May 22, 2020
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we got caught...
Ireland Boys Productions

  • Don’t think Jack is always this disrespectful, because off camera he is usually nice and respectful, however this prank got to his emotions because of how elaborate and planned out this prank was.

    Ireland Boys ProductionsIreland Boys ProductionsMonth ago
    • Hi

      BethBeth4 days ago
    • NICK GET AWAY!!!!! He has corona!!!!!!!

      6ixty6ix Gunner6ixty6ix Gunner6 days ago
    • @Jack Doherty Dang lol

      BurgerBoy1128BurgerBoy11289 days ago
    • Just to complete my ocd 300

      Jeffyburger 1Jeffyburger 111 days ago
    • Lol

      dawson boys!dawson boys!11 days ago

    JBB 1234JBB 12347 hours ago
  • LOL

    Christine AntoineChristine Antoine8 hours ago
  • good job

    nikkoinikkoi12 hours ago
  • Ricky pulled the snitch9ine card

    ChrisYtツChrisYtツ17 hours ago
  • I lowkey fw the dude's infinity truck tho

    Romero DavisRomero Davis19 hours ago
  • bro why did Nick snitch like that bro

    I don't know channelI don't know channel21 hour ago
  • Poor jack😂😂😂.

    KRQ11KRQ11Day ago
  • Lol

    Joey RugglesJoey RugglesDay ago
  • Do arresting your parents prank

    Kristina KennedyKristina KennedyDay ago
  • Jack was acting just like a Karen

  • Ohh my God Idk why Jack is so Mean🤣🤣

    Jason Dirk RamosJason Dirk Ramos2 days ago
  • Ricky name is Richard wow 😂 nick is Nicholas wowww

    Rhea LemonsRhea Lemons2 days ago
  • I know this was just a prank and I get that but still jack doesn’t need to act like that in front of a detective. Even thought this guy Is not a real detective, but if it was real he woulda been in so much trouble

    N JKN JK2 days ago
  • xD xD

    Aldo MadrigalAldo Madrigal2 days ago
  • Im trash youtuber

    Aldo MadrigalAldo Madrigal2 days ago
  • How old is jack

    charli angelscharli angels2 days ago
  • 11:23 Ngl even though it wasnt really annoying or anything it is funny that mans wanted to see a pic of his dog before getiing arrested

    Om DesaiOm Desai3 days ago
  • When Jack was talking trash about the cop I said chill the f##k down bro

    Opal and IvyOpal and Ivy3 days ago
  • Plot twist: It wasn’t a prank

    TheTwinTuberzTheTwinTuberz3 days ago
  • 9:38 who also noticed he spelled Carolina wrong

    FAoS Mommy 3123FAoS Mommy 31234 days ago
  • Your mercy is the crappiest in the game it’s not soft Logan Paul’s is 10 times better

    Joshua CarlsonJoshua Carlson4 days ago

    erikamorafulerikamoraful5 days ago

    FR FrFR Fr5 days ago
  • Nick snitching

    YoFlexYTYoFlexYT5 days ago
  • How Jack kept roasting dem was so funny

    Janice HoJanice Ho6 days ago
  • Hi

    Ben’s Reading CornerBen’s Reading Corner6 days ago
  • Are we not going to talk about the end 16:41

    golden riflegolden rifle6 days ago
  • He look scared and at the end he look piss off

    Chris JonesChris Jones6 days ago
  • 6ix9ine? More like snitch9ine

    rachel arroyorachel arroyo6 days ago
  • Hi kid good vid

    TheivingDrPepperYTTheivingDrPepperYT7 days ago
  • I unsubscribed from Jack after I heard how he talks

    Jack WalkerJack Walker7 days ago
  • My ass has rabies

    SlazzSlazzSlazzSlazz7 days ago
  • Hi

    Lorin ConnorLorin Connor8 days ago
  • Done. Jack is a prank don’t fall for it don’t do it it’s a prank it’s fake it is stupid how come it’s a fake The Cops it’s fake don’t don’t trust them They Prank. you

    Katelynne IsbellKatelynne Isbell8 days ago
  • can someone please tell me what that sound effect from 15:43 to 15:47 is 😭

    TitaniumDuckTitaniumDuck8 days ago
  • Bru my dad has been through this prank for over 27 years

    Gameruy_ YTGameruy_ YT8 days ago
  • My name is Richard :D (When I saw the name richard I was like :OOOOO)

    Richard gamingRichard gaming8 days ago
  • Wow everyone in this comment section keeps saying if this was real he would be in so much trouble. You do all realize that if they really wanted to prosecute the videos would be all they need. They could still go to jail. And no police officers do not have to wait for your parents to cuff you and take you to a precinct. Since he was a visitor there and underage, than the Mr. Ireland could be there as a proxy until Jack's parents got there. Now with that being said, you guys really pulled a great prank. It was a fun video to watch. But please do take care of what you get into. Being from a older generation, I see kids your age doing things like this and I get it. We all done things like these. But we didn't post all the evidence online.

    atbender89atbender898 days ago
  • Doherty is a liar and he sounds dumb‼️

    Joe TuipulotuJoe Tuipulotu8 days ago
  • That was pretty good

    Kyptic loxKyptic lox9 days ago
  • Haha😑 so funny it’s fake btw

    Vibin FishVibin Fish9 days ago
  • Dum cop😠😤

    earl rogersearl rogers9 days ago
  • 6ix 9ine lol

    Mutahar SiddiquiMutahar Siddiqui9 days ago
  • 😯😯😯🥴🥴🥴🥴😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

    Mr FragMr Frag9 days ago
  • jack is so stupid if this was real then he would be f***** over so hard and he would regret it

    Adrijus YTAdrijus YT9 days ago
  • I'm irish

    Johnjoe14Johnjoe149 days ago
  • Jack’s a damn savage

    Andres Antonio BatistaAndres Antonio Batista10 days ago
  • Ok but is Jack taken?

    breanna Doylebreanna Doyle10 days ago
  • The outer banks lighthouse. The show on Netflix?

    Cloudy RiseCloudy Rise10 days ago
  • Bro jack was like pulling out the biggest move out here if that was a fr cop the cop had the right to take him as soon he showed the papers but thank god it was a prank

    Air_the_ Wick21Air_the_ Wick2110 days ago
  • Ha ha

    Supreme_YT WiFiSupreme_YT WiFi10 days ago
  • ...fake?

    Hazz22Hazz2210 days ago
  • lol jakc says he did not break in but he did XD ik it fake and prank, but everybody tell truth but jack lol

    Riley ShippieRiley Shippie11 days ago
  • If this was real he would of fucked this up

    Kennedy CornishKennedy Cornish11 days ago
  • So disrespectful talking back

    Kennedy CornishKennedy Cornish11 days ago

    Leaf TohruLeaf Tohru11 days ago
  • Nice

    Orbit FA JackOrbit FA Jack11 days ago
  • big fan i subed

    Isaac MunitzIsaac Munitz11 days ago
  • Ireland boys are the best youtubers ever keeping on making great vids please

    Ty Rodriguez-BayerTy Rodriguez-Bayer12 days ago
  • Kỵdkd

    Bach NguyenBach Nguyen12 days ago
  • Lol jack is so disrespectful just look at his legs in the car

    KepzyKepzy12 days ago
  • 16:41 😂

    -Immortalあ-Immortalあ12 days ago
  • I love this channel

    Mia and RyanMia and Ryan12 days ago
  • i love how whenever jack realizes he immediately apologizes to the guy

    Gabrielle CatalfanoGabrielle Catalfano13 days ago
  • hi

    Iker JavierIker Javier13 days ago
  • That kid looked like jelly

    david the gamer777david the gamer77713 days ago
  • 1 like and 1 prefer

    Beep BeepBeep Beep14 days ago
  • Was jack Dohertys dad in on the prank

    GraXityFNGraXityFN14 days ago
  • If I was sheriff, I would’ve taken jack even if it was just a prank, for being such a big mouth. Thinking he knows everything 😂

    Alexis ReyesAlexis Reyes14 days ago
  • Jjajjjj 69

    zombie ax deadzombie ax dead14 days ago
  • Pretty sure Jack’s dad probably had a good long talk with him about being disrespectful to cops after this.

    HerbieHerbie14 days ago

    ROBLOX MusicROBLOX Music14 days ago
  • “Pull a 6ix9ine move”😂

    BeatboxerIcy 2009BeatboxerIcy 200914 days ago
  • Fyp

    SomoMiricalYTSomoMiricalYT14 days ago
  • *do u have any weapons* jack *ye a hole entire army*🤣🤣

    JustGoldJustGold14 days ago
  • i feel bad for jack and nick like i felt bad for saying that nick :( jack almost got arrested but nick he is too young and jack

    Jack- O-GuardJack- O-Guard14 days ago
  • Boi

    David MarinDavid Marin14 days ago
  • Toxex

    Jones FamilyJones Family14 days ago
  • You guy toxic damm beo

    lori linkslori links14 days ago