Comethazine - We Gone Win (Official Music Video)

Sep 22, 2020
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  • He a little confused but he’s got the spirit

    Gunnar McCoolGunnar McCool24 minutes ago
  • @dababy?????hop on lil sum sum

    Darrel FuckitDarrel Fuckit3 hours ago
  • when the bad kids mom makes him go to church

    lennlenn3 hours ago
  • Don’t forget them “This song makes me wanna...” came from X

    ItzYaBoi UltraItzYaBoi Ultra4 hours ago
  • Who else got this as an ad?

    luc bruhluc bruh5 hours ago
  • the piano, and the beat is wonderful lol Comethazine always kills it

    BLOB CSGOBLOB CSGO5 hours ago
  • i remeber when he showed this song in triller i was so hype for the so g

    BorisxalvarBorisxalvar5 hours ago
  • I’m getting a jackboy vibe

    Jamari StokesJamari Stokes6 hours ago
  • Damn tnt tez fell out

    Xtendo DeeXtendo Dee7 hours ago
  • Comethazine is the only rapper that makes a sad beat go hard

    SilverhermesSilverhermes7 hours ago
  • This a jack boy type song

    Black Bart SimpsonBlack Bart Simpson7 hours ago
  • Perfect example when the beat doesnt match the song

    LoyalTooColdLoyalTooCold7 hours ago
  • the devil sold his soul to comethazine

    Jives 08Jives 0815 hours ago
  • XD quick to blast, yeah i am pull up

    XeroDollarsXeroDollars15 hours ago
  • Bro i cant with these comments 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Rafy TawfeeqRafy Tawfeeq15 hours ago
  • Yoooooooooo make more music like this!!!!!!!!!!!! This is fire!!!!!!!

    Dr PepperDr Pepper15 hours ago
  • Anyone know what jacket brand that is that comethazine wearin

    xFATALxMOTIONZzxxFATALxMOTIONZzx18 hours ago
  • I don't know why I gotta got step side to side too this!😁💕🔥

    Angie NewsomAngie Newsom19 hours ago
  • This song make me wanna put on Black A1's with white soles

    Krino Da GamerKrino Da Gamer20 hours ago
  • the only scary lightskin ik

    TheRealKingKev_TheRealKingKev_20 hours ago
  • this song makes me wanna blow up the school on test day so the homies don’t gotta work

    barack obamabarack obama21 hour ago
  • This song is like killing someone than crying at their funeral

    1,000 subscribers without a video1,000 subscribers without a video22 hours ago
  • That’s him doing the background vocals?

    ThatkidjayyThatkidjayy22 hours ago
  • Que pedo ya cambio de Flow el Comethazine

    Samuel GamezSamuel Gamez23 hours ago
  • this is accdientally the funniest shit ive ever seen ive been silent laughing for the entire video

    photoncagesphotoncagesDay ago
  • The song makes me want to rob a bank then turn myself in

    Cochise fanCochise fanDay ago
  • bruh why he staring into my soul

    2smokekacper2smokekacperDay ago
  • 2 Million before midnight. I’m calling it.

    JaaJaaDay ago
  • white air force and black force together makes a gray air force and this is what it is like

    tae 。tae 。Day ago
  • This the first time I heard a happy killing song🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    skinny mãñskinny mãñDay ago
  • Avarage church in Mexico

    VanishVanishDay ago
  • i actually fw this style he should do sum like this again

    -BigPapa--BigPapa-Day ago
  • This beat with Comethazine is an oxymoron lol

    Owen S.Owen S.Day ago
  • How High 2

    Warranty OfficielWarranty OfficielDay ago
  • Rapper Eminem is too afraid to diss: *Happy Comethazine*

    Cruz CaffaroCruz CaffaroDay ago
  • This shit hit so different🔥🎥

    Lil JeiceLil JeiceDay ago
  • what a legend

    Mathieu JacquesMathieu JacquesDay ago
  • This make wanna shoot someone and then take them to the hospital

    Andres Ochoa (ao8088)Andres Ochoa (ao8088)Day ago
  • Disney really messed up with that audition. He's having some Disney flashbacks

    bl4ckfl4m3bl4ckfl4m3Day ago
  • East st.louis people are not this crazy like yall think now I can honestly say this they will finess the fuck out of people and talk you out of your fucking shoes. If you are a passive person never mess with them unless you know the streets. I have family in east st.louis and I know they can party out there, but they are not this fucking crazy. Lol he is an artist this is his character to act like he is so cold and insane, but deep down bro probably cool af. My folks cool as heck and far from crazy ive been kicking it with them and have no problems.

    ricki calvinricki calvinDay ago
  • comethazine is just... ugh yes daddy

    CrustyDustyArmsCrustyDustyArmsDay ago
  • He's angry even when he's happy

    mo onmo onDay ago
  • This song make me wanna rob a store then pay for everybody’s grocery

    Just LenoxJust Lenox2 days ago
  • comethazine singing thats a first

    Eliezer TchizigeEliezer Tchizige2 days ago
  • What a peaceful song

    Savage MelSavage Mel2 days ago
  • When the Beat don't match the Lyrics & Video.

    Yep YepYep Yep2 days ago
  • comethazine arrests the cops

    glizzy gob cartiglizzy gob carti2 days ago
  • bro talkin abt blowin brains out on a lofi beat 😂

    glizzy gob cartiglizzy gob carti2 days ago
  • Bro looks upset he had to make a upbeat song lol

    Liam MannLiam Mann2 days ago
  • God listening to the neat before he starts rapping : what a nice Christian God when he hears him start rapping : what in the name of Jesus 👁👄👁

    JayJay2 days ago
  • This is more like the kid that was waiting on a magazine 😪

    Not NotNot Not2 days ago
  • He has a happy beat but still rapping bout murder😂😂😂

    ImnayshaunImnayshaun2 days ago
  • Ahahahhaha

    OscarOscar2 days ago
  • B!tch If it's war den we gone win💪🏽💯

    Lil RobertLil Robert2 days ago
  • This make me want to rob a homeless person just to give to the rich

    bpt kariiibpt kariii2 days ago
  • A stroke of genius.

    WackiestfoolWackiestfool2 days ago
  • beat: 🦋🌼🌈☀️ lyrics: 😈😈🗡⚔️🔪🔫

    João VictorJoão Victor2 days ago
  • Made the mistake of showing this to my mom😭

    Nappy Boi NateNappy Boi Nate2 days ago
    • 😂😂😂

      Da1TruArtistPupDa1TruArtistPup2 days ago
  • Comethazine the type of guy to lick his fingers after eating barbeque

    M CM C2 days ago
  • Tell me why he almost has 2mil views on the and has 300k subs???

    Linda KeomanivongLinda Keomanivong2 days ago
  • *I'm more scared of Happy Comethazine*

    Cruz CaffaroCruz Caffaro2 days ago
  • Best song on Bawskee 4

    Zak GriezmannZak Griezmann2 days ago
  • Comethazine looks like the type of guy to shoot more even if you already dead

  • This is dope, but its funny its like him and 21 savage forcing them self to make nice or calm music but they can feel themselve slippin back to darkness😂

    Devin RayDevin Ray2 days ago
  • Dude just looks angry all the time

    Ethan HenryEthan Henry2 days ago
  • Hannah Montana type beat i see you

    yung joseyung jose2 days ago
  • This shit sound like he made a lo-fi remix of his own song

  • Them doc martins fye ! He got some good shoe taste !!

    Nigga BotNigga Bot2 days ago
  • Comethazine is the type to baptize the pastor

    Son MarSon Mar2 days ago
  • This makes me wanna shoot someone then pay for there medical bills

    ExYouWannaComeOutHereExYouWannaComeOutHere2 days ago
  • This song makes me want to skip paying child support until one month later

    ChamporadoChamporado2 days ago

    kizzibeatzkizzibeatz2 days ago
  • this song make me wanna catch a body and tell him see you in heaven

    Dj/producer arejikDj/producer arejik2 days ago
  • bruh hit his head too hard since when he make this typpa music

    Micielo SilkwoodMicielo Silkwood2 days ago
  • His facial expressions during the intro had me dead💀

    LimitsLimits3 days ago
  • I've never listened to him but.. he got a.. lil crazy look in his eye..... fuck w it tho

    Brianna ReyesBrianna Reyes3 days ago
  • 🥶🥶🥶

    Plasma GeorgePlasma George3 days ago
  • the beat: 😇 the bars: 😈

    XenzXenz3 days ago
  • That thumbnail is me seeing the homeboys after being sick for a week.

    The LøserThe Løser3 days ago
  • Not mr black forces

    Ca'Marion DownerCa'Marion Downer3 days ago
  • Psychiatrist: so lucifer what brings you here today. Devil: I see him every where in my dreams Psychiatrist: who Devil: dat god damn Black Airforce 1 kid

    I gon lie OPUIM*ain't bad at allI gon lie OPUIM*ain't bad at all3 days ago
  • This song make me wanna spread butter on my bread with a spoon

    I gon lie OPUIM*ain't bad at allI gon lie OPUIM*ain't bad at all3 days ago
  • This song makes me want to kidnapp someone's grandma and paint her nails.

    Josh DotJosh Dot3 days ago
  • fool lookin demonic af

    91750fast91750fast3 days ago
  • i watch find him just cuz why th fuck not and i keep getting reccomended song

    Richard TervilRichard Tervil3 days ago
  • B4

    Ghost_jzxlil YTGhost_jzxlil YT3 days ago
  • When the song don’t match the beat

    Dacarri lolDacarri lol3 days ago
  • When You kill somebody then the Coochie Man come outta nowhere🤣:

    Mr. OG SPNCMr. OG SPNC3 days ago
  • What type of jacket is that with skull is that Tyler the creator

    Raphael EdwardsRaphael Edwards3 days ago
  • who else scared of the thumbnail

    VinciVinci3 days ago
  • cara de pescotapa do carai slk

    L3x73r LEx T&rL3x73r LEx T&r3 days ago
  • This a love song about killing people

    UnwantedXiiiUnwantedXiii3 days ago
  • This is a gospel song

    Samuel AkindeSamuel Akinde3 days ago
  • Hes literally the lightskin "21 savage"

    Dabubu SoDabubu So3 days ago
  • It's like being held at gunpoint but at the same time being offered cookies with milk.

    Fifteen 15Fifteen 153 days ago
  • He decided instead hunting that mailman and disney down, he said “let’s not be violent, but we’re still enemies”

    Yung MJYung MJ3 days ago
  • bruh this is different, its usually wayy less calm

    SpIAMRツSpIAMRツ3 days ago
  • This the type of goofys grimey raps about

    baretrillzbaretrillz3 days ago
  • Giving me sour patch kids vibes🥴🥴

    Quintin CurtisQuintin Curtis3 days ago
  • Green mclaren kinda nasty ngl🤢🤢🤢

    Matthew CannonMatthew Cannon3 days ago