Who is Marcus "Lerch" Ortega? (Call of Duty Season 5 Operator) // RealWorld Tactical

Aug 5, 2020
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I was just added to Call of Duty Modern Warfare as Senior Officer Marcus Ortega, also known as Lerch, is an upcoming Shadow Company operator of the Allegiance faction.
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  • Asumare ese selch

    Homso mHomso m4 hours ago
  • pinche marrano no puede ni saltar una puta barda en la vida real

    Jesus GarciaJesus Garcia10 hours ago
  • Dude eats grenade cereal

    Koz ControversyKoz Controversy12 hours ago
  • Real life flexing In the game getting killed in the Gulag everytime

    Squozerr playsSquozerr plays14 hours ago
  • ご本人登場

    遠藤竜太遠藤竜太Day ago
  • what nationality are you from?

    birdy boybirdy boy2 days ago
  • Hes got a big hitbox for sure...

    ThebathroomThebathroom2 days ago
  • Thats bad bro. i like that your a humble person thats being reall keep it money cant buy that👍

    Jose MendezJose Mendez3 days ago
  • Damn he looks cool until he talks. What does this character bring to the over all story of modern warfare other then just a multiplayer character

    SecretlyagazelleSecretlyagazelle3 days ago
  • The haircut pisses me off every time he kills me

    The Roid Raged TrexThe Roid Raged Trex3 days ago
  • Is Domino also a real person. She is hot ;)

    BL4D3RUNN3RBL4D3RUNN3R5 days ago
  • A real heroe in a real world 🔥 Greetings from Ecuador 🇪🇨

    Vladimir DamianVladimir Damian5 days ago
  • Oh fuck this dude real😂😂😂😂😂

    Kendall GKendall G7 days ago
  • So basically you are a lethal weapon for US Govt bro 😁

    Raj BiswasRaj Biswas7 days ago
  • A guy who couldn’t get ripped so went for the puffy built look

    WhoRUIAmMEWhoRUIAmME7 days ago
  • You kinda look like El Salvador for Borderlands 2! If they ever made a Punisher game id hope the company would go to you first.

    Sundas The SavageSundas The Savage8 days ago
  • Suge Knight 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Certified PepeCertified Pepe8 days ago
  • Did u do ur finisher in real life

    thekidfromjupiter 666thekidfromjupiter 6669 days ago
  • Colab with Alex Zedra ma men

    Jr ZrtaJr Zrta9 days ago
  • So fucking cool bro. Glad to have you as an operator. Keep rocking in the real world brotha

    mrsmoxalot 1mrsmoxalot 19 days ago
  • Wow it looks so real

    Alex AgueroAlex Aguero10 days ago
  • when he’s in a hurry the ambulances move for him😳

    YahiaYahia10 days ago
  • marcus is hacker

    Señor XSeñor X10 days ago
  • Century AK....🤮

    Vinny ViciVinny Vici10 days ago
  • So this is the guy that killed me in gulag yesterday

    daniodanio11 days ago
  • Marcus Ortega looks like David batstia twin/half brother

    Tsuki The anime RobotTsuki The anime Robot11 days ago
  • Your 40 but still got it

  • You're same as heroes in Call of Duty

    Arista MaximusArista Maximus13 days ago
  • I think the dopey looking Picchu was based on me.

    buffbeezerbuffbeezer13 days ago
  • Aye I'm ortega too

    Christian Limon OrtegaChristian Limon Ortega14 days ago
  • I have lerch i run him with the Omega mp-7 fully modded and for my sidearm is a custom colt 1911 with reflex sights and hairpin trigger this load out is also for my airsoft load out

    Seth ThorntonSeth Thornton16 days ago
  • Put Lerch in coalition why do they put him in allegiance? If he works as a swat team then why don’t they put him in coalition in call of duty?

    SWAGERSWAGER18 days ago
  • I don't know what he's drinking, but he doesn't look like 40, the only thing that indicates his age is the beard

    klmn krstfklmn krstf19 days ago
  • I’ve found Mara and now I’ve found Lerch, gotta find em all

    That One DudeThat One Dude19 days ago
  • Damnnnnnn

    Charles ArnadoCharles Arnado19 days ago
  • 40??? Dude doesn't even look 35

    Introverted PlatypusIntroverted Platypus20 days ago
  • Man this is awesome

    QuickScopes2009QuickScopes200921 day ago
  • USkeys keeps suggesting about Alex Zedra in which m not interested, YT kept suggesting her videos literally every day which was kinda annoying But this guy is the real deal

    The 90s ladThe 90s lad21 day ago
  • i literally hate this operator

    Blake DixonBlake Dixon22 days ago
  • The guy is the new king of cosplay.

    Writing EliteWriting Elite23 days ago
  • Youre my favorite operator on the roster, and youre cooler in real life too

    Brian St. JohnBrian St. John24 days ago
  • This guy killed me

    Paul CodioPaul Codio25 days ago
  • He's 40?! Man looks like he's 30 damn😂he takes care of himself and is a badass

    Grant CraigGrant Craig25 days ago
  • Will this character affect my hitbox?

    Ching Chong My Ding DongChing Chong My Ding Dong25 days ago
  • He said he owned few company, even shadow company(real life)

    • Shadow Company is real😂

      ValerieメValerieメ20 days ago
  • I liked more season 5 than season 6

    I’m not Yael505I’m not Yael50525 days ago
  • Hi👍99K

    Gunnerdr09 LiveGunnerdr09 Live25 days ago
  • El Marcus mamado

    Nasu 369Nasu 36926 days ago
  • Lerch was my first battle pass oporater

    Brennan FletcherBrennan Fletcher26 days ago
  • Omg

    Lolz YTLolz YT26 days ago
  • Can I be a operator in cod cold war

    WAR hawkWAR hawk26 days ago
  • in the game he is a private military soldier. but nonetheless this guy is a legend

    real FBIreal FBI26 days ago
  • It's wierd to see when people use ghost or price they're BAD (and also camp) and when people use lerch they're not that bad

    Ohboi35Ohboi3527 days ago
  • Imagine breaking into a house only to find someone who looks like he can knock out a bison with a single punch

    DryjuyDryjuy27 days ago
    • I'd knock myself out before he beats me up

      sanitysanity25 days ago
  • This dude is a badass

    CrowCrow27 days ago
  • *shooting starts* California: " Who in the hell do you think you are! "

    James AlvarezJames Alvarez27 days ago
  • I use u all the time 🌝

    ZEROWZEROW29 days ago
  • This actually is his most viewed video

    TheKillerMachineTheKillerMachine29 days ago
  • Who’s here season 6

    Eldridge CasanovaEldridge Casanova29 days ago
  • giga chad

    Lloyd LindoLloyd Lindo29 days ago
  • they made the guy from war zone real?

    CyviathicCyviathic29 days ago
  • Lerch looks like the type of guy to give you 2 dollars at a gas station

    Nigga Poop Crankers 1Nigga Poop Crankers 1Month ago
  • Pls collab w alex zedra

    Lucian ElzingreLucian ElzingreMonth ago
  • Woah can't believe they made lerch from modern warfare into a real thing

    ChiefMaster117ChiefMaster117Month ago
  • This dude is about the side of a Damn bear...

    Animoo RedPandaAnimoo RedPandaMonth ago
  • Wait so mara is alex zedra now you are in cod nice

    COBRA 555COBRA 555Month ago
  • Just want you to know. Your my selected allegiance operator. I only use allegiance nice to see the real version of who i use.

    Austin GreyAustin GreyMonth ago
  • This guy look like a 🌊🌩GOD🌩 🌊

    Jaden WorldJaden WorldMonth ago
  • Thank u for ur service

    Darrell MooreDarrell MooreMonth ago
  • Lerch u r one of my favorites

    Darrell MooreDarrell MooreMonth ago
  • Love the character i use it

    Alex CruzAlex CruzMonth ago
  • Yo I killed you twice yesterday I'm sorry 😟

    Angel ReyesAngel ReyesMonth ago
  • The game is trash but it is what it is..

    Danial AtifDanial AtifMonth ago
  • Your ex LEO geez being pulled over by you I'd rather out the cuffs on myself

    Bryan MinhasBryan MinhasMonth ago
  • We gotta get him on the JRE

    Kid's QuestKid's QuestMonth ago
  • He looks like he can be an utter sweetheart until you get on his bad side

    Tav ParsonsTav ParsonsMonth ago
  • Is shadow team real???

    titanfall 2.0titanfall 2.0Month ago
  • Why made them chose this guy for a video game character Never Hurd of him

    Sterling WitherspoonSterling WitherspoonMonth ago
  • Do a takedown 😂

    Seb SebSeb SebMonth ago
  • Am I the only one that thinks his character looks retarded in game

    J Y EntertainmentJ Y EntertainmentMonth ago
  • Lerch is my favorite Operator for the Allegiance.

    Doi DoiDoi DoiMonth ago
  • من جيب ابو عزرائيل من باب شرجي

    Hussein العراقيHussein العراقيMonth ago
  • would have been better if it was dave batista

    rchimbo2711rchimbo2711Month ago
  • Nice beard

    Andy SuarezAndy SuarezMonth ago
  • Looks like hollow in a way 💀

    xzuki xxzuki xMonth ago
  • This guy appearance is definitely the exact definition of “Experience on law enforcement and marine Corps”

    Noctowl CactusNoctowl CactusMonth ago
  • Thank you shopee!

    Mark RiveraMark RiveraMonth ago
  • You are in war zone

    Alfredo SalazarAlfredo SalazarMonth ago
  • Let’s not lie here Lerch skins are try hards,and that’s a fact

    Dude guyDude guyMonth ago
  • Seeing a big boi running with a tactical gear is scary

    Master ProductionsMaster ProductionsMonth ago
  • Get your hacks out

    unevenestdock01unevenestdock01Month ago
  • Lerch in real life

    Kono DIO DaKono DIO DaMonth ago
  • I can’t count how many times I killed this guy

    Tech_ SupportTech_ SupportMonth ago
  • This guy is my favorite operator now tbh

    Skare KrowSkare KrowMonth ago
  • Ortega? It's mexican lovu bro you're My favorite operator ♥️

    david aviñadavid aviñaMonth ago
  • Not tryna like brag or anything but like I’ve killed him a bunch of times

    H20 FXTR3H20 FXTR3Month ago
  • Imagine getting swatted and it’s JUST this guy. ONE guy and You’re still hitting the dirt 😂

    Da BotoslayerDa BotoslayerMonth ago
  • I’m not gay, but, GODDAMN, MY NIGGA CUTE

    XenoviaXenoviaMonth ago
  • Do you know the person who did ronnin

    Mr. crusader#8457Mr. crusader#8457Month ago
  • 40 years old? man u look younger than my brother who is 25 years old

    pedro tejedapedro tejedaMonth ago