Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Bagel Bites | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

Mar 10, 2020
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In middle school, pastry chef Claire Saffitz basically subsisted on an all-Bagel Bite diet. But will she like them as an adult or is the magic gone? As Alex Delany puts it, they're not good, but you still want more. Join Claire in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make a gourmet version of her childhood go-to, Bagel Bites.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Bagel Bites | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Hunzi didn’t get a bagel bite 🥺😭

    ConspirasableyeConspirasableye4 days ago
  • I wish I have this kitchen. I will be very happy.

    TheCancer833TheCancer8338 days ago
  • Don't ever "drain" your can of whole peeled tomatoes. The puree is in there for a reason. It's used to balance the brix and provide a consistent product can-to-can as the tomatoes themselves have whatever natural variation due to season, farm, etc. If you need to cook down the moisture content for longer, that's actually a good thing as the flavors will develop more. Don't discard the puree!

    fakecubedfakecubed11 days ago
  • Sohla's idea of a pizza is mushroom, olive, and pineapple. No wonder she wasn't getting paid. I wouldn't pay her either.

    fakecubedfakecubed11 days ago
  • Next: Milano's double milk chocolate

    ena81xxena81xx11 days ago
  • Brad reminds me of Craig on Parks and Rec.

    Audrey KAudrey K13 days ago
  • I feel like my taste is quits similar to Chris. love that man

    Sally AvisSally Avis14 days ago
  • Lol she really wants to torture herself. So cute. Just like my bf.

    ReedReed15 days ago
  • 16:15 is such a great example of claire reacting to criticism

    ariari16 days ago
  • I once chipped my tooth on a bagel bite so badly that it led to borderline irreparable damage. I didn’t get it dealt with for over a year and a horrible cavity developed. There’s a filling in my front tooth now, and I can’t eat an apple ever again without cutting it or the filling will come out. I don’t like bagel bites anymore.

    Bi Bitch AnonymousBi Bitch Anonymous16 days ago
    • I’ve chipped my front tooth in halve twice, I feel you about the apples, man 😔

      Melissa MetcalfMelissa Metcalf11 days ago
  • me sitting here faithfully eating beagle bites daily while they are bashing them 👁👄👁

    Madisøn .Madisøn .16 days ago

    elli engleelli engle16 days ago
  • Bagel Bites huh...? My favorite part of this video is how few minorities there are. I always notice the black girl that washes dishes. Are there any black editors? Does Adam Rapo still like dressing up in brown face? :) Please pay your minority staff fair wages. Do it. DO IT!

    Alex TAlex T16 days ago
  • „I mean if this is what pepperoni tastes like I would order it all the time“ 💗💗

    Mythical LynxMythical Lynx16 days ago
  • I like how she is really trying

    Secret AngelSecret Angel17 days ago
  • What I'd do to have a bagel bite right now at 2 AM

    Lvl Up BobaLvl Up Boba19 days ago
  • Wait people microwaved bagel bites? I just put them in a toaster oven ;-;

    Hursh PatelHursh Patel19 days ago
  • Brad and claire looked like bert and ernie when she was wearing orange and he had the stirped shirt on

    sun shine lifesun shine life21 day ago
  • Claire has surprisingly good hands.

    Mr. DrewMr. Drew21 day ago
  • Riesen chocolate chews please

    Midgard KeepMidgard Keep21 day ago
  • a t i n y p i z z a w h e e l

    Tino rTino r21 day ago
  • I actually like pineapples on pizza. Fight me!

    Abel ChengAbel Cheng22 days ago
  • 😂 Brad is such a trip

    djhaloeightdjhaloeight22 days ago
  • i did get to make like pizzas with pita bread….

    Julie M.RJulie M.R22 days ago
  • 29:39 "Smells fine" FULL denial

    Adam StillwagonAdam Stillwagon22 days ago
  • I adore Brad, but I feel bad for whomever tries to order pizza with him! lol

    Jess_Marie_GJess_Marie_G22 days ago
  • pepperoni jalapeño feta

    flag 91flag 9122 days ago
  • One of my favorite pizzas is eggplant, mushroom and anchovies. I got delivery one time and the dude said it was the most disgusting one he's seen and asked if I was pregnant.

    dlh975dlh97522 days ago
  • fire rapoport

    Simon KapSimon Kap23 days ago
  • The bagels look effin incredible

    Christopher ReilyChristopher Reily23 days ago
  • Claire:”They are so cute, I can’t stand it...*with bagel-mom pride *...I do love them.” -this is just so wholesome and precious-Thank you 🙏

    Z MZ M24 days ago
  • with every episode, Claire gets more grey hairs :c

    Ken RenzoKen Renzo25 days ago
  • Claire: Brad what do you like on your pizza? Brad: Yes.

    StarkMaximumStarkMaximum25 days ago
  • Wait, two people talking about putting fancy bologna on pizza? No.

    elcidbobelcidbob25 days ago
  • Is it just me or was it a pretty strong delineation between bagel bites families and pizza roll families?

    elcidbobelcidbob25 days ago
  • 20:52 that's a gigantic knife even for, like, Michael Myers' standarts

    Lucas Dantas CostaLucas Dantas Costa26 days ago
  • I feel like claire would love cake decorating

    Lauren PengLauren Peng26 days ago
  • LMFAO I'd make two boxes and eat em

    MÏkeMÏke26 days ago
  • Please make cosmic brownies

    Gay FrogsGay Frogs27 days ago
  • ngl andy saying “not a tuna melt” gives me life.

    mikayla j lawrencemikayla j lawrence27 days ago
  • “chris, come look!” chris: [immediately bends down to sniff] that is,,, not correct.

    mikayla j lawrencemikayla j lawrence27 days ago
  • Gaby: “Lets cut them with a tiny pizza wheel!” Claire: “... I’ll get a knife”

    Chris MiddletonChris Middleton28 days ago
  • These are PUTRID looking🤮

    Emily BattinEmily Battin29 days ago

    chanty riverachanty riveraMonth ago

    chanty riverachanty riveraMonth ago
  • I need her in my life

    Jonny BoyJonny BoyMonth ago
  • What have we learned today? Claire just really likes bagels.

    Mabel PinesMabel PinesMonth ago
  • I cannot wait for the Gourmet Remakes of this!!

    Maxine LuntMaxine LuntMonth ago
  • Molly has the best palate.

    Kristi YagwitKristi YagwitMonth ago
  • This is my very first time watching Claire (thanks to Babish!) and I’m loving her!

    LunamSolLunamSolMonth ago
    • They looked beautiful in the end!

      LunamSolLunamSolMonth ago
  • I've been binging Gourmet Makes, and I've come to the conclusion that Andy's butt is Claire's co-star. Thank goodness his station is right behind hers. The award for Best Supporting Booty goes to Andy's.

    David WilsonDavid WilsonMonth ago
    • Lmao that’s hilarious

      artsy sh!tartsy sh!tMonth ago
  • Bread and butter pickles are trash tho

    A Good Temp-A Good Temp-Month ago
  • The love I have for Claire man 🤍

    Lisa GoreLisa GoreMonth ago
  • Could you make? Gourmet Funyuns Chips When you're able to.

    No other Like my own skinNo other Like my own skinMonth ago
  • I don’t know wtf I thought clams would look like when they were cooked but I was shocked

    EthanEthanMonth ago
  • I can’t stand America cheese. I think it’s something about how it melts. It shouldn’t melt like that.

    __WhO_ aRe_YoU____WhO_ aRe_YoU__Month ago
  • I have never in my life had bagel bites EVER

    Candy the GreatCandy the GreatMonth ago
  • Imagine all of the cooks in a Big Brother situation, best reality show ever

    XantaraXantaraMonth ago
  • Anyone else find it super satisfying when Claire reads the ingredients and says “close parenthesis” or “close bracket”

    Travis C. BrownTravis C. BrownMonth ago
  • Brad is so frickin cute

    Lauren L.Lauren L.Month ago
  • That New York water really hits a bagel different tho

    Alexis LonaAlexis LonaMonth ago
  • What food mill is that i just got into canning and would love to have a good one

    draconus15draconus15Month ago
  • What food mill is that i just got into canning and would love to have a good one

    draconus15draconus15Month ago
  • Everyone getting so picky with their pizzas and i'm here like "Hawaiian; next question."

    rockomundorockomundoMonth ago
  • i want to hang out with brad

    An Quoc TranAn Quoc TranMonth ago
  • i love how everyone is giving a simple list of pizza toppings and then there's just brad going all out and naming every topping you could ever have.

    millie cokermillie cokerMonth ago
  • Brad, sensing he's walked into something "Oh, it's not up for discussion"

    Kevin CareyKevin CareyMonth ago
  • Everyone else with their elaborate pizza orders, then Molly comes in with "Dat. Roni. Life."

    Kevin CareyKevin CareyMonth ago
  • at 13:36 when she said "they look like lil mini bagels don't they" it melted my heart it was so pure and wholesome we stan

    Brooke OliverBrooke OliverMonth ago
  • Try doing a gourmet totinos pizza!

    Kenneth WilliamsKenneth WilliamsMonth ago
  • Video starts. Me, immediately: Delany...! *(Dramatic chords)*

    DelnoirDelnoirMonth ago
  • "master baker"

    Lily HoganLily HoganMonth ago
  • I’m probably the only that searched for this while eating bagel bites...

    Kindred KateKindred KateMonth ago
  • I think this is my favorite Gourmet Makes episode

    Maybelline Anne AntonioMaybelline Anne AntonioMonth ago
  • I think it's so adorable how Claire always watches the old commercials as if that helps her make them

    Anna ThompsonAnna ThompsonMonth ago
  • Put in air drier

    Robert LandrumRobert LandrumMonth ago
  • Now I HAVE to go made a tortilla pizza...

    Blossomness StudiosBlossomness StudiosMonth ago
  • The Simone Giertz of gourmet food

    Qrgh IsontneedmoneQrgh IsontneedmoneMonth ago
  • Clare knocked a cheese grater on the floor and then put it back. Bruh... I'm dead.

    Colt TColt TMonth ago

    D FD FMonth ago