Sep 13, 2020
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enjoy me and my best friend battling it out to see who the best prankster is!
comment down below who YOU thought the best prankster was!
@Logan Wodzynski
@Jeremy Hutchins


  • Leix won

    Emmy EveringhamEmmy Everingham24 minutes ago
  • Yo benji

    Emmy EveringhamEmmy Everingham24 minutes ago
  • it is lexiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    francisca Dasuni Warnakulasuriyafrancisca Dasuni Warnakulasuriya29 minutes ago
  • lexi hensler sorry pirson

    Tatyana KottaTatyana Kotta2 hours ago
  • Lexi is a better

    omar abdelhadyomar abdelhady2 hours ago
  • The love you three girl Lexi, perison and Lexi u are amazing

    Makayla KamieniarzMakayla Kamieniarz3 hours ago
  • lexi is the best prankster.

    Rejani CherianRejani Cherian4 hours ago
  • jermey ran for his life

    Ahmed ImranAhmed Imran5 hours ago
  • I think lexi is the best prankster sorry pierson

    Diyana HindujaDiyana Hinduja5 hours ago
  • I think lexi was the best prankster sorry pierson

    Jolene PallasJolene Pallas6 hours ago
  • idk why but this gave me vibes of them doing a channel together and I totally wouldn't be opposed to that anyone else?

    Lauren AndersonLauren Anderson6 hours ago
  • When person moved hre butt it was soooooo sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy

    Skylar EscobarSkylar Escobar7 hours ago
  • It was Lexi but the clown made it a tie!!

    case Hammondcase Hammond8 hours ago
  • Lexi

  • Lexi

    Nada GoreskaNada Goreska10 hours ago
  • I think Lexi won but if you take away the brother prank Y'all both WON!!! Loved it❤❤❤❤❤ and why put Brent in the middle of the pranks?! It makes it funny but why🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Make a prank change with ur parents one week!!! I dear you Lexi

    Ashley JonesAshley Jones13 hours ago
  • Lexie is wayyyyyyyy better

    Kierah KrainichKierah Krainich13 hours ago
  • Lexi was better sorry pierceson

  • Breva

    Rob LehmanRob Lehman14 hours ago

    Private PersonPrivate Person14 hours ago
  • As soon as I saw the balloons I knew Lexi would like it

    Gizella GorgeousGizella Gorgeous15 hours ago
  • Lexi is still a child at heart... 😋🤗

    Captain ObviousCaptain Obvious16 hours ago
  • Lexi

    Angela EmmersonAngela Emmerson16 hours ago
  • I’m subscribed:)

    Random LiliaRandom Lilia16 hours ago
  • lexi u r the better one

    rodney volandrodney voland17 hours ago
  • Lexi!!!

    Ashlen TamyAshlen Tamy18 hours ago
  • Lexi H has always the best pranks, honestly she wins everyone from their gang

    LottiskaLottiska18 hours ago
  • lexi is beter at

    Libertie FaulknerLibertie Faulkner20 hours ago
  • i think lexi whens

    Rojack WalidRojack Walid20 hours ago
  • like for bierson and coment for breva and do bolth for eva and her new boo

    Jacinta WorthenJacinta Worthen21 hour ago
  • I really feel sorry for Pierson but Lexi won the prank and it was so funny

    Gon tempest LolGon tempest Lol21 hour ago
  • pierson is funny but your the prank master

    Danica 29MyerDanica 29Myer22 hours ago
  • Don't worry Lexi u are a better prankster

    kiwi Russokiwi Russo23 hours ago
  • I think Lexi is a better prank star

    Sasidhar ReddySasidhar Reddy23 hours ago
  • Lexi with the chocolate prank had me laughing until i couldn’t breath 😂🤣💯 That was the kind of pranks we used to do in high school all the time. But Pierson took it so well and is such a trooper 😂💯 I seriously haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

    Dan The ManDan The ManDay ago
  • 5:17 *If someone did that to my white shorts...* me be very very mad! >:(

    julie yjulie yDay ago
  • Pierson: well thank you “Brent” “Pierson still falls for prank” Lol 😂

    Eliza WeavingEliza WeavingDay ago
  • 10:42 her face🤩🤣😂

    Immanuel RajanImmanuel RajanDay ago
  • Lexi is the prankster 🔥

    Atisha Boon23Atisha Boon23Day ago
  • If you like this comment 😉 you have a crush on Lexi or Pierson

    pubg pro gamerpubg pro gamerDay ago
  • Lexi hensler

    Michelle RamusMichelle RamusDay ago
  • 🟩=was very good 🟨=prank was ok 🟥=prank was bad 🦙Lexi-snake prank(was very good)🟩 🦓Pierson-balloon prank(was bad)🟥 🦙lexi-nutella prank(was okay)🟨 🦓pierson-broken glass prank (sooooo good)🟩🟩 🦙lexi- mayonnaise donut prank(very good)🟩 🦓pierson-pregnancy prank (was okay)🟨 🦙lexi-break-up boyfriend prank(was very good)🟩🟩 🦓pierson-clown mask prank(very good)🟩🟩 HOPE THIS HELPS AS I BROKE IT DOWN SO YOU CAN SEE WHO THE BEST PRANKSTER WAS🙂 HONESTLY I PERSONALLY THINK THEY ARE BOTH GREAT AT PRANKING MY 2 FAVORITES WERE THE SNAKE ONE 🐍 AND THE BROKEN GLASS PRANK💔 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 LEAVE A LIKE IF THIS HELPED AND COMMENT DOWN BELOW IF YOU THINK I SHOULD MAKE ANY CHANGES. (SORRY FOR TGE LONG MESSAGE ESPECIALLY FOR THE KIDS ) ps:done

    m zm zDay ago
  • Lexi is the better prankster

    kelvinswife2007kelvinswife2007Day ago
  • Brent

    Tamam KassemTamam KassemDay ago
  • I know you Lexie henzler I know you a lot from Brent Rivera USkeys channel and Lexi Rivera USkeys channel I know you from the other Lexi

    Shoua VangShoua VangDay ago
  • Lexi

    Leila GoforthLeila GoforthDay ago
  • lexi

    Hails MHails MDay ago
  • 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄

    Soliz FamilySoliz FamilyDay ago
  • Lexi was better tbh

    nobody nobodynobody nobodyDay ago
  • prieson is the best pranks

    Kids KidsKids KidsDay ago
  • Lexi is better at pranking sorry pirson😭😂😭😪😅😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Catherine WeaverCatherine WeaverDay ago
  • Lexi

    jeremy rymanjeremy rymanDay ago
  • Lexi

  • 9:34 this laugh is so contagious.

    Vikash PatelVikash PatelDay ago
    • Ikr

      itz_ PKGachcrumbsitz_ PKGachcrumbsDay ago
  • Lexi definitely won lol

    Amber RomAmber RomDay ago
    • Yes and with the I broke up with Christian shers your brother lol

      itz_ PKGachcrumbsitz_ PKGachcrumbsDay ago
  • that laugh at 8:38

    Tiffany CaoTiffany CaoDay ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Varvara BaushevaVarvara BaushevaDay ago
  • Lexi was better no offence

    Michelle McCormackMichelle McCormackDay ago
  • Pierson was not happy seeing Lexi trying to flirt with her brother

    Amira AnaafiAmira AnaafiDay ago
  • The face of Pierson when she faxed Flores with her brother

    Zain AmmarZain AmmarDay ago
  • :3 sorry both of you :3 pranks are soooo fun :3

    Scott ChonScott ChonDay ago
  • Lexi

    Cyrine NakhalCyrine NakhalDay ago
  • Lexi was better.

    Chloe McDuffChloe McDuffDay ago
  • I'd have a heart attack if I saw that snake in my room😂

    Drippy OtakuDrippy OtakuDay ago
  • Why did prisons brother seam sooner sad when she said it was aa joke

    Don ParkerDon ParkerDay ago
  • The best prankster is obviously lexi H

    Sha VrolijkSha VrolijkDay ago
  • was anyone else afraid that pierson was gonna plop onto he bed and crush the snake?(

    Rachel & LeannRachel & LeannDay ago
  • Lexi is the better prankster

    Sophia LumsdenSophia LumsdenDay ago
  • Now I wish that pregnancy prank was real..😏😏😏 IM JUST KIDDING!! But I do ship Breison!

    • Røse Dønût •• Røse Dønût •Day ago
  • Lexi is a better pranker

    Gleaming FAOGleaming FAODay ago
  • Person is in love with brent

    Joe LaffertyJoe LaffertyDay ago
  • Hi

    Ruby JonesRuby JonesDay ago
  • Peirson

    Maximus Vayda-RodriguesMaximus Vayda-RodriguesDay ago
  • Lexi won

    Evelyn JonesEvelyn JonesDay ago
  • I love how Lexi says, “subscribe it you want to”

    Anne-Loren EllisAnne-Loren EllisDay ago
  • lexi is thee better prankstar

    marissa lambertmarissa lambert2 days ago
  • Krazy

    Kelly LongKelly Long2 days ago
    • Right

      Kelly LongKelly Long2 days ago
  • Sorry Pierson Lexi is the winer

    Júlia SamákováJúlia Samáková2 days ago
  • I think Lexi is the best prankster 🧟‍♀️

    siya santhoshsiya santhosh2 days ago
  • I think Lexi h is the best prankster

    Asiah RiveraAsiah Rivera2 days ago
  • Lexi one sorry Pearson❤️❤️

    Kristie BarbelerKristie Barbeler2 days ago
  • Sorry lexi but i tingk pirson is the prank queen

    liya Jaravataliya Jaravata2 days ago
  • thats piersan's brother! woah i have seen him on tik tok alot

    account05account052 days ago
  • Lexi hensler is best prankstar

    Hyper Pubg MobileHyper Pubg Mobile2 days ago
  • Lexi

    Nada MoatazNada Moataz2 days ago
  • Pierson

    susan njarisusan njari2 days ago
  • definetly pierson

    Mandeep SMandeep S2 days ago
  • Lexi is the best prankster

    nan ninan ni2 days ago
  • TBH i think both of you guys did good XD

    Keiyann SinclairKeiyann Sinclair2 days ago
  • No offense but does it looks like person gain weight 🤔🤐

    Brittany CruzBrittany Cruz2 days ago
  • Lexi

    pyro. YouTuberpyro. YouTuber2 days ago
  • LEXI!!!! All the way!!!

    Duhkha12Duhkha122 days ago
  • Jeremy is hilarious! I think Lexi had better pranks

    Brooke EdisonBrooke Edison2 days ago
  • the funniest part was when lexi henslered screamed

    SusankendiSusankendi2 days ago
  • Lexi is a better Pranker

    Taylah and Samantha AustraliaTaylah and Samantha Australia2 days ago
  • lexi you are better then person sorry person

    Jeromy CatoJeromy Cato2 days ago
  • I think you both are the best at pranks

    Julia VavJulia Vav2 days ago
  • Lexi hands down ! but in general from this squad - Brent

    margarita sakalauskaitemargarita sakalauskaite2 days ago
  • You guys are both very good pranksters

    Lisa Della RattaLisa Della Ratta2 days ago
  • both of u

    Emily HernandezEmily Hernandez2 days ago