  • Stu-‘uog

    Erin CallahanErin CallahanDay ago
  • [] These transitions are SO GOOOOD []

    MissEmrysMissEmrysDay ago
  • this man did not blink a single time the whole video 👁👁

    mel kmel kDay ago
  • This video is a master piece 👏

    aman singhaman singhDay ago
  • so they're called AJR because their names are Adam, Jack, and Ryan Metzger. But that means they could have named themselves RJaAM (Are Jam), which would stand for "Ryan, Jack, and Adam Metzger". Just a thought.

    Alan MintzAlan MintzDay ago
  • the pink haired girl looks a bit like Klara from pokemon sword

    Jose NunezcruzJose NunezcruzDay ago
  • no one getting Kakeguri vibes from the clothes? or is it just me

    Kaos ChanKaos ChanDay ago
  • metronome is already a song and you are completely wrong there next one is bummerland.

    john moorejohn mooreDay ago
  • Some good editing too

    Joseph EllisJoseph EllisDay ago
  • me who didn't have TikTok for months: this song was on TikTok?, i'm just here cause i knew this song cause i like AJR ;-;

    MuffinHeadMuffinHeadDay ago
  • numb

    Hiram AlexanderHiram AlexanderDay ago
    • thank you hiram

      Probably a RaccoonProbably a RaccoonDay ago
  • No cussing but some more stuff tho 👁👄👁

    LawsonPLAYZLawsonPLAYZDay ago
    • lmao

      aschxeze _aschxeze _Day ago
  • It's the *MeTroNomE* For me

    America's Favorite Fighting French FryAmerica's Favorite Fighting French Fry2 days ago
  • This should be the song for 2020 when we bid it farewell

    John HernandezJohn Hernandez2 days ago
  • this song has been stuck for the better part of a week, I don't even listen too ajr frequently! they're just that catchy!!

    Captain TunaCaptain Tuna2 days ago
  • Metronome here we gooooooo

    el puerpo espin salvajeel puerpo espin salvaje2 days ago
  • Dang guys looking nice👌

    MarksArtMarksArt2 days ago
  • Is it just me or do their mouths not match watch what they are saying?

    The OG PhoenixThe OG Phoenix2 days ago
  • First song I had to look up when I got home since Lady Gaga did Poker Facer. Let that sink in a moment.

    AllDayJacksonAllDayJackson2 days ago
  • His words don't match his lips

    xMachinexMachine2 days ago
  • the more older lady on the right - wasn't she also in miley's video younger now or am i craazy?

    o r a n g eo r a n g e2 days ago
  • i love this song so much

    Beich MaraBeich Mara2 days ago
  • He’s lip sinking but ok. E

    Kayli JonesKayli Jones2 days ago
    • Kayli Jones yeah. Every musician does in every music video. That’s how music videos are made? Thats not shocking this isn’t an important discovery

      Zoep artZoep art2 days ago
  • normal people: ba bye them: I'M BACK WITH OUR ONIMAL FACES

    Kitty_PlayzKitty_Playz2 days ago
  • 0:28

    ꧁vənus꧂꧁vənus꧂2 days ago
  • This song gives me confidents like if it gives you confidents to

    addiemom28addiemom282 days ago
  • Love this :)

    evelee mingevelee ming2 days ago
  • This video came out in February and had a scene with everyone wearing masks. That's wild.

    Grant SalzanoGrant Salzano2 days ago
    • I was looking for this comment for a long time. Thank you

      GamingElkeGamingElke11 hours ago
  • The right side of the guy on the left is weird which tells me they used a green screen

    Lochlin PostvanderburgLochlin Postvanderburg2 days ago
    • They have shoulder pads so when cutting between takes they have to animate for a few frames if anyone moved by accident

      KodekKodekDay ago
    • Lochlin Postvanderburg no they posted a behind the scenes

      Zoep artZoep art2 days ago
  • 0-0

    -HAZEL --HAZEL -3 days ago
  • I swear Adam looks like one of my long lost brothers. In some shots he looks like my younger bro, in others he looks like my older bro, and his hair and beard are styled exactly like my dad’s was in college. It’s very creepy to me. 😂😂😂

    *Mystic 8 Raven**Mystic 8 Raven*3 days ago
  • aiaiaiaiaiaiaiai

    Hi-IanBlox!Hi-IanBlox!3 days ago
  • im gonna puke

    Mackenzie 2010Mackenzie 20103 days ago
    • I did but I like the song 🎵😁

      Mackenzie 2010Mackenzie 2010Day ago
    • Do it

      KodekKodekDay ago
  • Foreshadowing

    Elijah kiwiElijah kiwi3 days ago
  • When i heard this song on the radio I felt so proud.

    Zenphia ImpanteZenphia Impante3 days ago
  • Editor: How many zoom-ins do you want? AJR: Yes.

    Jennifer MitchellJennifer Mitchell3 days ago
  • I love this song

    Randy OlsonRandy Olson3 days ago
  • Love it!

    KubusKubus3 days ago
  • This song belongs on Aladdin 😂

    Scierra TatumScierra Tatum3 days ago
  • This is my favorite ajr song

    The flat PancakeThe flat Pancake3 days ago
  • brad paisley

    Antoine CollinsAntoine Collins3 days ago
  • Awful

    michael801michael8013 days ago
  • 😄😄😄

    Sam CaseySam Casey3 days ago
  • the accent makes it so good

    Aryan TyagiAryan Tyagi3 days ago
  • This gives me Halloween vibes

    FrontLine GamingFrontLine Gaming3 days ago
  • Oh look they have masks on before WE had masks on mmmhmm cough cough matrix

    RHRH3 days ago
  • This reminds me of FNaF

    Emily TabletEmily Tablet4 days ago
  • I don't know if it's just because I don't listen to radio that much but this shows that this video was released in February but I'm just hearing it now in September and heard a few times this weekend and finally looked these guys up and they're amazing! I love this song and then listened to their back catalog and they're amazing!

    Douglas De GuzmanDouglas De Guzman4 days ago
  • so this is what pop music is like nowadays... I’ll stick with my country

    RiverRiver4 days ago
    • Well what did you expect? Theres a reason its pop music

      KodekKodekDay ago

    dreamZdreamZ4 days ago