I Spent $1,000,000 On Lottery Tickets and WON

Aug 8, 2020
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I didnt think i was going to win that much... looks like im buying an island
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    MrBeastMrBeastMonth ago
    • Bestia

      Liam OrtizLiam Ortiz18 days ago
    • who's ever reading this God is about to bless you with more than you ask for!

      5k subcribers without any video challenge5k subcribers without any video challenge18 days ago
    • I'm writing comment becouse it will be blocked

      Mlek00Mlek0024 days ago

      let me have 10k subs for nothinglet me have 10k subs for nothingMonth ago
    • @Hot Blade qqohigih

      boy and John Playhouseboy and John PlayhouseMonth ago
  • Am I the only one who feels that USkeys channel (MR.BEAST) is better than TV shows

    AndrehiraethAndrehiraeth6 minutes ago
  • To be honest I think he did this more for clarity than for fun, to show people or whoever watches his channel that a person is more likely to lose money, than win money from the lottery. I guess while having fun?

    michael baughmanmichael baughmanHour ago
  • Whaaaaaaaat 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Manuel ZulloManuel Zullo2 hours ago
  • 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

    Tanya RobertsTanya Roberts3 hours ago
  • Can I get a car

    Tony CooperTony Cooper5 hours ago
  • I time travelled and chandler wins

    iZ BlackBerryiZ BlackBerry5 hours ago
  • 4:44 the fact that chandler wasn't paying attention and still won the island is... :I

    IanIan5 hours ago
  • You’re killing it!! Literally brewsters million 😂😂

  • I’ve never won anything in my life really need some luck .🥺

    Levario Kids WorldLevario Kids World7 hours ago
  • 7:01 - 7:08 best moment

    Puppys 9 9 9Puppys 9 9 98 hours ago
  • الي عربي لايك

    محمد حسنمحمد حسن9 hours ago
  • 9:04 chris kissed karl

    diamondboy 6diamondboy 611 hours ago
  • 1:18

    Carley PedersonCarley Pederson11 hours ago
  • 9:04 qt

    Kasper StenbomKasper Stenbom12 hours ago
  • I love how jimmys just in his boxers 😂

    Glizzy GoblerGlizzy Gobler12 hours ago
  • mouth open in all his thumbnails😲😲😲

    Moad Khalal M5Moad Khalal M512 hours ago
  • I wish he would spend the money on his funeral.

    L.S.I.L.S.I.12 hours ago
  • but still love your chanel

    Kate MongiardoKate Mongiardo12 hours ago
  • Sir please I need a gaming laptop

    Himanshu GolwalkarHimanshu Golwalkar12 hours ago
  • Mr beast can you help me I love your videos I'm a subscriber from Africa

    Edwin EbubedikeEdwin Ebubedike12 hours ago
  • bruh is it only me who noticed that christ kissed karl 2 times?

    Madi MadiMadi Madi13 hours ago
  • That’s what he needs in his bank

    Laiden NelsonLaiden Nelson13 hours ago
  • Imagine, that you spent more on that tickets than you spent on island

    Mio MateMio Mate13 hours ago
  • H I

    Joey RhodesJoey Rhodes14 hours ago
  • Зачёт)

    kefffyykefffyy15 hours ago
  • fight piston for inland

  • 6:54 cute little boy

    Mansi BhikeMansi Bhike16 hours ago
  • MrBeast in 2051: Last to leave the White house becomes a president.

    200 Subscribers before October Challenge200 Subscribers before October Challenge17 hours ago
  • fk karl remove him from the show plz

    Doflam1ngoxDoflam1ngox17 hours ago
  • I keep seeing the same faces in his videos...starting to think he isnt inviting "random" people...

    Corey HorningCorey Horning18 hours ago
  • Confused... How did they win? 1M < 0.7M :(

    Alexander LikhtermanAlexander Likhterman18 hours ago
  • MrBeast i dare you to give me 10 harley davidson motorcycle. Im from philippines hahahahah

    Paul NeroPaul Nero19 hours ago
  • Please we need your help here in the philippines..

    Ronsan DomingoRonsan Domingo19 hours ago
  • Hey mr. Beast could i ask a dollar thank you

    Jude ColumnaJude Columna19 hours ago
  • Love Mr. Beast from Philippines.

    Cus Nath ChannelCus Nath Channel23 hours ago
  • Dress up as a homeless man and give $10k to anyone who donates to you copy and post so mr beast can see this

    lalindu sathminalalindu sathmina23 hours ago
  • Please send me money for a car. I also want to buy a car. I am also very fond of cars

    PexDiePiePexDiePie23 hours ago

    Spark Speed GamingSpark Speed GamingDay ago
  • You should have survivor winners come coach

    Gingy MotoGingy MotoDay ago

    big gooosebig goooseDay ago
  • So many tickets, lol.

    Meya’s CoinsMeya’s CoinsDay ago
  • Jimmy is really the beast of spending money

    Sayan HaldarSayan HaldarDay ago
  • MrBeat in 5067: destroying burj khalifa and suprising uae with a new one

    Doggiex PlaysDoggiex PlaysDay ago
  • Hello 👋

    Sude SudeSude SudeDay ago
  • Anyone else notice the Carl Chris kisses?

    Abimael MangualAbimael MangualDay ago
  • Did anyone else notice the car foreshadowing in the beginning?

    Markshadow 02Markshadow 02Day ago
  • I LOVE YOU MR. BEAST! 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Gen ManabatGen ManabatDay ago
  • Este hombre caga dinero :o y yo me siento millonario encontrándome monedas de 10 pesos mexicanos tiradas :c

    VaidalVaidalDay ago
  • Day 21 of trying to get mr beast to give me a shoutout or notice me

    Makaila MarblesMakaila MarblesDay ago
  • Day #4 of trying to get Mr Beast to give me a shout out.

    Dino NuggyDino NuggyDay ago
  • this dude is savage level generous

    Derek BaldwinDerek BaldwinDay ago
  • Mr beast in 2069 Destroying the moon then replacing it with a burrito

    Balkarran BhagrattiBalkarran BhagrattiDay ago
  • Winner to the island.... why does it say chandler

    KkspatelKkspatelDay ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Gener TawagenGener TawagenDay ago
  • You do great bro✌

    Randeo JohnRandeo JohnDay ago
  • Did anyone else notice that Chris kissed Karl

    Elite_Ram3n BeefElite_Ram3n BeefDay ago
  • Dude feel free to come by my place in Canada - help me build a wildlife sanctuary - thx bud!!!!

    White ChipmunksWhite ChipmunksDay ago
  • What year are those computer monitors from?

    Shelly’s MillionsShelly’s MillionsDay ago
  • Can I enter all those into 2nd chance?

    Shelly’s MillionsShelly’s MillionsDay ago
  • Damn you!

    Shelly’s MillionsShelly’s MillionsDay ago
  • Mr beast:Ddjejdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdejjdejdjdjejejejdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjd is the amount of money I need back

    moonkiller RBLXmoonkiller RBLXDay ago
  • I Spend Most of My Time "Saving", "Playing a Game", "Editing" and "Loading". I Need the Support of All My Brothers and Friends Y8

  • Sorry.

    Ben SalterBen SalterDay ago
  • Millennial BAM MARGERA

    Travis DuranTravis DuranDay ago
  • Contento never aburio 😁

    rafael cruelrafael cruelDay ago
  • The state must have gave you a special batch cause those odds are WAY better than you get buying at store.

    Thomas JonesThomas JonesDay ago
  • *Mrbeast after he has a son: Giving my son 100ķ$ to buy toys!*

    69k Subscribers Without Videos69k Subscribers Without VideosDay ago
  • Wait a second.. Chris... Tucker... Chris Tucker. I see what you did there.

    Do_odleDo_odleDay ago
  • Wow 1million $. Bro I need 5000$ 😒

    Tiger GamingTiger GamingDay ago
  • Welp that's a large enough sample size. I have now concluded that lotteries are a scam

    Lucy KitsuneLucy KitsuneDay ago
  • Just found this page, This Is Beautiful What You All Are Doing And Having Fun While Doing It... DON'T STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! KEEP THE PARTY GOING.. AND COME TO ATLANTA... WE NEED INSPIRATION!!

    VBrou XVBrou XDay ago
  • Great content

    Haider TVHaider TVDay ago
  • Q😭

    Rishabh SukhwaniRishabh SukhwaniDay ago
  • Mrbeast

    Mr. Soft Saint MaryMr. Soft Saint MaryDay ago
  • Oh the f**k do u have all this money

    Francesco TardioliFrancesco TardioliDay ago
  • Sub to MrBalls

    Mr BallsMr BallsDay ago
  • All the way from India..... MrBeast Rocks 👍👍👍

    Ranju prabhuRanju prabhuDay ago
  • Mrbeast

    Zukku 7Zukku 7Day ago
  • Do you do these things only in US or other parts of the world too?

    Patric PatricPatric PatricDay ago
  • When they had ten cards and they were with and I saw that Chris kissed Karl haha

    Jacky’s AdventureJacky’s AdventureDay ago
  • Me after watch mr.beast: how much is money worth?

    Beuh KingBeuh KingDay ago
  • If I scratch Mr Beast 💓 I wonder what could I win.

    Oshin Haroon GillOshin Haroon GillDay ago
  • 😍

    Arvin James LorenzoArvin James Lorenzo2 days ago
  • Wow

    Daniel CreedDaniel Creed2 days ago
  • Dab

    Triple 1Triple 12 days ago
  • 9:03 did Chris just kiss Karl??

    Glenplayss YTGlenplayss YT2 days ago

    IsaacIsaac2 days ago
  • Gift me some mr beast

    OG KushOG Kush2 days ago
  • A month later he bought more than a dozen cars

    lellel2 days ago
  • all the guy is doing is showing you what all that monetization gets when you have that many subscribers.

    Beez SazBeez Saz2 days ago
  • 7:07 Karl's face is priceless

    Roslynn StrongRoslynn Strong2 days ago
  • yeet

    supra chillsupra chill2 days ago
  • Wow you can’t buy a baby you have to make it lol

    2422mj Makayla2422mj Makayla2 days ago
  • Cool

    Marisol ContrerasMarisol Contreras2 days ago
  • WOW 👏 😮

  • One thing i have in common with them...Love Ripndip

    Matias GregorioMatias Gregorio2 days ago
  • Even with a million the chance of you winning that 10 million was probably 6%?

    • Good chance, means with 10Mio it is 60%, better chance than most winninggames

      Hans MustermannHans MustermannDay ago
  • Go to a children's hospital and pay for random people's medical bills.

    Jack Silver FilmsJack Silver Films2 days ago
  • Does anyone know what app he uses

    Cecelia PiñonCecelia Piñon2 days ago