Mark Cuban on Voting Biden in November and Why He Didn't Run for President Himself | The View

Jul 1, 2020
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The entrepreneur discusses his support for former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential run and how wearing masks can save the country money.
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    JJHour ago
  • Biden: I wear a mask vote for me...I believe in science vote for me...🤣🤣🤣

    ALLLALLL12 days ago
  • Joe is very stupid don't ask him any serious questions cuz he won't understand anything you're talking about he came to Wisconsin and fell asleep in our church that's how dumb he is

    tim6666tim666612 days ago
  • One of the biggest assholes on Shark Tank

    tim6666tim666612 days ago
  • Remember the time this guy bankrolled an anti-military propaganda movie that stoked some jihadist sympathizer into murdering two American servicemen? Good times!

    ConcealedCarrierConcealedCarrier21 day ago
  • Mark Cuban, the billionaire liar.

    C OC O21 day ago
  • Mark is an excellent conversationalist and you just can't help but side with him. A master salesman.

    Mrjvc163Mrjvc16328 days ago
  • What a bunch of clowns.

    Dream KingDream KingMonth ago
  • #Say His Name Cannon Hinnant

    melanie lecomptemelanie lecompteMonth ago
  • I'm playing my Trump Card😂😂😂😂

    Peaceful JouneyPeaceful JouneyMonth ago
  • Mark Cuban a joke.

    n Vangn VangMonth ago
  • Mark Cuban is a WOKE JOKE.

    ConservativeAnthemConservativeAnthemMonth ago
  • Mark Cuban and ALL the WOKE sports world think that advertisers will continue to pay triple the cost to advertise when their ratings are dropping in half and more! Mark Cuban also thinks is ok for the CCP to run the NBA and get away with all their crimes against humanity! This is ALL about money people! Wake up and follow the money 🙏🏾🇺🇸🙏🏾

    Missy JeanMissy JeanMonth ago

    Haleem MuhammadHaleem MuhammadMonth ago
  • He would be a nice reasonable president... To run America

    sabari nathsabari nathMonth ago
  • Mark Cuban run for president? lol hahahaha, your kidding right?

    protruth1protruth1Month ago
  • Cuban for president?? No thanks..

    Thomas D SouzaThomas D SouzaMonth ago
  • Mr. Cuban, with respect and with true humility in my heart is that I dare to ask you: Can you imagine if one of Our Founding Fathers would have said: "I took a family vote and I chose not to continue and re-focus these people to that American Experiment we dream about? Can you just imagine? Well I am a nobody who is usually told is a bot, a radical, a troll, just for humbly asking these important questions. I judge you not, but here is my view: I am a Republican with 3 social media followers that is just worried that if smart, honest, natural leaders like yourself, with the privilege of reach and financials just, with respect, clean their hands and simply puts them in your pants pocket and say, I just can't now." We have a cheeto-face clown in the WH destroying all that has made you and you just walk away? Not the right time? I mean no offense to you, your wife and your beautiful family. But Sir, when?! Your kids deserve for us to battle all that is possible and save this dream that is America. If we all say, sorry not the right time, then when? Hey, again I am just trying to vote for people that still truly believe in this Experiment of Ours. Now, again I humbly ask what it will be of The People who truly believe America is worth saving? We, AMERICA is nothing if not this Experiment. This dream that I would love to have what you have to spark that fire that got us what we wanted in 1781. Please, someone has to care. Thank you for reading. May God bless you and your family. #ToBeAmerican

    J DJ DMonth ago
  • I heard the Dallas Mavericks just changed their name to the Chinese Mavericks. Bringing communism and concentration camps to a neighborhood near you.

    Chrono KennyChrono KennyMonth ago
  • Mark makes a far better President if he wins. He is intelligent and is rich without being fake.

    Hamilton AsseiroHamilton AsseiroMonth ago
  • So disappointed in him. Republicans are worse than Trump for letting him get away with impeachable offenses. They need to pay at the polls this November, every single one of them.

    grod805grod805Month ago

    Adrienne KennedyAdrienne KennedyMonth ago
  • Mark must like lawlessness & anarchy, the return of a moribund economy, unchecked illegal immigration, excessive & punitive taxation, and usurpation of your Constitutional Rights in the name of "diversity" or "public health concerns". We do not need "rollover Republicans" who capitulate in Congress (or worse, a DNC controlled Congress). WAKE UP ! TRUMP 2020 !

    Evil RevEvil RevMonth ago
  • The party is coming to and end soon girls and Mark, we the people are now the ne woke crowd, the progressive liberal movement that hijacked the Democrat party had pushed to far and we are going to expose their puppet master George Soros founder of ANTIFA and BLM for the racial divide he's created it's time to get back on the right side of the law, strap yourselves in girls this will be more than a bumpy ride

    Dennis GilesDennis GilesMonth ago
  • Billionaires get more tax cuts from Republicans so that is why they like them while democrats give tax cuts to the middle class people.. see the difference..

    Siyad YusufSiyad YusufMonth ago
  • at the end of the day, he is a Billionair who wants his cake and eat it too. And that Government Cake is HUGE!

    Tonto GonzalesTonto GonzalesMonth ago
  • He doesn't have the discipline needed to be a President . He loses his temper easily and he loves Chinese money .

    thomas fletcherthomas fletcherMonth ago
  • Mark, please help us to make America better. I’m just a nobody. But together we can do this! Most want to be safe, healthy and well again. Most want OUR economy to be better & strong again. Thank you for looking at the whole picture.

    Dawn JonesDawn JonesMonth ago
  • Hey Mark, forget the running for President. I think u have found your place... With the 4 women of the View.

    Sean MosleySean MosleyMonth ago
  • Wearing masks are much easier to wear than wearing ventilators

    anthonynewsomeanthonynewsomeMonth ago
  • Oh, and Republican economic policy is SO much better and more 'unique', right? Shut your piehole, Cuban. As a former Dallasite and continuing Mavs fan, I could never stand this guy, who has largely been a success in spite of his frequent dumbassery, not because of his alleged genius. What he did to Tyson Chandler was bad team management, and worse ethics. He's an utter tool.

    Richard AdamsRichard AdamsMonth ago
  • Joe has the right qualities, what a fucken joke, Joe ' Who is Aunt Tifa? '

    Excelsior ProductsExcelsior Products2 months ago

    johnjohn2 months ago
  • bunch of cackling hens!

    kupakukupaku2 months ago
  • For someone who made all that money....he really is stupid!!!

    kupakukupaku2 months ago
  • So he is Voting for Joe Biden because he believes in science bus does not know how to revive the economy. Makes a lot of sense. Sounds like he wants to run at a later time after sleepy Joe has demonstrated he has no clue what he is doing so he can have an easy win. Mark knows he would be destroyed if he ran against Trump.

    Juan GonzalezJuan Gonzalez2 months ago
  • A real man ! Puts his kids best interest ahead of his own !

    Billy MortonBilly Morton2 months ago
  • Mark has practiced democracy at home, he would be a good democratic leader if he runs for potus, yes masks are very beneficial for all people and economy, one great method of prevention of viruses spreading

    Lang LeechLang Leech2 months ago
  • Joy Behar using the word 'Trumpism' is indicative of the lack of intelligence and moral ineptitude of those who hate the President with such unmitigated fervor. She has never hidden the fact that she not only despises him, she detests the people who vote for him. This poor woman has allowed hate and negativity to consume her. We used to call that 'psychosis'. Now, we just call it 'being a democrat '.

    Susy MahalickSusy Mahalick2 months ago
  • trump news today

    yanko kosanovicyanko kosanovic2 months ago
  • The NBA has watered down its viewership so BADLY, it can no longer support the average $8MM player salaries. THE NBA has been required to contract to the point of no return with the PRC (China). Multi-BILLION dollar contracts straight from Bejing. Therefore, ANYTHING Cuban lets fell out of his mouth is ANTI-TRUMP. You have become a huge disappointment, Cuban. The Chinese are your God, and you've abandoned America under the cloak of your slippery marketing 'skills'. You are just another billionaire who has a personal financial agenda. You think 'Joe' will keep the flood gates to CHINA.

    MarkMark2 months ago
  • NO MORE BUSINESS PEOPLE AS PRESIDENT! the USA is not a business, but government is a service, not a profit machine. Sometimes we have to overspend to address an immediate need. Trump is the perfect example, a CEO is only good for a numbers crunching business, because face it, heads of businesses are only worried about their profits, shareholders, and not much else. I pray to God, thats noy what we want as a country, as a leader.

    bduhe219bduhe2192 months ago
    • Businesses pay taxes, employ people, provide products & services by solving problems. Unlike gov. a business deploys its limited capital in ways that best meet its needs. A business leader brings together the right talent to solve specific problems. A business leader understands the law & operates within the framework to survive. A businessman understands the ramifications of gov. regulation & taxes. A business sets long & short terms goals & develops the strategy to implement them. The reason why the US is spiraling out of control with debt is because its past leaders are clueless on how to run a business. NO entity can survive spending 2x what it takes in annually. ALL business leaders understand gov spending needs to slow & continued growth is our only way out. There is NO service government can do or run more efficiently than private business. The profit motive & competition spurs innovation and rewards efficiency something that every gov. body lacks. Teddy Roosevelt once said, "The business of America, is business".

      RickyRicky2 months ago
  • Mark Cuban, and what are Republican economic policies that are new and non-traditional? More tax cuts for the wealthy? More deregulation so companies can do whatever they want? More trickle down theory? It's great that you will vote for Biden, but giving these Republicans the levers that will block Biden's attempts to fix things proves that you were never presidential material, and have little innovative foresight. You're just a Republican who doesn't like Trump, but you're Ok with allowing Trumpism to fester and destroy any chance we have at joining the rest of the world in healthcare, education, infrastructure, and science. You sound intelligent, until you say dumb things.

    rabukan 58rabukan 582 months ago
    • US join the rest of the world? Who has the largest economy? Is that poss. with no infrastructure? Where does the world attend university? What country contributes more to innovation & science? There are several reasons why the US does not have univ. healthcare. At the core is setting prices for medical care which a market economy does NOT do. Once you determine what docs. get paid, shortages begin to arise. If the US did not have to defend the world, maybe we could afford a bit more at home. Only US military power keeps the world at relative peace. Most other countries are very happy we are not them.

      RickyRicky2 months ago
  • I would vote for Mark

    dave birddave bird2 months ago
  • Why are we platforming someone to speak on politics who has no political experience or insider knowledge. Stay in your lane

    Demelio UDemelio U2 months ago
    • The current president ran a hotel business that was passed down from his dad and managed to burn it to the ground multiple times. If he can be president anyone can talk about politics at this point.

      Priscilla & Jay - The PJ’sPriscilla & Jay - The PJ’s2 months ago
    • You're wrong, for you to be rich, you must know how to play politics

      Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin2 months ago
  • Another Idiot, and here Mark Cuban really looks like and Idiot

    Ana Maria GutierrezAna Maria Gutierrez2 months ago
  • Mark brings up an interesting point. In the 2008 election, a Democratic president inherited an economy in crisis, due in large part to the bungling of its republican predecessors, i.e. lack of diligent oversight and regulation of the banking industry. Now it’s beginning to look like another democratic president may be inheriting a huge mess due to the bungling of the current administration. I just hope Americans will remember the reality rather than the lies and shifting blame that’s already started.

    Andrew JohnAndrew John2 months ago
    • Sir, you have a complete misunderstanding of the 2008 financial crisis. The federal gov at behest of the democrats in congress sued banks for not providing loans to certain areas a process called 'redlining'. The banks went on to make the loans to people who couldn't afford them. The banks not wanting to assume the risk packaged & sold them to unknowing buyers. Now guys like you look back & blame the banks & Republicans? Ignorance is bliss

      RickyRicky2 months ago
  • Thought Cuban was a smart guy.... hes an idiot if he votes biden..... never thought he would think this way. Does he not watch real news? Must watch cnn.... this show is full of hypocrites and noobs... needed my fix of laughable , fake news....TRUMP 2020.....

    Me YouMe You2 months ago

    Time SensitiveTime Sensitive2 months ago
  • Which Republican other than Romney.

    Everton BlakeEverton Blake2 months ago
  • You vote democrat you vote to defund the police... let alone a dummy like biden

    james johnsonjames johnson2 months ago
  • Best endorsement ever

    Kyle MilliganKyle Milligan2 months ago
  • Dumb Dumb and Dummer the box set....................STHU

    Kimberly NealKimberly Neal2 months ago
  • Anybody considering voting for a guy who can’t string two coherent sentences together - is as uninformed and dim witted as Joe Biden aren’t bright enough to vote.

    One Good Turn Gets Most Of The BlanketOne Good Turn Gets Most Of The Blanket2 months ago
  • Cuban - yang 2024 🙌🏼

    R RamirezR Ramirez2 months ago
  • If Hilary were President we would be far worse off. Biden couldn't even beat out Hilary four years ago and you can't beat Biden. Your own family wouldn't vote for you! Why should we listen to your opinions????

    Gary IGary I2 months ago
  • What? Mark Mark Mark 🤦‍♂️

    Jojos page rodneyJojos page rodney2 months ago
  • Mr Cuban now says that he is going to support Kanye West for POTUS. So tell us, Mr Cuban, when did Kayne become an expert in the economy?

    Liberty AliveLiberty Alive2 months ago
  • Take the poll: Do Americans want a government that will protect them, their children, their business and family? Why are so many Democratic Cities in Chaos Seattle, NY, Chicago with violence in crime? Debate the issues take and build your own polls, advertise your business and more at unbiased real free speech social network for you. Your voice matters. Vote to keep your family, friends and children safe.

    ChitchatrChitchatr2 months ago

    Karen SpeidelKaren Speidel2 months ago
  • How can people sing with a mask on ! Just another view idiot !

    Karen SpeidelKaren Speidel2 months ago
  • Wow I used to like MARK but turns out hes a communist after all !

    Karen SpeidelKaren Speidel2 months ago
    • Uh, no. You realize there will be less and less work going forward as more jobs are automated? Do you feel only the rich should be able to live? Wealth distribution has to occur for people to survive and for us to make the changes in lifestyle necessary to ensure the planet remains habitable in the future.

      TimboCanadaTimboCanada2 months ago
  • Interesting how masks weren’t an issue on your show when the protests were going on huh?

    Mr BearMr Bear2 months ago
  • No

    Janet FitzgeraldJanet Fitzgerald2 months ago
  • Day 1: Biden forgets his wife Day 2: Saves the world

    Mr BearMr Bear2 months ago
    • Day 1 Trump forgets his oath of office Day 2 destroys America

      John SmithJohn Smith2 months ago
  • Don't know why people think it would be a great idea for Cuban to run for president his another corporate democrap almost as bad as the nazi republiklans

    F FF F2 months ago
  • Unlike Trump, Cuban made his billions on his own. His take on the Democrat platform is on point and should they heed his advice it'll be a landslide victory for Biden. I'm an Independent and voted for Trump purely for economic reasons. The cost to our country both literally and figuratively is astounding. And if Biden wins he should consider Cuban as an adviser or consultant. Science used to be an is becoming a mandate. The Democrats support Climate Change, so does Mark, and so do I. The reason is simple and should it turn out to be an overreaction I can live with that and the cost and effort to confirm it. If it turns out to be true we're screwed. Money and power will fail to exist

    Kimo HarrisKimo Harris2 months ago
    • Stop...Trump made his money on his many people take business loans to start out. He just borrowed the money from his father not the bank you make no sense like every liberal moron

      Richard AfflittoRichard Afflitto2 months ago
  • I totally agree with Mark regarding traditionalism of the Democrats and the economy. They seem scared to me and I'm a democrat! However, I would vote for a dead dog before I vote for Trump! But the dems seem lost right now and not playing to their strength. If Hillary were president, we would see a well organized system in place. There would be no bouncing anything to the states in a national emergency. Hillary would have gotten out in front of this coronavirus back in Nov/Dec! She wouldn't have withheld information from the public nor blame the Republicans. She would've rolled up her sleeves and went to work, just like Obama did in the 2008 economics crisis. That's because Hillary has an organized mind and plans, unlike flight of fancy, impulsive with no thought to outcome or no planning Trump. That's because Trump has spent a lifetime under performing, going on hunches, not listening to sound advice, doing it because he thinks he's right, when he's rarely right and lying all the time. even when it's unnecessary. He spends his time, golfing, watching CNN, and Fox news, on Twitter and eating MCDONALD'S burgers, and throwing temper tantrums like an out of control 2 year old. He doesn't work for the people, he has chosen a small select group of anarchists, racist Republicans. Mitch McConnell being one of them. At the same times he promises he has done more than any other president in our history, when in fact he couldn't name more than 5 or 6 presidents on a bet let alone tell you what the accomplished! Voted in as the Christian president with the help of supposedly Christian right. Trump is no Christian, he never has been. He negotiated with the christian right and they came to an agreement. Trump is the antithesis of christian. Everything he does or says is counter to God's word. If you read your bible at all, you will find him always against God. Trump spews more hate than any president of record. He doesn't stand in agreement with the word of God at all! Those that enjoy Trump's crude talk and coarse behavior aren't looking for anything more. They're just enjoying the show. Those of us that have a healthy respect for the truth and expect one to do what they say and keep their promises, expect far more than he's been able to deliver. No one wants a president with a vendetta. That's not presidential, that's hoodlum! The lies pile on top of more lies with no end in sight. I think it's safe to say the democrats have no real plan for the country. However considering the criminal in office and the lies he tells, I will still vote for Biden. He's honest, and has good advisers and a basic sense of common decency. He can make it work. Biden will be the president for the entire country, not just the Republicans. Another plus is, Biden has no allegiance to Russia or any other communist bloc country. It is amazing to me how much the Republican let Trump get away with. None of them dare speak out against him. They keep their mouths shut and keep their own Council. I would love to see them perform a full mutiny against Trump! His suspicious relationship with Putin would be enough for me. I must say the Republican Congress has allowed more leeway with this president than any other president in modern time. In short Trump is a criminal that will get away with his crimes until he encounters the great equalizer. His name is God!

    Maxine McLeodMaxine McLeod2 months ago
    • that's exactly what u will get ..a dead dog

      deb poloczdeb polocz2 months ago
    • Wow for someone who can preach the word of God maybe you should study your Bible and start with Do not judge or ye to will be judged. Go stick your head up Hillary's butt she is not your president. Joe Biden has a message for you " Vote for me in December" LMBO

      Kimberly NealKimberly Neal2 months ago
  • And democratic presidents fix the economy after the Republicans put us into depressions everytime.

    kale nkale n2 months ago
  • Bad ideal, sick !!

    Lucky EasleyLucky Easley2 months ago
  • Mark Cuban votes Republican because he is wealthy. That’s what he should have said instead of his bs response. It’s ok, nothing wrong with it.

    S AS A2 months ago
    • Or maybe he votes Republican because he has a better understanding of what works?

      RickyRicky2 months ago
  • How stupid can you be. Cuban will not vote for agent orange but he will vote for the people that let him get away with it so if he wins he will continue to get away with his ignorance. Agent orange is not the only one to blame for his nonsense, The repubs had a hand in it too. If agent orange doesn't win what is to stop them from acting out the same way. Cuban is worried about his money. As Meghan says, they fall in line.

    Roy SchmidtRoy Schmidt2 months ago
    • Get away with what? A hand in what? Every democrat seems to have this strong opinion & hatred for Agent Orange, but they can't explain it or why. It's because you keep drinking the kool aid the DNC is serving via the media every night. You hear a bunch of bs & when asked specifics you ALL come up clueless. Name the policies you are against. Be specific, how has he ruined your life or screwed the country? He's a racist, he works for Russia is about all most can explain.

      RickyRicky2 months ago
  • Joe Biden the lesser of two lessers Ignore the sexual harassment and Tara Reade sexual assault

    ¿K Allayl?¿K Allayl?2 months ago
    • How many does trump have?

      Joe PoopJoe Poop2 months ago
  • Because I am getting a position in his cabinet. I thought you were smarter.

    Elizabeth AragonElizabeth Aragon2 months ago
  • What are the necessary steps? And why doesn't anyone ask him? If because of lack of time, just list two.

    Mike GarmanMike Garman2 months ago

    Ralph AaronRalph Aaron2 months ago
    • Sorry you think Trump is Mentally Sane GTFOH 😂😂 😂😂 😂

      Can'tGetRight LifeCan'tGetRight Life2 months ago

    Ralph AaronRalph Aaron2 months ago
  • Yes ... Mark Cuban endorses Trump on The View!!!

    Henery BestHenery Best2 months ago
    • He is endorsing Biden on the view. He said he might vote republican in some of the down the line ballots.

      Paul BaranskyPaul Baransky2 months ago
  • Trump is the best if you love free money and evil and hate

    toney ingramtoney ingram2 months ago
  • Cuban said he didnt have the balls to run because of politics. Meaning hes hidding something, so he should keep his opinion to himself.

  • Whooppi dumber thinks she is a princess she is more like devil right arm.

    Henry PaganHenry Pagan2 months ago
  • Cuban believes in "Trickle Down" economics which gives billionaires taxpayer money in hopes that it may trickle down to the poor. This has never happened. The billionaires just keep it. Mike Cuban just wants more taxpayer money for himself.

    Bruce GardnerBruce Gardner2 months ago
    • Seriously, do you believe this? Billionaires do NOT receive taxpayer money. Trickle down is an economic theory which links everyone in the economy. You cannot therefore tax the rich & it not be felt by the poor. The rich tighten their belt, the poor will feel it across the board. Allow folks to keep more of their own $ & it will trickle down throughout the economy. A rising tide raises all boats. you can NEVER sock it to the rich & it not be felt by the poor.

      RickyRicky2 months ago
  • Get the corona out-of-the-way and the economy will rise.

    Carmen NeumannCarmen Neumann2 months ago
    • Nov3rd. Get Trump out of the way

      John SmithJohn Smith2 months ago
    • Nah, Better ignore it. It'll go away 😂😂😂 jkjk

      ✊🏿 Mrsotiredofthenewyoutubes✊🏿✊🏿 Mrsotiredofthenewyoutubes✊🏿2 months ago
  • Listen to this jerk. Biden had 8 years as Vice President and all he did was pocket big bucks. Really big bucks. Nothing for America, nor for the decades before that. Mark is hiding behind the excuse of his family for a change of heart for throwing his 'hat in the ring'. This may be the only smart decision he's made on his own. If he ever had to show his tax returns or explain how he accrued his nickels that afforded him his own sports team it could mean a great embarrassment to himself and those around him. Sadly there are too many people that were hurt financially while Cuban was pocketing millions along the way. By the way, he's never paid too much attention to politics until the idea that perhaps with a few dollars leftover after buying a sports team, he could afford to buy himself that seat in the White House. Not so easy is it Cuban?

    F. D. R. / F. D. R.F. D. R. / F. D. R.2 months ago
  • Your a successful business man but your an idiot when it comes to politics Mark Cuban

    Joann BalistreriJoann Balistreri2 months ago
  • Good guy. But in this case he´s totaly wrong.

    DMS BroadcastDMS Broadcast2 months ago
  • covid concert lol

    S SenoS Seno2 months ago
  • The way Whoopi looked up after he said, "good morning, GUYS!" He seems to be a very smart & intelligent man. However, that wasn't what I, nor Whoopi expected out of him.

    StephanieStephanie2 months ago
    • I remember reading an article about 10 years ago about the use of the term GUYS. The one thing I remember about was, a man calling a group of women "guys" and how inappropriate it was, how often the word is used in a figuratively sense amongst women and that is okay because it is used so often. Sort of reminds me of the use of the N-word amongst black people, without the derogatory meaning. Some people are okay with it, some not. My opinion is,he should have said "good morning ladies" because the panel consist of all women.

      Anthony ColemanAnthony Coleman2 months ago

    Outlaw Josey WalesOutlaw Josey Wales2 months ago
  • LOL,"Joe has the qualities this country needs" ?????? 8 years as vice president,what did he do? Nothing,absolutely nothing apart from line his and Hunters pockets. He couldnt organise a lemonade stand. I am English and in U.K. and Joe Biden is the best you have to offer from nearly 400 million people?? Shows how pathetic and desperate the demoncrats are You have THE best man in the job, Mr.DONALD J.TRUMP, He is for the people,he has smashed soooooo many records than any other president. If Trump doesnt win in November,then god help us all (inc.U.K) Jesus is coming,look busy !

    simon westonsimon weston2 months ago
  • Mark I’m sure is a nice man, but I don’t care who’s he is voting for. Stick to basketball.

    Jennifer PowersJennifer Powers2 months ago
    • It's funny because people preach freedom of speech but then tell others to basically shut up and not speak politics and to stick with what they do. Funny

      BellaLoveBellaLove2 months ago
    • Jennifer Powers don’t watch the video if you’re not interested.

      Aayush TulsyanAayush Tulsyan2 months ago
  • C.mon.. Mark. Really.. Joe Bidens your candidate.. Google Joe Biden Racist.. Pervert & That your Boy Joe Bidens.. a horrible human being

    Kelly MooreKelly Moore2 months ago
  • The Democrats brought us out of a recession in 2009. What is he talking about.

    mrscoriemrscorie2 months ago
    • That's why the Dems lost 1100 seats in Barry's 1st term.

      Lisa WarrenerLisa Warrener2 months ago
  • I’d vote for Cuban in a SECOND

    Gavin BurnesGavin Burnes2 months ago
  • He should run for the Presidential elections of Cuba because his name is NOT Mark American.

    Chris McCormackChris McCormack2 months ago
    • He's an American citizen, not a Cuban citizen. Are you from the Republic of McCormack, or Idiocracy?

      Jeanmarie ToddJeanmarie Todd2 months ago
  • It's time we start referring to him by what he actually is...which is a BIGOT...who's trafficking in bigotry. Over the years he has shown outright hatred for black and brown people. He's not simply "race baiting" or even the classic definition of a "racist" (one who believes that a particular race is superior to another). No, Mr. Trump is far worse than a racist due to his hatred and intolerance of black and brown people. No, Mr. Trump Mexicans are not rapists and drug dealers; Black Lives Matter is not a terrorist organization; black NFL players who kneel are not son's of b!tches; white supremacist are not good people; most Muslims are not terrorists; blacks do not come from sh!t hole countries; he was found guilty of not renting to blacks in NYC; he ran full-page ads in NYC calling for the death penalty for 5 innocent black teenagers (Central Park 5); police are not justified in murdering unarmed blacks; Confederates were not citizens of the United States of fact, the Confederate States of America fought against the United States of America in the Civil War trying to defend and protect slavery; Mr. Trump is against black people protesting but his own father was arrested at a Ku Klux Klan rally in 1927 after a riot broke out between the KKK and "police". Isn't it clear that Mr. Trump has been trafficking in bigotry for quite some time now? This is NOT the person that should be leading our country. Vote Joe in November.

    Criminal LawCriminal Law2 months ago
    • Spoken like a man who watches a news network that rather than carry the president's speech, brings on pundits to tell you what the man says. What you attribute to the president saying is simply untrue. For instance, the pres. said there were BAD people "On both sides" not white supremacists are good. You either have been doing a lot of kool aid drinking watching tv or you simply missed the clue train. You are twisting & taking out of context what the man has said. Intolerance of blk people how? BLM is a marxist organization, claims to be so on their own website. Have you read it? Story of the founder? What its purpose is? What's ironic is that the BLM organization is using the name & therefore black people as their pawn in a quest for power. It's no secret, many black folks are just finding out the difference between the stmt BLM & the organization of BLM.

      RickyRicky2 months ago
  • There’s no sense, logic, foresight, or nobility in these momos... The wrong level is off the charts.

    TCsHouseTCsHouse2 months ago
  • #ABCNews #JeffTyler #SusanLucci #AllMyChildren #CIA #CNN #CAUTION SEW SO SALLY SELLS SEE SHELLS AT THE SEA SURE SHORE DID YOU SAY #PARANORMAL NOT UNUSUAL IT IS NOW R E A L L Y DAY AFTER DAY... 90s long GONE #MARKCUBANROWEDTHEBOATASSURE stop #GETSTOP #BOILERMAKER personally I talk with ya EVEN conversations with YA #TwilightZone What Yall Needing I got dat #DianaRoss #ABCNews The Worlds Leader Broadcast Journalism . July 4 2020

    Keysha M Brown Su`key`ah`keyKeysha M Brown Su`key`ah`key2 months ago
  • #ABCNews Lil Double Dipping Mary Robbins staff talk to Mark That's your RULE if Mark stuff is Sports why isn't he coming up with single sports to strengthen folks Or is it WELL BUSY HEAD #ABCNews Straight Forward July 3 2020 #CreditCareGlobalAnalyses

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  • 🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

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