Getting 3 Stars in Every MW2 Spec Ops Mission

Sep 7, 2019
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Special Ops may be what I'm most excited for in Modern Warfare 2019, so to prove it while we await the late reveal trailer, I've gone back to the classic beloved CoD MW2 to earn 3 stars in every single veteran spec ops mission. It starts out easy, but soon proved to be no simple task.
Mission timestamps:
0:00 - Intro
0:56 - The Pit
3:07 - Sniper Fi
7:03 - O Cristo Redentor
10:16 - Evasion
14:36 - Suspension
17:38 - Overwatch
20:04 - Body Count
23:36 - Bomb Squad
27:36 - Race
29:46 - Big Brother
33:58 - Hidden
42:58 - Breach & Clear
46:58 - Time Trial
48:25 - Homeland Security
59:24 - Snatch & Grab
1:04:41 - Wardriving
1:18:26 - Wreckage
1:21:13 - Acceptable Losses
1:23:46 - Terminal
1:28:16 - Estate Takedown
1:32:18 - Wetwork
1:43:28 - High Explosive
1:57:53 - Armor Piercing
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  • Anyone up for going through these on ps3? My PSN is Archington-

    ArchingtonArchington19 hours ago
  • If I'm being honest, Snatch & Grab and Wardriving is way harder than High Explosive and Armor Piercing.

    ChamCham20 hours ago
  • Dude I have this on the ps4 cod modern 3 awesome game

    Banna EelBanna Eel23 hours ago
  • Me:write that down,write that down

    David GarciaDavid GarciaDay ago
  • I managed to complete this mission on Veteran with only 28 seconds left. I almost got killed because one of them ran up behind me but I was so close to finishing the defuse and was out of time so I didn’t stop. I got melee’d and I finished defusing it right as I got melee’d twice so I didn’t die. :D

    tackiest - candytackiest - candyDay ago
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    Dani DonkiDani Donki2 days ago
  • i went to bed at like 3 am and woke up to this

    dandan2 days ago
  • The nostalgia

    Hloni VincentHloni Vincent3 days ago
  • The instinct to mash R3 is a good one

    Christopher McKennaChristopher McKenna4 days ago
  • Does anyone want to do them with me?

    António SeabraAntónio Seabra8 days ago
  • Imagine you in the real military you be killing civilians left and right

    Chris VoiersChris Voiers8 days ago
  • When this video first came out I thought he was gonna blow up

    Jaden SamuelsJaden Samuels8 days ago
  • 21:41. I agree

    nZionnZion9 days ago
  • I loved the missions more than the campaign back in the day

    ToastyToasty9 days ago
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    Abrar yasidAbrar yasid10 days ago
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      Abrar yasidAbrar yasid10 days ago
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    Rusher XoRusher Xo11 days ago
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  • When you realize mw2 spec ops isn’t getting remastered

    Michael Dario PellittieriMichael Dario Pellittieri12 days ago
    • Wait they not?

      no uno u8 days ago
  • It's funny because I couldn't complete the first missions. That bridge one is hard don't judge me

    MaskedDeath 55MaskedDeath 5513 days ago
  • Try getting 5 stars on all maps on resident evil 4 mercenaries

    Bliss AbyssBliss Abyss13 days ago
  • Did the aa-12 always shoot that fast?

    FadedFreak 煙FadedFreak 煙13 days ago
  • You didn't have a childhood if you never had the boys come over and take turns playing spec ops on the 360

    Spanish InquisitionSpanish Inquisition14 days ago
  • This brings back some horrible memories

    Greg ColdsGreg Colds20 days ago
  • goddly best 2hours of my life😂

    Joseph MoraleaJoseph Moralea21 day ago
  • Do the new cod

    UrMumUrMum21 day ago
  • the MW2 soundtrack was made by Hans Zimmer. lookup his track record and you will know why its so good

    Void_GoldieVoid_Goldie21 day ago
  • “And that’s not the only thing getting h-“😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Skate JourneySkate Journey21 day ago
  • Who else used to try to sprint through evasion and got massacred by the dogs every time

    pantyDROPPERS xopantyDROPPERS xo22 days ago
  • I'm trying to get the youtube silver play button so once again I'm asking for your financial support

    Dark KnightDark Knight23 days ago
  • The funny thing is at 46:30 you were talking about putting a mid ad for a break and right as you said that I got an ad lol

    RAV Strike420 GamingRAV Strike420 Gaming23 days ago
  • "Hunter 2-1, Overlord. You got a enemy helicopter loaded with bears…" lol gets me every time! :D

    Mason ZhangMason Zhang24 days ago
  • My experience with MW2 was the exact same man😂👌

    Sam PorterSam Porter24 days ago
  • X

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  • I wish MW2 remastered had spec ops I wouldn’t even care if it was single player 😔

    dawsyndawsyn27 days ago
  • I was planning on going to bed but ....

    Juan AlvaradoJuan Alvarado28 days ago
  • Ah i miss the old times, i wish they brought dogs back to multiplayer games (Modern warfare and the new MW BO) and make a mechanic that if a person was walking around in the same place for a minute the dog would target them (Also after 1 minute 25 seconds the trail after the person would disappear) so camping would have it's downs

    BlitzKriegBlitzKrieg28 days ago
  • Why is the editing so good on this? Did this man really take the time to edit jokes in a 2hr video? The answer is yes.

    Garrett ReishGarrett Reish28 days ago
  • Mw2 has the best akimbo weapons

    Jay SohalJay SohalMonth ago
  • Why do some native English speakers speak purely and can be easily understood as the author, while others are trying to dial penises in their mouths and try to call for help.

    Евгений БойкоЕвгений БойкоMonth ago
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  • This spec ops was so much fun

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    ཀ༑༎༑ འལཀ༑༎༑ འལMonth ago
  • Anyone here after playing the sorry excuse of 2019 MW’s spec ops?? Lmao i’m so disappointed & sad. It’s so bad

    ཀ༑༎༑ འལཀ༑༎༑ འལMonth ago
  • Coming back from that garbage excuse of spec ops in 2019 MW. God i miss this

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  • On body count it says “Remaining: 30000” edit: I realized it’s points not enemys.

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  • Can’t wait for the mw3 getting 3 stars

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  • “Frozen Forrest” BO3 flashbacks.

    DoomGuy {2016} - {Eternal}DoomGuy {2016} - {Eternal}Month ago
  • When he said "unless" an ad appeared 46:21

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  • Maybe its well known or i am wrong but isnt it the Gulag map from the 2019 Modern Warfare??? 43:25

  • You should have a death counter on the top right.

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  • Hey does anyone want to try and get veteran on the 2 player missions PS3?

    Matt VilliottMatt VilliottMonth ago
    • Matt Villiott yeah let’s do this

      LittleA_LittleA_16 days ago
    • Littlea032 I’m away from ps3 until November but u can send me a friend request (mattvilli) and we can hit it then

      Matt VilliottMatt Villiott18 days ago
    • Yea if your still down ps3 LittleA_2007

      LittleA_LittleA_19 days ago
  • Whos watching this during 2020

    NoNo TheGamerKidNoNo TheGamerKidMonth ago
  • You played this all that time as a kid and you NEVER figured out that to get the best times in " the pit" you use 2 pistols. Specifically the m9 and usp? I stopped playing cods after black ops 2 and i still know the basics...

    Early CuylerEarly CuylerMonth ago
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  • It’s hard to believe that this game is over 10 years old. Now that I’m typing this I realize I started this game when I was 6 lol

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  • you made this look a lot easier than it really is

    Lexus IS300Lexus IS300Month ago
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    The NiftiestDipThe NiftiestDipMonth ago
  • Each mission brings back deja vu I remember it so vividly. Idek you but this came up and thank you this was awesome! Couldnt turn down a trip down memory lane

    TheGamblinGoonTheGamblinGoonMonth ago
  • This brings back memories when me and my brother used to play mw2 spec op all the time

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    J U RJ U RMonth ago
  • 58:55 I was just comenting on how big of an idiot u are for shouting at then since they you shouldn't be able to penetrate the armor unless you have an .50 cal (in rl)

    random gamerrandom gamerMonth ago
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  • 1:44:00 - For High Explosive, you can one shot the juggernauts with the thumper by headshot. If you don't panic, it's an easy mission, just don't aim down the sights.

    Stephen ClarkeStephen ClarkeMonth ago
  • in high explosive you can camp in the white truck where you start off but you can be shot through it

    Andrew StenningAndrew StenningMonth ago
  • estate takedown i managed on 3 stars as well as the snowy stealth mission but the others i didn't get chance as the controller went for a ride up the wall

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    • The most terrifying noise in CoD history, aside from the grenade bouncing noise.

      The 3 Fr33m4nnThe 3 Fr33m4nnMonth ago

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