March 1943 US Army Field Ration C Dinner B Unit MRE Review Vintage Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

Feb 28, 2019
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This specific WW2 C Ration Dinner B unit was produced for the month of March 1943. It's not just your average well-stored Dinner unit with biscuits, candy, lemonade, and sugar. It has one extra morale-boosting component that makes it the first generation of it's kind. The first C Ration cigarette.
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Paul Buikema:

  • I would love to have a pallet of these tins for a rainy day

    badas45badas45Day ago
  • Your cool as fuck mate ✌️

    James McPheeJames McPhee4 days ago
  • Love the vids Steve!! In a world where algorithms divide us, i'm glad to watch you eat really old stuff

    Sadie HernandezSadie Hernandez6 days ago
  • That...was a lot of sugar

    John AJohn A6 days ago
  • Steve and the Lockpickinglawyer havent been seen in the same room before... Just sayin

    Kamil NowakKamil Nowak9 days ago
  • I love pics like 19:00

    The Magic BoyThe Magic Boy10 days ago
  • You could eat bag of pringles and same thing

    Zetsuke4Zetsuke411 days ago
  • I’m addicted to the way you speak and your mmmkays 😆

    Samantha CostidoSamantha Costido12 days ago
  • Him standing there smoking that cigarette is hot! He's so gorgeous 🥰🥰

    Mjgirl55Mjgirl5516 days ago
  • Om ol

    Saltyman209Saltyman20916 days ago
  • 12:53 - “Actually I couldn’t get to sleep, and this is what happened.” Thanks Steve. Sometimes when I can’t sleep or need to be put to sleep I put your videos on :) Anyone else?!! Lol

    Michelle MayMichelle May16 days ago
  • Like we really need cancer sticks.The soldiers were killed anyway

    pissedoffguy45pissedoffguy4516 days ago
  • This looks amazingly preserved!!! Much better than the last 2019 russian mre I got. These looks brand new. They knew how to preserve stuff in those days

    Julien MarchalJulien Marchal16 days ago
  • Biscuits, candy, sugar, lemon juice and cigarettes. Did they make rations by pulling the ingredients out of a hat?

    drxymdrxym16 days ago
  • My Dad smokes non-filtered Luckys. They were usually hard to find, but they always carried them for him around where we live. He loved his Luckys!!!!!

    Brandi WaughBrandi Waugh19 days ago
  • How much does that pack if cigarettes cost can’t find anything in the price If anyone can help me out

    Corey LovettCorey Lovett19 days ago
  • A guy who is actually eating this 70 years old rations, and smoking the cigarettes... You owned this subscription!

    Simon HaasSimon Haas20 days ago
  • Would we be able to recreate all these old rations in modern times?

    HotRockHotRock20 days ago
  • Its kinda sad that new age mres don't come with cigarettes. Why the hell not? People have used them for years in wars and all of a sudden its a health problem? War in itself is a problem. Why not give the men and woman a few smokes to pass the time talk amongst themselves and get a good relaxed buzz while protecting the country? If they don't want them give them to the guy or gal that does. If anything it would help than be a negative

    jdl 96jdl 9621 day ago
  • Мне необходимо констатировать тот факт, что помимо устранения разрушительного воздействия управляемого мозгом оружия, искусственный интеллект направил энергию для меня и моих родителей, братьев и сестер, я не устранил влияние и разрушение управляемого мозгом энергетического оружия, управляемого искусственным интеллектом, для кого-либо или животных.Ich muss darauf hinweisen, dass ich nicht nur die zerstörerischen Auswirkungen gehirngesteuerter Waffen, die auf künstliche Intelligenz gerichtet sind, für mich und meine Eltern, Brüder und Schwestern beseitigt habe, sondern auch den Einfluss und die Zerstörung von gehirngesteuerten künstlichen Intelligenzwaffen für niemanden oder Tiere beseitigt habe.من الضروري بالنسبة لي أن أذكر حقيقة أنه بصرف النظر عن القضاء على الآثار المدمرة للأسلحة التي يتحكم فيها الدماغ ، فإن الذكاء الاصطناعي يوجه الطاقة لي ولوالدي وإخوتي وأخواتي ، لم أقم بإزالة الآثار المدمرة للذكاء الاصطناعي الذي يتحكم فيه الدماغ بأسلحة الطاقة الموجهة لأي شخص أو حيوان.It is necessary for me to state the fact that apart from eliminating the destructive effects of brain-controlled weapons artificial intelligence directed energy for myself and my parents, brothers and sisters, I have not eliminated the influence and destruction of brain-controlled artificial intelligence directed energy weapons for any human or animal.Ich muss darauf hinweisen, dass ich nicht nur die zerstörerischen Auswirkungen gehirngesteuerter Waffen, die auf künstliche Intelligenz gerichtet sind, für mich und meine Eltern, Brüder und Schwestern beseitigt habe, sondern auch den Einfluss und die Zerstörung von gehirngesteuerten künstlichen Intelligenzwaffen für niemanden oder Tiere beseitigt habe.Мне необходимо констатировать тот факт, что помимо устранения разрушительного воздействия управляемого мозгом оружия, искусственный интеллект направил энергию для меня и моих родителей, братьев и сестер, я не устранил влияние и разрушение управляемого мозгом энергетического оружия, управляемого искусственным интеллектом, для кого-либо или животных.Il est nécessaire pour moi de déclarer le fait qu'en plus d'éliminer les effets destructeurs des armes contrôlées par le cerveau, l'énergie dirigée par l'intelligence artificielle pour moi-même et mes parents, frères et sœurs, je n'ai pas éliminé l'influence et la destruction des armes à énergie dirigée par l'intelligence artificielle contrôlée par le cerveau pour aucun humain ou animal.我有必要呈述一个事实,我除了为自己和父母哥哥姐姐消除脑控武器人工智能定向能破坏影响外,没有为任何人或者禽兽消除过脑控武器人工智能定向能武器影响和破坏。

    熊晓健熊晓健23 days ago
  • Who would've thought so much enjoyment could be had watching someone eat 80 yr old food

    J BJ B24 days ago
  • Anyway I could get an autograph? Long time follower. I’d love to have a signature

    broannybroanny24 days ago
  • You got more excited to find any cigarettes in there than a private in the battle of the bulge getting a pack of lucky strikes

    Arthur MorganArthur Morgan25 days ago
  • This cant be safe to eat

    Paul JonesPaul Jones26 days ago
  • Where he getting this old food from. Plus why has the goverment kept over 60 year old food

    Paul JonesPaul Jones26 days ago
  • I love how he use alot of adjs so we could have a better imagination of the taste

    TwoKindGuys_OfficalTwoKindGuys_Offical26 days ago
  • I can't believe soldiers would fight for weeks on end, and would only eat a bunch of crackers

    HAZOXHAZOX27 days ago
  • It’s always a treat to see Steve get completely messed up from a few drags off of a 75-year-old cigarette. Gotta love this utterly unique man.

    blindlemon9blindlemon929 days ago
  • Remember sugars for wounds

    Heidi MurphyHeidi Murphy29 days ago
  • Remember sugars,salts for your wounds

    Heidi MurphyHeidi Murphy29 days ago
  • I find it interesting that back in 1943 the Americans were using metric measurements but in modern day, despite the fact that the rest of the world is using metric, they are using imperial. What's that about then?

    Nigel OgdenNigel OgdenMonth ago
  • One of the most awesome commentators I have ever listened to. He could commentate on paint drying for 30 minutes and I would still probably sit and listen.

    Nigel OgdenNigel OgdenMonth ago
  • Should get a mortar and pestal for those pesky clumpy drink mixes

    Insert Name HereInsert Name HereMonth ago
  • The old Domino plant is still there, though they tore down a bunch of it. The original building was turned into an apartment and the complex is now known as Domino park. A win for New York history, but not totally. I hate seeing all the modern crap paired with the historic old brick building. But at least that building is still there. Cool to know where the sugar was coming from. Wish Domino would have kept that plant open. That was quite a long track record for a factory to run.

    Michael TolomeiMichael TolomeiMonth ago
  • have you ran across any fleetwood cigs?

    ToddToddMonth ago
  • My question is, does that have a 76 year old shelf life?

    Stephen HinkleStephen HinkleMonth ago
  • I’ve put a lot of questionable shit in my lungs but I would NOT smoke a 77 year old cigarette

    Passive GiantPassive GiantMonth ago
  • The classic "alright,let's get this onto a try" "Nice"

  • That was satisfying how there was 2 layers of paper with biscuits under them they looked good

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto UzumakiMonth ago
  • Love the Jaws T-shirt!

    Matthew ElbertMatthew ElbertMonth ago
  • Man be eating food since 1943 arent they expired my man

    uno reverse carduno reverse cardMonth ago
  • You make smoking look awesome. What cigarettes would you recommend to someone who wants to start smoking for the first time ? Thanks

    Michael WMichael WMonth ago
  • Any time steve is around a cat "Ah, no hiss."

    daysErlockdaysErlockMonth ago
  • Old Ration wait someone is finally eating me?

    Os POs PMonth ago
  • 1700s of the

    Mark HodgsonMark HodgsonMonth ago
  • Is that food Clostridium botulinum free? That can cutter is attached to a corn beef can.

    Yumi TokushigeYumi TokushigeMonth ago
  • Last cigarettes I had in a ration was 1974 MCI. Packed sometime in the early ‘60’s. Infantry Training School Camp Pendleton CA. USMC.

    David LinihanDavid LinihanMonth ago
  • Watching at 3:00 AM to feel sleepy 'cause I badly want to sleep now.

    Crazy MeltCrazy MeltMonth ago
  • Awesome lemonade 75 years old

    Jason GottliebJason GottliebMonth ago
  • That little sugar box was so cool I would have used some other sugar and saved that little box. And those cigarettes are so cool I couldn't bring myself to open these things.

    Missy MayesMissy MayesMonth ago
  • DUED!? haha so genuine thanks for sharing

    Joe YoungJoe YoungMonth ago
  • Great show.

    Alpha Orionis 911Alpha Orionis 911Month ago
  • Thank you

    Chip ChaffeeChip ChaffeeMonth ago
  • At least now we know that we can survive 50 years in bunkers after nuclear attack by just eating MREs

    Armenian AraratArmenian AraratMonth ago
  • I’d love to try those old cigarettes, although I’m more of a cigar guy. I tried modern cigarettes they taste like shit. I bet those are good he approves of them

    Jack MasonJack MasonMonth ago
  • Been off work for 5 months due to covid. Started back on nights and these videos make every moment worth it. Keep it up Steve. You are part of history. Best thing to watch on USkeys. Fascinating history!

    Carl BarnesCarl BarnesMonth ago
  • "IT HAS CIGARETTES IN THERE!!!" lol 😆 he got so excited

    Loyalis _loveLoyalis _loveMonth ago
  • Imagine giving 5 biscuits to any soldier now and telling them hey that’s dinner

    Ang Wei XuanAng Wei XuanMonth ago
  • You'd probably want a cup of coffee after a heavy dinner meal like that to stay alert

    russiaGatorrussiaGatorMonth ago
  • MRE Jesus, you would have made a great Marlboro Man.

    funkyalfonsofunkyalfonsoMonth ago
  • mhm it would be intrissting to show this to a american veteran and see what his thought about this are

    battle tvbattle tvMonth ago
  • How is this guy still alive?

    jiu.jitsu.pristjiu.jitsu.pristMonth ago
  • Are those Biscuits like us brits call what you call cookies biscuits?

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  • Nice one...:)

    Pawel lPawel lMonth ago
  • 2020 anyone?

    Raymond longRaymond longMonth ago
  • Man where in the fuck do you get these things

    Tyler kTyler kMonth ago
  • I’m here for his “Nice! Alright! Nnkay!”

    Miss UranusMiss Uranus2 months ago
  • His videos have a Mr Rogers feel to them.👍

    Michael ManningMichael Manning2 months ago
  • Camels #1 Then Winston reds imo

    Lone WolfLone Wolf2 months ago
  • Nice big dragg, exhale through your nose and enjoy!

    Lone WolfLone Wolf2 months ago
  • You can have the other garbage, I want the coffee and smokes.

    Lone WolfLone Wolf2 months ago
  • Dude! Cigarettes! Lol

    Linda RhinerLinda Rhiner2 months ago
  • That's all they had to eat for dinner :(

    Whodo YouvoodoWhodo Youvoodo2 months ago
  • Shit the army is getting better food than me

    Nguyen Duc HungNguyen Duc Hung2 months ago
  • MRE sausage

    TechnoGuz GDTechnoGuz GD2 months ago
  • where do you buy such food?

    BilBakalımBilBakalım2 months ago
  • Thanks, 'Biscuit lips'.

    Derek AndersonDerek Anderson2 months ago
  • I love how this guy makes his own channel music. Never heard anything like it..

    Eddie OrtegaEddie Ortega2 months ago
  • I love the way Steve says "dude" when he's excited.

    hecc dudehecc dude2 months ago
  • The way he smokes makes me want to have social smoke with him. Old day smokes are the best though

    kris Zimmermankris Zimmerman2 months ago
  • I'm not a smoker, but my favorite videos are the cigarette reviews. It almost makes me want to respect why smokers smoke. Although, thc is way more effective and less harmful. Stick with the "wacky tobaccy" kids, cigarettes are death as we know it. I wish they would have replaced tobacco with marijuana.

    Dustin NelsonDustin Nelson2 months ago
  • Why not use hot water for lemon drink?

    heyyyyyynowheyyyyyynow2 months ago
  • No hiss

    calculated crueltycalculated cruelty2 months ago
  • ga beracun apa itu?

    Agus PramonoAgus Pramono2 months ago
  • Nice

    Bailar LasagnaBailar Lasagna2 months ago
  • Steve is going to pass away due to old tobacco withdrawal.

    Kenneth NashKenneth Nash2 months ago
  • I came for the rations, but stayed for the hiss

    Dopey TripodDopey Tripod2 months ago
  • right now i'm eating mre penut butter and crackers

    Jeff OstlerJeff Ostler2 months ago
  • The haunting music. Reminds me of a brothel I was creeping around in Osaka back in 07.

    The DugongThe Dugong2 months ago
  • Bit too much water, isn’t it?

    Lars KumpaanLars Kumpaan3 months ago
  • 🐍 No hiss??

    Lars KumpaanLars Kumpaan3 months ago
  • 914 pm lol I watch his videos while eating dinner every night

    jacob brownjacob brown3 months ago
  • So happy about cirragate.

    Sagar KhandekarSagar Khandekar3 months ago
  • Cane sugar is interesting

    Latin MuseumLatin Museum3 months ago
  • On Korea war

    Latin MuseumLatin Museum3 months ago
    • uhh its ww2

      Ridha GherriRidha GherriMonth ago
  • Biscuit

    Latin MuseumLatin Museum3 months ago
  • Nice haircut man. Looks way better then long hair lol.... anyways I can’t believe how well that ration was preserved! It’s incredible really. How were those crackers?

    Chris PhoenixChris Phoenix3 months ago
  • smells ciggarette: Smells like.. Vanilla. smells biscuits: Smells like tobacco.

    Yolber OnerYolber Oner3 months ago
  • Hey Steve love your videos especially when you do the old rations. It really shows how through the ages the food technology has developed. How expensive can old perfectly preserved rations get out of curiosity?

    diab_ lowdiab_ low3 months ago
  • Is there a Mrs. Steve 1989?

    Philip MangiovillanoPhilip Mangiovillano3 months ago