Make Up

Aug 2, 2020
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  • Shane’s face made me laugh so hard 😭

    BlueGothBlueGothHour ago
  • Lmao Jeffree look like some alien from area 51

    Pink UnicornPink UnicornHour ago

    SwogerSwoger3 hours ago
  • Michelle Phan probably has no regrets

    Miss AngelGutsMiss AngelGuts3 hours ago
  • Ps1 devs: What should the O button do? We think it shoul- Sony: 3:33

    Henry StickminHenry Stickmin4 hours ago
  • Yes yes yes spill the tea

    Kaeden WilliamsKaeden Williams6 hours ago
  • What scares me the most is that James is the only one who looks close to himself...

    Namelessgamer544Namelessgamer5446 hours ago
  • this is funny lol

    Beauflame3Beauflame37 hours ago

    Skyler RandallSkyler Randall9 hours ago

    TheLoneCrowTheLoneCrow12 hours ago
  • "Hi poor people" *this is so realistic*

    kai VAkai VA12 hours ago
  • This is classic USkeys

    One love sunshine RoseOne love sunshine Rose16 hours ago
  • Why is it so scary my god💀

    Water burgerWater burger18 hours ago
  • this is everything. omg.

    Nature Is EverywhereNature Is Everywhere18 hours ago
  • I applaude the sheer time and effort that must have gone into creating this

    Christie ArmstrongChristie Armstrong19 hours ago
  • Lmao I love all of these very fictional characters that are in no way inspired by real life people.

    Josh RichardJosh Richard21 hour ago
  • SpIlL tHe TeA sIs SpIlL iT

    Emily IngramEmily Ingram22 hours ago
  • dude this is hilarious.

    TheSpicyPumpkinTheSpicyPumpkin23 hours ago
  • As a fan of makeup and the makeup community I can’t help but be shocked that this isn’t more popular because it’s 100% accurate. Just... thank you.

    DiDiDiDiDay ago
  • i hollered when it got to shane😭

    Camryn HarrisCamryn HarrisDay ago

    Jon McLaughlinJon McLaughlinDay ago
  • Dark and sadly true

    JulietteJulietteDay ago
  • Love jeffrees legs lmao and Shane's cystic zit on his neck😂

    Michelle VillMichelle VillDay ago
  • Callum Markie brought me here XD

    L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox ŴøłfæL̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox ŴøłfæDay ago
  • Lol XD

    Lucius theWeirdoUwULucius theWeirdoUwUDay ago

    LauraOnDutyLauraOnDutyDay ago
  • Shane Dawson’s face is so accurate

    Kacy JannaKacy JannaDay ago
  • Whatever I’m watching... it’s really, really good.

    superwildejellyfishsuperwildejellyfishDay ago
  • every white girl

    Desha StromanDesha StromanDay ago

    Desha StromanDesha StromanDay ago
  • Ugh ion know why Jeffre be usin that filter we all knew his ass was skin n bone who tf he fooling..😂💀

    lelayyy -.-lelayyy -.-Day ago
  • Omg😂😂

    Minlun samte_BMMinlun samte_BMDay ago
  • I’m rewatching to try to figure out wtf USkeys just told me to watch #perplexedAF

    Carrie BristowCarrie BristowDay ago
  • I thought the Tati cartoon was an skinny Jesus,

    Cheryl De-ZilvaCheryl De-ZilvaDay ago
  • I can't even follow parodies anymore. What the hell is happening on youtube?

    Trelaras LeontasTrelaras LeontasDay ago
  • What’s wrong with Jeffree's legs?

    Lady MelodyLady MelodyDay ago
    • I don’t see what’s wrong, he looks normal

      BirdBird22 hours ago
    • An accurate depiction

      Michelle VillMichelle VillDay ago
    • Nah that’s just him

      HurricanianHurricanianDay ago
  • Thank you youtube for recommending this randomly. This is a gold mine channel!

    Graphic MysticGraphic MysticDay ago
  • Holyshit . This is fucking gold. Haha. Getting super bad period cramps RN and this made me laugh. 🤣🤘

    Ds CoeurDs CoeurDay ago
  • i've been watching spookyscarysunday videos so much you've shown up on my recommended , how legendary

    nyianyiaDay ago
  • Lmao the way Shane Dawson looks tho😂wth

    Brooklyn CopenaceBrooklyn CopenaceDay ago
  • This is the funniest shit especially when I’m high as hell. I didn’t ask 4 this in my recommendations but I’m not hatin😂😂

    K8 D00rK8 D00rDay ago
  • This the realest shit I never wrote 🤣🤣🤣

    NewNails WhoThisNewNails WhoThis2 days ago
  • METH

    sol canosol cano2 days ago

    RaeAnna's CrittersRaeAnna's Critters2 days ago
  • i can appreciate that she's watched jawbreaker II

    Peter MalloyPeter Malloy2 days ago
  • This is everything

    Ryan McMurphyRyan McMurphy2 days ago

    Be good if not Be good at itBe good if not Be good at it2 days ago
  • You just subbed 😂😂😂 this is hilarious!!! Her nose , her neck it’s SO realistic !!! And Shane and Jeffrey Starr are such pieces of narcissistic shits 😂😂 I cant stop laughing !!

    Juliana cedenoJuliana cedeno2 days ago
  • Why do I keep seeing this on my recommended and click it everytime? 🤣🤣

    xxawesomeninjaxxxxawesomeninjaxx2 days ago

    xunxun2 days ago
  • Hahhahahahahhahahahahahha

    klaud hennessyklaud hennessy2 days ago
  • i could not stop laughing when shane first popped up

    kiana xkiana x2 days ago
  • Shane be looking like a Picasso painting

    Karm-AlgamationKarm-Algamation2 days ago
  • how Shane Dawson looked and him being I much closer to the camera made me burst out laughing 😂 😂😂

    shellyystylesshellyystyles2 days ago
    • 😂same

      Brooklyn CopenaceBrooklyn CopenaceDay ago
  • WhY dOeS mAkEuP hAvE tO bE sO mEaN... aNd PoOpY

    Debby Ryans SmileDebby Ryans Smile2 days ago
  • Love that USkeys recommended this to me lol

    Kimberly DavisKimberly Davis2 days ago
  • Damn Jeffree freaks me out 😨😨 he’s like salad fingers

    Ghoulette ZGhoulette Z2 days ago
  • Heavy-handed? Very. Accurate? Completely. Yaas gaga

    PrettyPrettyPossumPrettyPrettyPossum2 days ago
  • Sums up absurdity of people of the west perfectly.

    AviAvi2 days ago
  • I loved the Shane and Jeffrey ones

    Kevin TubeKevin Tube2 days ago
  • Yas yas yas

    Erick De Sousa medinaErick De Sousa medina2 days ago
  • The pimple on Shane’s neck is so funny

    Molly GMolly G2 days ago

    hunn20004hunn200042 days ago
  • This is terrifying as hell....

    Tabitha WebbTabitha Webb2 days ago
  • The fanbase caricature looks like it has seen perfection

    Jake TompkinsJake Tompkins2 days ago
  • Hey stop making fun of Jeffrey Star Anyway he is a nice person and besides he looks good with make up since he's a guy. Ok

    Tori JordanTori Jordan2 days ago
  • I LOVE this

    Mouse KanderMouse Kander2 days ago
  • jajajajajajajajajaja😎.

    Poncio SanchezPoncio Sanchez2 days ago
  • I used to be friends with Jeffree. Seeing him blow up the past decade or so has been so strange to me haha

    Tabitha KristenTabitha Kristen2 days ago
  • The show is preety good

    Bruno BusainBruno Busain2 days ago
  • That 56 yr old woman fucking scares me

    LawfuldanubLawfuldanub2 days ago
  • The sore on his neck 😂

    Morgan RhodesMorgan Rhodes2 days ago
  • Omg I wish there was a series of this 😍🤣 it’s hilarious!!

    Anthony AlvarezAnthony Alvarez2 days ago
  • this is terrifying

    Ruza HelRuza Hel2 days ago
  • Wow... it really looks like Jeffree scar too!🤣😂🤣lmao

    Casey ToivenonCasey Toivenon2 days ago
  • Is drinking tea

    randiscrubrandiscrub2 days ago
  • Omfg the Jeffree star intro you spoofed is Everything!

    lindsey marielindsey marie2 days ago
  • Stop just stop

    Tyrianna RossTyrianna Ross2 days ago
  • Wtf did I just watch

    Rosie FitzpatrickRosie Fitzpatrick2 days ago
  • Make up has to stand for Make Up for bad decisions

    Lucas Or SomethingLucas Or Something2 days ago
  • Is it me or does Shane's nose look like an 🍆

    DlnlimaDlnlima3 days ago
  • i used to be a dirty dirty bad boy gubby poop man

    ImSoCreativeImSoCreative3 days ago
  • Jefree star bruh

    PeachesPeaches3 days ago
  • Well,2:05 is FUNNY AF

    Ishaan PutthanIshaan Putthan3 days ago
  • this made me shoot coffee out of my nose this morning! LOVE IT

    Patric ParkisonPatric Parkison3 days ago
  • Do an animation for Wap. Immortalize yourself

    Eddy MorrisonEddy Morrison3 days ago
  • I avoid gaga fans for that very reason

    Chihuahua GlitzChihuahua Glitz3 days ago
  • Bwahahahahhahahahha

    T GutiT Guti3 days ago
  • So no one's gonna talk about the thumbnail 😂💀😪. Wow! The shxt USkeys recommends to me sometimes. Someone is definitely messing with the algorithm 😂

    Christopher Tony TamboChristopher Tony Tambo3 days ago
  • "Hi poor people" i-

    Melanie SnyderMelanie Snyder3 days ago
  • *"Dirty Dirty Bad Boy Guppy Poop Man"* 😂

    αrtíѕtíc mídgєt uwuαrtíѕtíc mídgєt uwu3 days ago
  • What geh

    AnnaAnna3 days ago

    Ryan AlexisRyan Alexis3 days ago
  • “Omg... Omg... Omg... Omg... Like...Omg...”

    Lucas Or SomethingLucas Or Something3 days ago
  • Nobody: Shane: “I used to be a dirty dirty bad boy gubby poop man”

  • Perfect

    Husker FoxHusker Fox3 days ago
  • Shane looks like the neighbour of hello neighbour

    Joe SkatesJoe Skates3 days ago
  • 4 minutes of my life have bee wasted gone...just like that!

    Grace waithiraGrace waithira3 days ago
  • I'm on the floor laughing every time Jeffrey sais 'yuh'

    richard lanellyrichard lanelly3 days ago
  • I lose my shit when Tati pops up 🤪🤣🤣

    Heather ElyzabethHeather Elyzabeth3 days ago