1V1 AGAINST 16 Year Old Mikey Williams!! (INTENSE)

Sep 14, 2020
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  • Deleting my channel after this. Somebody keep posting on it

    PontiacMadeDDG VLOGSPontiacMadeDDG VLOGS4 days ago
    • Gimme yo subs

      Glitch PlugGlitch Plug2 hours ago
    • I’m smaller than the both of y’all and I’ll still lock y’all both up

      Damian BallantynDamian Ballantyn3 hours ago
    • And thank you

      Triston FPS XTriston FPS X5 hours ago
    • Yessir ‼️🤟🏾

      Triston FPS XTriston FPS X5 hours ago
    • Well actually nvm I’ll watch somebody else

      BoxheadbreonBoxheadbreon5 hours ago
  • what about this is intense? i think he meant to put the title to: " Bastketball shots-Net ASMR

    Im NazzyFnIm NazzyFn2 hours ago
  • Yo my boy Mikey doin his shit aye bruh GS though love the content

    Glitch PlugGlitch Plug2 hours ago
  • solluminati gonna have fun on this one 😭😂

    chuk odumchuk odum3 hours ago
  • Ddg: play me 1on1 Mikey: alright I’ll shoot around with you

    ᑕ ᕼEᖴᑎEᖇᑕ ᕼEᖴᑎEᖇ3 hours ago
  • I was for real ready to see ddg on the floor

    EnvyMissedEnvyMissed3 hours ago
  • Spoiler : the shot at the end did not go in btw

    Royal KidRoyal Kid3 hours ago
  • GOAT

    Chris EppsChris Epps3 hours ago
  • DDG FG percentage be 10%

    HieiHiei4 hours ago
  • He definitely missed that last shot 😭

    KHEBAKHEBA4 hours ago
  • This is mad embarrassing 😳 why would he upload this vid🗑

    Isaias SantanaIsaias Santana4 hours ago
  • i literally forgot about this channel lmaoo

    Marc HartMarc Hart4 hours ago

    Gordon KavaGordon Kava4 hours ago
  • He frying himself😂😂

    isaac Martinezisaac Martinez4 hours ago
  • For him to actually think he was comp for him😂😑

    WeLxveWet -WeLxveWet -4 hours ago
  • Mikey hezzies are too dangerous😈....made DDG jump just about every time😂😂

    Eli so Crazy VlogzEli so Crazy Vlogz4 hours ago

    Armon CollinsArmon Collins4 hours ago
  • I’ll hoop on Mikey

    SN95 LifeSN95 Life5 hours ago
  • Go back to Michigan and do a 1v1 against Emoni Bates. He's WAYYY better than MIkey.

    Khendyll HommingaKhendyll Homminga5 hours ago
  • Mikey a different breed no 🧢 he said he ain’t flight but we all know when he dunking he taken flight

    Dmoney KingDmoney King5 hours ago
  • Ddg tried to pull a flight game 15

    MNboy NoelMNboy Noel5 hours ago
  • Damn DDG 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    Joseph WilliamsJoseph Williams5 hours ago
  • Mikey tall asf

    KsliceTvKsliceTv5 hours ago
  • 😂😂 Ddg went 3 for 17

    AmiyahhhAmiyahhh5 hours ago
  • My mans traveled only to get blocked...

    UsquaredUsquared5 hours ago
  • That Jeff’s noise at 9:04

    ServoWavezServoWavez5 hours ago
  • Damm he tall😂

    Ken TheGoatKen TheGoat5 hours ago
  • Ends the video missing a jumper

    Bikelyfe ExclusiveBikelyfe Exclusive5 hours ago
  • Why can't DDG just accepted the fact that he only is good @ bball when he going against someone that dosent take it serious first it was first to 11 then first to 15. Mikey baby him he is playing with him fr

    Zyηχ is a qtZyηχ is a qt5 hours ago
  • bro ddg yo jumper broke asl😂

    Kash.x0Kash.x05 hours ago
  • I ain’t flight 😅😅 Proceeds to hit 3😭

    moneyworldrobmoneyworldrob5 hours ago
  • mikey didnt even try 🤣 smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

    harmoni wrightharmoni wright5 hours ago
  • You gon get yo ass buss ddg

    Zyηχ is a qtZyηχ is a qt5 hours ago
  • You got it handled to you

    BDBBDB5 hours ago
  • embarrassing ddg 😭

    iamemxly_iamemxly_6 hours ago
  • Ddg next song is with gunna

    EriksosaucyyEriksosaucyy6 hours ago
  • the vid says intense but mikey made it look pretty easy ngl

    NokeNoke6 hours ago
  • Mikey the GOAT

    Malia MaakeMalia Maake6 hours ago
  • he rlly aint get the message with all them 3s he bricked

    ASE YungBabyASE YungBaby6 hours ago
  • i thought this man was finna quit youtube

    NokeNoke6 hours ago
  • Dang Darryl 😭😭.

    VaaleriieVaaleriie6 hours ago
  • Ddg was trying so hard 😂😂😂

    Datboi tim vlogsDatboi tim vlogs6 hours ago
  • DDG trash

    Unknown BoiUnknown Boi6 hours ago
  • Play flight

    Zaeveonn HargroveZaeveonn Hargrove7 hours ago
  • Mikey: 🚶‍♂️ DDG: 🏃‍♂️ Mikey wasn’t even trying 😂... Mikey: 🥱 DDG: 🥵 DDG was trying 😂

    100 Sub challenge with No Video100 Sub challenge with No Video7 hours ago
  • intense my ass he wasnt taking you seriously

    was !was !7 hours ago
  • This was easy money for Mikey. Not intense at all

    Monas311Monas3117 hours ago
  • Ssh

    lil Pankakelil Pankake7 hours ago
  • bruh

    PewDiePie LPewDiePie L7 hours ago
  • DDG a 55 overall dookie brown shirt

    itsNotedditsNotedd7 hours ago
  • Random people who like this will become billionaire someday

  • He ah big nikka😂

    Leaked out for 2sLeaked out for 2s7 hours ago
  • the way mikey chewed you up...

    Blk MariBlk Mari7 hours ago
  • My guy got at least 20 ads😂😂😂

    Damian WilliamsDamian Williams7 hours ago
  • Mans trash 😂😂😂

    marvinmarvin7 hours ago
  • Hard to watch bro. You looking sad.

    Sheed VSSheed VS8 hours ago
  • When little bro think he can beat you

    William RidgewayWilliam Ridgeway8 hours ago
  • How you lose and your video was boring

    Wavy QuiseWavy Quise8 hours ago
  • Quietest game of bball ever

    Jermaine GrimesJermaine Grimes8 hours ago

    ThatBoyMalleThatBoyMalle8 hours ago
  • Then he missed the last shot and edited out (he was mad)😂

    Perfect-_-Aim 1017Perfect-_-Aim 10178 hours ago
  • Yo next shooting badge you get grab quick draw for me 🙃

    Duce_ 215Duce_ 2158 hours ago
  • He said this why i told u not to come then why post it if u didnt 💀🤷‍♂️

    Joshua PhillipsJoshua Phillips8 hours ago
  • We ain’t gone call the travel before the three good shit doe Ddg 🤣

    Deezy HoodzDeezy Hoodz8 hours ago
  • Boy Mikey was just look at him when he was in the paint like nigga your to little 😂😂😂

    Michaelthebest 3Michaelthebest 38 hours ago
  • This 1v1 was soo boring bih😂💀

    njswrld-njswrld-8 hours ago
  • the music and noise sound effects are why you are the greatest of all time sir hhahahahahaha

    Darius D22Darius D228 hours ago
  • i remember when ddg was ass

    raybanman musicraybanman music8 hours ago
  • thought he said he quit yt?

    raybanman musicraybanman music8 hours ago
    • Lmbo thought he was waaaaaaaaaaaay smaller.

      mijuo rouimijuo roui8 hours ago
  • When ddg tried to back down mikey bruh that nigga mikey was not moving😭 making ddg look like a freshman

    Keonte WilliamsKeonte Williams8 hours ago
    • He sleeping step up he can drive and shoot but that space to much a little body on him won’t hurt

      mijuo rouimijuo roui8 hours ago
  • better than who ?

    _ljd1_ljd18 hours ago
  • Mikey won it's over

    that0nebum -_-that0nebum -_-9 hours ago
  • The camera man don’t know who to record bih🤣😂

    Brian DonellBrian Donell9 hours ago
  • DDG you got embarrassed 😅. I feel tht he paid for him to come out. He didnt want to play at all

    MagnificentDave TVMagnificentDave TV9 hours ago
  • DDG your Garbage 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Garrett ParkerGarrett Parker9 hours ago
  • I ain’t flight 😂

    Ghosted 2kGhosted 2k9 hours ago
  • Ddg: INTENSE MIKEY: ... cooks ddg with just a hesi 😂

    AtK.AtK.9 hours ago
  • He talking about Deshae but he short too🤣

    D’Mariyah_ RhiannaD’Mariyah_ Rhianna9 hours ago
  • 🔥

    SplashSplash9 hours ago
  • 🔥

    SplashSplash9 hours ago
  • 🔥

    SplashSplash9 hours ago
  • Mikey got u looking stupid

    RNG_TMRNG_TM9 hours ago
  • He sleeping step up he can drive and shoot but that space to much a little body on him won’t hurt

    ComeUpVasComeUpVas9 hours ago
  • Lmbo thought he was waaaaaaaaaaaay smaller.

    TRUMPish 2 MAGATRUMPish 2 MAGA9 hours ago
  • Where is the intensity

    Mark AndersonMark Anderson9 hours ago
  • bro fym “intense”

    Sanchit SinghSanchit Singh9 hours ago
  • Mikey a real goat bro

    Marco PoloMarco Polo9 hours ago
  • Ddg why old niggas stay tryna play young bulls like y’all still fast stop

    Sir DkanyeSir Dkanye9 hours ago
  • The thing is Mikey wasn’t trying

    Snipecash24 xXSnipecash24 xX9 hours ago
  • maybe the prob is ddg is giving him to much room

    lukas hepferlukas hepfer9 hours ago
  • Why is DDG Sweating, Mikey barely made him run 😂😂😂

    leke mayungbeleke mayungbe9 hours ago
  • I can beat both of yall and not play hard😂

    Y GY G9 hours ago
  • This nigga got 40 rebounds

    Ynng jayvyYnng jayvy9 hours ago
  • You are not better than me

    JSC MADDEN 21JSC MADDEN 219 hours ago
  • Legend has it that he missed that shot at the end

    CTCT10 hours ago
  • Ddg was sooo happy when he scored😭😭😭. He said “😁 ...”lil nigga”.😭😭😭😭

    Kylie MontgomeryKylie Montgomery10 hours ago
  • now dat youngin didnt put forth no effort

    Wavyboi TaeWavyboi Tae10 hours ago
  • mikey knew he was lightwork

    ybn_rory 1ybn_rory 110 hours ago
  • This game dead fr it’s all quiet

    Runitup JeffRunitup Jeff10 hours ago
  • Don’t use headphones in dis video all dis squeaking

    Runitup JeffRunitup Jeff10 hours ago