Why Taiwan and China are Battling over Tiny Island Countries

Jul 1, 2020
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Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
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  • India has experienced Chinese aggression over the past couple of months. It lays a claim to the Indian administered regions in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh. Is military strategy the only reason for China's claims? Or are there more sinister reasons lurking underneath the aggression? @

    The Eastern ReportThe Eastern ReportDay ago
  • Taiwan: I am China. China: No I am China! Taiwan: Okay I am Taiwan. China: No you belong to China!

    zx zzx zDay ago
  • Fun Fact: Taiwan also claimed Arunachal Pradesh till early 90s.

    Ashutosh AnandAshutosh Anand3 days ago
  • If Taiwan wants to make more friends and be recognized further, they need to seriously step up their game. Voice out and support global issues such as the HK protest, Indo-China border disputes, Tibetian conflict, South China Sea claims, Uyghurs abuses, etc. China is making enemies and Taiwan needs to make friends with China's enemies. Taiwan needs to take advantage of these cold wars and nations that are pissed with China. China can pour all the money it wants, but Taiwan needs to win people's hearts.

    Raaman NairRaaman Nair3 days ago
  • 为什么不说当时美国佬阻挡中国统一?

    so soso so4 days ago
  • Taiwan numba 1 China numba 6 Japan numba 5

    Billy MetokurBilly Metokur7 days ago
  • Whats the difference between the two China?

    Dee_LandoDee_Lando9 days ago
  • All I've learnt is that the UN is too powerful and should be demolished.

    Done BusyDone Busy9 days ago
    • What the... I’m pretty sure that UN is one of the the few reasons why Taiwan and all these small Pacific countries still exist right now. After all, wars are pretty rare nowdays, compared to any other period in history ever since a human figured out that killing a different human may solve your problems real quick.

      Martin MendlMartin Mendl6 days ago
  • 用中文回复你,讲的轮唇不对马嘴,一帮傻逼做自媒体的总要弄一些政治话题,好像你有多懂政治一样。这里面美国的因素一点都没讲,另外你都能想到买通人民的想法中国不会想到?所以不要做自媒体骗钱,因为你什么都不懂。

    star fucksstar fucks9 days ago
  • Oh saying Taiwan is a country? Just wait for China to force USkeys to shut you down

    David ShakespeareDavid Shakespeare10 days ago
  • Hey Wendover Productions, I was wondering if you take actions to help small channels? Just curious. I’m a new youtuber and my videos are quality but I can’t seem to get any eyes on my content just because I’m a small channel. Thanks

    The More You KnowThe More You Know11 days ago
  • probs for saying "kirabas"

    クチュー語クチュー語13 days ago
  • Long live Taiwan! Philippines recognizes your sovereignty!

  • Aren't they all supposed to be underwater by 20-something?

    Gino GarzoliniGino Garzolini16 days ago
  • China just wants to squeeze out every little bit of control they have left in other areas. Taiwan, Hong Kong, some random islands (vs Japan). And control it they will, with an iron fist, once they get it.

    Quietus PlusQuietus Plus17 days ago
  • Taiwan is a prime example of a non-nation begging to be vassal state just to snub China. Love how Taiwan pretends 228 isn't a big deal and that Taiwan had the longest period martial law in the world and somehow pretends it's a "democracy" lol

    0pTicaL0pTicaL17 days ago
  • The taiwanese government is basically robbbing the people of money in order to perpetuate it's own existence.

    Chicken StealerChicken Stealer17 days ago
  • Ah yes. The holy see.

    E. AndrewsE. Andrews17 days ago
  • Could have been helpful to mention that most of the Chinese aid for infrastructure then requires the receiving Nation to use only Chinese multinationals for materials and labour. So of the cost, only a much smaller portion actually really goes to the local economy.

    theKWOKAtheKWOKA19 days ago
  • who the frick needs mental health services if you live in Fiji?

    Johnny DJohnny D20 days ago
  • 💐

    李诺李诺20 days ago
  • At least China or Taiwan helps Pacific islands, US didn't do anything

    Ruizhe LiRuizhe Li20 days ago
  • 6:33 planes

    WinginWolfWinginWolf21 day ago
  • This video is sponsored by the Republic of China (Taiwan)

    周子航周子航21 day ago
  • us taiwanese americans just gotta keep fighting 🇹🇼🇹🇼

    brandon kuobrandon kuo22 days ago
  • taiwan strong 🇹🇼🇹🇼

    brandon kuobrandon kuo22 days ago
  • In a nutshell.... Ye bik gaye sare ke sare...ye sale sab mil ke humko chutiya bana rahe hai 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    raman31656raman3165623 days ago
  • Taiwan has an amazing president and a reputable government while the Philippine’s puppet president has wrecked the country and thus lost the country’s claims of some islands in the Sea

    Red Jet 7059Red Jet 705924 days ago
    • Love Taiwan from India🇮🇳 !! Stay safe from the Corona republic of China.

      bowen voowybowen voowy22 days ago
  • I stand by Taiwan, the real historic China. They still hold the culture and values that mainland China abandoned when they began following Mao Zedong.

    Strangely UkrainianStrangely Ukrainian24 days ago
    • 🙏🙏

      brandon kuobrandon kuo22 days ago
    • government.

      bowen voowybowen voowy23 days ago
  • Do you know a big portion of taiwa's GDP comes from trade with mainland China?

    zanyduid Stonezanyduid Stone25 days ago
    • 没意思,视频完全没有站在客观的角度说事情,明显站在台湾省的角度,这样的视频看了没意义,因为你的角度决定你在一件事情上的不公平

      bowen voowybowen voowy22 days ago
  • China tryna get that Civ 5 diplomatic victory

    2D Women God2D Women God25 days ago
    • China: "UHHHHH"

      bowen voowybowen voowy23 days ago
  • But why can't Taiwan simply be recognised as the indipendent Republic of Taiwan??

    Airplane WhatAirplane What25 days ago
  • 连这种援助都能拿来洗脑,言论自由好棒棒

    nagi springfieldnagi springfield26 days ago
  • 两岸人民应该团结,这些钱本来可以用来建设各自内部的民生问题的,却偏偏被这些国家所利用真的感到惋惜。两岸越是斗,得到好处最多的也只能是那些太平洋上的岛国,而非两岸人民😭。

    so sso s26 days ago
  • Taiwan is a beautiful place when a tourist. I first went there when 7, and it was great. From the surface, the people were great, food was delicious, and the landscape they showed was beautiful. However, when I was 9, my dads job made him go to Taiwan. After living there for just 6 months, I hated it. Though we had nice housing and that, the education there is absolutely horrible, and the people are not nearly as nice as they seen on the surface. That being said, Taiwan is recognized by most countries as a province of China.

    Chi?Chi?26 days ago
  • 8:17 Well, one is a dictatorship, one is a democracy.

    Kwan LinusKwan Linus27 days ago
  • 台湾独立不了,垂死挣扎而已

    Kristian DavidsonKristian Davidson27 days ago
  • I can only feel the arrogant and ignorance that you try to think about the relationship between PRC and Pacific island nations in a baddit-like way. And the way is always the case that so-called " free and civilized" western countries really follow. The infrastructure is always the fundamental for every country, and China is trying to help them build the infrastructure for further self-development, which is the true help for an independent country. No government is fool enough to give up a chance for longer development just for some pointless aspect like baseball team. That just because a country with self-development ability must be able to improve their citizens' living level, such as a better baseball team. But the true independence of Pacific islands countries doesn't meet the interests of Australia, because that means the western world has less control of these countries for their resource and political interests, and that is the most selfish need I have ever seen.

    Hongbo SoongHongbo Soong27 days ago
    • Interesting that you say "China is trying to help" when it's clear they're buying support yet when Australia does it you say it's "selfish" Clear double standard in your opinion

      ShamrockShamrock26 days ago
  • official name of Taiwan: Republic of China can u dig it?

    Deep hugDeep hug27 days ago
  • One of the many reasons the UN is garbage.

    ****28 days ago
  • china: we have no time talking about under 1 million dollars business.

    Nick YoungNick Young28 days ago
  • I feel like wendover production videos are rather too long for me.

    CHLamCHLam28 days ago
    • I prefer it to be around 4-6 minutes long. Ps. that would have gain a lot more views.

      CHLamCHLam28 days ago
  • 没意思,视频完全没有站在客观的角度说事情,明显站在台湾省的角度,这样的视频看了没意义,因为你的角度决定你在一件事情上的不公平

    心诚则灵心诚则灵28 days ago
    • 你多看点这位作者的视频就知道了,典型中国威胁论

      台灣戰狼奧利給台灣戰狼奧利給27 days ago
    • in civil war de jure.

      Deep hugDeep hug27 days ago
  • Love Taiwan from India🇮🇳 !! Stay safe from the Corona republic of China.

    Ayush SinghAyush Singh28 days ago
  • Taiwan: *does something that the UN doesnt like* UN: "hey, what's your deal China?" China: IT WASNT US IT WAS TAIWAN Taiwan: "so, you accept that we are a separate state?" China: "UHHHHH"

    Atomicwinter 31Atomicwinter 3128 days ago
  • It's the difference between their political ideologies. Taiwan, as a democracy, will always seek to please the people. China, as a dictatorship, will always seek to please the government.

    BaneBane28 days ago
  • I don't even have a bank account or credit card.

    Chris JonesChris Jones28 days ago
  • Taiwan is CHINA their habitants fled the Communist China they did stick to their roots being real chinese!

    MrJoco69MrJoco6928 days ago
  • Why I sometimes hate Wendover is because he keeps reminding me that what seems like nice actions meant to help people who live in harsh conditions, are actually soulless strategic decisions made to serve the donor's interests first. It's like humanness doesn't belong in geopolitics.

    Fairy C RatFairy C Rat28 days ago
    • Right you are and it certainly doesn't. Charity always comes with strings attached

      ShamrockShamrock26 days ago
  • "When its no longer useful, the pawn is first to be sacrificed" At least they'll still have Australia!

    Ptao TomPtao Tom28 days ago
  • this video has 666,028 view when i watch this

    natan h4h4natan h4h428 days ago
  • There are people in my country actually think uniting with China in a good thing, mainly consists of elderly people. It's unthinkable for younger generations like myself

    程裕仁程裕仁28 days ago
  • 给爷看吐了

    Chris JiangChris Jiang29 days ago
  • 把爷笑死了,修港口,修医院不如资助棒球队,不如修路灯,真她妈🐮奥

    jiahe wenjiahe wen29 days ago
  • So China could just spend... and spend... and spend on foreign aid much like the Soviet Union just spend... and spend... and spend on their military? Boys, i think i know how to beat China :D

    AB CAB C29 days ago
  • because in UN, no matter how small your country is, you still have one vote. that’s why in UN’s human rights council, they praise “China’s human rights”. To be honest, China indeed have some human rights if compare with some shitty countries in Africa and Middle East.

    1000 subs without vids1000 subs without vids29 days ago
  • I thought the title would be more appropriate with "why ROC China and PRC China are battling over tiny island countries", cuz in both Taiwan and China's constitution, they're still in civil war de jure.

    LeoLeo29 days ago
  • i wonder why this video didnt get pushed in my recommendations

    FroggyNipNipsFroggyNipNips29 days ago
  • For we so loved the cold war that we decided to make a dozen more.

    Peter SmythePeter Smythe29 days ago
  • china: bribe leaders with giant projects (where money goes back to chinese firms) taiwan: help local citizens sums up their own political systems in a nutshell

    testtest29 days ago
  • Ok, at this point I honestly feel like I'm gonna get whacked by like everyone cuz..I'm from China...yeah😂

    Dio BrandoDio Brando29 days ago
  • Great video, just 12 years too late.

    Leonard 427Leonard 42729 days ago
  • So I should focus on buying a tiny pacific island, declaring myself an independent nation and wait for the money to start rolling in! Sweet

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide29 days ago
  • Even Tibet is not of China

    Yuvraj AgarwalYuvraj AgarwalMonth ago
  • India will give Taiwan support if they play they cards right

    Yuvraj AgarwalYuvraj AgarwalMonth ago
  • 0:57 Talks about Papua New Guinea, shows teritory of Indonesia. Hmm...

    Indra KusumaIndra KusumaMonth ago
  • 😂😂 even as a samoan, your saying samoa and tonga wrong, but thats pretty Funny tho. Keep up the good content 👍👍

    Straw Hat PivaStraw Hat PivaMonth ago
    • @Charming nowhere to hide ???

      Straw Hat PivaStraw Hat Piva29 days ago
    • Taiwan following footsteps of India. India has spent billions of dollars for reconstruction world of Afghanistan.

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide29 days ago
  • Judging from how unpopular China has become especially with the spread of a Pandemic worldwide, it should be a no brainer for the Pacific to choose Taiwan, and I sure hope that Taiwan will continue to disagree with a reunification. They deserve to be recognized as a country and China banned from the UN.

    joanna NACIANCENOjoanna NACIANCENOMonth ago
    • @Dndqdghg Shtejtejtwt you can understand people's distaste for the CCP government right now though, the virus wasn't even confirmed by the CCP until atleast 2 weeks after the first diagnoses

      ShamrockShamrock26 days ago
    • No matter how your media portraits China, we still have much success controlling the pandemic, even when it starts and no one has know anything about it. You should condemn the countries that with the knowledge of a possible disease on the way and received the warning from WHO and still done so bad. I am so sad about the hypocrisy of you uneducated ppl right now

      Dndqdghg ShtejtejtwtDndqdghg Shtejtejtwt28 days ago
  • Taiwan got it rough.

    timmy D=timmy D=Month ago
  • so its basically money vs humanity?

    Shane UziShane UziMonth ago
  • I live in the Marshall Islands, the people absolutely adore Taiwan and have extreme distrust towards the PRC. However, it almost flipped recently when a representative got an offer from the PRC to effectively turn Rongelap into another Hong Kong.

    Morgan DethlefsenMorgan DethlefsenMonth ago
  • Correction: The traffic scene in 0:58 is showing a traffic scene in indonesia, not Papua New Guinea. 1. The guy with the army uniform is wearing a TNI uniform (Indonesian Army) 2. The numberplates: Papua New Guinea is using black letters on white background while Indonesia is using white letters on black backgrounds. The motorbike in front (1:00) for example is registered in Bali (DK= Bali) and the Toyota van is from central Java (AD). 3. The yellow box truck in the background has a label with the most important technical information on the back of the silver box. That's a requirement for trucks and pickups in Indonesia. 4. The van in front of the truck is called Darmo and it's part of the public transportation system of indonesia. You can see it because the left side of the car is open . Anyway thank you for your work and I hope to see more videos on the topic in the future.

    Stefan ReisenerStefan ReisenerMonth ago
  • that. I love Taiwan.

    hen kohen koMonth ago
  • when you fight without fighting

    Chilling at the top of the comment sectionChilling at the top of the comment sectionMonth ago
  • Please make a vid on how its possible for a dessert to be 110 degrees then -6

    Trevino BrownTrevino BrownMonth ago
  • I used to live on the Marshall Islands and it’s really amazing there

    Kaylee ZimmermanKaylee ZimmermanMonth ago
  • I'm not all that old, but I'm old enough to know that it's better to not belong to the CCP than to belong to them. Even if you're a prosperous western country, it's better to not have China's tentacles wrapped around your economy or nation.

    voilaviolamhvoilaviolamhMonth ago
    • This is a sad situation that Chinese both in Mainland and in Taiwan have to pay for this meaningless battle!

      hen kohen koMonth ago
  • Gents.... look at your map ONCE AGAIN. These "nations" "islands" are Australia's "chain of pearls" analogue and bridge to South America! Natural islands like ones China is already building in South China Sea! They will get screwed, all right, but not by ignoring, but China muscling its way there, to surround Australia (obvious target for expansion and resources) and gain foothold in Antarctica!

    Piotr DudałaPiotr DudałaMonth ago
  • Scrolling through the comments *grabs popcorn*

    Samuel WangSamuel WangMonth ago
  • just like me bribing city-states in civ 5 to get more influences

    red hot crabred hot crabMonth ago
  • Taiwan following footsteps of India. India has spent billions of dollars for reconstruction world of Afghanistan.

    Abhishek SinghAbhishek SinghMonth ago
  • There's no friendship in politics, only interests.

    bowen voowybowen voowyMonth ago
    • Why do you have a sex doll as your profile pic... If thats not a sex doll... Woowza

      Trevino BrownTrevino BrownMonth ago
  • Just put Independence on taiwan don't let greedy expansionist China expand more territory China will trigger WW3 when they feel power

    Asad AlhakbarAsad AlhakbarMonth ago
  • 0:59 looks like it's from Indonesia and not Papua New Guinea

    Jeffrey TjanJeffrey TjanMonth ago

    HU特HU特Month ago
    • Sam: because the pawn will always be sacrificed first Me: how though?

      bowen voowybowen voowyMonth ago
  • "Papua New Guinea" *Shows typical Indonesian roads* It be like that sometimes

    Tanpa NamaTanpa NamaMonth ago
  • Wtf that’s our British job to take small island a place like Gibraltar and Falkland

    DeadShot RemixDeadShot RemixMonth ago
  • I think the Taiwan issue is about to be resolved, because the Hong Kong issue has now been resolved, and the fastest time is probably before the end of the year.

    China HamykuChina HamykuMonth ago
  • Goodness I can barely imagine what an amazing world we would live in IF the Taiwan government vwas the only china

  • UN and the WHO should be dismantled. They are just a bunch of useless corrupts...

    miekoiomiekoioMonth ago
    • The UN has stopped dozens of wars from breaking out

      ShamrockShamrock26 days ago
  • This is a sad situation that Chinese both in Mainland and in Taiwan have to pay for this meaningless battle!

    Zhaoxun YanZhaoxun YanMonth ago
  • The other side of China's 'generosity' is to build overly large projects, airports, deep water harbors etc. When the tiny nations can't afford to pay back the debt, China simply takes over. The move is long term strategic thinking.

    Oh AsisOh AsisMonth ago
    • @Dndqdghg Shtejtejtwt I am not unaware of the long term possibilities. The actuality is that many of these loans cannot be paid back and for that matter, a lot of that so called infrastructure is not of practical use.

      Oh AsisOh Asis28 days ago
    • The strategic help is to provide them with means of making money, not the money itself. Only this way the help is most effective in the long term. So sad you only look at short term money and neglect the long term gains from these infrastructures. In Chinese there is a saying, helping a person with a fish is not good as giving him a fishing pole!

      Dndqdghg ShtejtejtwtDndqdghg Shtejtejtwt28 days ago
  • My mother is from the federated States of Micronesia. Thanks for making this informative and interesting video! ❤.

    AJ MosesAJ MosesMonth ago
  • Let's have vote, a private workout coach course or two trucks of chips?

    Curtis TangCurtis TangMonth ago
  • US fighting diplomatic war: "Invade with army, huge exploitation of resources" China fighting diplomatic war: "Economic aid"

    Mujahid SyedMujahid SyedMonth ago
  • The PRC should offer political union with three quarters of the United flag being the Nationalist flag. The PRC only need to keep the upper left quarter mmkay? Also be interesting to get back the claims the ROC has on land, including all of Mongolia :P

    Run Ze EducationRun Ze EducationMonth ago
    • chinese government has a say on who gets the contract.

      JoannaJoannaMonth ago
  • 中國:中華人民共和國 台灣:中華民國(台灣) 台灣從來都不是中華人民共和國的一部分,我們是一個獨立的有自己法律政治體系 有自己護照的國家

    Alex WangAlex WangMonth ago
    • ur prob banned in china now

      JoannaJoannaMonth ago
  • Great Video...cheers bud!!!?

    soinu foigsoinu foigMonth ago
  • Yeah Polymatter

    Shawn LiShawn LiMonth ago
  • Sam: because the pawn will always be sacrificed first Me: how though?

    SPESSSPESSMonth ago