Learning Tik Tok Dances From Larray & Addison Rae

May 21, 2020
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We Quarantined for 2 weeks prior to filming this video to ensure we were all healthy and safe:) We filmed this video in a private residence with only the 4 of us. We made sure we didn't put anyone else's health at risk. Stay safe & happy, love you all!!!!!
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  • Omg Grayson and Madison is too cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Savannah MillerSavannah MillerHour ago
  • Okay I don't wanna be rude this is my opinion but who thinks Grayson and larray would be cute ship or even just a great bsf type?

    HoneyAngel PlayzHoneyAngel Playz3 hours ago
  • Dude tell why this was the funniest shit I’ve ever seen.😂😂

    Skyy HarrisSkyy Harris4 hours ago
  • ETHE.. you f up

    Stacy BarbosaStacy Barbosa4 hours ago
  • Addison is being a fat fanboy for Grayson can’t tell me other wise 😭😭😂

    Adriana MaldonadoAdriana Maldonado4 hours ago
  • I ship Addison and Grayson Addison+Grayson=Graddison

    Layla OlazabalLayla Olazabal5 hours ago
  • 7:10 *Larri flinches* Me: pees self😭😭😭😂

    Koko HKoko H7 hours ago
  • Ethan looks like a country bumpkin but the Rolex says otherwise #goodvibes

    LizLiz7 hours ago
  • who else ships addison and grayson

    nakiiya franksnakiiya franks8 hours ago
  • Is it me or does Grayson actually look like Thomas perro a lot in this vid

    Timo ArrayaTimo Arraya9 hours ago
    • Thomas petrou

      Timo ArrayaTimo Arraya9 hours ago
  • I am the only one who realised the beetlejuice coushins

    Mitchell TangeyMitchell Tangey10 hours ago
  • i can’t decide if i ship addison and bryce or addison and grayson

    Quinn PriceQuinn Price11 hours ago
  • emma and james>>>>addison and larray

    Quinn PriceQuinn Price11 hours ago
  • when larray said he pissed himself

    sophie *sophie *12 hours ago
  • Grayson is actually a cute white boy wow

    Chelsea EChelsea E13 hours ago
    • White boy?

      Brianna MoonBrianna Moon11 hours ago
  • Who thinks Addison and grayson would be the cutest couple everrrr💜💜💜

    Amelia DyerAmelia Dyer13 hours ago
    • No

      Brianna MoonBrianna Moon11 hours ago
  • Adisson raecist looks different here 🤨

    Aiko AriaAiko Aria14 hours ago
    • Aiko Aria Shes not a racist lol show me proof, give me links

      Brianna MoonBrianna Moon11 hours ago
    • Brianna Moon she’s racist

      Aiko AriaAiko Aria11 hours ago
    • What?

      Brianna MoonBrianna Moon11 hours ago

    Miett DomonkosMiett Domonkos15 hours ago
  • I snort laughed during this

    autumn roseautumn rose16 hours ago

    JoJo BrownieJoJo Brownie17 hours ago
  • Like how much times addison said yes yes yes yes 👇🏽

  • Addison and Grayson look good as a couple

    Courtney CaseyCourtney Casey18 hours ago
    • No they don’t

      Brianna MoonBrianna Moon11 hours ago
  • larray and ethan together are HILARIOUS tho...

    eva fogliattieva fogliatti20 hours ago
  • I think Addisons laugh is kinda cute lol

    SisijoyjoySisijoyjoyDay ago

    LPS LuxuriousLPS LuxuriousDay ago
  • 6:27 to 6:39 they look like a cute cupple

    JetakissJetakissDay ago
  • this just made me miss sister squad tbh

    Kailey deBottariKailey deBottariDay ago
  • is anyone else seeing the long haired twin’s pants??? edit just learned the “long haired” twin is grayson 🤯

    Amelia and Kailey ChannelAmelia and Kailey ChannelDay ago
  • 7:39 looking like Conan O'Brien's string dance 😆

    AO751AO751Day ago
  • Addison really hype....... Larray really chill

    Gaming with AngelGaming with AngelDay ago
  • That girl is so annoying 😒

    BeautyBash19BeautyBash19Day ago
    • Who?

      Brianna MoonBrianna Moon11 hours ago
  • Tell me why addison is being more flirty than grayson

    Matteo HernandezMatteo HernandezDay ago
    • No

      Brianna MoonBrianna Moon11 hours ago
  • addison can leave now👉🏻 🚪

    Kaylee McAllisterKaylee McAllisterDay ago
    • No

      Brianna MoonBrianna Moon11 hours ago
  • This was hilariously cringy 🤣🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Tb to the good days, The sister squad days.

    sophia merlinosophia merlinoDay ago
  • Addison and Larray: throws it back The twins: 👁👄👁

    Stella WilsonStella WilsonDay ago
  • I love addisons and Larrays friendship🥺their so cute

    Sunrise EllieSunrise EllieDay ago
  • I low key think Addison and Grayson is a great couple

    Gacha DiamondGacha DiamondDay ago
    • Brianna Moon I said Grayson and Addison would look like a good couple I did not say they where a couple🙄 get your facts straight and I am not trying to fight in Texts so let’s leave it here

      Gacha DiamondGacha Diamond9 hours ago
    • Gacha Diamond yes you did

      Brianna MoonBrianna Moon10 hours ago
    • Brianna Moon I know Bryce and Addison are a couple I did not say Grayson and Addison is a couple

      Gacha DiamondGacha Diamond10 hours ago
    • Gacha Diamond they aren’t a couple, Bryce and Addison are but not the other ones

      Brianna MoonBrianna Moon10 hours ago
    • Brianna Moon I am sorry i just can’t think these days but I think they are a great couple

      Gacha DiamondGacha Diamond10 hours ago
  • The wallows I think so 🤦‍♀️

    lovelylady _1314lovelylady _1314Day ago
    • lovelylady _1314 ok....

      Brianna MoonBrianna Moon10 hours ago
    • @Brianna Moon yeah it's a rock band I didnt really expect anyone to know so

      lovelylady _1314lovelylady _131410 hours ago
    • ??

      Brianna MoonBrianna Moon11 hours ago
  • Could you please do more videos together

    Ruby WilsonRuby Wilson2 days ago
  • So are we not gonna talk ab the way addison looks at grayson

    Ailbhe O'BoyleAilbhe O'Boyle2 days ago
  • Dolphin E was so fucking hilarious my heart was hurting from laughing

    ITSLIZZITSLIZZ2 days ago
  • Graysons pants are giving me billie eilish flashbacks😫

    ITSLIZZITSLIZZ2 days ago
  • I wish Grayson and Addison to be together Gaddison or Gison idk

    Marely MerazMarely Meraz2 days ago
  • Hush hush hush blush blush Lol

    Dulce GonzalezDulce Gonzalez2 days ago
  • Bro look at 2:02 did you hear Addison

    Dante MangDante Mang2 days ago
  • Nothing’s better than the sister squad the sister squads iconic and can’t be replaced

    Ayla and EmilyAyla and Emily2 days ago
  • this is NOT the sister squad

    madimadi2 days ago
    • HAHAHA i saw your comment on this one and the vegas trip💀

      joshツjoshツ2 days ago
  • At 7:30 Ethan dancing looks like me bean

    Tristan MayTristan May2 days ago
  • 7:08 "aRe YoU CoMPlImeNTinG mE"

    sara longsara long2 days ago
  • my mom: your brother is in trouble so your in trouble too me:5:38

    sara longsara long2 days ago
  • ok but grey SNAPPED PERIODT

    Savannah LaquetteSavannah Laquette2 days ago
  • Yes buh lyke who else saw eathan look at Addison when she was dancing to duh song idk know it but it was lyke "bah bah bah"

    James KatejukjukJames Katejukjuk2 days ago
  • yassssss

    annikamauannikamau2 days ago
  • Uhm, is nobody talking about Graysons pants???

    Huyen VuHuyen Vu2 days ago
  • I kinda ship Addison and Grayson 😏

    It's DabocadoIt's Dabocado3 days ago
  • Emma taught them how to edit wow

    rajesh budhirajarajesh budhiraja3 days ago
  • When Addison laughed it sounded so cute

    Basma LoveBasma Love3 days ago
  • Larray:oh you know the lyrics that’s sad.I do Also Larray:*sings the lyrics wrong*

  • I can’t stop laughing

    Breanna SimonsBreanna Simons3 days ago
  • “Classy moody nasty” AND HE SAID HE KNOWS THE WORDS TF

    JawlessAyla Play’sJawlessAyla Play’s3 days ago
  • 7:51 im actually choking.

    Yira RodriguezYira Rodriguez3 days ago
  • Ethan didn’t get the memo for wearing all black *whoop*

    Sabrina DiCatoSabrina DiCato3 days ago
  • 9:06 this entire part has me ROLLING i am DYING rn bruh im WHEEZINGHAHWHWHWVWVAHAHQHQBQBHW

    Victoria CremeansVictoria Cremeans3 days ago
  • Ethan looks 12

    Victoria CremeansVictoria Cremeans3 days ago
  • “ ethan ur soo good “👏🏻 “ stoopid bitch “

    charlize alysacharlize alysa3 days ago
  • no one: addison : “ yes yes yes yes yes yes “ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 “ this is rly good “

    charlize alysacharlize alysa3 days ago
  • “ u look like u just broke - like... ur entire rib cage” ahahaha i died, larry is a whole ass mood. pop awffffff

    charlize alysacharlize alysa3 days ago
  • At 12:02 I was laughing uncontrollably

    Miss JJMiss JJ3 days ago
  • 7:38 yes ethaaaaan😂

    Kaitlynn AguilarKaitlynn Aguilar3 days ago
  • Lol Bryce watching this now that they are talking again like: 👁💧👄👁

    Isabella RIsabella R3 days ago
  • 4:03 - Addison looked

    MusicalBallerMusicalBaller3 days ago
    • MusicalBaller bahaha 😂

      toxic_tilda_loltoxic_tilda_lolDay ago
  • Ngl Ethan can throw it back

    Ayamkela MaxanyanaAyamkela Maxanyana4 days ago
  • Bruh i lowkey ship addison and grayson bec when shs whispered in his ear she told him to take off his shirt

    Carrie's LifeCarrie's Life4 days ago
  • Dance moms look different here

    Maya MurilloMaya Murillo4 days ago
  • Ethan looks like Andy from Toy story

    Kamila SegundoKamila Segundo4 days ago
  • ethan is so cute in this

    idecided28idecided284 days ago
  • 13:23 I can’t wit larray 😂😂

    Artyst InkArtyst Ink4 days ago
  • Grayson Brow! you really nailed it.. you're a SAVAGE😎

    Josh TolenadaJosh Tolenada4 days ago
  • greyson kinda looks like tyler posey in teen wolf with his hair like this

    Emily VarnellEmily Varnell4 days ago