Call of Duty Warzone - Long Range Sniper

Jun 18, 2020
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COD Warzone long range sniping with the Kar98. I've made a build I think works well for Warzone! Sponsored by Nvidia and PCSpecialist. Check out PCS and RTX GPU here - Playing with @Vikkstar123 and @Stodeh Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.

  • Arent snipers should be long ranged?

    SnifuhSnifuhMonth ago
  • Y is everyone hating on vikstars

    Madeye gamesMadeye gamesMonth ago
  • You ever use the turrets you pick jack? Geez!

    Unlucky BastardUnlucky BastardMonth ago
  • " I think they will nerf the Grau.. I'm worried they wont" Jack: you think they'll nerf it ?? I think they wont.. oh how the tides have turned... or maybe,, CoD just likes f*cking with all the gamers, as they buff/nerf/break a weapon or two seemingly every couple weeks.. i think its on purpose, myself, as it gets everyone going mad for whatever is broken, most likely draws in a LOT more weaker players, who think they now have a chance against better players, and the top few players who despise the broken, nerfed, new buffs... use them anyway and just grouse about it.. and Streamers everywhere going " YOU HAVE TO USE THIS BROKEN LOADOUT IN WZ ~! ! " on every vid for days when some new "broken" weapon is found out.. like the FAMAS is now (8-20-) but to be fixed.

    DPTAZZZDPTAZZZ2 months ago
  • this is exactly whay console should never have cross play with pc or until console get better fps

    Bailey WinterBailey Winter2 months ago
  • I hate being pinned by snipers especially if theres multiple

    jokes onyujokes onyu2 months ago
  • should post time stamps for all the sniping kills

    Jiajian HouJiajian Hou2 months ago
  • "long range sniper" laughs in HDR

    powerhailpowerhail2 months ago
  • No vikkstar pls

    tripping kiptripping kip2 months ago
  • I remember jack using the kar98 on battlefield 1 back in the day.

    AnonymousAnonymous2 months ago
  • Have the Intel 7 9700k with A 2070 super 16 gb of ram I use to make around 200 FPS now after some update and stuff I make like 130-140 what happened

    Doss FishingDoss Fishing2 months ago
  • What's that camo you used for the Kar98k?

    Astro PlutoAstro Pluto2 months ago
  • 12:15 ...sounds familiar

    Ducks Go_QUACKDucks Go_QUACK3 months ago
  • Could you make a video on the AX-50, :)

    Mohammed Al -MudhafarMohammed Al -Mudhafar3 months ago
  • Nice video games

    josila Josilajosila Josila3 months ago
  • I literally figured this out when I unlocked everything for it

    HizE CakeHizE Cake3 months ago
  • How did he barely figure this out

    HizE CakeHizE Cake3 months ago
  • bruh im a higher rank than jackfrags

    Rian O'SheaRian O'Shea3 months ago
  • Fascinating games play. Thoroughly watchable!! Superb team play. Love it! Thanks for posting!!

    Douglas NewmanDouglas Newman3 months ago
  • Long range "sniper" hmmmm.....

    The_PulmeyotThe_Pulmeyot3 months ago
  • Yeah the Akimbo renettis were nerfed into the ground instead of simply balanced. They were really situational but got nerfed harder than the snakeshot

    buddermonger2000buddermonger20003 months ago
  • Fps and Hz ! only high fps does nothing its the Hz what makes the different!

    Itachi UchihaItachi Uchiha3 months ago
  • Call of duty modern Graufare Mp5 edition.

    MikeflightFPVMikeflightFPV3 months ago
  • They use m4 and 4 mp5 on cdl not grau

    Jacob SpencerJacob Spencer3 months ago
  • I'm glad they made the m4 burst, was too op as a starting weapon so it's a bit fairer

  • The fact that you are FORCED to turn on crossplay for warzone is the same reason to not play it. If your on a console you stand no chance.

    David BazalduaDavid Bazaldua4 months ago
    • Don't consoles support m+kb? Shut up.

      Michael PerkinsMichael Perkins2 months ago
  • Vikkstar has a great sense of humor, seems like a really nice guy

    JobJob4 months ago
  • Gotta have that tac laser

    SilentiSilenti4 months ago
  • Not sure if im likeing the warzone vids but, keep up the good work

    aaplume_64aaplume_644 months ago
  • Footsteps Question... Jack, BFV and COD seem to have ignored the importance of audio over visual. Is it because the current games are to large in scale to cope with all of the sounds and they priorities gun fire etc, or is it just a lack of understanding what gamers want... or something else?

    Ross CraddockRoss Craddock4 months ago
  • This just proves PC has more of an advantage over console just from less latency alone

    itopterraitopterra4 months ago
  • good stuff. check my videos out just getting started!

    spencer Kruswickispencer Kruswicki4 months ago
  • Vikstar has to have the most annoying voice

    Danny RuizDanny Ruiz4 months ago
  • I mean wz is 12tik, dought you need to even run higher than 60fps.

    893zero893zero4 months ago
  • I've never heard jack rage ever

    AlexAlex4 months ago
  • Why do you pull your chute so early when you know other players look for that kill ??

    soulnonesoulnone4 months ago
  • play the realism option

    Talon OneOneTalon OneOne4 months ago
  • Poop

    Toby FranceToby France4 months ago
  • Say it aint so Jack, HDR Thermal Scoping?

    Michael SkywalkerMichael Skywalker4 months ago
  • Hard to listen to Vikk for 2 hours especially when he starts saying "hype" phrases and just generally being obnoxious. He has a different energy that belongs more with people who want middle schoolers to think they're cool.

    PixelSagePixelSage4 months ago
  • I think the HDR is still better than the Kar98. Because of the bulletspeed alone already

    Martin RaupachMartin Raupach4 months ago
  • Another load out video.... prepare for allthe kids to start usin it

    DEATHWINGS5000DEATHWINGS50004 months ago
  • Pick up the trophy bro. They run by them all

    James RouseJames Rouse4 months ago
  • Dang I was starting to sweat myself with that last game.

    Jared SherrJared Sherr4 months ago
  • Jack the live streams are great!

    shizzle nizzleshizzle nizzle4 months ago
  • This man right here! Is a USkeys legend. FRAGS AM LEGEND😂

    Jhvoannie LambertJhvoannie Lambert4 months ago
  • I stumbled onto a performing tutorial to get cod points on *trickempire xyz* I got a lot from here. =)

    Gayle AndersonGayle Anderson4 months ago
  • why would one earth would jackfrags run towards that wall in 48:50 after he was just being sniped from that position 30s before.. just to see the rooftop of electronics bldg

    LateAgainGeraldLateAgainGerald4 months ago
  • the only thing my rig is missing is a high HZ monitor.

    Myztkl-KevMyztkl-Kev4 months ago
  • yes you are cool streamer, not annoying at all

    MrPilotansMrPilotans4 months ago
  • looks more like: enfield98k

    osfallatahosfallatah4 months ago
  • That latency due to low frames !!!!

    Kyle JonesKyle Jones4 months ago
  • Most snipers are long range

    Mason SimardMason Simard4 months ago
  • Any tips for levelling the Kar98? I've just been playing Warzone Rumble the last few days, currently on around level 25 with it and making steady progress, but wasn't sure if there was a faster way.

    MorkaiAUMorkaiAU4 months ago
    • @Blake Batty yeah I've been playing the Stir Crazy 10v10 playlist the last few days to get my PKM levels up. I can usually get 1-3 levels per match.

      MorkaiAUMorkaiAU4 months ago
    • Shoot people

      DajoDajo4 months ago
  • I think I’ve gotten into 4 solo rounds where I got the burst m4 and every time I screamed ITS BURST as I get obliterated

    Tristan BijlTristan Bijl4 months ago
  • The main reason I don't use the kar is because of how ugly the monolithic suppressor looks

    Ok OkOk Ok4 months ago
  • if I'm running sub 30 FPS.....and you die to me.....🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    BitigoBlackBitigoBlack4 months ago
  • I streaming if some one wanna check my channel i would be thankful Arian from vienna

    CP9 GhostCP9 Ghost4 months ago
  • the grau is being nerfed midseason

    cardboard jesuscardboard jesus4 months ago
  • This is more like not long range snipping.

    Everything VideosEverything Videos4 months ago
  • what's your rtx card ??

    Pejo Pejo.Pejo Pejo.4 months ago
  • Gotta go with SOH on the Kar 🤙

    James McCannJames McCann4 months ago
  • Gotta love that ww2 german sniper

    unradicalunradical4 months ago
  • Awesome

    Ben GBen G4 months ago
  • With Vikkstar it feels like listening to a 16yo boy hanging out with 25-30yo men

    Pablo MPablo M4 months ago
  • I kinda wanna c him win a match with nothin but the startin pistol u drop with and the FAL from a loot box or the floor

    Mike LeatherdaleMike Leatherdale4 months ago
  • 18:46 that was sick

    Oscar RuizOscar Ruiz4 months ago
  • I have both the AX50 and HDR gold, and the AX50 is my preferred sniper, feel better, sounds gr8, better attachment options, fast scope-in, enjoying your vids!

    Willem GrobbelaarWillem Grobbelaar4 months ago
  • The burst was a challenge low-key from infinity ward

  • They should have it where you respawn from the gulag with the gun you used to win it. It would make sense right?

    TonyTony4 months ago
  • GG

    John WesolowskiJohn Wesolowski4 months ago
  • Vik B.E.Q.U.I.E.T.

    paul hcafcpaul hcafc4 months ago
  • 39:18 Everyone else: crouching, walking slowly, going to ambush enemies Jack and friends: hears through solid walls

    iReyiRey4 months ago
  • I hardly ever snipe unless i feel like mountain chilling with friends cuh most time me and my squad play agro so bounties and house pushes so we need mp5 then we have grau or m4 for midrange, we disengage most super long

    Ink MasterInk Master4 months ago
  • You can right click on the map instead of scroll and drag around to center map on player. Give it a try it is nice

    M AM A4 months ago
  • I love how British ppl pronounce garage like carriage.

    Joe K.Joe K.4 months ago
  • All snipers are made for long range precision and the kar98 wasn’t even made to be a sniper it was an infantry rifle so wtf does long range sniper even mean all snipers are long range🤦🏻‍♂️

    Lethal_JewLethal_Jew4 months ago
  • How do u level up your guns?

    poppe85poppe854 months ago

  • I think if they wanna make the m16/burst m4 viable is remove the "burst" perk and give it an "m16 burst barrel" that increases the damage profile as well as burst (this would be in addition to the "m16 grenadier barrel" not in place of it), similar to how the Renetti has the "Mk3 burst mod" barrel as opposed to just a "burst" perk

    Stretchy MCStretchy MC4 months ago
  • I get irrationally angry when Jacks runs by an armor satchel.

    Ryan WhiteRyan White4 months ago
    • I get irrationally angry when I die

      Placebo GazeboPlacebo Gazebo4 months ago
    • Right!? And then he looks for one later on.. 😆

      Kaj FallströmKaj Fallström4 months ago
  • I think I just dislike vikkstar

    Sam CowinSam Cowin4 months ago
  • @jackfrags do u use a monitor with hdr, or do u find it redundant in a fps shooter like warzone?

    Connor McGhieConnor McGhie4 months ago
  • I had a breakfast sandwich while I watched this - weird.

    Toby AMToby AM4 months ago
  • Honestly can’t watch this with Vik talking.. fuck me ruined the stream sorry Jack I’ll watch the next one when he’s not in it

    Jay ClarkJay Clark4 months ago
  • So an sks isn’t a viable dmr?

    Justin SmithJustin Smith4 months ago
  • "sausage and egg is pretty op"

    TheSpecialAlphaTheSpecialAlpha4 months ago
  • great vid dude! mic sounds alil off

    dvslytwstd66dvslytwstd664 months ago
  • I got triggered at 42:48 when you didnt pick up the plate carrier. dang it jack lol It made me want to go get on and grab one myself

    Scott WoottenScott Wootten4 months ago
  • For gods sake, someone tell Vik to stop talking while he's eating! I love Jack and Stods but I can't deal with that shit.

    Anthony GiacaloneAnthony Giacalone4 months ago
  • I've never even seen above 60fps first hand. Poor lyfe 😔

    KoKaneKoKane4 months ago
  • Nice game and teamplay.

    Olaf B.Olaf B.4 months ago
  • i have subscribed to your other channel I thenk you should use a laser instaed of the stock on kar98k

    The Greatest 10The Greatest 104 months ago
  • Ps So unlucky at the end

    Slobadan MikôcyábychSlobadan Mikôcyábych4 months ago
  • As opposed to... a short range sniper??

    Diego KleinmanDiego Kleinman4 months ago
  • Why not use the big boy sniper rifles?

    Naughty 'NadesNaughty 'Nades4 months ago
  • Loves those good vibes at the end Jack xxx

    Joe BeechJoe Beech4 months ago
  • Fuck cheaters!!!!!!!

    TechNomadTechNomad4 months ago
  • I love your content Jack but i can't endure 2 hrs of vikks laugh. I'm out

    LindendwighttLindendwightt4 months ago
    • @Jay Clark Ali a?

      Mr WhiteMr White3 months ago
    • Couldn’t agree more. Just another Ali A

      Jay ClarkJay Clark4 months ago
  • Thanks for another reason mandatory cross play needs to go away

    Not SureNot Sure4 months ago
    • Its not mandatory, in warzone or ground war. You can turn it off

      StuffStuff4 months ago