Celebrities on Being Rich But Not Happy + Giving Advice

May 21, 2019
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Celebrities on being rich and how it is not making them happy but sometimes even depressed and sad. Cameron Diaz, Jay Z, Josh Radnor, Lady Gaga, Selina Gomez and much more celebrities are interviewed about money, fame and success and to which degree it makes them happy.
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  • Viggo Mortensen nailed it: "It's not where you are, but how you are that's important."

    Into the MultiverseInto the MultiverseHour ago
  • you arent happy cause you sold your souls for fame a long time ago

    White GhostWhite GhostHour ago
  • I love this video, so inspirational. Thank you!

    Rachel AvilaRachel Avila2 hours ago
  • To be sincerely honest in my humble opinion without being sentimental and of course, without offending anyone who thinks differently from my opinion but rather looking into this serious matter with perspective distinction and without condemning anyone's point of view, I honestly think and believe that I have nothing to say.

    Moses MainaMoses Maina5 hours ago
  • People say “do what you love to do”. Well I love to dance. But if I did that as a profession, I would be left hungry, homeless and in debt. Most people do not like the job they have. But we can’t quit. We need to bring home bread and pay the bills. We are the modern slaves.

    truendingtruending9 hours ago
  • Liberalism is a mental disease example!

    BadmashFactoryBadmashFactory9 hours ago
  • LIERS!!!

    Quarter MileQuarter Mile10 hours ago
  • 3:30 correwction she said : *It should not be motivated by something that you think is going to....*

    Pradhumn ShandilyaPradhumn Shandilya12 hours ago
  • Well, if you wanna donate some of that unhappiness to my student debt I'd be glad to help out.

    Sophie LuxSophie Lux14 hours ago
  • Yeah not worrying about paying your bills and rent is absolutely horrible.

    Argonian TuncboyacıyanArgonian Tuncboyacıyan16 hours ago
  • This is one of the most useless videos I've run across but it kept popping up in my recommends. If these "celebrities" want to dispel any knowledge it should be about being financially smart enough to navigate your future with whatever money you have on you now. But I'm sure they have no clue because they pay a money manager hundreds of thousands of dollars to do that. Other than that, nobody gives a shit what they think brings happiness.

    Fan Made VideosFan Made Videos16 hours ago
  • Someone wants to look like that actor (Diaz I think)? I'd also ask why. I don't think she's got the look.

    atdzsnyatdzsny17 hours ago
    • 💯💯😃

      Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow16 hours ago
  • Ok. if you are not happy, then give your money to the poor. Nah, didn't think so. Hilarious, famous people complaining about being famous and rich. Trust me they would be crying like bitches if they lost it all tomorrow.

    katonesskatoness20 hours ago
    • 💯💯💕🙏🏼

      Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow16 hours ago
  • all the unhappy rich ppl, pass on ur money 2 me, I will pass it on to a poor person if I feel the same as u do.

    gmspy ragmspy ra21 hour ago
  • Its pretty sickening that rich people lecture the poor like this. They have no idea whats its like to be hungry or on the verge of homelessness. If they don’t want to be rich, give ALL your money away and lets see how happy your are then?

    SK BobSK Bob22 hours ago
  • lol the music on this trying to make us feel sorry for rich people

    GeologickGeologick22 hours ago
  • I get IT. They are People too. But being rich And unhappy is still better than being poor And unhappy. Lets say you like travelling And going to Tahiti is not an opzio

    Mark ChapmanMark Chapman23 hours ago
  • My school Environment Science subject teacher used to tell us that all the developed countries have used their forest and other means of natural resources to get developed but they don't want the undeveloped countries being developed so they sent books on Environment Conservation to them.

    Surendra TimilsinaSurendra TimilsinaDay ago
  • Most of them are ethiest been happiness you need faith period

    Mr naaxaajiMr naaxaajiDay ago
  • These famous rich people sound pretty ungrateful to be honest. They basically got so much money so quickly that they very quickly peaked/plateaued. Money doesn't buy happiness, sure but being able to do things with that money can make you happy, let you experience things you would not be able to without the means. I'm sure they all come from different walks of life and all have different experiences but I really don't appreciate them asking those questions about fame and money and happiness.

    Alex PapasozomenosAlex PapasozomenosDay ago
  • Some advice for anyone who thinks money will solve your problems: Being "rich" isn't the goal. Being financially independent is the goal; no consumer debts, no mortgage, no car loan, savings to cover at least 12 months of standard living. Once you realise that debt = slavery, you'll see money and objects for what they are. Edit: I'm very handsomely paid for my career, yet the best use I've found for the money is freeing my family from mortgages.

    The Wayward GrapeThe Wayward GrapeDay ago
  • This is such crap. Not one of those people saying money doesn't make you happy have given up the fame and money - why? Because it DOES make them happy!!!!!

    pizzaDhutpizzaDhutDay ago
  • nobody is always happy.

    i dont care nahi dont care nahDay ago
  • Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

    Duk FinDuk FinDay ago
  • Money doesn't buy happiness but does make you happy, Fuck everyone's like in here. fake fuckers

    13th Evergreen13th EvergreenDay ago
  • You fucking liars. Money is EVERYTHING.

    Anthony ZavAnthony ZavDay ago
  • This short true story might help put things in perspective.... Many years ago, when I was just a young teenage art student, I got a part time job working in a mans clothing store. It sold high quality suits and my job was to keep the stock tidy. One day a company came to do the window display and for some reason there was a disageement and they walked out leaving the window half finished. "Oh shit what are we going to do now?" said the manager. Well I had been watching the display people and so I figured I could have a go at it doing myself . So I offered to finish it. "What the fck do you know about window dressing?" said the manager. Then one of the workers told him I was an art student and what had they to lose. So they let me have a go. The next day the multi-millionaire guy who owned the entire company turned up the next day to find out what had happened. When he saw the window display he said; "I thought they left the window half done, it looks finished to my eyes?" The manager then explained that it was the young art student who had done it. "Let me meet this talented boy" he said. And so this millionaire businessman, who everyone was so scared of, came over to me. (he even had a black belt in karate btw) "Have you really never done any window dressing before?" he asked "No, I had just watched how they did it and figured I could give it a try" I explained. "Do you think you could do it again?" he asked. I nodded and replied; " I reckon. "Good, then from now on you will do the displays on all my stores from now on." Well I was really happy to do it as it was creative and I was driven around by one of his drivers to each place and my wages tripled. I heard later that I had saved the company tens of thousands. Anyways when the year ended I had to hand in my notice as I was now going on to do my art degree. When the millionaire heard I was leaving he came to see me. "Stay on with my company and I will pay you well" He said. However, I was determined to get my degree . "I appreciate the offer but art is my life and I really need to get my degree" I explained. He looked surprised and said; "You know, I'm not used to people saying no to me. Good for you lad. It's nice to meet someone who knows what they want in life and has the balls to stick to what they believe in. I'm surrounded by yes men who have no balls whatsoever. I wish you the best of luck lad, but let me thank you personally. My driver will pick you up tomorrow,. Oh and put a suit on." he said, and then left. I had no idea what was going to happen but the next day a Rolls Royce came outside my cheap apartment to pick me up. He drove for about an hour into the countryside where we entered into a the grounds of the millionaires mansion. Holy shit it looked amazing, The front of the house had four pillars like some Roman palace for something. The millionaire met me at the door, shook my hand, and invited me in. We went to the back of the house where there was a table and chairs waiting for us right in front of a large swimming pool. And in the pool was a stunning girl in a bikini swimming. It was a lovely warm summers day and we were served lunch at that table. I could have anything I wanted and so I asked for lobster. "Good choice" He said and smiled. After the lobster I was asked if I wanted an desert. "Have you got any arctic roll?" I asked. The waiter nodded. When the waiter brought the arctic roll I suddenly remembered that I like to have it with condensed milk. "Oh" I said, without thinking. "Anything wrong, oh of course you would like some hand made whipped cream with that. That's exactly how I like it? "Er well, have you got any condensed milk at all? I asked. When I said that the waiter put his hand up to his moth and coughed and the millionaire burst out laughing. He then turned to the waiter; "I think I might find some in the servants quarters sir." After the waiter left the millionaire turned to me and said; "The waiter was shocked that you prefer condensed milk to hand made whipped cream. He will now think of you as some low life working class nobody. You see, in the world of the rich, even the hired help are snobs." As we talked he caught me looking looking at the gorgeous blond model. "Yeah, have you ever seen such a fine ass?" he said. "Oh I'm sorry if I was starring, she is incredibly beautiful. Is she your wife?" "Good God no! She is just the latest" "Oh I see" I replied. "Do you have a family my boy?" "Er yes, I have a brother and a sister and father but my mother died when I was small" I explained. "Sorry to hear you lost your mother, that was a tough break. I was an orphan myself and was brought up in an orphanage. One could say I am self made man." he said. "But no matter how much money I make I always envy people who have a family" he said. "Well, if I was you I would marry that babe and start a family with her." I smiled. "Yeah, but the problem is, how do I know if she really loves me for me or for my bank account. And that's the problem, I can never ever now for sure. One can feel quite alone at the top sometimes" he told. At hearing this I suddenly felt quite sad for the guy. Yeah he could never ever know if a woman he loves genuinely loves him for him or for his money. I turned to him and said; "You know I never would have thought of that. I never would have thought that wealthy people could have such deep problems like that." On hearing that he turned and looked at me and said; "My dear boy, let me give you some advice. Never feel sorry for a millionaire" We sat and watched the sun go down of his land, of which was as far as the eye could see. He thanked me for all my hard work, wished me the best of luck in my future, and had his driver take me home. I didn't see him again until ten years later.. but that's another story.

    ART SimulationART SimulationDay ago
  • if youll find something in a wrong direction this will be the result happiness is your mind created using outer situations what you need is not situations but control over your brain so that it takes instructions from you but not the things that you posses, that's slavery, only difference is you choose to be a slave of things that you posses

    Aman JhariyaAman JhariyaDay ago
  • Dalai Lama talking about happiness and peace, meanwhile buddhists in Birmania killing people just because of their are muslim. 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

    Under GroundUnder Ground2 days ago
  • what are bunch of hypocrites! They all slept with people, chased the fame and now they tell you they are not happy. There is a say, If money can fix a problem, then it really isn't a problem.

    Maria ManjeloMaria Manjelo2 days ago
  • They just want you to stay in the struggle. Why don’t the crybabies just give their money away then. Psh actors acting again🙄. This is part of your new conditioning suckers

    Put ItbackPut Itback2 days ago
  • I agree, i don't want to be famous, rich, fame, so that's why being a celebrity, youtuber wasn't dream life, i don't know why it's sounds very deppresingg, I wan't Happiness.

    JoeJoe2 days ago
  • “Honey, I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and let me tell you rich is better.” - Mae West

    Feed YouNeedFeed YouNeed2 days ago
  • I feel so bad for them.....notttttttt

    Jersey Devil MycoJersey Devil Myco2 days ago
  • The world needs universal basic income. Fuck all those who say 'why give people money for doing nothing?' like, do your research and find out dipshit

    someguy604someguy6042 days ago
  • Give me the money and keep the fame. It's not my fault these fools don't know how to be happy. Best time for me is having an nap in the warm sun by my offset smoker after I've mowed the lawn and washed my car. Give me money so I can also squeeze in going to the race track with a modified money pit of a car. Spend the rest of my time with friends and family. Help out those less fortunate. Solve some of the problems the country has, through proper investing because you can still generate a return while funding projects the government should. When you're famous you can't go anywhere without being mobbed or shot.

    Todd TTodd T2 days ago
  • Being rich gives you access to opportunities and resources that non-wealthy people don't have. Unhappy and rich, get a therapist and medication; you can afford it. Unhappy and poor, struggle on your own; you can't afford therapy and medication. At least not in the U.S. LOL

    It is MeIt is Me2 days ago

    jj.93jj.932 days ago
  • To all the idiots and meatheads in the comment section saying "Money can't buy happiness but poverty can't buy anything" you're all nothing but literate morons who won't even pay a little bit attention to what does happiness stand for in the sentence "Money can't buy happiness". Happiness means Inner comfort, satisfaction, stability, and most of all no fear of anything in this World. I know many poor people who are living a much more Peaceful and satisfying life in comparison to millionaires, billionaires, trillionaires having so much money in their bank accounts but still can't sleep peacefully at night plus not to mention overcoming stress, mental disorders, and other diseases on almost daily basis...!!! Pay Attention and correct your Orientation morons SMH....!!! 😑😑😑

    Saeed Akhtar AwanSaeed Akhtar Awan2 days ago
  • Well... Being unhappy with money is better than being unhappy and poor anyway. So, stop with this crap!

    Thai ConThai Con2 days ago
  • Nothing in this world can bring you eternal joy. Only God can do that. Amen.

    Zoey KumaZoey Kuma3 days ago
    • Amen

      Santi FerralesSanti FerralesDay ago
  • It is like rich people saying you dont need money to be happy! Dont talk down to people! We dont know what money is, when we do we can then make the happiness decision for ourselves. Non of the people in the video would delete their fame and money for happiness! NON OF THEM! Fuck this shit

    KeegoKeego3 days ago
  • There's happiness and then there is that which happiness and sadness appear inside of that is awake to itself and free.

    Sirios StarSirios Star3 days ago
  • Happiness and money is two different things, having a lot of money does not mean having a lot of happiness or having less money does not mean being less happy. STOP comparing happiness with money, there are happy rich people and sad rich people, there are happy poor people and sad poor people. One has to earn money to spent on the thing he wants and being happy is not having negative thoughts good mental health and joy. U can't buy it with money nor u can get it being poor. STOP MAKING THIS COMPARISON OF HAPPINESS AND MONEY, LET PEOPLE EARN MONEY EVERYONE HAS TO IMPROVE THEIR FINANCIAL CONDITION AND THIER MENTAL HEALTH. TWO DIFFERENT THINGS I REPEAT TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. Replace money with family, people with no family are sad and with family are happy but not always....SO STOP COMPARING THIS SHIT WHOEVER STARTED THIS COMPARISON AND GOD KNOWS WHY.

    Wallflower BoyWallflower Boy3 days ago
  • You can be miserable and poor or miserable and rich. The rich one is better. The Dalai Lama is a multi-millionaire.

    warriorprince101010warriorprince1010103 days ago
  • Listening to most, not all of celebrities on money is like taking advise about alcohol from an alcoholic. Normal working class people mostly want financial security for their families not fame, is that so hard to get, and would be happy knowing they can survive in life with least amount of stress and pressure. Fame increases your anxiety over time for most celebrities, where as financial security decreases your stress and anxiety!

    ABC 123ABC 1233 days ago
  • thats why we all need god in our life no matter how successful or rich u are u will feel something empty in your heart that u dunno why bcs the soul need god the body been filled with materialistic things but the soul also crave for god's mercy

    Sehun YehetSehun Yehet3 days ago
  • I'd rather chase wisdom which comes with experience and an openness to learn. Affluence may or may not be a side effect.

    Blue DotBlue Dot3 days ago
  • Please spare me of your BS.

    dacid kapuradacid kapura3 days ago
  • give me 5 mil, i will be the happiest person on earth for the next 40+ years. i will isolate myself in sweden, learn the language, find a girlfriend, lose weight, and sit home the rest of the time, playing video games and watching movies-manga-anime-series-youtube-etc i have 3 friends, and i am kinda happy to have them, but i am not very happy, because im poor, if i had that 5mil, i would never bother working, or anything that would waste my time, i would just entertain myself, thats all, i calculated it, if you spend 3000 per month, you can live for 40 years. with only 2 mil, i could be wrong, but i think that adds it up... also you have 3 extra mil, to entertain yourself with anything you want for the next 40 years. why i say 40? just die at 70 while you are yourself, and you wont get alzheimers or some shit... also stfu about being unhappy, you have million of dollars, just stop working and do what you like, if you have more than 5 mil, or even 2-3mil, the cause of the unhappiness is usually work, and not having enough time, "usually" im not talking about when someone close to you dies and you want to kill yourself, i am talking about "usually" so stfu about "being unhappy and rich" you are just a snowflake, just use your money better, stop trying to get fame and live a little, you know how much manga there is out there? just lose yourself in some stories, its the best thing out there, at least for me. also, if you are just "i wanna commit suicide" because of someone that dies, (thats coming to my head right now, "death from close friend-family member-etc) then it cant be helped, but the rest of you idiots, just use your time, stop trying to be famous, do what you like, and if you keep "working" and you are sad, then you dont really like it...

    kitarikikitariki3 days ago
  • lmao no one in the comments get what they’re actually saying it’s sad

    Laisha ContrerasLaisha Contreras3 days ago
  • if being rich can buy eternal life, I will do everything to become rich

    Daniel LiuDaniel Liu3 days ago
  • Rich and unhappy is better than poor and unhappy ok!

    William JonesWilliam Jones3 days ago
    • 💯💯💯💕

      Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow16 hours ago
  • I don't hate the idea of being rich but What i rlly want to is have enough money to do the things that i always wanted to do

    Edu ElioEdu Elio4 days ago
  • I can’t watch all this. People are working to pay rent and food. To not have to worry about that is absolute luxury. To know you can afford the best medical treatment could be life saving. These people miss the point of happiness. They are thick as bricks.

    NadiaNadia4 days ago
  • Jesus Christ is the one and only way to happiness. ✝️

    Zeromegon DegaunoZeromegon Degauno4 days ago
  • Lets talk to REAL everyday non-famous non-rich people instead.

    Sheila SheilaSheila Sheila4 days ago
  • How am I supposed to be alcoholic without money to buy alcohol? That video is nonsense

    Jadiel LimaJadiel Lima4 days ago
  • I truly wish everyone will achieve richness beyond their comprehension and positive fame that they cannot imagine, and realize that there will still be a sense of not being enough in their life. A sense of depression and wish to have more. You'll get that million dollars, or ten, or the hundred, but you'll get used to it, and get back to the original programs of the mind, those that run your decisions at this very moment. And realize that those didn't change, that something is still not There. I'm fighting with this as well, trying to discover what will bring me peace, what will make me truly happy, and not just happy because the 'suffering' ended. Stay strong, be good, do good, to yourself and others, do not forget that we all want to be acknowledged for the power that we have in us, we want to be loved. I love you, you who are reading this, you who are the same as I, breathe as I and live as I. I love you.

    RockBoyyRockBoyy4 days ago
  • Success What is it that you’d have me say - your son who knew you well? Of your strengths - that there were many, That your weaknesses were few That every man you’d ever met Would have looked up to you That you’d climbed a mountain through a raging storm, That your wit brought laughter, your passion drew tears That a stronger man was never born, And in your presence I had no fears That thousands worked beneath you - you commanded their respect That as a businessman you were admired by peers For your power and intellect That you could silence a room when you broke into song, Play like Clapton, or dance like Fred Astaire That for every critic of your talents, There were fifty to say that one was wrong That in love you were envied - your gorgeous, new, young wife Showered with gifts this modern-day Venus A tribute to your life That you’d built up a great fortune Left to your wife and son The private jet, the villa in France - a reminder of what you’d done OR That an empire wasn’t left behind To show the life you’d led But rather a mass of people Better off for what you’d said That you’d tried to climb through a fierce storm But the mountain, in the end, had won Yet you’d convinced me that, with my strength, You knew it could be done And that of your talents I’d been made aware of few But of every skill I’d ever had I was convinced you knew That just eleven worked with you - you knew them all by name That they laughed with you - they were your friends And of you, they’d say the same Or of the last gift you’d given Mom, She couldn’t say just when But that she knew, with the pick of the world, You would choose her again And while you’d worked as hard as most And may have amassed great wealth You chose a simple life And passed the benefits to someone else That you’d gifted not just with notes and coins, But had given me your time You’d listened to my hopes and fears, And then said, “I’ll tell you mine” I know that recognition, power and wealth Were things not sought by you So I’m glad I could pay tribute To the great things you did do I realise your value was not Confined to things you said But that you gave up some of your own dreams To work on mine instead Success, as I’d like to find it, Is what you’ve shown it to be As, for all my faults, you made me feel Like you were looking up at me

    JAHJAH4 days ago
  • what people are missing is that these celebrities aren't being hypocritical or saying being rich makes you unhappy it's that for many people, they thought reaching a certain level of wealth or fame will make them happy... but once you reach there and realized it doesn't (humans are naturally difficult to feel satisfied), you feel empty and lost... much worse than before because now you don't even know what to do now to make yourself happy when you're poor, at least you had a goal (get rich or die trying), once you're rich and famous, what else is there left to try to make yourself happy? that's why so many celebrities eventually turned to drugs, because they're still depressed and now out of ideas

    RayRay5 days ago
  • Yes, you can't buy happiness with money. But with money, you can buy so many things that can bring you joy and liberation, while without money, you can be constrained by the fact that you can't pay for your child's courses or a beautiful prom dress. You can't completely devalue money.

    mistral ellanmistral ellan5 days ago
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭 You can pay your bills though.

    Veronica ShippVeronica Shipp5 days ago
  • what a bunch of baloney...

    casados pesadeloscasados pesadelos5 days ago
  • We are living in a dark age and don't even realize it. A culture of materialism, celebrity worship and greed and yet everyone is miserable. Dark age of illusions. We need to focus on what makes us actually fulfilled, joyful and healthy. Great video.

    Sean MalikSean Malik6 days ago
  • i don't think Cameron Diaz don't look that good.

    The Best Music and Movie SiteThe Best Music and Movie Site6 days ago
  • Money doesn't buy happiness. But neither does it buy sadness. It's a decision you must make on your own. In my career I've consulted with many, many millionaires and billionaires who studied wealth... but never studied Joy. If you are determined to be miserable.... no amount of money will deter you.

    Prince HarmingPrince Harming6 days ago
  • uskeys.net/watch/_0ZoCCKCN7s-video.html

    Kiran zulfiqarKiran zulfiqar6 days ago
  • Lol rich people talking about their problems

    Git Sum GamingGit Sum Gaming6 days ago
  • Being actress is the most make me happy being honest

    Xue WenXinXue WenXin6 days ago
  • Celebrities are screwed up anyway... why trust this garbage? Better to be unhappy and rich rather than unhappy and middle-class/poor and being able to do nothing about it.

    Laker4LifeLaker4Life6 days ago
  • So many of these people have sold their souls to the devil and have been conscripted into the illuminati, and they wonder why they aren't happy? Happiness is circumstantial. That means that on any given day the events surrounding the lives of these people aren't fulfilling, and they still do what they do? Why? Well because they sold their soul. Now they're committed and vested into these lives that have been created for them, in which they are nothing but puppets. Don't be deceived. Only Christ brings freedom and lasting joy..!

    Ru HawpawRu Hawpaw6 days ago
  • I might be biased I rather be rich and be lonely than be poor and have loads of people around me.. happiness is a choice

    ronald tyilironald tyili6 days ago
  • Says the people who where born into a rich family and have it easy their entire life.

    greenjoe420greenjoe4207 days ago
  • When you understand God loves you - thats all the 'happiness' you need

    GeorgioGeorgio7 days ago
  • I started at 1K/month and was completely free to do what i like , Then made it to 2K/month but i felt i was less free but it is ok , When i reached 4K/month it was at a cost i did not liked , The day they offered me 9K/month i stopped there . If you want to be happy , money is useful , big times . But earning big money through selling your happiness is not the way to do it . Improve your skills to do well what you love to do , be reasonable with your expenses , never forget to take care of you and others . That way you will have a rich & happy life .

    The Timeless ThingThe Timeless Thing7 days ago
  • They say they are unhappy but are famous still...

    freecandysugarfreecandysugar7 days ago
  • I mean if they don’t like being rich they can always give me their money lol

    Sofia OrianaSofia Oriana7 days ago
  • Whats to point of Joining the Satanic Hollywood just to people walk and stamp on your name in hollywood boulevard

    Hassan AbdiHassan Abdi7 days ago
  • The good thing about having a lot of money is being able to help those less fortunate than yourself.

    Andie MorganAndie Morgan7 days ago
  • Your health is more important than money if you have your health you rich.😀

    Ernie TempestErnie Tempest7 days ago
  • Money is freedom.

    ZiphoZipho8 days ago
  • Ummm how bout financial SECURITY. I don’t care about being famous but money makes life a lot easier and Anyone who says different hasn’t struggled and already has a boat load of money!

    RetrotoonRetrotoon8 days ago
  • Celebrities are sad because their standards of happiness are set very high. Nothing seems enough to make them happy. Give them everything and they will still cling to that one thing that is not going perfect in their lives. Pathetic attention seeking. That's why they become soulless evil and selfish, pedophiles, drug addicts, harming innocent people's lives. They seek more and more thrill out of life but they've already done everything fun so they don't know what else to do. So they turn to sadistic abuse and whining for pity. So if we the general population stopped obsessing over which expensive branded gown or diamond necklace or tuxedo the celebs wear to some red carpet, or follow every little activity of theirs and photographing them like maniacs and calling them role models, maybe these assholes will learn to be more grounded and humble. Maybe if everyone stopped caring for these people's personal lives, they won't feel the need to show off so much. They literally spend half their lives on beautycare and picking hairstyles and clothes. Wish some of them actually did something that really matters without hoping for clout.

  • and who says that all of us or everybody should be happy? just to begin....

    77jcarva77jcarva8 days ago

    The Common Sense ConservativeThe Common Sense Conservative8 days ago
  • If I had the money they have I could instantly do what I want to do in life and be happy till the end of my days.. So yes money makes you happy if you are content with very little, because it will free you. If you just want more and more of everything, then it doesn't matter how many millions you have you will always be unhappy.

    MeisseliMeisseli8 days ago
  • will power is the secret to being rich and happy

    skate shack sampleskate shack sample8 days ago
  • But money buys you endless opportunities. It gives you distractions, its gives you experiences, friends, knowledge, beauty, and most importantly, RESPECT from others.

    sush zsush z8 days ago
  • Money doesn't make you happy...but imagine what poverty does, these people don't know what they are talking about, real poverty is a plague which includes poverty of spirit, beyond a certain threshold then you decide if you want to be happy or miserable, if you are lucky enough...

    PMPM8 days ago
  • Oh no, I'm so sorry for you rich folks, if you want we can swap bank accounts any time

    Y WY W9 days ago
  • I feel like a lot of people misunderstand the message being conveyed here. All things being equal, having money is better than having none, of course. It's not the point. The point is, while money will give you leverage in a lot of situations - you can eat, shelter yourself, buy possessions, chase pleasure and exert influence - it's not gonna give you purpose or direction, it's not gonna connect you to other people or fill your life with love or any deep peace.. It's not gonna make you happy. Basically, its gonna help you up the first two steps of Maslows' hierarchy of needs, but thats pretty much it. Then again, a lot of shee.. sorry, people.. seem to only care about, or even fathom the existence of, those two first steps, so there's that. Have a nice day.

    Anders Westergaard ChristianssonAnders Westergaard Christiansson9 days ago
  • Well at least you've got money. Try being skint and unhappy. All these people are doing is saying, look at me look at me I'm sad still. So fuck

    Graham FinnieGraham Finnie9 days ago
  • Then transfer me your money

    Kim BKim B9 days ago
  • For me it would be best to have adequate funds and total anonymity. desiring fame is asking for trouble as your privacy is destroyed.

    Dan StrayerDan Strayer9 days ago
  • All the comments really missed the point

    Tori MTori M9 days ago
  • Oh boohoo

    Peaches PeachesPeaches Peaches9 days ago
  • Gaga makes me cry

    YugvijayYugvijay9 days ago
  • I see so many hateful and mean comments. This video’s purpose is not to tell you « rich people are poor inside and they are sad, and poor them and blabla... », the purpose of this video is to tell you to stop running for a fake happiness. Sure money help, but so finding your truth does, really. And we all know how it can be difficult for poor people to live, that’s why they are so worthy when they finally get enough money to live normally, and have this kind of thoughts.

    Eugénie RichertEugénie Richert9 days ago
  • So sad and some famous people kill themselves at the end

    Jasmine SavardJasmine Savard9 days ago