Cardi B Knows What She's Naming Her First Child

Apr 19, 2018
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Mom-to-be Cardi B revealed to Ellen that her fiancé Offset already chose their child's name... and Ellen tried to guess it.


    Neha ThakurNeha ThakurDay ago
  • Those are the shortest her nails have been.

    Karina DonkorKarina Donkor5 days ago
  • I just love her personality, such a real person all the time .

    Jus Luv MusicJus Luv Music10 days ago
  • I just wanna reach through my screen and grab a few of them donuts lol

    Jade MonkeyJade Monkey10 days ago
  • i love cardi b.........just saying

    BHKBHK10 days ago
  • Oh shnap doughnuts

    Megaladon !!!Megaladon !!!12 days ago
  • And she is so funny

    Allison ChangAllison Chang19 days ago
  • She kinda acts like a kid

    Allison ChangAllison Chang19 days ago
  • I know ya ya know y’all don’t ya y’all don’t y’all want

    Gevona HillsGevona HillsMonth ago
  • Her last name B

    #BLM#BLMMonth ago
  • Early

    Aesthetic _ FlowersAesthetic _ FlowersMonth ago
  • I thought cardi B will name her child corona virus because of the trend 😳 But the baby was born already 🤣

    Kathy ØXKathy ØXMonth ago
  • My names Susan

    Sue KearnsSue KearnsMonth ago
  • Oh sńap DOŃUTS! 😂

    CookiiCookiiMonth ago
  • When it’s comes out it be like ahhh ya that’s what childbirth be like

    Xx_kikiplayz_xXXx_kikiplayz_xXMonth ago
  • Cardi b's voice : ay ay ay, okurrrr, meow, ooohhhh,

  • 👍

    João MachadoJoão MachadoMonth ago
  • I can’t believe her baby is two now!!

    Ava JonesAva JonesMonth ago
  • I love that Carly b she’s so naturally funny! and I’m 64 years old

    Nancy CwagenbergNancy CwagenbergMonth ago
  • She's so real. I love her.

    Alita AngelAlita AngelMonth ago
  • Ohh snap donuts🍩 🤣 I love Cardi 💕

    Jewlez MalewzJewlez MalewzMonth ago
  • That so BEYUYAH! = That is so beautiful

    Plotergeist KingPlotergeist KingMonth ago
  • Ellen even gave Cardi more for her baby's name than he gave to Bill Gates XD

    Plotergeist KingPlotergeist KingMonth ago
  • Who watch this in quarantine 2020😂💀

  • the way she talks she's like singing 💗

    mary bluesmary bluesMonth ago
  • “OH SHNAP DONUTS” 😂😂❤️

    Jason LanesJason Lanes2 months ago
  • Omg lol

    Kaylen BushKaylen Bush2 months ago

    Carolyn KnightCarolyn Knight2 months ago
  • I wish I can teach u some a gambian language luv u

    j.j Always been natural and simplej.j Always been natural and simple2 months ago
  • im from the future: the baby’s name is Kulture

    ____2 months ago
    • @YaraMQueen ! Still her name is kulture

      That L peep LibertyThat L peep Liberty3 days ago
    • The baby was born 2 years ago

      YaraMQueen !YaraMQueen !3 days ago
    • __ lol

      Astro!YnahhAstro!YnahhMonth ago
  • Yes between or something I don’t know what it was at first but I knew it was that I hurt someone don’t what hurt my bother and mother

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine2 months ago
  • Cardi has a pretty smile. She got the teeth fixed so I guess she's like "I'm showing everybody these gems!"

    Jessica AtkinsJessica Atkins2 months ago
  • I put in the middle name hahhaha

    Kerstin HechanovaKerstin Hechanova2 months ago
  • Coronavirus!!!

    Raúl AntunezRaúl Antunez2 months ago
  • 😻🎶🎬♥️♥️♥️

    Ms KittyMs Kitty2 months ago

    Sophie LekhSophie Lekh2 months ago
  • Love u cardi

    Acid PenatagramAcid Penatagram2 months ago
  • I'm literary cardi b's twin because we both like lemonish stuff lol

    David PatrickDavid Patrick3 months ago
  • 0:47 me showing off my new nails

    Ali KhalidAli Khalid3 months ago
  • those donuts look so good!

    AVAcado lopezAVAcado lopez3 months ago
  • She is the funniest 😂 luv her

    JAS MINEJAS MINE3 months ago
  • Ellen: I'll give u $20000 if you name the baby Ellen Cardi:I'll put it as the middle name. Me: I know cardi singing Money in her head as I am sing it out loud.

    diamond blackdiamond black3 months ago
  • Kulture

    Adds RamsAdds Rams3 months ago
  • The way cardi treated asia shows the pure utter uglyness and distungingness of herself!!! How can she be at ellen?!!!! She threw a shoe and started screaming and getting physically......and she was happy to see asia be sad about loosing her man. Shocked of Ellen to invite her!

    Franziska M. LeibeFranziska M. Leibe3 months ago
  • ♥♥♥♥

    Tina SaldaTina Salda3 months ago
  • N

    Katelyn CampbellKatelyn Campbell3 months ago
  • Kulture Ellen B

    Default PinkityDrinkityDefault PinkityDrinkity3 months ago
  • Ellen:I'll give ya 20k$ if you name it Ellen. Cardi:can i put it in the middle name

    حرر نفسك / Free Yourselfحرر نفسك / Free Yourself3 months ago
  • Am I the only one who noticed this 50 seconds in 😂🤣🤣 go see you’ll know what I’m talking about

    WWE 2k GamingWWE 2k Gaming4 months ago
  • Zainab gashti

    Khawaja SufianKhawaja Sufian4 months ago
  • Okrrrrrrr or gagaga 🤔 which one will the baby say first I’m not copying you person below 👇🏻

    Bubbles HainesBubbles Haines4 months ago
  • 😁😁😁 = cardi b's emoji

    I,ooo subs with no video challenge :I,ooo subs with no video challenge :4 months ago
  • ohh shnap dohnuts, the way she said it

    taveon jamestaveon james4 months ago
  • Okrr😂

    Manal SmuqiManal Smuqi4 months ago
  • How about Kulture

    twins3xpresstwins3xpress4 months ago
  • Ellen is hilarious

    earthyspeaksearthyspeaks4 months ago
  • Her first word funna be *okurrrr*

    Fatma AbbassiFatma Abbassi5 months ago
  • The baby name is kulture

    Monica KasmallyMonica Kasmally5 months ago

    Jana KJana K5 months ago
  • Cardi b is so pretty and funny😂😍

    Ani MatebotoAni Mateboto5 months ago
  • How does cardi B song in cardi B songs have voice sounded offense but what she's talkin and public her voice sounds like good

    Millie DavisMillie Davis5 months ago
  • I love Cardi 😂💗 I’m watching this after babygirl was born

    McKinley StoryMcKinley Story5 months ago
  • Baby: oh cool

    Maryam AusalMaryam Ausal5 months ago
  • Her middle name is hmmmm cari b

    gaby nations ganggaby nations gang5 months ago
  • Hehe 😂 Cardi b is the besttt!!!

    Noor JahangirNoor Jahangir5 months ago
  • My mom has super long nails

    The Visco FamilyThe Visco Family6 months ago
  • I’ll give you &20,000 if you name it Ellen cardi :can I put it as the middle name

    LifeAsMariiLifeAsMarii6 months ago

    Sierra TurnerSierra Turner6 months ago
  • "Can I put it in the middle name"😂

    李诺Erin李诺Erin6 months ago
  • omg I love boston cream donuts

    Carla SierraCarla Sierra6 months ago
  • they really are uh....LONG

    Aieyan ChaudhryAieyan Chaudhry6 months ago
  • Ellen you are amazing. I wish one day to be there and watch this

    Billy Sweety Vlog CareBilly Sweety Vlog Care6 months ago
  • I like doughnuts,,,,,

    Jeffy JeffJeffy Jeff6 months ago
  • Name him jacob jake ace or lil migos

    Oggy Doggy'sOggy Doggy's7 months ago
  • I like cardi b voice

    Oggy Doggy'sOggy Doggy's7 months ago
  • Her name is Kuluter

    Brenda HoltBrenda Holt7 months ago
  • Yah it is

    MrNikkimaxineMrNikkimaxine7 months ago
  • I want to see K with this outfit

    Karina AlvizoKarina Alvizo7 months ago
  • Ellen ..smiles have magic ... Love from nepal💞💞💞💞💞💞

    Sarmila DarjiSarmila Darji7 months ago
  • Cardi or nicki

    Suryapratap Singh SengarSuryapratap Singh Sengar7 months ago